25 Awesome Bedroom Chairs with Arms for Cozy Room

Our bedrooms are our sanctuary to rest and recharge our energy. It is very important to keep our room as comfy as we can get. One of the ways to create a cozy room is by adding furniture such as bedroom chairs with arms.

If you are currently redecorating your bedroom, it is a good idea to add chairs with arms as a must-have. Arm-rest has so many benefits such as relieving the load on our neck and shoulders. It also promotes a better sitting posture and reduces stress on our lower back. The result might surprise you. You will feel more fresh and energetic to carry on with your daily activities.

Without further ado, below is a list of bedroom chairs with arms you can choose to suit your bedroom decoration style. 

1. Eclectic Chair

Eclectic Chair

A combination between classic design and pop art makes this chair perfect for a classical room with a modern touch. The mint color gives it an antique look while the velvet material makes it look glamorous. This is the perfect bedroom chair with arms that can blend in every interior design seamlessly. 

2. Vintage Bamboo Chair with Arms

Vintage Bamboo Chair with Arms

Having a boho bedroom design? This bamboo chair is the right choice for your boho aesthetic. The bamboo material brings back the natural vibe to the room. Combine it with throw pillows with tassels and knitted blanket and you will get the ultimate cozy boho corner. 

3. Torres Clavé Chair

Torres Clavé Chair

This is a replica of an armchair designed by Josep Torres Clavé in 1936. It is one of the iconic classics in international design. If you want to incorporate vintage furniture into your space, this chair is the one to get. The seat and back is upholstered in traditionally made straw. The wooden frame ties the straws material perfectly and adds a humble vibe to the room. 

4. 1920 Bentwood Chair

1920 Bentwood Chair

Another antique option that will be perfect to compliment a dark academia aesthetic. This is the original bentwood chair designed by Fischel Czechoslovakia from 1920. This is a valuable furniture collection that will give your room a richer taste. Place it next to a coffee table with classic books to tie the whole aesthetic together. 

5. Refurbished Carver Chair

Refurbished Carver Chair

Refurbished chair has gone through an upcycle process making it the one and only. This chair is the one to get if you want a truly unique chair like no other, this chair is the one to get. It keeps the vintage carver design and gets a modern twist. It can be a great accent chair in your bedroom

6. OUSGAR Accent Chair With Ottoman

OUSGAR Accent Chair With Ottoman

When modern days simplicity meets comfortability, you get a chair that will compliment your minimalist bedroom. A combination of gray flannel fabric and dark wood base gives this chair an interesting contrast. With its antique nailhead trims and tailored silhouette, you get the comfortable mid-century modern seating. 

7. Mellcom Mid-Century Armchair

Mellcom Mid-Century Armchair

The beautiful leaf design on this chair will add a breath of freshness to your bedroom. You can use this chair as an accent chair to sit back and relax. With its high back accent, this chair also makes the perfect desk chair. It will provide support and comfort if you still work from home and have to sit in front of your computer all day. 

8. Mid-Century Modern Chair

Mid-Century Modern Chair

Mid-century style seems to be pretty popular in interior design these days. It is reasonable due to the beautiful and cozy vibe it can bring. This chair brings mid-century goodness with modern minimalism. It can be a great bedroom chair with arms for both vintage and modern settings. 

9. Upholstered Arm Chair

Upholstered Arm Chair

Need an accent chair that will make your bedroom pop? This chair will give you the statement you need. Its comfortable seat cushion provides you with comfort and coziness. This is the perfect chair to sit back and relax after a long day. It is available in beautiful colors such as gray, blue, and gray to match any aesthetic. 

10. Modern Wingback Roll Arm Chair

Modern Wingback Roll Arm Chair

This chair will compliment both vintage and shabby chic aesthetics. It has a beautiful wingback accent and rolled arms giving it the elegant look that will look stunning in your bedroom. It is perfect for either morning coffee or evening reading. This bedroom chair with arms also adds a stylish vibe to your bedroom.

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11. Floral Print Club Chair

Floral Print Club Chair

Adding a splash of color is the perfect way to give a bedroom more character. This chair has a beautiful floral print that looks pretty and will match a shabby chic design. The color story of the floral print is also still pretty subtle; it can still go well with minimalist design. If you have a bedroom that seems plain, this chair will add the statement you need. 

12. Checkerboard Club Chair

Checkerboard Club Chair

A checkerboard design is always able to bring comfort and coziness. If you have just moved to a new place, this chair is the one to get to make your space feel like home. The black and white color is also a classic that is versatile and will last for a long time. This chair will match any interior design style. 

13. Faux Leather Accent Chair

Faux Leather Accent Chair

Leather material can give a room a richer atmosphere. It can also accentuate a masculine room. This chair is made out of high-quality faux leather that looks just like the real thing. It will add character to a room while also providing comfortable seating. The perfect bedroom chair with arms for a more masculine bedroom. 

