25 Inexpensive Student Welcome Back Gifts for an Exciting First Day

A teacher should ensure that their students acquire as much knowledge during their time in their classroom. However, it is not wrong to have a little bit of fun during the learning process by exchanging presents, especially after a long holiday. As a teacher, you can welcome your students with gifts to rekindle their excitement to study.

Everyone enjoys getting gifts, no matter their age or gender, and this holds true for children, adolescents, and adults alike. Therefore, if you want your students to be ecstatic and full of smiles on their first day of school, give your students welcome back gifts!

You can use this long list of 25 inexpensive student welcome-back gifts to find out which items you might want to take a look at. The list contains a wide variety of gifts that are suitable for both male and female students. The list also features a number of different options, each of which is certain to surprise your students.

1. Wish Bracelet

Wish Bracelet

This wish bracelet is an excellent option for your students’ welcome back gift. It can be a way of wishing them luck in the new school year or encouraging them to set high goals for themselves. The bracelet is made of twine that comes in a wide variety of colors from which you can choose.

There are also mini pendants that can be obtained in a number of different forms, such as a heart, a star, or a clover. Definitely, a present that any of your students would be excited to put on.

2. Personalized Pencils

Personalized Pencils

One of the most important pieces of stationery that students need is a pencil. After a long break for the summer, why don’t you get a pack of personalized pencils to give to your students as a student welcome back gift? A personalized pencil might make it better. While giving away some pencils, you will reduce the number of students who wander around the classroom looking for pencils to borrow from other students.

3. Back to School Card

Back to School Card

Welcoming your students with this low-cost personalized letter will brighten their day, especially with a letter that is so colorful and fun. You have the option of personalizing the card by changing the recipient’s name, the name of their school, and the date of their first day of school.

Because it is adorable, funny, and unquestionably a present that your students will treasure, this student welcome-back gift is ideal for elementary school students as well as high school students.

4. Digital timetable

Digital timetable

Give students a reason to look forward to attending online classes by presenting them with gifts upon their come back. You can make the student welcome back gift easier to distribute by giving it in a digital form, such as this digital timetable that is customized to meet the requirements of individual students. This digital timetable has a column for each day of the week, a column for important matters, and also a column for a reminder.

5. Personalized Teacher Stickers

Personalized Teacher Stickers

Adding a personal touch with customized teacher stickers is one way to liven up the teaching method. In addition, it is extremely beneficial to recognize the efforts and successes of your students in the classroom. This sticker can be purchased for a low price and would be an excellent addition to any class.

6. Alpaca Pens

Alpaca Pens

These alpaca pens are the epitome of what it means to be adorable. Because it is encapsulated in a fabric that was made by hand, each pen has a very unique appearance that cannot be copied by any other pen. The alpaca itself is looking adorable, particularly because it is placed on the top of the pen. 

7. Macrame Key Chain

Macrame Key Chain

The Bohemian, or boho, style is extremely popular right now, especially among young people. These macrame keychains are a great deal, in addition to being cute. If you would like to make this student welcome back gift for their return to school more personalized, you can also write some special messages on the card that is provided.

8. Post-It Sticky Notes

Post-It Sticky Notes

As a student welcome back gift, a pack containing twenty-four pads of sticky notes is not only useful but also sure to put a smile on their faces. The fact that each pad is only three inches by three inches makes it an ideal present for students because it is easy for them to carry.

9. Scratch Off Cards

Scratch Off Cards

Take a look at these whimsical scratch cards! Getting personalized scratch cards as a student welcome back gift is similar to putting together a small surprise for students to find out about on the first day of the new school year. 

10. Colorful Small Notebook

Colorful Small Notebook

Writing in cute and bright new notebooks is always a fun and exciting experience. As a result, getting these notebooks as a student welcome back gift is undeniably the appropriate way to welcome students back into the classroom.

Your students will appreciate its convenience and small size when writing their to-do lists or anything else they choose to write down. The fact that each pack of these notebooks contains 5 notebooks with 240 pages each makes them an inexpensive option for giving as welcome-back-to-school gifts to students.

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11. Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils

A set of colored pencils is a great student welcome-back gift because it will certainly excite your students and, of course, it is a good way for students to express their creativity. The fact that a pack of colored pencils can be purchased for less than a dollar and contains a total of 12 individual pencils makes them an excellent option for a low-cost gift to give to students as they head back to school.

12. Melty Beads

Melty Beads

Kindergarten and elementary students will undoubtedly accept this student welcome-back gift with open arms because we believe that every child would be overjoyed to receive a toy on their first day back to school. Your students can really let their creative side shine through when you give them these melty beads to work with.

Your student will have access to other tools and 8500 beads in each box, allowing them to create anything they can imagine.

13. Cute Sticky Notes

Cute Sticky Notes

Sticky notes in the shape of adorable animals, such as ducks, pandas, pigs, or frogs, can bring a smile to anyone who sees them, whether they are in a notebook or a book. The fact that each pad is only 8 by 5.4 centimeters in size makes it convenient for students to carry them in their pencil cases.

