32 Spooky Halloween Bathroom Decor Ideas That Might Scare Yourself

Halloween is just around the corner. As the youngsters are going door to door for trick or treat and the front yard is filled with jack-o’-lanterns and spooky lights, you need to make sure that your home is looking as boo-tiful as it can be for Halloween. You might also want to consider some Halloween bathroom décor ideas if you want to go all out to spook guests.

It is the ideal occasion for you to express your DIY skill and soul, as well as your creative and spooky side, so make the most of it! It is essential to make your whole home as creepy as possible to frighten away the spooky ghost on Halloween.

You may get started on the process of decorating your home by beginning with the smallest area, such as the bathroom. Because of its modest size in comparison to other rooms, the bathroom is one of the rooms that is one of the simplest to transform into a little spooky haven.

If you are still unsure about what kind of decoration you would like to go to, you can check the list of 20 Halloween bathroom décor ideas for truly scary decorations to help you build the fang-tastic bathroom of your dreams and turn your vision into a reality.

Simple Halloween Bathroom Décor Ideas

The best Halloween decorations are sometimes the simplest ones. After all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, right? If you think you are creative enough to create a décor that is simple but spooky enough to scare people off on Halloween, then how about checking out some of our recommendations below?

We have some of the simplest ideas of Halloween bathroom décor for those who love simple but impactful décor. 

1. Spider Web Shower Curtain

Halloween Bathroom Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@hauntedmoons)

If you are going for an item that is very simple but clearly visible for this year’s Halloween bathroom decoration, then we think you need to check out this cool spider web shower curtain.

This curtain will instantly create a cold and spooky Halloween ambience to your bathroom, giving chills to whoever enters the bathroom on Halloween night. Available in two colors which are black and white, you can pick the best one to match your bathroom color theme. Moreover, although it features a spider web pattern, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it for other days as well.

2. Flying Bats on The Bathroom Wall

Halloween Bathroom Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@momoozecom)

Mounting some flying black bats around your bathroom mirror might be simple and easy to do. However, we can tell you that although it sounds simple, it actually looks pretty spooky for us. 

In our opinion, this is truly one of the simplest Halloween bathroom decor ideas that will make a great focal point inside your bathroom. It comes as a set of 12 in different sizes, and the Halloween bats are made in 3D design, which will look as if they are alive. 

3. Place Some Spooky Halloween Toilet Papers

Place Some Spooky Halloween Toilet Papers
Source: Pinterest (@etsy)

One thing that needs to be available at all times inside your bathroom is, of course, none other than toilet paper. Well, we know that you might have been using plain and boring toilet paper your whole life, right? But for this Halloween, how about using these cool toilet papers instead?

These spooky Halloween toilet papers come with some cool and colorful Halloween-themed images that will make your bathroom look so ready to welcome your guests on Halloween. Our advice, stack 5 or 6 rolls of toilet papers at once, because they will instantly give a spooky Halloween vibe to the bathroom

4. Skeletons on The Wall

Skeletons on The Wall
Source: Pinterest (@jordyteee7·she/her)

If you are the minimalist type, then we believe without a doubt you will be falling in love with this set of simple and funny Halloween wall decorations. It comes as a set of four wall décor items, and each piece features an image of skeletons in different poses and words.

With these items, your minimalist-designed bathroom will have a creepy Halloween touch, which we believe will be loved by your friends and family who come over on Halloween. 

5. Halloween-themed Bathroom Display

Halloween Bathroom Decor Ideas
Source: Instagram (@thedistressedprincess)

How about creating a new designated shelf to display small Halloween décor items inside your bathroom? Or, you can temporarily use your existing bathroom shelf to display small Halloween décor items like scented candles, soap dispensers, and many more.

You can also place small Halloween figurines like small pumpkins, little skulls, or perhaps some toy spiders for a surprise element? The moment you enter the bathroom, we believe you will feel the spooky Halloween ambience right away.

6. Hangover Skeleton on The Toilet

Hangover Skeleton on The Toilet
Source: Instagram (@blairmillertv)

Next up we have a skeleton who looks as if it just had a rough night with its buddies. This simple décor idea will definitely become a great surprise, and we have to remind you that you might hear people scream when they enter your bathroom on Halloween. 

Nope, you don’t have to worry about that, thanks to this hungover skeleton who occupies your toilet. We have no doubt, this will be one of those simple Halloween bathroom décor ideas that comes as an out-of-the-box way to spook your friends off. 

7. Spooky Soap Dispensers

Spooky Soap Dispensers
Source: Instagram (@meijerstores)

Adding these adorable yet spooky Halloween-themed soap dispensers to your bathroom’s Halloween decoration will be a great idea. Since these soap dispenser trio are available online, they are very easy to get and pretty simple to use, too.

