32 One Piece Cosplay Suits to Get A Stunning Look

Who doesn’t know One Piece? A very well-known manga with a thousand episodes that has captured millions of hardcore fans worldwide. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami, and the cutest Tony Tony Chopper, are among the most famous characters that One Piece fans want to impersonate during a cosplay session.

If you are a fan of One Piece, check out the following One Piece Cosplay ideas that you can try. The costumes will allow you to shine and win the best cosplay ever. Whether you want to be the main protagonist or a lesser-known character, we have them all!

AWESOME One Piece Cosplay Suits for Men

Set sail into the vast world of “One Piece” where style meets legendary tales. For the ardent fans, these cosplay suits aren’t just costumes; they’re a badge of honor. Embark on your own adventure, channeling the spirit of the Straw Hat crew.

From Luffy’s iconic look to Zoro’s fierce aura, gear up to redefine cosplay shores!

1. Roronoa Zoro’s Wano Kimono

Roronoa Zoro One Piece Cosplay Costume Kimono

Be the first mate of Luffy by dressing up like Zoro! You can be the pirate hunter Zoro and pose with your sword while attending a Comicon or costume party. This outfit comes in a full kimono featured in the Wano arc. It is very fitting that Zoro, a swordsman, finally visits the land of the samurai. And now, you can dress up just like him!

2. Bentham “Bon Kurei” Cosplay Costume

Bentham Cosplay Costume Festival Outfit

Bentham, also known as Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, used to be an antagonist who worked for a shadowy organization, the Baroque Works. In the end, he becomes Luffy’s most loyal friend. He is also one of the funniest characters in One Piece because of his unique personality. If you have a quirky personality, you should dress up just like him using this costume!

3. Jinbe Kimono Outfits

One Piece Jinbe Cosplay Costume Kimono Outfits

Jinbei, the Knight of the Sea, is the tenth member of the Straw Hat pirates.

He is a powerful Fishman that could go toe to toe with Portgas D. Ace. So, you should definitely dress up just like him for the next Comicon to honor his strength and chivalry. Strike a pose as if you are a powerful master of Fish-Man Karate while wearing this orange kimono!

4. Brook Cosplay Costume for Men

Brook Uniform Suit Cosplay Costume Men

People often underestimate Brook, the talking skeleton, despite his massive feats.

For instance, he was brave enough to fight solo against Big Mom, one of the Yonko! Put on a skeleton mask and wear this costume to become Brook, the fearless Soul King! Your outfit will be a massive hit, especially during Halloween. Of course, don’t forget to bring a violin or cane, Brooks’ other trademark items.

5. Trafalgar Law Wano Kimono

One Piece Trafalgar Law Cosplay

Wear this kimono and be as cool as the Surgeon of Death, Trafalgar D. Law! Not all characters know that he also has that mysterious D. middle name. This outfit is not that difficult to wear, unlike a genuine kimono. 

Just put on the stunning robe and don’t forget to bring the sword and hat! You can get the temporary tattoo if you want to complete the whole Trafalgar look!

6. Monkey D. Luffy Dressrosa Outfit

One Piece Cosplay Costume Monkey D. Luffy

This Luffy outfit from the Dressrosa arc will be excellent to wear for the summer comic con! It’s is breezy, flowery, and super cool. The pattern of the shirt will remind you a bit of the Yakuza. A Hawaiian shirt, lightweight blazer, shorts, and straw hat combo, and you are Luffy! Oh, don’t forget to wear slippers, and off you go!

7. Roronoa Zoro Green Outfit

Cosplay One Piece Roronoa Zoro

One of the best things about One Piece is its diverse characters’ costumes! For example, you will notice that Zoro wears different outfits as the anime progress. This costume features Zoro’s green kimono that he wears after the post-time-skip arc! You can also get a wig, prop swords, and the bandana to complete the fierce Zoro look.

8. One piece Luffy Wano Costume

one piece cosplay

Since everyone wants to be Luffy, you can choose a different outfit, not the usual red shirt and short pants. Now, this version of Luffy is from the Wano arc. A red kimono, top knot wig, and sandals! The female version is also available, and the kimono comes in various sizes.

