25 Lovely Christmas Gifts for Law Students to Increase Their Morale

The holiday season is one of the most joyous times of the year. Aside from having friends and families to come over, you’ll also get lots of presents. If you have a kid or friend who is currently enrolled at a law school, then you should find some Christmas gifts for law students, because it will be a little bit different than the ordinary ones. 

A lot of reasons can be used to buy Christmas gifts for law students. It can encourage them to study harder and graduate. Besides that, some items can also be very useful for their daily lives. On our list of heart-warming Christmas gifts for law students, you’ll find amazing items like ornaments and adorable wall décor that fits the style of a law student. 

Memorable Gifts to Cheer up Law Students

Being a student at a law school is not an easy thing to do. They have to deal with projects and trial simulations every single day. That’s the reason why you should find Christmas gifts for law students that can help cheer their mood!

1. Scales of Justice Tree Ornament

Scales of Justice Tree Ornament

Decorating a tree can be a fun occasion for a family. For a law student, tree ornaments that have symbols that relate to their potential profession would be a good idea. That’s the reason why we’re recommending this awesome ornament. Plus, it is highly durable and not fragile at all. 

2. Funny Wine Glass

Funny Wine Glass

Lawyers will often be presented with opportunities to consume wine and alcohol. It’s a good thing to get used to it during their time in law school. With this funny wine glass, you can help kickstart that fun hobby of collecting and consuming wine with clients. 

3. Unique Microphone

Unique Microphone

Besides attending classes, a law student is allowed to have other kinds of hobbies that don’t necessarily relate to the profession. If they like to play games or make a podcast, then this cool microphone might help their cause. Despite its unique design, it is still able to record high quality audio for streaming on Mac or PC. 

4. Hand-painted 1992 Lawyer House

Hand-painted 1992 Lawyer House

Giving this classic painting as part of your Christmas gifts for law students is a good idea. It has a heart-warming design that can cheer up everybody who sees it. Besides that, it is also a highly collectible item, so you better not think twice and buy it straight away!

5. Angel Pendant

Angel Pendant

Women love to wear beautiful necklaces. Therefore, we thought that a pendant with an angel sculpted on it would be a wise choice to be given as Christmas gifts for law students. It was made using 925K Sterling Silver, making it all the more elegant. 

6. Snow Ski Wine Rack

Snow Ski Wine Rack

Previously, we have touched the topic about the hobby of drinking wines with clients. If your fellow law student has got the idea, then perhaps this amazing ski wine rack will be a worthy item that you can give as part of your Christmas gifts for law students. The racks were made using real reclaimed ski boards, and it can be displayed anywhere in their house. 

7. Legal Pencil Set 

Legal Pencil Set

A law student may not be worthy enough for an expensive pen yet, but they sure can enjoy having this equally-awesome pencil set. There will be a unique quote printed on each pencil. Let them know that they can work wonders with their pencils!

8. Christmas Village Figurine

Christmas Village Figurine

Our next item is one of the cutest Christmas gifts for law students that you’ll ever see. These Christmas figurines have cute and adorable appearances. They can even be used as Christmas party decorations that your friend is going to host.

Classy Christmas Gifts for Law Students

Christmas parties can be classy and elegant. To help complement the theme, you can also find classy Christmas gifts for law students. These items have a unique design and they look very amazing. Some of them can even be used as a display item. 

9. “The Man in the Arena” Wall Art

“The Man in the Arena” Wall Art

Let’s start our category of Christmas gifts for law students with something classy. Up above, you’ll see a remake of the iconic speech spoken by the great Theodore Roosevelt. Let’s hope that this quote can help inspire your friend to succeed at law school and graduate to become an attorney. 

10. I’ll Be There Necklace

I’ll Be There Necklace

Lawyers are always there to help fulfill their client’s needs. But before getting to that point in life, they’re going to need some support themselves. Give them this beautiful necklace and let them know that you’re always there to help and support them, even in their darkest times. 

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11. S’mores and Two Mug Set

Christmas Gifts for Law Students

As fun as Christmas can be, it can also be a little bit chilly for some. To help warm up the condition, consuming hot cocoa and some marshmallows can be fun! That’s the reason why you should consider buying this cool set to complete your Christmas gifts for law students. Heck, they even come with two bonus mugs for the recipient. 

