47 Easy Anime Costumes & Cosplay Ideas for Girls

Anime costumes are a great choice to bring an anime fantasy to life. There are many sexy yet easy anime costumes and cosplay ideas for girls that will accentuate your feminine flair and bold designs that seem to have an adventure at their core.

Check the list below for some ideas, which also includes ideas in the form of princess dresses, kimonos, and tomboyish designs.

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Easy Anime Costumes and Cosplays

We know how gorgeous and cute female anime characters are. Well, you know what? You can look cute too with less effort! Below are easy anime cosplay ideas to make you look cute in seconds. 

1. Kagome Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@Cristian Javier Alvarez)

Cosplay as Kagome by wearing a school girl uniform; a green mini skirt and a sailor shirt plus a pair of knee-length white socks as the costume. Wear a black long wig to finish your look, and make sure you don’t leave the arrow behind. 

2. Misa Amane Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@vamp)

If you think Misa Amane from the Death Note has a similar personality as you, cosplaying as her is an excellent idea. Wear a gothic mini dress plus black stockings and gloves to complete your gothic look. Wear a blonde hair wig as the finishing touch. 

3. Marin Kitagawa Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@miss Cherry)

Her maid outfit might look complicated, but Marin Kitagawa’s costume is available online so it won’t give you too much hassle to get it. But you still need to wear a pair of black gothic stockings plus the purple hair to make your costume speak for itself. 

4. Yumeko Jabami Cosplay

Yumeko Jabami Cosplay
Source: Pinterest

School girl uniforms are among the most popular anime outfits of all time. Yumeko Jabami is a character that looks gorgeous with a classic uniform. Wear a white shirt, check mini skirt, and a red blazer as your costume. Also, you might need to add the wig to your look to steal the show.

5. Hinata Cosplay

Hinata Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@i love anime)

If you are a fan of basketball just like Hinata then you can recreate the look by wearing a basketball uniform that has a great combination of orange and black. Wear an orange wig to complete your look as the final touch.

6. Fuku Sailor Moon Scout Anime Cosplay Costume

Fuku Sailor Moon Scout Anime Cosplay Costume

Bring your Sailor Moon fantasy to life by wearing one of these adorable anime costumes. To make it more appealing and truly depict the character of your favorite anime, we recommend using the wig, putting on makeup, and wearing other accessories that support the role.

7. Elf Ears Costume Accessory

Elf Ears - The Perfect Anime Costume Accessory

Some of the most outstanding anime cosplay ideas revolve around various elf costumes, and it won’t be complete without this pair of signature elf ears.

Whether you choose to cosplay Aura Bella Fiora from the Overlord series, Tuka Luna Marceau from Gate, or any other female elf in anime, these elf ears will accent your look.

8. Soraka Cosplay Costume

Soraka Cosplay Costume
anime costumes

For anyone who cannot get enough of the League of Legends, the Soraka anime costume is the ideal choice. To boost up your look, get a pair of headpieces and a blue wig. If you are not comfortable with the tube design, you can wear skin-colored tight sleeves.

See also there shop here for heaps more really cool anime and cosplay costumes.

9. The Five Star Stories Anime Manga Costume

anime costumes
The Five Star Stories Anime Manga Costume

Get a chance to spend your next cosplay event as Princess Lie Ex from The Five Star Stories. Her royal attire will turn you from ordinary to awesome in no time at all! Just match up the look with a long hair wig and white gloves to reflect her energy.

You can also wear grey stockings to complete the style.

10. Monokuma Anime Hoodie with Gloves

Monokuma Anime Hoodie with Gloves

Enjoy cosplaying Monokuma from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. The hoodie has a Yin-Yang-like pattern that makes it outstanding. In the show, Monokuma, a robotic bear, had two opposite sides; one totally sinister and the other more like a teddy bear. This costume defines both his look and personality.

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11. Avatar The Legend of Korra Anime Cosplay Costume

anime costumes

Take a trip to the Avatar universe in the unique Korra anime costume. If you happen to be a fan, this is the ideal cosplay idea for you. Choose between varying sets, such as the full set, light set, or any other combination.

