25 Iconic and Timeless Papasan Bedroom Chairs 

A papasan bedroom chair is a bowl-shaped chair usually made of wicker, rattan, or wood that rests on a cylindrical base. It has been widely used in Asia for a long time and also gaining massive popularity in the western world in recent decades. Papasan chairs are also often referred to as bowl chairs or moon chairs.

The chair began to gain popularity in the western world after WW II. The papasan chair then went through some improvements including having a cushion to add comfort to the basic raffia design.

Papasan bedroom chair is an iconic timeless piece with a simple design that makes it perfect to match any interior design. If you don’t want to miss out on the papasan chair craze, below is a list of the best papasan bedroom chairs you can get.

1. Rattan Double Papasan Chair

Rattan Double Papasan Chair

Papasan bedroom chairs are great to snuggle. The problem with the round shape is that sometimes you don’t get enough leg space. A double papasan chair like this one will overcome the inconvenience by providing you with roomy space. You can add a fluffy cushion, pillows, and throw a blanket to decorate this chair as well as add some comfort for yourself. 

2. Rainbow Papasan Chair

Rainbow Papasan Chair

Traditionally made of rattan, papasan bedroom chairs usually keep their natural rattan color. Modern papasan chairs, on the other hand, started to incorporate different materials and colors. This Papasan chair can be your option if you want to go the bolder and playful route. You just need to make sure that you have enough space because hanging papasan can take up a lot of space. 

3. Nest Chair

Nest Chair

Papasan is known for its iconic round shape that is very comfortable to sit on. That design makes the papasan chair naturally look like a nest. In fact, the bowl shape does resemble the shape of a bird nest. This papasan chair took a slightly different approach on the design aspect. Instead of a deep bowl shape, it has a flat seating area that is closer to a regular chair. But it does have the recognizable round back and round leg. This papasan chair is pretty small so it can be the perfect papasan bedroom chair for a small bedroom.

4. Double Hanging Papasan Chair

Double Hanging Papasan Chair

Using a hanging papasan chair is a way to achieve the whimsical look. Most hanging chairs usually come in a single hanger or macrame. But this one has a double hanger making it super safe even if you use it everyday. It will hold up weight safely and you can hang on this chair with your loved one. The perfect papasan bedroom chair to get if safety is your priority. 

5. Elouise Rattan Chair

Elouise Rattan Chair

Another papasan chair that looks a bit unusual. It looks more like a regular lazy chair. But it does have a deep set bowl making it very comfortable to sit on. The high back on this chair gives extra support so you can still enjoy your leisure activities such as reading comfortably.

6. Papasan Hanging Bench

Papasan Hanging Bench

Aside from the prominent bowl shape, papasan chairs also come in bench form. Papasan chairs also get their own recognition and some people prefer it due to its convenience either to laying around or to share it with their loved ones. This bench is even better since it is a hanging bench. The deep bowl set provides the comfort a papasan chair could give. The hanging design makes it not only convenient for cleaning and also adds an aesthetic value. This bench is small in size making it suitable for smaller bedrooms. 

7. Akila Swivel Chair

Akila Swivel Chair

Another notable feature from a papasan chair is its swivel leg. It provides extra comfort and enjoyment. It also gives the chair extra playfulness because we all know that swiveling on a chair is fun. This chair doesn’t have the traditional bowl shape but it provides the same comfort. The bowl is also not too deep so you can still do your favorite activities with ease. 

8. Jolie Bedroom Rattan Chair

Jolie Bedroom Rattan Chair

The design of this chair is just like its name: jolie. It is so pretty and unique and definitely will make your bedroom a lot more interesting. This papasan chair has a more modern design making it perfect for a modern room. It looks sleek and modern, yet natural and comfortable at the same time. Instead of having the traditional round shape, it has a rectangular shape that will make placing easier especially if you don’t have too much space. 

