25 GREATEST Cosplay Ideas for Girls

Still searching to find some of the best recommendations of female cosplay ideas? Don’t worry, your search will possibly ends here, because we have got you covered! Cosplay is a great way to portray your love for a favorite anime of superhero character, and it can somehow bring your favorite fantasy to life. In order to make your dreams a reality, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the ultimate cosplay ideas for girls. From outfits based on favorite storybook characters to Disney figures and TV stars, we have everything you need right here.

Time is ticking, so it’s better for you start scrolling down this article now and plan to live a day in your comic book or anime way ahead of schedule. So enjoy and discover some of the most inspired cosplay ideas the world has to offer.

What Is The Difference Between Cosplay and Costume?

Cosplay is an act of dressing up like a character in comics, movies, books, games, and so on, while costume only wears clothes like a certain character. Costumes can be purchased anywhere, such as in an online store or make your own.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Cosplay Character?

When choosing a cosplay character, you should consider your personal interests and preferences, your skill level in crafting and sewing, and the availability of costumes and props.

BEST Cosplay Ideas for Girls

#1 Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume

Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume - Cosplay Ideas For Girls

It seems that in the last couple of years, the world has been crazy about Harley Quinn. Being an iconic character with colorful outfits and crazy adorable character, Harley Quinn cosplay costume is definitely one of the most desirable costumes for girls. Since her first her debut back in 1992, she has undergone quite a few makeovers. In our opinion, the best part about the makeovers is that every new costume she unleashes is always sexier than the previous one.

Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume
Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume - Cosplay Ideas For Girls

This makes Harley Queen the ideal model for any girl who loves to be a step ahead of the hype. To help you celebrate your admiration for her, we are happy to bring you this sexy ensemble. This cosplay features sparkly hot pants or shorts, “Daddy’s lil’ monster” t-shirt, a jacket and a left-hand glove.

So, if you are looking for some of the best cosplay ideas for girls that look like a badass female cosplay, then this skimpy outfit is just the one!

#2 Complete Custom Made Wonder Women Cosplay Costume

Complete Customer Made Wonder Women Cosplay Costume - Cosplay Ideas For Girls

The Wonder Woman costume has also made a remarkable evolution over the years. But personally, we always think that this warrior princess has never failed to impress us. Her looks have always displayed consistency and held true to her Amazonian character.

Complete Customer Made Wonder Women Cosplay Costume

Here we have the most recent design of the superheroine costume, and is bound to amaze us, big time! It comprises a stunning gladiator skirt in blue leather, attached to a maroon corset. As for the top, it features a striking bronze trim that looks stunning. Also, it mirrors the maroon and bronze knee-high gladiator boots.

Complete Customer Made Wonder Women Cosplay Costume

To complete the costume combo, you also get a tiara, bracers and armbands. Last but not least, the only thing you need now is definitely the right attitude, and once you have everything all set, your Diana Prince impression will be perfect.

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Complete Customer Made Wonder Women Cosplay Costume - Cosplay Ideas For Girls

However, you might to make sure you have the long black hair ready. Whether it’s your real hair or a wig, it will definitely be the last item that completes your overal look. So get dressed and ready to fight the new breed of villains at Comic-con.

#3 Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Costume

Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Costume - Cosplay Ideas For Girls

Are you looking for unique female cosplay ideas for a special occasion? Well, if you have something to flaunt, then the Jessica Rabbit costume will do you justice. This head-turning outfit will place you in the limelight for all the right reasons.

Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Costume

It features a sequined red dress, an orange wig, and a pair of long blue gloves. Do not worry if your upper torso is not as perfect as Jessica’s. The dress comes complete with a corset and push-up bra to accentuate your look. We have no doubt that your gorgeous legs will get deserved attention, thanks to the design’s signature slit.

Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Costume

Enjoy the transformation into the most iconic redhead ever with this captivating outfit. We believe without a doubt, the impression will last through the cosplay event and beyond.

#4 Sailor Moon Scout Uniform Fuku Anime Cosplay Costume

Sailor Moon Scout Uniform Fuku Anime Cosplay Costume - Cosplay Ideas For Girls

There is something about nautical cosplay ideas for girls that evoke a sexy appeal. The world loves cute sailors from the famous anime Sailor Moon, and this outfit instantly makes you look like one. The fabric is super soft, perfect for anyone who places comfort above all else.

