25 Death Note Cosplay Ideas To Try Out

Death Note is a manga adapted into an anime with the same title, telling the story of a note that can be used to kill humans. Based on the setting, a note is a tool used by Shinigami or death gods to take the lives of humans who are about to die. It is a famous anime about death notes that should only be owned by a god and is misused by humans for their own purposes. In this anime, many cool characters deserve to be an inspiration for cosplayers. Therefore, we provide some Death Note cosplay ideas that you can use for certain events.

By choosing to dress up as a Death Note cosplay, you can have a unique, mysterious, and badass look. Both girls and boys can also dress up as Death Note cosplayers because they have a lot of character choices that it’s not hard to have the same look as them. Here are 20 options that we have prepared especially for you. Hopefully, it inspires you and can find the right one.

1. Light Yagami

Light Yagami is a brilliant high school boy. One day his life changes because he finds a Death Note that Ryuk the Shinigami accidentally drops into the human world. Since then, Light decided to create his ideal world by using the Death Note to kill all the criminals in the world. You can choose Light Yagami as your Death Note cosplay ideas with typical high school clothes wearing brown suits as uniforms. In addition, you can add it with a Death Note as a complementary accessory to make you even more like him.

2. L

L is a mysterious detective who is famous all over the world. Successfully solving various cases, now L must investigate the mass murder of criminals by Kira or who later known as Light Yagami. This is truly a Death Note cosplay idea that you can choose for your cosplay activities. Pale appearance and messy hair, L always wear the same clothes, which are a white long sleeve shirt and blue jeans. Quite an easy-to-execute idea for a cosplay appearance.

3. Misa Amane

Misa Amane is the one who claims to be Kira. She did that only because she was interested in the real figure of Kira or the real Light Yagami. This beautiful girl is also the holder of the second Death Note.  She is willing to do anything to always be with Light Yagami, and she wants to be his lover. A Death Note cosplay idea for girls to try out that looks cute and pretty. Known for her gothic style, Misa always wears an adorable black dress and blonde pigtail hair that always adorns her head.

4. Ryuk the Shinigami

Ryuk is the cause of the Death Note story. Just because he was bored, a god of death decides to throw his Death Note into the human world and let the humans who get it do as they please. He is a big scary figure with dominant black color and big yellow eyes, which you can use as Death Note cosplay ideas. Dressing up like a creature who really likes apples can make you a cool cosplayer and attract everyone’s eyes.

5. Rem

Source: Pinterest (@nienzien-ya.deviantart.com)

Rem is also a shinigami, just like Ryuk. However, he has a different background from Ryuk because he gave the Death Note to the human girl he likes, Misa Amane. We don’t know what he was thinking, but he was infatuated with Misa Amane. Even he got manipulated by Light Yagami to cause his death. A Death Note cosplay ideas for you in the form of a death god with a distinctive look in dominant white like a creature from another world.

6. Ryuk Cosplay for Kid

Source: Pinterest (@buzzfeed.com)

Who said that cosplay is only for adults? With the selection of appropriate makeup for small children, it can also be a cool cosplay if we handle it seriously. Therefore we provide this idea for you. Ryuk the shinigami as Death Note cosplay idea specifically for children. Using white face paint and fake black wings can make your child look like Ryuk but in a small figure.

7. Mello

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

Mello is one of L’s successors who comes from the same orphanage as him. With M’s initials, Mello takes a different path from L. He joins the mafia to uncover who Kira is. A boy with golden blonde hair that you can use as Death Note cosplay ideas. He has the same style of clothing as Misa, which is a gothic style with a dominant color of black and always wears a Rosary. The boy who loves chocolate is the most badass character in the Death Note anime.

8. Matt

Source: Pinterest (@pollypwnz.deviantart.com)

Matt is Mello’s best friend from the same orphanage. Working as an assistant to Mello to solve Kira’s case, he is known to be highly intelligent and proficient with techy stuff. A great Death Note cosplay idea, especially if you pair up with a partner who dresses as Mello. A character who often smokes and is often seen wearing vintage goggles and red stripe t-shirts to look even more like him.