You can use the Jack-O’-Lantern dispenser for your hand soap, the ghost dispenser for your shampoo, and the skeleton dispenser for the liquid body wash. What a complete and spooky set of dispensers for all your bathroom needs!

AMAZING Halloween Bathroom Décor Ideas

Transform your bathroom into a spine-chilling haven this Halloween! Dive into a world where every splash is a potion and each towel, a ghostly figure. With these bewitching bathroom décor ideas, every shower becomes a dance under a haunted moon. Ready to give your lavatory that eerie elegance?

Dive in and unearth the magic!

8. Bloody Mirror

Bloody Mirror - p @kendi
Source: Pinterest (@kendi)

Make the scariest crime scene mirror to give you and your guests goosebumps. With blood splattered over the mirror’s whole and the word “murder” printed in reverse, everyone should feel terrified.

To create this eerie mirror, you simply need some red water-based paint, some imagination, and a mirror. It is definitely one of the eeriest Halloween bathroom decor ideas that we have on this list!

9. Coffin Bath Caddy

Coffin Bath Caddy - p @homecrux.com
Source: Pinterest (@homecrux.com)

Get a black coffin-shaped bathtub tray to create the creepiest bathroom for Halloween. It is an excellent Halloween bathroom decor idea for enhancing the witch realm atmosphere in your bathroom. Additionally, you may decorate the whole bathtub with antique candle holders that you can find easily on the market.

10. Bats Wall Decal

Bats Wall Decal - p @designedsimple.com
Source: Pinterest (@designedsimple.com)

The celebration of Halloween just isn’t the same without bats. As a result, this wall decal in the form of a bat in three dimensions is definitely a Halloween bathroom decor idea that you do not want to skip out on this year. You may create this three-dimensional decoration by creating a bat-like form out of any kind of black

paper. After you have finished creating the bat cutouts, you can use normal tape or double-sided tape to attach them to your bathroom mirror.

11. Vintage Haunted Sink

Vintage Haunted Sink - @disneytravelbabble.com
Source: (@disneytravelbabble.com)

Make your basic white sink more interesting by sticking a curtain-like fabric to create haunted vintage bathroom vibes.

This Halloween bathroom décor idea is simple to put into practice and you can also only need a soap dispenser with a printed poison warning to add more detail to the scariness. 

 12. Grim Reaper in The Shower Cabin

Grim Reaper in The Shower Cabin

This grim reaper in the shower cabin is definitely among the scariest Halloween bathroom décor ideas. Wearing a long black cape like a grim reaper, which is an excellent addition to the spooky bathroom decoration.

You can also add a blue glowing light inside for a stronger, nerve-racking vibe that can creep you out from your own bathroom.

13. Skeletons Bathtub Curtain

Skeletons Bathtub Curtain - p @residencestyle.com
Source: Pinterest (@residencestyle.com)

It seems like the skeletons are having a party on your shower curtain.

This is a one-of-a-kind curtain because it has a good combination of both spooky and fun. It is a wonderful Halloween bathroom décor idea that you should not miss. You can also get other similar dancing skeletons bathtub curtains available on Amazon.

14. All White Halloween Décor

All White Halloween Decor - p @soulandlane.com
Source: Pinterest (@soulandlane.com)

At Halloween, you can create your very own scary haunted bathroom by putting a skeleton on top of your toilet. This life-size skeleton has the potential to transform even the plainest all-white bathroom into a spooky, vintage space in a blink of an eye, especially if you add drapes of fabrics as your shower curtain.

15. Bloody Candles

Bloody Candles - p @fashion-kitchen.com
Source: Pinterest (@fashion-kitchen.com)

Blood dripping from the candle is definitely a super creepy Halloween bathroom décor idea. It is like coming out of a horror movie.

To create this you can drip food coloring or a red candle for more dimension. Also, adding some bloody bandages to create a more murder bloody scene, is perfect to scare anyone on Halloween.          

16. Black Crow Halloween Vanity

Black Crow Halloween Vanity - p @blog.qualitybath.com
Source: Pinterest (@blog.qualitybath.com)

Would like a minimalist Halloween vanity in your bathroom?

You can decorate your vanity in black and white with an intimidating crow sitting on your jar. You can either place this crow Halloween bathroom decor idea on your vanity or sink or get several more to be placed in your bathroom. 

17. All Black Sink Decors

All Black Sink Decors - p @angel keeler
Source: Pinterest (@angel keeler)

Create a gothic Halloween bathroom decor idea with all-black decoration.