Sailor Moon Scout Uniform Fuku Anime Cosplay Costume
Sailor Moon Scout Uniform Fuku Anime Cosplay Costume

The colors are vibrant and playful, lending the design a stylish edge. The design screams femininity and turns you into the ultimate scout at any event. Moreover, it also comes with the sailor fuku gloves and tiara, too. Additionally, you could also get an optional wig, special corset and shoes for the complete Sailor Moon look.

So if you want to sail the high seas at your next cosplay party, grab one of these and have a blast!

#5 Female Captain America Cosplay Costume

Female Captain America Cosplay Costume - Cosplay Ideas For Girls

As far as female cosplay characters go, Captain America has got to be a most unique choice. There are so many reasons why you cannot beat the look. And here are a few compelling ones.

The outfit is a romper made using stretchy fabric to maximize on comfort. It has a waist cincher to enhance the feminine beauty and highlight your curves. The design perfectly reflects the true spirit of the American culture. Paired with the right footwear, it could see you clinch the best costume title.

Female Captain America Cosplay Costume

It does not require too much effort to look great in this, which is why we think that this makes one of the most popular cosplay ideas for beginners. So if you want a look that is easy to pull off and guaranteed to thrill, look no further.

#6 Kill Bill Cosplay Costume

Kill Bill Cosplay Costume - Cosplay Ideas For Girls

The Bride in the Kill Bill movie is another great inspiration for simple cosplay ideas for girls. Though she first appeared in a bridal gown, she is more renowned for the bright yellow suit, which makes her outfit perfect for anyone who wants to leave an indelible mark.

Kill Bill Cosplay Costume

The 3-piece costume comprises a pair of booty shorts, a ring top bra and also a zip-up jacket. The stretchy fabric used has a metallic finish that makes it unforgettable for many. Also, all the pieces have yellow stripes to make the look as close as possible to the original.

Kill Bill Cosplay Costume
Kill Bill Cosplay Costume

To cosplay this outfit perfectly, match the clothes with bright yellow and black sneakers. In addition, you could also get yourself a bride sword and blonde wig, and trust us, they will never forget about the girl in Kill Bill cosplay costume.

#7 Pikachu Cosplay Costume

Pikachu Cosplay Costume - Cosplay Ideas For Girls

Cosplay ideas for girls make for a fun and memorable events. Evidently, the only limit is your imagination. If you thought that Pikachu from Pokemon could not look sexy, then you might want to think again.

Pikachu Cosplay Costume

This bright and vibrant design is ideal for the whimsical personality. The full costume features a dress, leggings, and armbands. It also comes complete with pointy ears and a tail and will elicit a few laughs. However, the only thing that’s missing is red blush or lipstick to complete the look. But we believe that it’s easy to handle, right?

Pikachu Cosplay Costume

This costume is easy to pull off as all you need to do is have fun with it. It brings out the kid in you and lets you spread the cheer to all and sundry. So live the adventure at the next renaissance fair and watch the world around you light up.

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#8 Snow White Cosplay Costume

Snow White Cosplay Costume - Cosplay Ideas For Girls

Photo credit above: @hermajestykat

Let’s face it, almost every girl once upon a time dreamed of being the Snow White. Guess what, this female cosplay idea lets you live that fantasy. It comes with an outstanding wig designed to harmonize with the latest Snow White depiction.

Snow White Cosplay Costume

Your Snow White costume cannot be complete unless you have lustrous hair to match. In this portrayal, her jet black hair is styled into short finger waves. The red bow tops it up to complete the fairytale look and get the ball rolling.

Snow White Cosplay Costume

Paired with the right dress, he will turn you into a princess in no time at all. It will provide the perfect opportunity to meet your Prince Charming and start your own little fairy tale.

#9 Reloaded 4-piece Fantasy Costume

Reloaded 4-piece Fantasy Costume

Quick and easy cosplay ideas are hard to come by. This is particularly so if you want to strike that delicate balance between the sexy and fantasy world. The Reloaded fantasy costume is one of the few that meets both criteria to the letter.

It is based on the first sequel to The Matrix movie, it is therefore bound to appeal to sci-fi enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. The outfit is pure leather from top to bottom. It comprises a long jacket, gloves, shorts and sunglasses.

Reloaded 4-piece Fantasy Costume

This badass female cosplay will turn you into an instant hit as it makes a marked statement. Not to mention the glossy finish will also make for a sophisticated look, and it shows skin in the ideal places.

