41 Cool Bedroom Chairs For Your Bedroom

These cool bedroom chairs create the perfect space for unwinding after a hard day’s work. They also create awesome accents for your bedroom space, adding a touch of style. Choosing the ideal bedroom chair will not only add character to your room, it will also turn your space into a much more versatile haven. Check out some of these cool chairs below!

Having a comfy lounge chair in your bedroom will offer the perfect nap spot when you simply want a bit of rest and relaxation. The best bedroom chairs offer at least three main features, beauty, functionality and comfort.

The Coolest Bedroom Chairs For Your Bedroom:

Finding a chair that meets all these requirements is no mean task. That is why we have scoured the web on your behalf to bring you the most comprehensive list of cool bedroom chairs that you can buy. Take a look at this awesome collection of stylish, unique and creative bedroom chairs and pick out the one that most tickles your fancy.

#1 Wilcoxen Modern Plush Bedroom Chair 


When it comes to comfort and style, few bedroom chairs come close to this one. It sports a sleek modernistic design with a minimalist appeal.

The linen detailing offers a blend of great looks and guarantees ultimate comfort. The seat filling is high-density foam while the legs and frame are hardwood, a promise of enduring performance.

#2 The Dark Side Gaming Arm Chair 

X Rocker Pro Series H3 Black Leather Vibrating Floor Video Gaming Chair with Headrest for Adult

Bring your favorite fantasy to life with one of these cool bedroom chairs. This is a great choice for Star Wars enthusiasts.

It grants them the opportunity to take a trip to a galaxy far, far away, in the comfort of the bedroom. The front side is fully utilitarian, while the back side is a tribute to the Dark side. The force is strong with this one!

#3 Kardiel Tripod Plywood Modern Lounge Chair 

Kardiel Tripod Plywood Modern Lounge Chair

This is a reproduction of an iconic design from the ’60s. It features outstanding seat lines and arching curves that make the piece an instant attention grabber.

It is not simply an object of visual appeal. When it comes to comfort, the contours invite you to take a few minutes to stretch out. it offers the ultimate relaxation posture and a durable build.

#4 The Bookcase Chair 

The Bookcase Chair

This funky bedroom chair offers so much functional and aesthetic potential for your bedroom space. It is the perfect piece for small spaces as it provides a home for your books and seats all-in-one.

The unit is ideal for bookworms as it keeps your favorite novel within reach and allows you to showcase your collection. Choose a custom color for your cushion to ensure it blends with your interior theme.

#5 Ro Wingback Chair by Fritz Hansen 

Ro Wingback Chair by Fritz Hansen

Everything about this chair design spells sophistication. The wingback design is the most outstanding aspect that lends it a certain mysterious allure.

It has short legs, offering you the opportunity to really kick back and relax. The high-rising back ensures the perfect posture for your spine. There are six different solid color options to meet your preferences.

#6 Chunky Merino Wool Bean Bag Chair 

Chunky Merino Wool Bean Bag Chair

Get lost in the plush world this bean bag chair offers. It makes use of unspun merino wool, a perfect choice for anyone who loves natural fabrics. These come in a wide array of shades and colors.

They also come in different knit designs. The comfort these pieces offer is simply matchless, providing an inviting seat for every member of the family, including your furry friends.

#7 Lark Manor Parmelee Wingback Chair 

Lark Manor Parmelee Wingback Chair

Wingback chairs are a picture of glamor and elegance. This piece goes beyond the obvious and adds a touch of style to the concept.

It sports an impressive nailhead trim that places it somewhere in the Victorian era. The button tufting adds to this appeal and offers a tactile appeal that is hard to beat. The only challenge will be getting up from this comfy chair.

#8 The Planet Chair 

The Planet Chair

This trendy bedroom chair is ideal for those times when you need a little focus in addition to comfort. It creates a complete world in which you can get lost after a tiring day at work.

The spacious interior allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee as you catch up on your reading or after-hours work. It also has an optional LED light as well as an interior pocket adding to its convenience.

#9 Ergonomic Meditation Seat 

Meditation Seat

Let’s face it, getting the Yoga posture right is no mean feat. But with one of these cool bedroom chairs you get that and so much more.

It has support points in all the right places to ensure the most ideal pose for meditation. It also allows you to cross your legs underneath your body comfortably. To top it all off, it sports an elegant, removable fabric cover.