You might embellish your mirror by hanging cloth with a lace pattern fabric in black. For a more sinister and scary atmosphere, you can add a fake skull and cover the wall with a black decal. It is the real game-changer since it has the potential to make your bathroom look spooky. 

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18. Jason Voorhees’s Shadow Shower Curtain

Jason Voorhees’s Shadow Shower Curtain - p @homecrux.com
Source: Pinterest (@homecrux.com)

Create the really spooky Jason Voorhees shadow as a Halloween bathroom decor idea.

Make a cutout of a human-size Jason Voorhees and place it behind your shower curtain. As an alternative, you can spray paint your shower curtain in black and white which will allow you to simply create this really spooky DIY shower curtain. 

19. Bloody Bathtub

Bloody Bathtub - p @thegreynightsky.tumblr.com
Source: Pinterest (@thegreynightsky.tumblr.com)

Fill your bathtub with a deep red color to resemble blood. Red bath bombs are all you need to create this spooky yet simple Halloween bathroom decor idea. You may drain it after you’ve finished or when the Halloween season is past. You can also add red candles to elevate the whole creepy Halloween vibes.

20. The Dark Side Bathroom

The Dark Side Bathroom - p @reddit.com
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Welcome to the haunted bathroom! An Ouija mat would make a wonderful Halloween bathroom décor idea, and it would also fit in well with the overall Halloween-themed atmosphere that you are trying to create.

It utilizes a Gothic-style font, which also contributes to the overall eerie atmosphere. You can also get a flying witch shower curtain for a more all-out Halloween bathroom decor.

21. Jack-O-Lantern Theme Decors

Jack-O-Lantern Theme Decors - p @hikendip.com
Source: Pinterest (@hikendip.com)

The traditional jack-o-lantern is a must-have for Halloween. It is a necessary Halloween bathroom décor idea to complete the Halloween atmosphere.

To celebrate the trick-or-treat season, you can get an antique ceiling light and faux autumn leaves garland. Set the lights a little dimmer and add more little Halloween decorations for the “boo” factor.

22. Spooky Toilet Lid

Spooky Toilet Lid - p @goodhousekeeping.com
Source: Pinterest (@goodhousekeeping.com)

Frighten your guests and possibly yourself with this toilet lid sticker that depicts a spirit emerging from the toilet.

You can give the appearance of a toilet that’s more surreal by stamping a foot in red ink on the wall and the tank of the toilet. Anyone who experiences it will be too terrified to touch the lid of the toilet. It is a wonderful little terrifying surprise.

23. Spooky Silhouette Shower

Spooky Silhouette Shower

One of the best Halloween bathroom décor ideas is a silhouette of a shadow on your bathroom.

It is simple to make, you can simply place plastic on your shower head and let the plastic hang as if a transparent entity is standing on your shower. You can also turn your lights on and change them to slightly blue light for a more mysterious environment.

24. Boo Small Halloween Wall Décor

Boo Small Halloween Wall Decor - p @Yvonne🐼💘
Source: Pinterest (@Yvonne🐼💘)

A quick and easy idea for Halloween decoration in the bathroom. Even though a picture of a white cute ghost and a “Happy Halloween” shower curtain isn’t a very spooky piece of décor, this addition helps your Halloween bathroom seem more put together and ready to welcome Halloween.

You may either mount it to the wall of your restroom or set it on a shelf there.

25. Red Lights Halloween Bathroom

Red Lights Halloween Bathroom - p @SamKelly
Source: Pinterest (@SamKelly)

Red lights are a great addition as a Halloween bathroom decor idea that can be placed throughout the restroom to create a very creepy atmosphere as if a scene from a horror movie.

  The addition of a few little bats dangling from the mirror would also give your bathroom an eerie vibe. To complete the transformation of your bathroom into a really scary space, you could also put some candles around and use a hand towel with a Halloween pattern.

26. Skeleton in Black Water 

Skeleton in Black Water - p @manningkrull.com
Source: Pinterest (@manningkrull.com)

A skeleton having a good bath is undeniably scary and spooky, making it an excellent choice for the Halloween bathroom decor idea. You might also light some candles if you want the atmosphere to be more mysterious. 

For those who want to add more dark and creepy vibes to their bathroom yet do not want a messy bloody scene, you can add fake scorpions, centipedes, or spiders to the tub.

27. Vintage Gothic Bathroom

Vintage Gothic Bathroom - p @onekindesign.com
Source: Pinterest (@onekindesign.com)

For a unique take on Halloween bathroom décor, combine gothic with the holiday’s spooktacular style.

You might decorate your bathroom with an antique mirror with a gothic pattern mat and a black hand towel to add an additional interest to your bathroom. Gorgeously gothic bathroom to enjoy on Halloween festive.