#10 Pennywise 2017 Clown Cosplay Costume

Pennywise 2017 Clown Cosplay Costume - Cosplay Ideas For Girls

Pennywise IT is an all-time favorite for horror story lovers the world over. So if you are looking to scare fellow cosplayers out of their wits, this is definitely your best bet. And while you are at it, why not show some feminine charm?

Pennywise 2017 Clown Cosplay Costume

This adorable dress featured a body-hugging bodice and bubble bottom. It comes in pale grey with red detailing and uses high-quality satin fabric, and the long mutton sleeves will also take you back into time.

Pennywise 2017 Clown Cosplay Costume

We must say that it is a perfect reproduction of the original. The workmanship shows great attention to details and also love for art. Once you get a hold of it, all you need is good makeup and stylish shoes to define the look. Plus, the red balloon, too! You will be the girl everyone is after at the convention.

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#11 Daenerys “Game Of Thrones Cosplay Costume

Daenerys "Game Of Thrones Cosplay Costume - Cosplay Ideas For Girls

Who would not want to pull off a Dany outfit at Comic con? Her Khaleesi gown is breathtaking and makes one of the best cosplay ideas for girls, ever! It is a graceful maxi dress with a plunging V-neck.

Daenerys "Game Of Thrones Cosplay Costume

It has a flowing sheer attached to the back making the outfit fit for a princess, and has a belt corset to define the waistline and enhance the feminine gait. Moreover, the delicate gold detailing is also hand-painted, making each dress a unique work of art.

Daenerys "Game Of Thrones Cosplay Costume

Every Game Of Thrones enthusiast will remember this Qarth dress from Season II of the series. But no one would expect such a perfect portrayal of the original. This is an amazing costume for an amazing cosplay aficionado. After all, any girls would want to look like the mother of dragons, right?

#12 Jasmine Red Cosplay Costume

Aladdin Jasmine Red Cosplay Costume

Transform your Arabian night into a most memorable event with this adorable Jasmine cosplay outfit that comes in red. This is a slight deviation from the original blue but just as striking. It is made with love for anyone who wants to show off some skin.

The outfit consists of jasmine red pants and bra top, both made using knitted fabric. It could also include golden-colored earrings and a tiara to make you a true Arabian princess.

Aladdin Jasmine Red Cosplay Costume

If you spent your childhood watching the adventurous escapades of Aladdin and his friends, then this costume will definitely suits you. It goes above and beyond most female cosplay ideas to idolize a male character all little girls adored. In our opinion, this costume defines the female persona who will let nothing stand in her way of having a great time.

#13 Disney Theme Minnie Mouse Costume

Disney Theme Minnie Mouse Costume

For all girls in the house who never quite got over the Minnie Mouse fascination, here is a way to relive those good old times. This Mini Mouse costume features the signature bow and heels without which no Minnie outfit is complete.

Disney Theme Minnie Mouse Costume

And to celebrate her great sense of style, it comes in red, black, and also white polka dots. This means that you get to enjoy a day in a fantasy world and still look fabulously sexy. Moreover, the strapless top corset buttons up on the front and has a lace-up design on the back.

Disney Theme Minnie Mouse Costume

The lace-fringed skirt completes the look leaving no room for guesswork. Who would have thought a Disney outfit could look so amazing? So let’s not keep the surprise to yourself, and spread the cheer at the next cosplay event and enjoy the reactions.

#14 Kitana Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costume

Kitana Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costume - Cosplay Ideas For Girls

The ultimate femme fatale look is not as elusive as you may imagine. Get the Kitana cosplay costume and you will be well on your way to becoming the assassin next door. This sexy Ninja outfit makes you look gorgeous and retro at the same time.

Kitana Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costume

This is what lends it that superior appeal, which would make headlines at a games convention event. While the outfits have changed over the past two decades, Kitana has always been provocative, and we personally think that is the single consistent aspect that defines the character.

Kitana Mortal Kombat Cosplay Costume

This costume uses a dazzling blue to achieve a sense of sophistication. It also has creative bits and pieces of armor in select places. Plus, the wig and mask make the wearer looks mysterious, begging for a closer look.

#15 Women’s Queen of De Nile Costume

Women's Queen of De Nile Costume

Few female cosplay ideas are quite as remarkable as this royal ensemble. It offers a look of timeless grace for the most stylish females in the house. The color blue is associated with royalty in many parts of the world. Looking at this costume, it is easy for us to see why. Moreover, the turquoise cape perfectly complements the fitting white dress and gold detailing, while the gold and turquoise on the collar harmonize with a similar artwork in the mid-section.