9. Sanji’s Suit Cosplay Costume

one piece cosplay

If you love cooking and want to be like Sanji, you should get this suit for the One Piece Cosplay event. The Black Leg loves to dress in formal, elegant attire compared to the rest of the crew. His appearance is always neat. After all, he is a ladies’ man!

10. Monkey D. Luffy Original Red Outfit Cosplay

Red Outfit Cosplay

Luffy’s original red outfit is very cosplayable! Cosplayers need to try to dress up as the future Pirate King at least once in their lives.

We recommend this particular costume because it is pretty accurate to the anime. You get the comfy Luffy’s iconic red vest, short blue pants, and yellow sash. The straw hat is sold separately, so do not forget to get one!

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11. One Piece Akainu Custom Outfit

one piece cosplay

Admiral Sakazuki, more familiarly known as Akainu, is among the strongest antagonist in the One Piece universe! He killed Ace and wound Luffy as well as Jinbei! His overwhelming lava punch is too overpowered.

If you want to dress up as the most powerful member of the Marine, this outfit will be perfect! You will receive the iconic Marine’s white cape, Akainu’s red uniform, and a marine hat.

12. One Piece Crocodile Cosplay Costume

Bentham Cosplay Costume Festival Outfit

Crocodile was the partner of Nico Robin at Baroque Works. He was the first Sichibukai that Luffy defeated. Luffy almost lost against him, so you know how strong he is. If you admire his sand power and devious character, cosplaying as Crocodile is not a bad idea! Get a fake hook arm to complete your cosplay.

13. Dracule Mihawk Cosplay Outfit

one piece cosplay

The strongest swordsman in the world is here! Dracule “Hawk Eyes” Mihawk is forever a rival of Roronoa Zoro. So, if your enemy does cosplay of Roronoa Zoro, you can be Dracule Mihawk. The suit is very manly and dandy. It gives of gothic, vampire-like vibe. Do not forget to also get a replica of Yoru, Mihawk’s great sword!

14. One Piece Smoker Cosplay Costume

one piece cosplay

Smoker was the first antagonist that Luffy couldn’t beat! He has the power of Moku Moku no Mi, which allows him to turn into smoke.

Due to his strong appearance, many fans want to cosplay as Smoker! This white outfit will turn you into the rogue but secretly kind Vice Admiral. Get a Nanashaku Jitte and a cigar for a complete Smoker look.

15. Red-Haired Shanks Custom Cosplay Outfit

No products found.

You will become the center of attention if you dress up as Red-Haired Shanks! After all, he is one of The Four Emperors that rule the New World.

Wearing the same outfit as him will give you a commanding presence. Furthermore, the costume includes Shank’s iconic long black cape and belt. You should also get a replica sword to complete your cosplay.

16. Adults Trafalgar Law Coat One Piece Anime

No products found.

Previously, you have seen Trafalgar’s outfit during the Wano arc. Meanwhile, this long coat is what he often wears during his time as Sichibukai. The costume is covered with the yellow Heart Pirates logo, which is iconic.

17. The Pirate King Cosplay Costume

one piece cosplay

Now that One Piece is entering the final phase, Luffy’s dream to become the Pirate King is within his sight.

You can commemorate the event by dressing up as Luffy during pre-time-skip! This no-sleeve red vest and blue shorts will make you look just like him. In addition, this cosplay costume also includes a formal red coat, a reminisce to Gol. D Roget’s appearance.

18. Sabo Cosplay Costume

one piece cosplay

Sabo is the sworn brother of Luffy and Portgas D. Ace. He is now the Revolutionary Army’s vice commander and has acquired Ace’s fire fist power. His suit is usually neat and dandy. The neck is like a Victorian era. So, if you like something vintage and adore this character, you can be Sabo at a One Piece cosplay event.

AMAZING One Piece Cosplay Suits for Women

Dive deep into the Grand Line of fashion with “One Piece” cosplay suits tailored for fierce women! Elevate your cosplay game as you embody the strength and charisma of iconic female characters. Whether you’re channeling the elegance of Boa Hancock or the determination of Nami, these suits are a treasure trove of style.