12. Toiletry Gift Set

Christmas Gifts for Law Students

Loving the idea of finding a gift set as part of your Christmas gifts for law students, but not in favor with the s’mores pack? Don’t worry, because we got a whole new alternative for you. With this particular item, your friend will get luxurious toiletries items that include hair and body wash and aftershave gel. 

13. Pedestal Jewelry Holder

Christmas Gifts for Law Students

Giving elegant Christmas gifts for law students can’t get any better than this! With this jewelry holder, your fellow law student can place all their prized pieces on a very wonderful ceramic jewelry stand. It’ll be very useful, especially if they live in a dorm or apartment with a limited space

14. Abstract Justice Wall Décor

Christmas Gifts for Law Students

The justice scale depicted on this magnificent wall art is noticeably very different from the ones that we usually see. However, it just makes this item all the more unique and collectible. They can hang this on the living room for all guests to see.

15. Elegant Gemstone Ring

Christmas Gifts for Law Students

If your daughter has been a really good law student for the whole year, then it is a good idea to buy expensive and luxurious Christmas gifts for her. Perhaps, this gemstone ring might be the one that you’re looking for. It has a beautiful design that perfectly complements her beauty. 

16. Vintage Golden Keepsake Box

Vintage Golden Keepsake Box

Just take a moment and appreciate the awesome design of this vintage keepsake box. It is wrapped in gold, making it very classy and elegant. If your friend has a lot of precious items in their home or apartment, then this item is a no-brainer!

Funny Christmas Gifts for Law Students

Celebrating Christmas with your friends and family can be funny. Therefore, it’s a must to find fun Christmas gifts for law students. In our final category of amazing Christmas gifts for law students, you’re going to be looking at items that can increase their morale and encourage them to achieve successful things. 

17. Interactive Murder Mysteries

Christmas Gifts for Law Students

Playing interactive games with friends and families during Christmas Eve is a tradition that can’t be missed. With this awesome game, your friend’s inner-detective skill will be challenged, as they need to find the evildoers of this immersive game. Sounds fun, right?

18. Future Lawyer Hanger

Christmas Gifts for Law Students

A shirt hanger might seem like a stupid Christmas gifts for law student idea. However, when they are shaped like this particular item (and yes, including the cool “future lawyer” down below), perhaps it’s not so bad after all! With this awesome hanger, they can organize a law school suit in their closet. 

19. Mini Leg Lamp Kit

Christmas Gifts for Law Students

Light up the mood for Christmas with this awesome lamp kit. This lamp is a hilarious collectible that can make the whole house burst out in tears. It is truly one of the most unique and funniest Christmas gifts for law students ever!

20. Globe Whiskey Decanter

Globe Whiskey Decanter

The amazing whiskey decanter set came with two extra wine glasses for your friend’s pleasure. The globe itself is very unique, and it can store a lot of booze inside. Whenever your friend is stressed out with their studies, just make sure to take a drink or two from this cool decanter set

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21. Vetelli Toiletry Bag

Vetelli Toiletry Bag

When you have a fellow law school student who loves to travel during holidays, buying them this cool toiletry bag as part of your Christmas gifts for law students will be the perfect choice. It is water-resistant. Besides that, the amazing bag also features a heavy-duty metal hanging hook for hanging purposes. 

22. “Trust Me” Mouse Pad

Christmas Gifts for Law Students

Even if your friend hasn’t become an attorney yet, they still need to use a mouse pad. What better way to make a little joke about their current status than with this hilarious mouse pad? Jokes aside, this mouse pad can also provide a 

23. Personalized “Naughty List” Ornament

Christmas Gifts for Law Students

A person won’t receive any gift from Santa if they are on the naughty list. However, a lawyer may be able to save them from that unfortunate fate. Perhaps, your friend is that (future) lawyer! That’s the reason why buying this personalized ornament won’t be a waste of time. 

24. Hot Cocoa Bomb Tool Kit

Christmas Gifts for Law Students

Studying in a law school can be a little bit stressful for some people. Refreshments and entertainment are desperately needed for them. This hot cocoa bomb tool kit can be the answer to that problem. With this fun kit, they can make their own hot cocoa bomb with unique recipes. 

25. Donut Socks Set of 3

Christmas Gifts for Law Students

It is a tradition to have socks for receiving Christmas gifts. Perhaps, your friend can have a unique sock (or three) that is shaped as a donut! It is really comfortable, and they can wear it at home or when they go to classes. 

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