9. Misa in Red

Source: Pinterest (@martush.deviantart.com)

On a daily basis, Misa Amane is an upcoming artist as well as a famous model. Often she dresses up like a cosplayer for advertising or work needs. We recommend Misa in red as a Death Note cosplay idea for you. Still maintaining her gothic style, now added shades of red on the skirt to add a cute and slightly different impression.

10. Near 

Source: Pinterest (@Olivia White)

Near is the other one of L’s successors, just like Mello, who continues to solve the Kira case. Having the opposite nature to Mello, Near tends to be quiet and thinks very carefully. Being the last key to solving Kira’s case, Near is the last enemy that Light Yagami faces before it is finally revealed. This character has an innocent looks persona that is matched by white hair and oversized all-white clothes that you can have to look even more like Near. 

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11. Beautiful in White Misa

Source: Pinterest (@cosplay kingdom 7dayscosplay)

As a song title, Misa Amane still looks beautiful in white. A Death Note cosplay idea featuring a different theme from the gothic style of dress, the choice of white nuances gives a distinct impression. Basically, she is a model, and any outfit will look good on her. To look like her you can have an adorable blonde wig and white dress. Of course, all of that must be supported with appropriate makeup to complete your cosplay outfit.

12. Light Yagami Playing Tennis

The key to cosplay is not to limit your imagination. In the Death Note anime, there is a scene where Light plays tennis fiercely against L while at university. With a blue t-shirt, Light Yagami looks sporty while L stays in the same clothes when competing. A sporty Death Note cosplay idea for men who want to dress as Light Yagami. With a brown hair wig and the addition of a tennis racket, you can already look like a Light Yagami.

13. Light Detective Suit

After L’s death, Light Yagami took L’s position as a detective like his father. Indeed he is intelligent because he can compete with L as a detective while continuing to carry out his plan to kill criminals with the Death Note. We provide you the suit of Detective Light as a Death Note cosplay idea for you. To be more similar to Light, you can use a black suit and red tie, which are Light’s signature clothes when working as a detective.

14. Light and L for Kids

Source: Pinterest (@happee432.wordpress.com)

Light or L can also be Death Note cosplay ideas for children. Indeed, anime like Death Note is also sometimes watched by children, so it is possible for them to like this anime. Therefore, this might be a Death Note cosplay idea for a couple of boys who want to dress up like L and Light. It will be just like the anime scene where L decides to handcuff himself with Light because he suspects him of being Kira. Complete with Death Note and apple replicas, this cosplay will have the right items to complete as accessories.

15. Light When Stalking

Light Yagami hides his identity using a hoodie when stalking an FBI agent named Raye Penber. Light cleverly manages to threaten Raye to write down all the FBI agents investigating Kira on paper from a disguised Death Note. This one is definitely a simple Death Note cosplay idea for you as an alternative outfit when you become Light Yagami. By having a pair of gray tracksuits, you can become more and more similar to Light Yagami.

16. Misa in Plaid

The fashionable Misa always manages to look charming with all the types of outfits she chooses. Simple clothes like a plaid skirt can look adorable if used by her, making it a Death Note cosplay idea for girls who want to look beautiful like Misa Amane. Complete it by using net stockings to give a distinctive impression like Misa’s dressing style.

17. Kira in Black

When Light Yagami goes crazy with his role as Kira, the author describes him as always dressed in all black. Using a shirt and pants in black as Kira, is one of the Death Note cosplay ideas that we propose to you. You can look cool by dressing up as a cold-hearted Kira who doesn’t indiscriminately kill any criminal using his Death Note.

18. Watari

Source: Pinterest (@forbiddensoul562.tumblr.com)

This old man named Watari may look like L’s servant, but he is the founder of Wammy’s House orphanage, where L, Mello, and Near grew up. So, he is one of the vital figures from the Death Note anime who is also sponsoring all investigations regarding Kira. This one is a Death Note cosplay idea for those of you who want to try cosplay as an old man. You can complete your makeup by using an old man mask and a butler suit to strengthen the impression of Watari.