Also, having a pair of fluffy black shoes and tying the hairs with light blue ribbons are necessary to mimic the figure.

12. Cardcaptor Sakura Cosplay Costume

Cardcaptor Sakura Cosplay Costume

Showcase your feminine flair in the bright red Sakura costume. Just like Sakura, this costume’s design spells adventure in every respect. But having this costume will be incomplete without the magical stick.

So, make sure you include it when cosplaying into the Cardcaptor.

13. Handmade Roman Torchwick Anime Costumes

anime costumes

The ultimate way to stand out at Comic-con is to put on a male anime cosplay costume. And who better to cosplay than Roman Torchwick from RWBY! It has the perfect blend of charm and boldness, just like the character it stands for.

Add the red-haired wig to blast your look, and don’t forget to grab a walking stick to complete the look.

14. Ai Enma Anime Cosplay Costume

Ai Enma Anime Cosplay Costume

Express your unique personality in the Ai Enma costume from Hell Girl. Originally a highly introverted character, Ai Enma gradually opens up as the series progresses, and the captivating design and vibrant colors say it all!

To radiate the inner soul of the character, wear red contact lenses. Believe us, that will make your look a bit intimidating in a good way.

15. Rurouni Kenshin Anime Samurai Costume

Poetic Walk Rurouni Kenshin

Take a trip back in time to the Meiji revolution and enjoy holding the title of most iconic samurai of all time! This costume will breathe life into your wildest fantasy and do so much more.

If you want to elevate the style even more, wear the ginger wig with a long tail. Then, bring the samurai with you, and the look is perfectly set!

16. Anime Spirited Away Cosplay Costume

Anime Spirited Away Cosplay Costume

Looking for minimalist anime cosplay costumes for Comic-con? Haku’s costume from Spirited Away offers so much potential that you just cannot say no. His costume comprises a simple Japanese kimono with a blue sash around the waist.

You can rock the look with a green wig and enjoy the supernatural appeal that comes with it.

17. RG Veda Kendappa Anime Costume

RG Veda Kendappa Anime Costume

Be queen for a day in one of these bespoke anime cosplay costumes. The outfit was inspired by Kendappa-o from RG Veda, queen of the Kendappa clan. Keen attention to detail is evident in every inch of the design, and this is in keeping with the queen’s character.

You will need to wear both headpieces and a typical blue gemstone necklace to adopt her look.

18. Code Geass CC Anime Costume

Code Geass CC Anime Costume

One of the most mysterious personalities of all time from the female list of cosplay characters has got to be CC from Code Geass. This makes her outfit a must-have for anyone who loves to leave people guessing.

Wear her complete outfit set, including a light green wig and a pair of boots for the perfect effect.

19. Hatsune Miku Costume

Hatsune Miku Costume

The Hatsune Miku anime costume might be what you need to take your vocal talent out of the bathroom and into the mainstream. Probably walking in her costume for a day will provide the inspiration you need.

Get the amusing look with headphones, the long, straight turquoise wig, and a pair of black socks with a hint of turquoise.

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20. Ahiru Anime Princess Tutu Cosplay Costume

Ahiru Anime Princess Tutu Cosplay Costume

Have you ever felt like the ugly duckling in your group of friends? Ahiru’s anime costume is all you need to keep those feelings at bay and enjoy being a princess while it lasts.

That’s why, it would be perfect to include white feathers as accessories to stick on the red-haired wig. Also, you can’t leave the bracelets and a necklace behind.

21. Madoka Kaname Costume

Madoka Kaname Costume

Just like the show in which she features, Madoka Kaname’s costume blends a variety of distinct art styles to achieve the unexpected. To recreate her look, put on this remarkable costume for your next cosplay event.

In case you wanna give all out, perfect the look with a pink kind of bob-cut wig, and ribbons in the same color to style your hair.