#10 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair 

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair

Cool chairs for bedrooms are not all about utility. They also contribute to the overall feel of the room. This modern piece is a great addition to a contemporary-themed bedroom.

It is simple yet intriguing and will always command attention. The architecture of the frames and legs is the most captivating aspect of the design.

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#11 Springdale Mid-Century Modern Armchair 

Ladarius Velvet Armchair

The armchair is one of the most enduring designs of all time. This mid-century armchair design adds a touch of modernity to the concept. It makes use of a unique silhouette with button-tufting for the back.

It is the kind of chair that scoops you up for some rest and relaxation when you need it most. Give your bedroom a makeover with one of these unique chairs.

#12 Mode Deco Wooden Reading Chair 

Lynn Accent Chair

If you are looking for a cool bedroom chair that will also double up as a work of art then you’re in luck! This is one of the most artistic chairs ever.

It is an all-wooden piece with a set of four pillows in eight different color options. it could either function as a cozy reading chair or your new loveseat.

#13 Mid-Century Modern Tufted Bedroom Armchair 

Mid-Century Modern Tufted Bedroom Armchair

This minimalist design has comfort at its core. It makes use of high-density foam to ensure comfort to its occupant at all times. It has a linen finish offering a touch of sophistication for your bedroom space.

The back features a button-tufted design that creates a timeless appeal. Showcase your sense of style with one of these cool chairs for the bedroom.

#14 Turkish Designed Suzani Armchairs 

Suzani Armchair

Life without a splash of color is incomplete and dull. Add a positive note to your existence with these vibrant Turkish designs.

They are full of fun and good cheer and you can be sure they will spread a similar feeling to you as well. They make great statement pieces for your bedroom allowing you to express your adventurous side.

#15 Zipcode Design Donham Armchair 

Wide Wingback Chair

Your search for a simple classic design ends here! This piece breathes life to an age-old concept and does it justice.

It sports a charismatic armchair design with slightly tapered legs, a slightly slanted backrest and square arms. The boxy silhouette seems like a page from history and the dark sherry finish introduces a timeless appeal.

#16 Scorpion Chair 

Scorpion Chair

This unique bedroom chair gets inspiration from nature’s own backyard. It takes the shape of a scorpion and its execution is on point.

This is an artistic masterpiece that will instantly transform any space giving it an authentic feel. The hand-woven design belongs in the bio-gothic art category. It is the perfect piece for a homeowner who has a thing for villains.

#17 Chrisanna Wingback Chair 

Wide Tufted Armchair and Ottoman

The Chrisanna wingback chair is the ultimate symbol of style and comfort. It sports an exquisite, tufted exterior and invites one to take a seat and kick back.

It makes the perfect gift for a partner who has to endure long arduous days at work. This classic chair will take away their misery, replacing it with instant tranquillity.

#18 Adult Size Sleeping Monster Bean Bag

Plush Giant Unstuffed Snorlax Bean Bag

Take your love for monsters to the next level with one of these amusing bean bags. It is cute and cuddly, offering the opportunity for lots of fun. It also offers one of the coziest relaxation zones to melt your day’s stresses away. It also makes a great statement piece, adding a touch of creativity to a dull and drab space. The material chosen is soft plush and fleece, a guarantee of comfort.

#19 Modern Petal Bedroom Chair 

Vintage Design Arne Jacobsen Real

Modern bedroom chairs such as this one derive inspiration from Mother Nature’s backyard. The piece takes the shape of a petal, offering great visual appeal as well as unmatched comfort.

It combines orange and black for a vibrant yet natural effect that is sure to call for attention. It is the kind of piece that will add character to your bedroom.

#20 Mid Century Boho Wicker Hoop Chair 

Mid Century Boho Wicker Hoop Chair

Anyone who loves natural designs and fabrics will certainly treasure on of these cool bedroom chairs. It is not all about functionality and comfort.

It is also a unique statement piece that adds aesthetic appeal to your space. The woven design would stand in welcome contrast to a contemporary theme bedroom. And its vintage appeal is a guarantee of timeless beauty.

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#21 Eames: Molded Plastic Rocker 

Eames: Molded Plastic Rocker 

There are times in life when we all wish we could get lost in a fantasy world. This plastic rocker is ideal for such times.

It will take you on a trip down memory lane and if you’re not careful you might get lost in that world. It is a simple chair that does not take too much space. It is practical, convenient and offers the perfect amount of R&R.