Women's Queen of De Nile Costume

This makes for a unified look that befits royalty. Lastly, to complete the look, the Egyptian style headband will certainly make the perfect summary. All that you need at this point is the personality to pull that regal look off.

#16 Blue Trim Pokemon GO Trainer Cosplay Costume

Blue Trim Pokemon GO Trainer Cosplay Costume

When we say we have a cosplay costume for everyone in the house, we really mean it. The Pokemon GO Trainer cropped hoodie is one of the perfect cosplay ideas for girls with sporty upbringings, but still carries that fantasy aspect that we need for geeky cosplay events.

If you are not one to show off so much skin, you could wear it with a jumpsuit style GO romper. But if you love to feed visual interest, you might opt for something a little more revealing, no matter how you pair them up, the hoodie is bound to turn heads.

Blue Trim Pokemon GO Trainer Cosplay Costume

It comes in a striking white and blue combo inspired by the Pokemon avatar for the trainer in you. So embrace your sporty side and get on the games convention track.

#17 Customizable Slave Leia Cosplay Costume

Customizable Slave Leia Cosplay Costume

Metal style female cosplay ideas are some of the most enduring designs ever. They come in a variety of designs and colors to appeal to different personalities. The one thing the Slave Leia costumes all share is the high level of sexy on each piece.

Customizable Slave Leia Cosplay Costume - Cosplay Ideas For Girls

The metal pieces have a certain rustic appeal to them. They also make the concept come to life and seem more realistic.

You could buy the 3-piece set that only includes a bra, skirt and bottom pieces. But with the 10-piece set, the sky is the limit. This comes complete with a collar and chain, a wrist cuff, upper arm cuffs and hair clips. We believe without a doubt that it makes for a complete transformation into the Slave Leia we all know and love from Return of the Jedi.

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#18 Star Wars Force Awakens Rey Cosplay Costume

Star Wars The Force Awakens Adult Rey Costume

If you claim to be a fan of the Star Wars series, then you must be familiar with this female character. Rey is a female figure in the Star Wars Force Awakens series who is known for being stubborn, tough, and brave.

This cosplay outfit really describes Rey’s character. The band in her hands seemed to reflect her tough nature. Meanwhile, the belt around her waist represents strength. Additionally, the cross accents on her body add to the uniqueness of this costume.

Moreover, the choice of neutral light gray color in the costume makes it suitable to be worn with deep brown boots. All in all, this cosplay outfit is perfect for those of you who like a tomboyish and bold look.

#19 Scarlet Witch Marvel Avengers Cosplay Costume

Secret Wishes Marvel Avengers

Get a unique cosplay experience with this witch costume. She is Wanda Maximoff or better known as the Scarlet Witch. Inspired by the fictional female character in Marvel comics, this costume depicts a woman who is brave, charming, and powerful. Plus, she also has an evil side that makes her even more powerful.

This licensed costume comes in a maroon leather coat paired with black leggings. The combination of style and color gives a charismatic impression to the wearer. Moreover, coupled with high-heeled boots that show an elegant side so that people are amazed to see it. If you feel you have similar characteristics to Wanda Maximoff, you should give this cosplay a try. It is simple and easy yet so appealing at the same time.

#20 Disney Elsa Cosplay Costume

Disney womens Disguise Elsa Prestige Adult Costume

Who does not know this fictional character from Disney? It is Elsa, a princess trapped by her own power who can turn anything into the ice with just her touch. Elsa, who is known for her role in the film Frozen, is a favorite of children to adults all over the globe.

Speaking about Disney’s character, it will be a sin if we don’t include Elsa’s costume as one of the best cosplay ideas for girls. The combination of light blue with layers of see-through robes depicts the ice formed from Elsa’s power. Because the look of this costume is interesting, it’s no wonder that many Frozen fans want to impersonate Elsa’s style.

For those of you fans of the Frozen movie, especially Elsa, you can combine this cosplay costume with light grey high heels according to the character’s picture in the original film. Don’t forget Elsa’s signature hair braid, you will feel like Elsa all day long. Interested to wear this costume to the next costume party?

#21 Nezuko Demon Slayer Cosplay

Hexagonal Coffee Table

For girls who enjoy Japanese pop culture, we highly recommend you to cosplay as Nezuko! This adorable demon from the Demon Slayer series has garnered international attention after she made her appearance in the anime that was aired a few years ago. Thanks to her iconic and cute character design, Nezoko has become fans’ favorite.