22. Kaori Miyazono Costume

Kaori Miyazono Costume

Kaori is one of the most charming anime characters. Also, you shouldn’t leave the violin behind when you cosplay with her costume. But the one thing that will get you sold on her outfit is its simple elegance, wrapped in pink.

It has what it takes to accentuate your feminine style and then some.

23. Ami Mizuno Sailor Mercury Cosplay Costume

Ami Mizuno Sailor Mercury Cosplay Costume

The Sailor Moon still holds the title of an all-time favorite when it comes to offering a wide array of anime cosplay ideas. Besides her high intelligence, she also has super great looks and an awesome costume!

Along with the costume, it includes a gold tiara with a blue gemstone on the front, electric blue long socks, and a blue wig.

24. Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina Cosplay

Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina Cosplay

The Journey of Elaina is a Japanese anime that captures the heart of the magic world’s fans. Elaina’s costume includes a typical witch’s hat with cute pink hints on her robe.

The beautiful combination of dark blue robes, a wide-witch hat, and skirts will make girls look beautiful and charming when they wear Elaina’s costume.

25. Megumin Anime Cosplay Costume

Megumin Anime Cosplay Costume

Similar to Elaina, Megumin is an anime character depicting an Archwizard in KonoSuba series. If you have a lot in common with Megumin, this costume may suit you best! Dressed with orange boots, a gold touch of its trimmings and borders, a black hat, as well as a stick as a supporting accessory, your appearance will look marvelous!

26. Hyuga Hinata Anime Costume

Hyuga Hinata Anime Costume

This is a simple yet well-designed anime costume that perfectly demonstrates the character of Hyuga Hinata. Hyuga costume consists of a trouser and a jacket that highlight its modesty.

For anime lovers who are lazy to do makeup and do not like too many accessories for their cosplay costume, this one is definitely a must a try!

27. Attack on Titan Cosplay for Girls

Attack on Titan Cosplay for Girls

Attack on Titan is among the most bizarre series ever coming out of Japan. Now join the Scouting Corps to hunt down some scary giants by wearing this immersive costume! The cosplay costume features the hooded cloak, unique to the Scouting Corps.

There is also an authentic emblem of the unit printed on the back. The winged logo is the symbol of freedom that someday humanity may prevail against the man-eating titans!

28. Asuka Body Suit Costume

Asuka Body Suit Costume

We have this iconic red bodysuit that is usually worn by Asuka whenever she needs to pilot the giant robot. If you are a daring girl, who wants sexy cosplay, this one would be a lovely choice.

If you want an identical Asuka look, you should wear the orange twin-tail wig and an eyepatch for a more immersive cosplay.

29. Tsunade Cosplay

Tsunade Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@UmaPessoa)

Speaking of sexy cosplay, Tsunade’s outfit would come to mind. She is among the strongest female ninja and the fifth Hokage in the Naruto universe. Her iconic and super sexy cleavage over her kimono is as impactful as her mighty punch.

Therefore, Tsunade’s costume would be ideal for girls with busty chests.

30. Asuna Yuuki Cosplay

Asuna Yuuki Cosplay

Asuna Yuuki from the Sword Art Online series probably one of the prettiest female anime characters. For girls who love a beautiful character that is also super strong, we highly recommend you cosplay as Asuna!

To cosplay as her, you will need this stunning red and white costume, her iconic outfit in the game, plus the blond wig to match Asuna’s hair.

31. Anya from Spy X Family Cosplay

Anya from Spy X Family Cosplay

Some anime characters are popular because of their cuteness and innocent. Anya Folger from the Spy X Family series would fit that description. Her outfit consists of a one-piece black dress and her school uniform, plus a lovely white ribbon tie and cute shoes.

Don’t forget to wear Anya’s headdress accessory, too!

32. Shizuku Murasaki Costume

anime cosplay ideas for girls
Source: Pinterest (@otakohome)

You just need to wear your white long sleeve turtleneck shirt and a pair of blue jeans to become Shizuku Murasaki. Add some accessories like an upside down Cross necklace, a pair of glasses, a short-black hair wig, and most importantly, the vacuum cleaner!