#22 Ramp Fabric Lounge Chair and Ottoman 

Ramp Fabric Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Showcase your taste for the finer things in life with this classy pair. This is one of the comfiest lounge chairs for the bedroom. It comes together with an ottoman to complete the relaxing effect.

Together, they create an opportunity to enjoy an experience akin to lying on a beach chair on a sunny weekend. Spend your leisure time in utmost comfort with these two.

#23 Huntingdon Barrel Chair 

Huntingdon Barrel Chair

Are you looking for that special chair that will add dimension and style to your bedroom space? With one of these cool bedroom chairs, you cannot go wrong.

It features a unique barrel frame that offers matchless comfort. The rolling arms, button tufts and nailhead trim all contribute to a stately appeal. This is an instant head-turner that will define your space and add character.

#24 UFO Rocking Chair 

UFO Rocking Chair

This has got to be the most versatile chair ever! As its name suggests, its capabilities transcend the dimensions of the regular world. The chair moves in response to your own movements and allows you to choreograph a captivating show all the while.

It makes use of an advanced balance technique that keeps it from toppling no matter what happens. This would be one of the best teenage chairs for bedrooms.

#25 Henley Manual Recliner 

Wide Manual Wing Chair Recliner

This manual recliner is a vintage alternative to modern lazy boys. Everything about it offers a vintage appeal but its performance is as modern as they get.

It sports a button-tufting design and classy Victorian legs that lend it a stately appearance. The back panel moves in accordance with your mood and preference and offers lots of versatility after a long day at work.

#26 Langley Street Johnston Armchair 

Langley Street Light Brown Johnston

Your search for unique bedroom chairs ends right here. This piece derives its inspiration from the mod-century and it offers a bold contemporary twist to blend with any theme.

It has a rubberwood frame and foam filling to ensure comfort. It has flared arms and legs as well as a streamlined design that lends it an authentic touch.

#27 Eero Saarinen Designed Womb Chair 

Eero Saarinen Designed Womb Chair

Have you ever wished you could crawl back into the womb? This chair gives you the opportunity to do just that. It gets inspiration from the comfort and snugness of the womb.

It cradles you into its unique silhouette making you wish you never had to get up. It begs you to take a seat and offers the ultimate position to read a novel or simply relax.

#28 Koket Besame Chair 

Koket Besame Chair

Looking for a statement piece to add character to your bedroom or that of someone you love? These cool bedroom chairs offer that and so much more.

They come in a rainbow of colors so getting the perfect match should not be a challenge. They have a curvy silhouette that looks great and feels even better. The fabric is soft, cozy and an assurance of comfort at all times.

#29 Henley Barrel Chair 

Henley Barrel Chair

Barrel chairs are all-time favorites when it comes to creating a retro break in a contemporary bedroom. This particular design has flared legs and minimalist button tufting for the back of the chair.

It is the kind of chair that makes you really feel at home as you sip on your evening cup of coffee. The vivid orange hue is the perfect choice to ensure it stands out.

#30 Bouck Wingback Chair 

Bouck Wingback Chair

This is an accent chair that would add character to any space of choice. It sports a wingback design with unique touches here and there. The trendy silhouette creates a formal yet relaxing ambience.

Its tufted back gives it an enviable spot in classic design collections. Showcase your distinct sense of style with this creative design.

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#31 The Envy Chaise 

The Envy Chaise

Comfy lounge chairs for bedrooms do so much more than provide a rest and relaxation zone. This particular piece also makes space seem a lot more inviting as it begs for attention.

Its tufted base and luxury design transform your bedroom into one fit for royalty. Its curvy brass frame and feet give it a place on the list of vintage collectibles.

#32 Aloisio Upholstery Armchair 

Aloisio Upholstery Armchair

This is an armchair with a difference, getting its inspiration from modern luxurious designs. It showcases a clean line design thanks to the bonded leather top and gold finish on the base.

The contrast between black and gold makes it an instant charmer. And the craftsmanship shows great attention to detail.

#33 Doran Swivel Armchair 

Doran Swivel Armchair

The only thing you probably miss about your office chair could be the fact that it swivels. Well, put an end to that sentiment by getting your own swivel armchair.

Yes, you heard right! This cozy armchair has a swivel base that will shake off the day’s stresses with ease. It sports a classic appeal thanks to the use of channel back sewing.