28. Cute and Spooky Bathroom Decoration

Nightmare Before Christmas Decor
Source: Pinterest (@residencestyle.com)

This one can be one of the  best recommendations of Halloween bathroom decorations for your children’s bathroom. If you look at the decorations, you can definitely see that it combines both the elements of cute and spooky.

You can add pumpkin decorations to make it look more spooky. As for the cute element, you can have this dancing human skeletons shower curtain, which looks super cute but still matches the spirit of Halloween.

29. Nightmare Before Christmas Décor

Nightmare Before Christmas Decor
Source: Pinterest (@spirithalloween.com)

If you know about the Nightmare before Christmas, which is one of Tim Burton’s best animation movies, then you probably know that it’s a story of ghosts that will also become a great Halloween decoration.

If you are about to decorate your bathroom, then you can create your own Nightmare before Christmas-themed bathroom that will surely bring your bathroom to the next level of ambience. 

30. Skull Bathroom Mirror

Skull Bathroom Mirror
Source: Pinterest (@Rabecka Adair)

Without having to decorate your bathroom completely, having this skull bathroom mirror will be more enough for you to have as an element of Halloween decoration.

Let your guests feel the fear of looking at their reflection in the mirror with the company of the many skulls around it. To make it look even scarier, you can also add other scary decorations such as skull candle holder, soap bottles, and many more.

31. Gothic Halloween Bathroom Décor

Gothic Halloween Bathroom Decor
Source: Pinterest (@Drac)

For those of you who love gothic designs, then you can surely apply your favorite gothic theme to your bathroom decoration for this year’s Halloween.

First, you can paint the bathroom wall with dark gray to build the gloomy feeling out of the room. Then, add gothic decorations that might include spider webs, vintage mirrors, black candle holders, and also special Halloween wall arts that will make your bathroom looks spooky.

32. Glow in the Dark Bathroom Full of Spider Web

Glow in the Dark Bathroom Full of Spider Web
Source: Pinterest (@catchmyparty.com)

Spider webs are some of the must-have decorations for Halloween parties.

For your bathroom, you can definitely create something different by adding some scary spider webs as part of Halloween decorations. Once the spider webs are all set, add some lighting and scary hand writings on the bathroom mirror, which will bring out the fear out of those who use your bathroom. 

Final Thought

As the witching hour approaches, let your bathroom echo the haunting spirit of Halloween. From shadowy silhouettes to ghostly towels, every detail counts. A haunted haven or a gothic retreat, the choice is yours.

Embrace these ideas and elevate your Halloween bathroom décor to spine-tingling heights. After all, who wouldn’t want their washroom to be the talk of the specter-town?

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I decorate my bathroom for Halloween?

There are quite a few things that you can do, you can draw or splash washable paint on your bathroom furniture, such as on the bathtub, shower curtains, or on your mirror. You can also go for a more clean decoration by placing Halloween-themed garland or small Halloween decorations and details such as a jar of eyeballs or poisonous hand soap. 

Is it expensive to decorate my bathroom for Halloween?

It depends on the kind of decorations that you pick for your bathroom. If you are doing a total makeover to your bathroom, then it will be expensive. But on the other hand, you can spend a lot less if you choose to apply simple or DIY Halloween decorations to your bathroom. The cost will purely be based on your décor plans, and the types of décor items to buy.

Where can I buy Halloween bathroom accessories?

You can buy Halloween bathroom accessories on many stores, online and offline. Most stores will start selling Halloween decorations for home, offices, garden, vehicles, and different rooms and spaces in your house in September or October every year. So, you better start hunting for the décor items for your bathroom as early as possible to get the best picks.

What colors are best for Halloween bathroom decor?

The best color for Halloween bathroom décor includes the colors for Halloween, of course. Halloween colors include black, white, orange, and yellow. To create a unique Halloween vibe to your bathroom, make sure to include those four colors as part of the decorations, and you will be able to spook people off when they enter your bathroom.

How can I make my bathroom more spooky?

You can take the creepiness of your bathroom to the next level by getting a shadow of the notorious serial murderer Jason Voorhees, which is guaranteed to send shivers down the spines of anybody who sees it. Make your bathroom appear more sinister by adding gory accents like blood-spattered candles, blood on the mirror, or even blood on the tub.

How do you make your toilet water red on Halloween?

To turn your water red, you can use a red bath bomb that will change your water red in no time and safe for you to bathe. If you are trying to make it as red as possible, instead of using a bath bomb you might want to use food coloring. But it’s important to keep in mind that food coloring could stain your tub.

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