Well, not our usual vacuum cleaner of course. 

33. Winry Rockbell Costume

Winry Rockbell Costume
Source: Pinterest (@imgur)

If you love to look masculine but still have a sweet character, then we think it would be an excellent idea to go for a Winry costume.

It is very easy to create since you will only need to wear a pair of loose khaki pants and fold the bottom part, a black crop top, a pair of leather sandals, a pair of gloves and lastly, a head cover.

34. Android 18 Cosplay

Android 18 Cosplay
Source: Pinterest ( @ebaumsworld)

Looking at what Android 18 wears, we will know immediately that the items are very easy to find. A white t-shirt, check! A pair of jeans, check! As for the pair of black gloves and the black cropped vest, you can find them easily online.

Japanese Schoolgirl Anime Costumes

One of the most popular Japanese cosplay ideas is definitely the Japanese uniform costume. There are so many anime characters who wear school uniforms in unique and colorful designs.

To give you some ideas and recommendations on the most popular characters with school uniforms, we have created a list below, which we believe you need to check out. 

35. Asuka Langley Cosplay

anime cosplay ideas for girls
Source: Pinterest (reddit.com)

Asuka Langley is wearing one of the sweetest school uniforms that comes in light blue and white inner shirts. We believe that you will look absolutely adorable in this costume, especially since you will be wearing a red ribbon as well.

As for the hair, Asuka is a red-haired character with two pigtails that makes her look even sweeter.

36. Sakura Kinomoto Cosplay

anime cosplay ideas for girls
Source: Pinterest (@etsy)

Next up we have Sakura Kunomoto who is a character that wears a classic Japanese school uniform. It includes a black blazer and a white skirt, with long white socks and a pair of Mary Jane shoes to complete the look.

Make sure you also carry a staff that has a very iconic design, which is one of her weapons.

37. Soul Eater’s Maka Albarn Cosplay

anime cosplay ideas for girls
Source: Pinterest (@krynkat)

As a soul eater, Maka Albarn has a sweet look especially since she is wearing a Japanese school uniform. The uniform comes in red and black, plus a long black robe. We love her look, especially with her long pigtails and the iconic weapon.

Make sure you wear a black and red skit, plus a pair ankle boots to make you look perfect. 

38. Hiyori Iki Cosplay

anime cosplay ideas for girls
Source: Pinterest (boomjoy.tumblr.com)

Calling all of you who love purple! Yes, here we have a recommendation of a Japanese uniform costume that comes in purple. You can pick this sweet Hiyori Iki costume that comes in all purple, including the top and skirt.

The only accessory that you should remember to add to the look is the tail.

39. Haruhi Suzumiya Anime Costumes

Mister Bear Haruhi Suzumiya

Rock the schoolgirl look with the Haruhi Suzumiya anime costume set. You and a few friends can form your own little SOS Brigade and having lots of fun while at it. Also, complete the look by wearing yellow ribbons to tie your hair on both sides.

If you want to literally mimic the character, style your hair like Haruhi Suzumiya!

40. Anime Starry Sky Cosplay Costume

Yumeko Jabami Costume

This Starry Sky ensemble dresses you up as the daring and bold Tsukiko Yahisa from the show. Playing her role is a great way to stand out at the next Comic-con if all your friends happen to be male.

If no longer available, then click here to check out her shop that has heaps more really unique anime cosplay costumes.

41. Seifuku Japanese Anime School Uniform

Seifuku Japanese Anime School Uniform 

Something about sailor-type school uniform anime cosplay costumes, like Mitsuki Nase’s from the anime show Kyoukai no Kanata.

All you need to do to perfect Mitsuki’s look is get a pair of calf-length black socks and style your hair back with bangs up front and Voila! Oh, and don’t forget the signature lollipop!

42. Astolfo Anime Cosplay Costume

anime costumes

Right from the pink-colored hair to the purple eyes and sexy feminine outfit, everything about Astolfo costume screams a love for adventure.