Ladies, it’s time to hoist the Jolly Roger and make a stunning entrance at your next cosplay event!

19. Female Sanji Cosplay

one piece cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@mgolnik)

Sanji is the only crew member of the Straw Hat Pirates who wears a real suit. And, we believe most female fans agree that he looks handsome and gorgeous with the suit, especially when he is cooking some delicious meals in the ship’s kitchen. 

If you are a fan of Sanji, it would be a great idea to become Sanji this time around. Wear a complete black suit with a tie, and wear a blonde wig with one side covering your left eye. In addition, instead of wearing a pair of black leather shoes, you can wear a pair of black high-heels instead. We have no doubt, this cosplay suit will make you the prettiest Sanji ever.

20. Simple Female Luffy Outfit

Simple Female Luffy Outfit
Source: Pinterest (@ebaumsworld)

When it’s time to pick the most popular One Piece character for your next cosplay event or Halloween party, the answer is none other than Monkey D. Luffy himself. Although he is the captain a.k.a the strongest member of the crew, Luffy is wearing the simplest suit compared to the other crew’s costumes, making it easy to recreate.

You can be Luffy by wearing a red crop vest, a pair of short jeans, and last but not least, the straw hat. See? A very simple costume to wear, right? However, make sure you wear a pair of slippers as well, because Luffy will never look his best without the slippers. 

21. Nico Robin Outfit

Nico Robin Outfit
Source: Pinterest (@otakunepal)

Nico Robin is definitely one of the strongest members of the Straw Hat Pirates and also the one with the sexiest and coolest costume ever. In our opinion, she is wearing one of the most iconic One Piece female character costumes. 

With long black hair and the perfect costume, you can recreate her look by wearing a Hawaiian skirt and a denim crop top. Also, don’t forget to wear the glasses on top of your hair as well, and voila! You are now officially a sexy Nico Robin to be adored by all One Piece fans out there. 

22. Long-haired Shanks

one piece cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@zYuukiii)

We all love Shanks! He is like the kindest pirate who truly loves Luffy with his whole heart. Being such a great character, then we highly recommend you to pick Shanks as an inspiration for this year’s cosplay event or Halloween party. 

First and foremost, wear a red wig since you ain’t no Shanks without the red hair. Then, wear a white shirt and pair it with black shorts and a red scarf belt. Complete the look by wearing a long black robe. In addition, we do recommend you to wear the iconic straw hat, because the hat used to be Shank’s hat after all.

23. Buggy The Clown

Buggy The Clown
Source: Instagram (@cossky_)

Talking about Buggy the Clown, we have to admit that we have a complicated love and hate relationship with this character. Although, we personally adore his ability to chop off his body parts, making him one of our favorite villain characters from One Piece. 

With a colorful clown costume, we would suggest that you go the extra mile by wearing this super cool Buggy’s cosplay suit, which undoubtedly will make you look like the star of the night. 

24. Lady Usopp

one piece cosplay
Source: Instagram (@djaaaam)

Now let’s not forget about Usopp, because he is clearly one of the funniest characters for us to adore. Well, no wonder why Kaya loves him so much, don’t you think? Looking at Usopp’s suit, we think it would be fun to become him for your next cosplay event. 

You can look for a complete Usopp’s suit online and make sure you search for the one that includes the sling shot as well. And oh, remember to get the iconic nose, too! We’re pretty sure that everyone will love your cosplay suit, and perhaps ask you for a selfie, too!

25. Elegant Roronoa Zoro Outfit

Source: Instagram (@ezcosplay)

We know that we have recommended Zoro’s outfit idea earlier, but since we love Roronoa Zoro so much, we just have to include this version of Zoro’s cosplay costume to the list. In our opinion, this is a costume that will make you become the most beautiful Zoro ever.

Green hair is definitely one element that you need to pay attention to, if you choose to cosplay Zoro. Wear a sexy tube top and put on some robe with the iconic sash to keep your swords intact. In addition, do spare a time to draw Zoro’s scars, one on your chest and one on your left eye. 

26. Shirahoshi Sexy Cosplay Costume

No products found.