#34 Velvet Accent Bedroom Chair

Velvet Accent Chair Modern Tufted Button Wingback

The rare green color of this mid-century couch seems so great to match your artistic bedroom’s décor. Sitting in this chair will feel absolutely comfortable because the material uses velvet with soft characteristics. 

Furthermore, there are two armrests that will make you feel homey when sitting on the chair. Whether you want to read a book or simply enjoy your day while watching tv in your room, it is perfect for your company.

#35 Alfred Brown Leather Bedroom Chair

Christopher Knight Home Tafton Tufted Leather Club Chair, Brown

Any leather-made items indeed look luxurious and antique, like this chair. Its contemporary design is perfect for any bedroom décor. You can comfortably rest as it has quite a vast space on the seat and convenient armrests that allow you to relax a bit.

Additionally, the backrest of this chair is made of padded cushions, so it feels softer when you lean your shoulders against it. There are several different colors you may choose to fit your preference best.

#36 Wicker Papasan Bedroom Chair 

Home Furnishings Wicker Papasan Chair

Take your laid-back time to another level by having this classic bedroom chair. This is a Papasan chair which design is rustic and timeless. It comes with a Dacron-filled cushion that is removable. The combination of the white color of the pillow and the black wooden frame makes it suitable to be placed anywhere as it resides.

Moreover, this chair can be rotated 360º, making it more flexible to face in various directions. Doing multiple activities in your spare time will be more fun in this chair.

#37 Extra Large Bean Bag Chair

Extra Large Bean Bag Chair

If you are feeling adventurous with your choice, you should consider having this extra large bean bag chair! It is especially comfy because of its unusually big size, leaving you with a lot of room to sit around and relax. In fact, you can even use it as your alternative bed.

Please note that the EPS beans filling is not included. But you can stuff it with any kind of soft material like cotton, memory foam, or even unused clothes and stuffed animals. It’ll be a fun DIY project to do if you want to redecorate your bedroom. Once you’ve finished stuffing it, it’ll become your cocoon of comfort!

#38 Cat Paw Cushion Seat

Cat Paw Cushion Seat

A good bedroom chair should not only feel comfy but also look cute. Hence, we bring you this unique cat paw pad! You can set it on the floor or put it on a hard chair to enhance its comfiness.

The design does closely resemble a paw which looks super adorable. It’s perfect for a feminine bedroom, especially if you have room to spare. You can chill on it all day and rest your butt against the soft wool. Perhaps, invite your cat to chill with you on it!

#39 Big Joe Milano Fuzzy Beanbag Chair

Big Joe Milano Fuzzy Beanbag Chair

Here is another beanbag chair that should be in your bedroom right now! The Big Joe Milano beanbag chair offers a fuzzy ivory shag fur that looks super soft. And it is!

The sensation of sinking into the fur is out of this world! It is super comfy. You will love the texture as this beanbag is perfectly filled. It will sink, but it can still maintain its excellent shape, which allows you to have a good posture.

#40 Saucer Chair with Folding Metal Frame

Saucer Chair with Folding Metal Frame

For a minimalistic bedroom, you might need to consider a foldable chair. You do not want your chair to take up too much space after all. Thus, you should definitely consider this unique saucer chair! People also call it the moon chair due to its circular shape. Its foldable metal frame will allow you to put it aside conveniently.

Unlike a regular chair, you will get a woven cotton net as the pad. It is surprisingly very comfy to sit on! The chair offers a spacious sitting area, yet you can easily store it when you do not need it. Despite the minimalistic design, it is very stylish and emanates feminine vibes, perfect for girls’ bedrooms.

#41 MoHope Mustard Yellow Chair

MoHope Mustard Yellow Chair

Do you need a pop of color in your bedroom? If so, get this mustard yellow chair! The color is so intense that it looks as if it’s glowing on its own. This piece of furniture will make your bedroom looks more alive. It’s perfect if you need a change of design that can stimulate your eyesight.

Not just its unique yellow mustard color, the MoHope chair is also comfy. It uses fabric linen material so the seat will not get hot too fast. The ergonomic pad is also a lovely addition, ensuring your butt stays well-seated.

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You might have noticed that picking the best bedroom chair is all about personalization. All you need is to pick cool bedroom chairs that reflect the prevailing bedroom theme, your tastes and preferences as well as the main purpose of the chair in question.

We hope that our collection of cool bedroom chairs made your selection process a tad easier and that you are now better placed to make the best choice.

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