Just make sure to follow the details, like the pink stockings and black ribbons to make your look even more convincing. Have a blast in his shoes, at least for a day!

43. Kagome Higurashi Hoodie

Kagome Higurashi Hoodie

Have you always fancied spending a day in the life of a do-gooder? If so, the Kagome Higurashi hoodie will turn your dream into reality. Known for her selflessness and determination to help others, she is one of the kindest anime cosplay characters.

Wearing this anime hoodie gives you the opportunity to look great and banish the forces of evil around you.

44. Yumeko Jabami Anime Costume

Nuoqi Yumeko Jabami

The Yumeko Jabami costume is drawn from the anime show Kakegurui. She thrives on attention, as you will, too, when you wear her adorable costume. Her costume will bring out your charisma for all to see.

All you need is a long, black hair wig with short bangs, black stockings, and thick Cuban heels to get the look like Yumeko Jabami.

45. Touka Kirishima Anime Costume

Touka Kirishima Anime Costume

Looking for anime costumes with a compelling story to tell? Touka Kirishima’s school uniform cosplay costume is a great place to start. It features an appealing blend of black, white, and red.

The red lenses and purple hair, though seems so contrasting, bring a unique character.

46. Moka Akashiya Costume

miccostumes Women's Moka

Perfect execution and great attention to detail characterize this Moka Akashiya costume. The costume comes complete with the rosary that keeps Moka’s vampire personality subdued.

You can prepare the long, straight hot pink wig, a chocker, and long black socks to set the look.

47. Tohko Amano Costume

Tohko Amano Costume

Also known as Book Girl, Tohko Amano wears a simple Japanese uniform but manages to look refined in it. Unlike other costumes that need tons of knick-knacks, a couple of black socks and shoes are all you need.

It is not only adorable but also holds the potential of drawing the perfect catch, a bookworm like you!

Final Thoughts

With more and more anime characters, there is rising demand for costume cosplay in the marketplace. Starting from complex characters to simply school kids with superpowers.

If you like anime costumes that are easy to wear, we recommend Hyuga Hinata, Tohko Amano, and Kagome Higurashi. Their outfits only need a few accessories. A wig, socks, and shoes may be a compliment. However, Ahiru, Megumin, and Soraka will be the right choice if you like challenges.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who are the easiest characters to cosplay?

According to the list, anime spirited away, monokuma anime hoodie, and Hyuga Hinata are the easiest anime costumes you can cosplay.

How different are anime costumes from regular costumes?

While regular costumes might be broad (like a generic pirate or ghost), anime costumes are specific to a character. The attention to detail is crucial, reflecting exact designs, colors, and sometimes even the character’s personality.

They’re about replicating a particular look from a specific anime series or movie.

Can you rent an anime costume or should you buy one?

Both options are available. Renting might be suitable for a one-time event, while purchasing is ideal for multiple uses or if you’re a serious cosplayer. Remember, while buying offers customization options, renting might be more budget-friendly for rare use.

How do you care for your anime costume?

Most costumes come with care instructions. Generally, hand washing and air drying preserve the costume’s integrity. Remember, delicate materials and intricate designs demand gentle handling to ensure longevity.

How do you choose a size when buying online?

Reliable online stores provide sizing charts. Always measure yourself accurately, consider customer reviews regarding sizing, and when in doubt, opt for a slightly larger size—you can always make adjustments!

What are good cosplay for beginners?

You can choose the simplest and easiest cosplay costume at the beginning. Several characters from these anime you can pick to begin with your cosplay journey: Yumeko Jabamianime spirited away, monokuma anime hoodie, Kagome Higurashi, and Hyuga Hinata.

And now, the most challenging part will be choosing from all these awesome anime costumes on the list. Don’t worry; there are as many events to attend as there are costumes, so this should not be the end. Remember to have lots of fun and eternalize the memories you make at your next cosplay party!

Didn’t you find an anime costume that you like? Try here for a quick search of all of the anime costumes available on Etsy!

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