14. Line Grid Sticky Notes

Line Grid Sticky Notes

Students of any grade level, whether they are in elementary, middle, or high school, can appreciate receiving a pack of grid sticky notes as a thoughtful student welcome back gift from their teacher. Due to the versatility of these grid sticky notes, some people may use them for taking notes, whereas others may use them for journaling or scrapbooking instead.

15. Color Highlighter Pens

Color Highlighter Pens

In order to simplify the process of studying and draw attention to various points of significance, a highlighter is an essential piece of stationery that should never be out of reach. The fact that each pack includes six pens of varying colors and is available at a reasonable price makes it an excellent option for the student welcome back gift.

16. Dog Pens

Dog Pens

These little packs of pens are adorable! On the end of each pen, there will be a miniature head of a dog that looks adorable. You could get forty of these dog pens for less than thirty dollars, making them an excellent inexpensive student welcome back gift option.

17. Cute Christmas Paper Clip

Cute Christmas Paper Clip

The shape of this teeny-tiny paper clip is based on a Christmas-related theme, such as a Christmas tree, socks, gifts, candles, and so on. After a long break for Christmas, this is the ideal student welcome-back gift as a way to keep the festive spirit alive in the classroom.

18. Mesh Pencil Case

Mesh Pencil Case

This mesh pencil case is spacious, making it ideal for use as a student welcome back gift. You can rest assured that your students will make effective use of a pencil case. This pencil case is so versatile that your students can use it to place decorative stationery such as notepads, washi tapes, and other similar items. You can also use it to store basic stationeries. It can be purchased in either the A6 or the A5 size, depending on your preference.

19. Zoo Stickers

Zoo Stickers

Stickers are a favorite among children, and they will soon become a favorite of yours as well because these stickers made the ideal student welcome back gifts. It is inexpensive while also being a very fun gift with pictures of several zoo animals that you can give to your students on the first day of school to keep them entertained during lunch break.

20. Washi Tapes

Washi Tapes

It is always fun to decorate a notebook with colorful washi tapes by adhering a few tapes here and there on the pages. You might want to think about giving washi tapes to students as a student welcome back gift, especially given the fact that this particular washi tape set is so fairly priced for the amount that it contains.

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21. Hole Punch with Animal Shape

Hole Punch with Animal Shape

On the first day of school, giving each of your students a decorative hole punch could very well be the best gift!  Students can now decorate a wide variety of things with the help of a hole punch that comes in the shape of a variety of different animals. Some of the options include a horse, a rabbit, and other similar animals. A perfect addition to their art and craft supplies.

22. Cute Cartoon Masking Tape

Cute Cartoon Masking Tape

These rolls of masking tape could be just what you need to add a little bit of humor to your students’ notes. Each package will include five different types of masking tape that you and your students can take turns using. Each roll of tape will contain masking tape that is 4 meters in length. A present that is both affordable and entertaining for students to receive as a student welcome back gift. 

23. Food-Looking Eraser

Food-Looking Eraser

These foods may look appetizing, but they are actually erasers designed to look like different types of food. There are 24 erasers in each pack, and you can distribute them to your students so that they have something a little more fascinating to add to their collection of school supplies.

24. Mini Spiral Notebook

Mini Spiral Notebook

The most adorable present you could give a student as a student welcome back gift is a small notebook covered in cartoon animal faces. Each memo pad has forty blank pages, which could be sufficient and come in handy for jotting down quick reminders and other notes.

25. Plastic Character Rings

Plastic Character Rings

It’s possible that receiving plastic character rings as a student welcome back gift will become the highlight of the day for those students. On their first day of school, students can benefit greatly from the emotional boost provided by these adorable little rings. These rings are made entirely of plastic, making them an appropriate accessory for students to wear.

Latest Post:

How do you welcome back students?

You can make your students’ first day back at school more exciting and memorable by giving them a student welcome back gift as a way to welcome them back to class. Gifts can be in the form of cards, such as a back-to-school cards or a scratch cards. You can also give a little stationery, such as a pen or a mini notebook. 

What do you get someone for the first day of school?

You are free to choose any student welcome back gift to give to a student on their first day of school; however, it is likely that a stationery item, such as a mesh pencil case, alpaca pens, or post-it notes, will be the most useful and valued present as it is very useful on the learning process.

How do you welcome students back to school virtually?

You can create an email invitation for students to participate on the first day of school. This will allow you to welcome students virtually. Alternatively, you can create a number of fun activities online in order to engage students more effectively when they are only virtually connected with you.  This is a fantastic approach, given that most students enjoy participating in fun activities.

How do you welcome students for a new academic year?

Giving your students a wish bracelet on the first day of school is a great way to boost their confidence. It can help them realize that they are more powerful than their wildest dreams and that they have the ability to accomplish anything they set their minds to. Since the first day of school can be nerve-wracking for most students, it is highly recommended that you can give them gifts as a token of acknowledgment that they are great. 

How do you welcome students to an online class?

You should also be able to give a student welcome back gifts to those who are participating in an online class session. You could give your students a gift in the form of a digital file, such as a digital timetable, which they could then modify and personalize by inserting their own schedule and printing it out as a daily reminder.

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