9. Ginormous Swivel Papasan Chair

Ginormous Swivel Papasan Chair

Now we talk about the most original looking papasan chair. It has the bowl shape, the rattan material, and the swivel leg. All the features we can find in an original papasan. The rattan works creating a beautiful design that makes it stand out on its own. But of course adding some cushion or pillow is not a crime. It is small in size so it can be the best option for a small bedroom. The height is also low so you can rest your leg comfortably. 

10. Vintage Modern Papasan Style Chair

papasan bedroom chairs

This papasan chair is very unique. It’s like a fusion of eastern papasan style with western modern design. Instead of rattan, this chair has brass feet. The cushion is also attached as a part of the chair rather than an additional element. It has the modern look that will work so well with modern interior design. It also has a vintage vibe making it look classy and timeless. A great papasan bedroom chair if you have a unique style. 

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11. Macrame Hammock Chair

papasan bedroom chairs

When we hear the word hammock, we often associate it with outdoor furniture. But actually, a hammock chair can be a great option for the bedroom too. As long as you have large enough space, the hanging papasan chair will create a fun and comfortable seating space. The macrame hanging chair als been in the market for a while and received a huge acceptance from decorators. It will add a fairy and whimsical vibe to your bedroom.

12. Papasan Chair with Solid Twill Cushion

papasan bedroom chairs

As we mentioned earlier, the modern papasan chair started to incorporate a comfortable cushion to add more amenity. This papasan bedroom chair comes with a cushion that is both solid and soft creating a safe nook for you to do your evening reading or just hang around and relax. The neutral beige cushion compliments the rattan material really well. 

13. Bohemian Swing

papasan bedroom chairs

Just like its name, this papasan chair is indeed, very boho. It has a loose webbing style creating more openness to the room. Even if this chair is quite large in size, it will not make the room look too crowded or busy. In addition, it can be dressed up or down easily with some complementary elements such as a pillow or blanket. It can also blend seamlessly with the background whether it is a blank wall or a corner full of greenery. 

14. Dark Walnut Rattan Papasan Chair

papasan bedroom chairs

The dark walnut finish on this papasan bedroom chair creates a well-done and solid vibe. This chair is well done in a way that it can work with any type of interior design style. If you are into natural look, it has the natural material to work with. If you like a modern look, the dark color gives it a modern finish. And if you are into minimalist look, this chair has the most humble yet interesting design that will complement the minimalist style. Very easy to decorate and can stand out on its own. 

15. Baby Papasan Chair

papasan bedroom chairs

Isn’t this rattan chair just as cute as a new born baby? Even if leaving your baby on this chair unsupervised would be not safe and highly unrecommended, this chair will still make a cute decoration in the nursery. It will also make a great gift for couples who just have a baby. And when the baby is growing older, they can still sit on it during their early years. A timeless piece that will create such a great memory

16. Navy Blue Papasan Bench with Cushion

papasan bedroom chairs

If you love to hang on your papasan chair so much and maybe even take a nap as well, this papasan bedroom chair is the one to get. It has a double bench style providing you with more room. The bowl shape is pretty shallow giving you the comfort you expect from a papasan chair. And the cushion is soft and fluffy so you can snug on it comfortably. The navy color is a great way to add contrast to your room. This chair gives the necessary solid color splash while keeping it humble and modest. 

17. Black Papasan Chair

papasan bedroom chairs

While a papasan bedroom chair often comes in natural color, this one comes in black, perfect for the goth babe out there. Unlike other papasan chairs that are usually made out of rattan or wood, this chair has metal framing that ensures durability for a long run. It is completed with 360 degree swivel so you can enjoy the convenience of being able to turn your chair while doing your favorite leisure activities. 

18. Microsuede Saucer Chair

papasan bedroom chairs

If you want to add a bit of luxurious touch, suede material is the way to go. This papasan chair is very simple in design. It has foldable legs making it easy to move and store, and it comes in black that is perfect for modern and minimalist design style. Even if it doesn’t have the traditional papasan webbing style, it still features the bowl shape that will give you just as much comfort as a traditional papasan bedroom chair. 