Nezoko’s main characteristic is her beautiful kimono and bamboo tube to seal her mouth. Yep, because she is a demon, she might lose control without the seal. Only Tanjiro, her beloved older brother, and the tube could suppress her demonic aura.

You can become Nezoko by wearing this kimono costume. It is very authentic and offers some extra accessories to make an accurate and immersive cosplay experience. Do not forget to wear the bamboo tube and if your hair is short, you might need a black long hair wig to mimic Nezuko’s style.

#22 Hermione from Harry Potter Cosplay

Hermione from Harry Potter Cosplay

Are you a Gryffindor, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff? Whichever you are, you should cosplay as Hermione or other female characters from Harry Potter for this year’s Halloween. Due to Harry Potter’s popularity, everyone would recognize your costume right away. You might even meet new friends who also love the series wearing the same uniform. That would be a lot of fun.

To become a student of Hogwarts, all you need to do is wear this uniform and robe. This costume is quite detailed and faithful to the original design. You can wear a white shirt, put on the Hogwarts’ tie, and then the iconic vest. The robe would complete your whole looks. Of course, you will need to bring your own wand as well.

#23 Female Android from Nier Automata Cosplay

Hexagonal Coffee Table

Unless you are an avid gamer, you might not recognize YorHa 2B! She is one of the most prominent and iconic protagonist from Nier Automata. Despite her super beautiful appearance, she is a fierce fighter.

Her character design is very cute and her outfit is really pretty. That’s why we think that you should try to cosplay as YorHa 2B. Put on this costume set and you will be the center of the attention. Even people who does not know the game would be impressed because of how well-designed her character is.

Her all-black outfit will remind you of the gothic vibe. The costume set will include her black dress, sort frilly skirt, leotard, gloves, and her blindfold. Do not forget to research her character, especially if you are not familiar with the game, for a better cosplay experience. Plus, get yourself a replica sword to complete the look!

#24 Yor Briar Cosplay from Spy X Family Anime

Yor Briar Cosplay from Spy X Family Anime

The rising popularity of Spy x Family has sparked an impressive demand for Yor Briar, the Thorn Princess, cosplay outfit. For those who are not familiar with the show, she is an assassin disguised as the mother of the super adorable Anya and the wife of Loid the super spy.

Yor’s black dress is very distinguishable as she always wears it whenever she performs assassination. The outfit is very elegant and not too revealing. So, if you are shy like Yor, then we honestly think this costume is made for you. It is also all black and gives off some gothic feel to it.

To cosplay as Yor properly, you should also wear her earrings, headdress, gloves, and some knee high socks or leotard. A pair of high boots would also be excellent. Then, do not forget to carry around a pair of spikes replicas, her preferred weapon of choice. We also recommend you to watch the show before cosplaying as Yor! It’s funny and heartwarming.

#25 Reika Cosplay from Gantz

Hexagonal Coffee Table

For girls who are not afraid to look sexy, this Reika full budy suit costume would be on of the most excellent choice of cosplay ideas for girls made of high-quality material. Reika is a beautiful character from Gantz series. The characters from Gantz would wear a special body suit and fight monstrous aliens for survival. Even though Reika looks delicate, she is actually a skilled fighter.

The suit is quite tight so it will show your body outline clearly. This particular full black costume is very distinctive. If you want to match Reika’s look accurately, your hair needs to be black and long. However, you can always wear a wig to accommodate the needs. Plus, you will have to wear glove and high boot.

Reika’s full body suit cosplay is an excellent for daring women. Get a gun replica to complete the cosplay and enjoy the feeling of being a strong and cool woman!

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most popular female cosplay ideas of all time. They are timeless in nature and bound to turn heads wherever you go. So whether it’s a party, a gaming convention or any other occasion, we have everything you need to make the ultimate impression.

Showcase your creativity with these fun and unique cosplay ideas for girls and amaze everyone around you.

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Are cosplay costumes and props expensive?

The cost of cosplay costumes and props can vary depending on the quality and complexity of the items. Some cosplay costumes and props can be purchased for a reasonable price, while others can be quite expensive.

Are there any rules or guidelines you should follow when cosplaying?

Yes, there are some guidelines that cosplayers should follow, such as being respectful of other attendees, following costume and prop restrictions at events, and avoiding cosplays that could be considered offensive or insensitive.

Can you make your own cosplay costume and props?

Yes, many cosplayers make their own costumes and props, using materials such as fabric, foam, and resin.

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