14. Foldable Floor Lazy Sofa Bed Chair

Foldable Floor Lazy Sofa Bed Chair

If laying down and chill is what you need but it is not quite appropriate bedtime yet, a sofa bed can be your better option. This is a floor sofa bed chair designed specifically to provide you with maximum comfort and coziness. As a floor chair it allows you to get into a comfortable position. The arms provide support so you can read your favorite book comfortably. 

15. Modern Teddy Velvet Club Chair

Modern Teddy Velvet Club Chair

A chair that provides both comfort and style. This chair will elevate your bedroom and make it look more stylish. The single padded sofa is comfortable for everyday seating, and the ottoman provides extra comfort for your legs. It comes in soft pink that will suit a shabby chic aesthetic. And the teddy velvet material is just the most comfortable material you can imagine. 

16. Modern Accent Chair with Arms

Modern Accent Chair with Arms

This chair has a simple but cute design making it perfect as an accent chair. It looks small but can provide a comfortable seating for your reading time. It is topped with a line fabric that goes very well with the wooden frame. A humble bedroom chair with arms that works well as a side chair. 

17. Sofa Recliner Chair

Sofa Recliner Chair

If you need a heavy duty bedroom chair with arms, this one might be the one you are looking for. It is designed to be a comfortable chair for your activities such as reading, chill, or watching movies. It featured a soft cushion and extra thick foam to give you a marshmallow-like softness. It has three different sitting positions you can adjust to meet your needs. This sofa can be the perfect fatigue reliever if you feel like you need to get yourself pampered. 

18. Olivia Eiffel Fabric Armchair

Olivia Eiffel Fabric Armchair

A bedroom chair with arms that combines both comfort and style. It has a tube chair design that looks elegant and suitable for any room design such as minimalist, modern, boho, and shabby chic. This chair is so neutral due to its twill and wooden material. It makes the chair able to be styled in different ways. Pair it with any throw pillow that goes along with your room decor and it will transform into the perfect chair for your bedroom. 

19. Thick Recliner Armchair

Thick Recliner Armchair

Oftentimes, by the end of a long day, all we want to do is just to be embraced by a pile of softness. This chair will give you just what you need. Its bulky design will fill up the gap in your large bedroom. And its soft material will provide you with the comfort you need. It is a recliner chair so you can stretch the leg rest for extra comfort. 

20. Vintage Style Recliner Chair

Vintage Style Recliner Chair

This chair combines comfort and elegance in a single seating. It will be your best option when you want to relax in a fancy way. It has a beautiful classic design that will compliment your modern mid-century aesthetic. It has a decent size to ensure you get maximum comfort. 

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21. Upholstered Hand Carved Side Chair

Upholstered Hand Carved Side Chair

A beautiful chair that brings back the old time elegance. This chair will provide a statement as well as comfortable seating in your bedroom. The combination of light beige color and dark wood gives this chair its character and therefore adds a character to the room as well. 

22. Embroidered Coraline Accent Chair

Embroidered Coraline Accent Chair

This chair goes really well against a darker wall. Its design provides both comfort and artistry. It will make your bedroom appear prettier and more interesting. The color story also provides warmth and brings the feel-like-home experience. It is the perfect bedroom chair with arms to get. 

23. Accent Bedroom Chair with Arms

Accent Bedroom Chair with Arms

If you need a bedroom chair that gives a room such a statement without saying too much, this chair is your best bet. It looks modern, minimalist, unique, yet elegant at the same time. The velvet material gives it a more elegant and luxurious feel. The black color offers simplicity and modernity making this chair suitable for any room design. 

24. Venturi Accent Chair

Venturi Accent Chair

Based on its wooden material, this chair is the perfect accent chair for a boho bedroom. The beige color provides a clean look and openness. The wooden material goes really well with other boho natural furniture. The arms also have interesting designs that provide comfort as well as a unique character to the chair. 

25. Finn Fur Armchair

Finn Fur Armchair

Lastly, for the fabulous glamorous babe out there, we have this chair for you. This chair seems so over the top, and it will match your extra personality. At the same time, the wooden frame makes it humble enough it can fit into a minimalist decor. The fur will give you comfort and warmth while also serving the look to make your bedroom appear more stylish. 

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What are the best small bedroom chairs with arms?

The best small bedroom chair with arms will be the one that suits your bedroom interior design perfectly. If you have a boho aesthetic, small bedroom chairs made out of natural material such as wood and bamboo will be the best option. And if you have a modern minimalist bedroom design, you can choose a simple black, white or gray chair. 

What are the most comfortable bedroom chairs?

The most comfortable bedroom chair can be a recliner chair with arms. They are usually big in size, providing maximum comfort. The recliner provides extra room for your legs to rest. And if you’re not the recliner type, you can choose a bedroom chair with arms that comes with a matching ottoman. 

Can you put a chair in a bedroom?

Yes, of course. In fact, it is recommended to add chairs in a bedroom. It does not only serve the accent or statement goal, it is also functional and can provide you with comfortable seating space. However, you need to make sure that you choose the chair that suits your bedroom well. 

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