19. Papasan Resin Wicker Chair

papasan bedroom chairs

Resin is a strong and durable material. This chair is built to stand the test of time. It will not dry out or crack, and the color will look just as good as new even after years of usage. This chair is perfect for both indoor or outdoor. For an indoor setting, all you need to do is add a comfortable cushion or pillow and this papasan chair is ready to go. 

20. Black Papasan Bungee Chair

papasan bedroom chairs

This papasan chair has an unusual webbing style. Instead of interconnecting webs, it has strings attached creating a nice bowl to sit on. Comes in solid black color, this papasan chair will work with any decoration style including modern and minimalist as well as more experimental style. This chair also creates a vibe of openness and will not make your bedroom look too busy. Place it against a group of houseplants and you will be amazed at how great it looks. 

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21. Milliard Cozy Saucer Chair

Milliard Cozy Saucer Chair

When we are looking for a papasan bedroom chair, sometimes the simpler, the better. This chair has golden metal framing that is foldable for easier storage. On top of that, it has a comfortable cushion made out of faux fur. This chair is very versatile and can work with any room with any design style. 

22. Cotton Craft Papasan

Cotton Craft Papasan

If you are the artsy type and love to have artistic and crafty furniture in your bedroom, this papasan bedroom chair should be your best pick. It features a traditional rattan papasan frame and is completed with a cotton craft cushion that can help you channel your inner quilt lover. 

23. Modern Scoop Chair

Modern Scoop Chair

Taking a more modern approach, this papasan chair features a rectangular shape instead of the traditional round bowl. However, it still has the bowl shape providing a comfortable seating. The rectangular shape has its own benefits such as easier placement and smaller space. And you don’t need to worry about not getting the traditional natural vibe since this chair incorporates rattan material as its frame. The beige tufted cushion is also very comfortable for you to sink in. 

24. Papasan Chair with Folding Metal Frame


Now, this papasan chair is very unique. It has all the traditional elements such as webbing style and macrame, but it has foldable legs. WIth this chair, you can get both convenience and style. This chair will make great furniture in your bedroom while you can still move and store it easily. Add a fluffy cushion and you can get yourself a comfy reading nook. 

25. Relaxia Saucer Chair with Footrest

Relaxia Saucer Chair with Footrest

If a large rounded chair is not enough for you and your tired legs, try this chair that comes with a footrest. The chair itself is relatively small in size but you can maximize the comfortability by using the foot rest. This way, you don’t have to curl up on the papasan bowl and make your legs cramp. You can enjoy the full relaxation experience while spending your spare time reading books or watching movies. 

Latest Post:

Can you sleep in a papasan chair?

Yes, a lot of papasan chairs that are huge and actually comfortable to sleep on. If you have a large wounded papasan chair, you can sleep in a comfortable fetus position. And if you prefer to have extra room for your legs, you can try the double bench papasan bedroom chair. 

Why is it called a papasan chair?

It is believed that the name papasan comes from a Japanese term that means honoring father or elderly. Even though the chair originated from Asia, it is the Americas who first refer to the chair as papasan since Asian are using the term rattan chair. The name papasan then gained popularity in the western world. 

Where do you put a papasan chair?

You can put it both indoor and outdoor. It will look good in the corner of your bedroom as well as in the side of your balcony. It can be an interesting piece and can work safely as a comfy nook. You just need to make sure you have enough space to put it on. 

What are the best papasan bedroom chairs?

The best papasan bedroom chair would be the one that suits your style and needs the most. If you are into boho style, the hanging macrame papasan can be your best option. If you have a minimalistic style, you can pick black papasan chair with a metal frame. If you like to take naps on the chair, pick the double bench papasan style. 

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