This costume will allow you to dress up stunningly like the adorable Shirahoshi, the mermaid princess! She is the daughter of Kind Neptune from Fish-man Island. After growing up in a locked place, Shirahoshi wants to explore the world. With this outfit, you can explore any cosplay freely too! It is sexy but tasteful.

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27. Yamato Cosplay Costume

Anime One Piece Yamato Cosplay

Calling all Yamato fans to check out this incredible costume! Because of her fighting skill and beauty, she’s one of the most popular female characters from the Wano arc. You can be the daughter of Kaido, The Beast, and be the center of attention in any costume gathering! 

Just add the horns on your head, and voila! Your appearance will be stunning. It’s not as revealing as Shirahosi’s outfit yet still oozes out classy sexiness.

28. Ulti Cosplay Costume

Anime One Piece Ulti Cosplay Costume

You will become as fierce as Ulti when you dress up like her using this costume! Her character in One piece is very unique. She is spoiled yet very loyal to Kaido. Her horns and the mask she always wears make her look more mysterious. Also, once you dress up like her, you should be brave to confront that special someone who wears Luffy’s costume!

29. Boa Hancock Cosplay Costume

one piece cosplay

There is no doubt that Boa Hancock is the fairest and the sexiest female pirate in One Piece! Her beauty will literally petrify any man, well, except Luffy. Not just pretty, her power is also formidable, and she was a former Shicibukai. This costume is less revealing than the original Boa Hancock outfit. However, it will still make you gorgeous!

30. One Piece Nami Cosplay Costume

one piece cosplay

Dress up as the beautiful cat burglar Nami and spice up the costume party! This outfit was used by Nami during the Wano arc as she pretended to be a kunoichi. People often underestimate her strength. Even though she is cowardly, her navigation skill and weather manipulation abilities are second to none!

31. Nico Robin Costume

No products found.

Without a doubt, Robin is the hottest archeologist in the world. She is slender, tall, and very sexy. Her skill is not a joke as well. Therefore, cosplaying as Nico Robin will be a great idea. If you are brave and daring, this revealing Robin costume will be the way to go! Wear this for the upcoming summer comic con!

32. Perona Cosplay Costume Set

one piece cosplay

Perona is another gothic character from One Piece! She was introduced along with Moria during the Thriller Bark arc. Furthermore, she has an adorable power and personality! Her black and red dress will make perfect cosplay.

Final Thought

Navigating the seas of “One Piece” cosplay is a voyage that lets you live the legend. Each outfit tells a tale, echoing the adventures of the Straw Hat crew. Whether you’re channeling Luffy’s spirit or Zoro’s prowess, your journey is only just beginning. As you step into these roles, remember it’s not just fabric, but a piece of the One Piece legacy. Wear it with pride, and let every moment be an echo of the Grand Line’s tales!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you become a cosplayer?

To become a cosplayer, you simply need to dress up using a costume just like the character. However, you also have to research the character’s personality and signature poses. It is not just putting on a fancy suit. You also need to become the character. Hence, it is easier to cosplay as your favorite characters. For instance, you’ve selected Luffy. Then you need to acquire his outfits that include the iconic straw hat!

What is the purpose of cosplay?

For some people, cosplaying seems like wasting money and time. But for other people, it is a chance to show their love and admiration for their favorite characters. The character is fictional, for sure, but by doing cosplay, the fans want to show their respects to the creator for already making the captivating stories and characters to be enjoyed.

How much does cosplay cost?

You can buy the cosplay outfit starting from US$ 39.99. It is pretty affordable since the demand is high, and there is an endless supply of costumes. Nevertheless, you have to pay attention to patterns, design, and printing to find the highest quality costume. The more complete look you want to get, the more expensive it will be. The uniqueness and complicated outfits are usually pricier.

Do cosplayers make their own costumes?

Some cosplayers tend to make their own costumes. Still, due to the deadline or intricate design, purchasing a costume is also not a bad idea. It is less tedious, and you can cosplay faster. Besides, nowadays, cosplay outfits are super affordable. Some are less than $100, and the quality is already good.

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