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19. Mello with Scar

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

With a dangerous choice, Mello decides to join the mafia to uncover who Kira is. Unfortunately, he had the misfortune to end up being attacked by the mafia and considered an enemy. In his escape, he had to detonate a bomb to protect himself but ended up having burns on his face. So, you can make Mello with scar a unique Death Note cosplay idea. Plus, using fake burn scars and appropriate makeup will make you look more like Mello.

20. Death Note

And we save the best for the last. Of all the characters, why not cosplay into Death Note itself? The strongest item that affects all story settings from the Death Note anime and is a vital item that has a huge impact on the world. A Death Note cosplay idea can be said to be quite different from most people. A simple thing that can be a brilliant idea to become a unique cosplay. Only by using a black-colored cupboard and adding the Death Note word you already become the strongest item in this anime.

21. Naomi Misora Cosplay

Naomi Misora Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@DarkyMoony)

Naomi Misora is a sweet yet mysterious girl with a black hair and always wears her iconic black jacket. In the Death Note, Naomi Misora appeared for a short time as a girl whose fiance has to die because Kira wrote his name in the Death Note. however, although Naomi Misora is not one of the main characters, you can definitely adopt her look as a cosplay.

22. Sweet Misa Amane

Sweet Misa Amane
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

If you’re looking at Misa Amane’s cute appearance, you can definitely understand why Rem loves her so much. If you’re thinking of stealing her look for the upcoming cosplay event, then you must definitely do it. For the perfect look, you also need to have the iconic blonde wig and black gloves. Also, don’t forget to bring your death note and pen, too!

23. Shinigami Rem Cosplay

Shinigami Rem Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@deathnote.fandom.com)

If you want to look different with your unique cosplay, then you can definitely try to own the look of Rem, who is Misa Amane’s Shinigami. With all-white appearance and green eyes, Rem looks mysterious yet scary, but somehow has a big heart for Misa Amane. To look like Rem, prepare a white cloth, wear a white cape, put on a white (or paint your hair in white), and lastly put on some pale makeup with green eyeshadows.

24. Female Ryuk Cosplay

Female Ryuk Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@geeknative.com)

Yes, we all know that Ryuk loves apples, which is why if you decide to become a female version of Ryuk, then you need to include some apples as part of your accessories. After all, no one says that girls can look like Ryuk, right? You can wear black leggings, tops, shoes, and also black wig to get the look. Don’t forget to include a bunch of features on your shoulder areas, which are the iconic part of Ryuk’s costume. 

25. The Scary Ryuk Cosplay

The Scary Ryuk Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@dtjaaaam.com)

This one is such a perfect Ryuk costume that can be a great recommendation for you. It has the perfect costume from top to bottom, which also includes amazing makeup, too! In the cosplay world, makeup is one of the most crucial parts that you just can’t ignore. So, you just have to be all out in terms of cosplay makeup. Therefore, you might want to try to wear yellow contact lenses as additional makeup items to this cool Ryuk costume.

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How do you cosplay as Light in Death Note?

You can use a brown hair wig and clothes to cosplay as Light Yagami. In this list, we provide some examples of Death Note cosplay ideas as Light Yagami, such as brown suits as uniforms or black suit and red tie as Detective Light that you can choose according to your taste.

How do you make a Misa cosplay?

To cosplay as Misa Amane, you can use a blonde pigtail hair wig and dress up as a beautiful female idol. Because she is an idol and appears in various adorable clothes, we provide some ideas for you such as Misa in red and Misa in White in this list.

What type of dress does Misa Amane wear?

Misa Amane wears an adorable outfit but has a gothic style dominated by black and chain accessories. To cosplay as Misa Amane, you can have a white dress, red skirt, or black dress to look even more like her.

How do you dress like Mello?

To dress like Mello, you need a golden blonde hair wig and clothes like his style. Mello often uses Rosary and black leather clothing with a gothic style similar to Misa Amane’s style. Or you can also add fake burn scars on your face to make you more look-alike to Mello.

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