25 Best Bedroom Chairs to Choose for Your Bedroom

Interior design trends are something that is very dynamic and keep evolving from time to time. In the mid 2010s, the industrial style was very popular. At the same time, we also started to get familiar with minimalist style. The best bedroom chair at that time was a mixture of wooden and metal material along with white and gray color.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, we notice a swift change in interior design style. This is correlated directly with the lifestyle change we all have gone through. Spending more time at home has made people opt for a more welcoming and friendly interior style. People want to incorporate their personal aspect more into their living space.

Two years later, we can see interiors that are filled with more colors and patterns. Wallpapers are back into the game and furniture is more colorful as opposed to all gray minimalist style. 

If you are looking for the best bedroom chair to suit the latest trend, below is a list of our favorites to get you started. 

1. Orange Velvet Accent Chair

Orange Velvet Accent Chair

One of the most prominent elements of 2022 interior design style is the heavy usage of warm color. Either it is paired with a neutral background to add a pop of color placed against a cool tone wall, warm colored furniture is proven to be able to bring back the warmth and feel-like-home experience. This velvet orange chair is the best bedroom chair for those who are into retro style but with modern touch. The laid back shape makes it perfect as a bedroom chair for you to relax. 

2. Luxury Velvet Fabric Patchwork Style

Luxury Velvet Fabric Patchwork Style

During the pandemic, people started to experiment more with their style. Something that is considered as out of the box begins to gain attention from people including in furniture. Artistic and handmade products are also becoming favorable especially since people want to support artists. This chair is the perfect example of the trend result. It carries handmade patchwork that are very in style combined with luxurious velvet material. And even though the craftsmanship seems to be tricky, this chair is still very subtle and won’t give your bedroom that crazy color clash. 

3. Colorful Vintage Armchair

Colorful Vintage Armchair

If you are new to the patchwork furniture game and you want to play it safe, this chair is your best option. It incorporates patchwork in the subtlest way possible. It only features three main colors that work together very well creating the modern vintage feel. Combined with a neutral wooden frame, this chair can blend seamlessly with a natural themed bedroom despite its color blocking design. 

4. Rose Vintage Boudoir Chair

Rose Vintage Boudoir Chair

Vintage furniture always has a fan base. This year is no exception. Vintage and retro styled decor and furniture seems to gain a rain in demand. This heavy market needs are answered by talented artists to provide the best bedroom chair you could ever imagine. This chair is made to order so they will make specially crafted chairs just for you. You can request a specific theme, picture, color theme, and material to match your personal needs. 

5. Velvet Girl’s Bedroom Chair

Velvet Girl’s Bedroom Chair

Don’t be afraid to bring something that is a bit extravagant to your bedroom. You work hard, you deserve to get whatever you want including this amazing tropical velvet bedroom chair. The shape of the chair itself is unusual, making it great as an accent chair. The velvet fabric adds a luxurious touch and you can sit on it with grace. 

6. Colorful Armless Mid-Century Chair

Colorful Armless Mid-Century Chair

Have you ever seen a chair that is colorful but also neutral at the same time? This chair is giving that vibe when we look at it. It has enough color to make a bedroom more vibrant, but also works smoothly when placed in a neutral room without creating a clash. The chair design is also very unique with a combination of metal and wooden frame. The armless design keeps it simple. You can place it in a small room without making it too crowded.

7. Mid-Century Retro Accent Chair

Mid-Century Retro Accent Chair

Orange is not always scarily bright. If you want to start incorporating a more vibrant color but are afraid if it won’t work with your neutral environment, try this subtle orange color. It provides the warmth and the colorful aspect we need from furniture while keeping it humble and neutral. It looks good around wooden furniture since it has a wooden frame. With its modern mid-century look, it will provide a cozy corner in your bedroom. 

8. Vibrant Yellow Accent Chair

Vibrant Yellow Accent Chair

We love the way yellow color uplift our spirit. Either it’s in our office area or in our bedroom, it always manages to give us a spark of joy. If you need a bit of help to keep your mood and spirit top notch, this chair can be the perfect option for you. The simple design makes it suitable for any interior design. The metal material gives it the modern touch so it will work in both vintage and modern design. 

9. Camel Faux Leather with Wingback Chair

Camel Faux Leather with Wingback Chair

Leather materials have been used in furniture for a very long time. This material is still used up to this day for some reasons. It has great quality to ensure longevity, it is comfortable, easy to clean, and gives the furniture its elegant character. If you want to give your bedroom a classy touch, a leather chair will be the best bedroom chair option. Animal lovers don’t have to worry about the production of this chair since it is made out of faux leather. No animal harmed in the making of this chair. 

10. Delphine Cane Accent Chair

Delphine Cane Accent Chair

If we know a popular novel titled 50 Shades of Grey, this year’s trend can be described more or less as 50 shades of yellow. Or orange. Or something in between. The yellow family color can be found everywhere providing the warm tone we’ve been missing for a long time. This chair is handcrafted with rattan construction and solid wood to create a natural look, one of the most desired elements in the 2022 interior design. 

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11. Patchwork Linen Rocking Chair

Patchwork Linen Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs in a bedroom? Why not? If you have a large space for the chair, it is a great way to pamper yourself with the ultimate comfortable experience. Just like killing two birds with one stone, you can get both comfort and style. It has a patchwork design that looks so nice and artistic. The soft color provides an inviting vibe and works with every environment. 

12. Oversized Moon Chair

Oversized Moon Chair

If you’re into interior design and following the decor trend, you must have noticed the moon chair craze lately. They seem to be everywhere. From outdoor balconies to coffee shops, and of course bedrooms. This chair makes it to the best bedroom list easily because it has everything we can as from a chair: style and comfort. The huge round design provides us with a comfortable seating spot and serves the look at the same time. The best part of this chair is that it is available in almost every color so you can choose the one that fits your bedroom color theme the most. 

13. Multi-Color Bubble Recliner Chair

13. Multi-Color Bubble Recliner Chair

The overlapping bubble design on this chair is interesting enough to make a statement. While the neutral color option is creating a nice blend that makes it fit any interior design. The mahogany wood arms are rich in color and will match perfectly with natural wooden elements around the bedroom. Since this is a recliner chair, it will be the best bedroom chair to choose if you want to have a nice seating space to relax in your bedroom. 

14. Safari Print Accent Bedroom Chair

Safari Print Accent Chair

Animal prints are a great way to add warmth to any space. Unlike full animal printed furniture, this chair takes a smoother approach by incorporating different animal prints in a patchwork style. With brown faux fur material, this chair is giving the cozy vibe. This is the best bedroom chair to pick if you want to showcase your wild side but keep it tame at the same time. 

15. Vintage Boudoir Metal Chair

Vintage Boudoir Metal Chair

White metal material is the way to go when you want to achieve a clean and modern look. This chair is simple enough and easily workable with other design elements from vibrant modern artwork to house plants. You can easily dress this chair up or down by pairing it with a suitable coffee table, your favorite books, and green babies. It has incomplex design but far from boring since it still carries some interesting design elements such as curved legs and artistic beck. This chair is perfect if you have a small space and want to create a nice corner that doesn’t take up too much space. 

16. Small Accent Makeup and Bedroom Chair

Small Accent Makeup Chair

Choosing this chair as a vanity chair for a bedroom chair, completely depends on whether it will work with your vanity or not. This chair is particularly small in size so if you have a huge vanity, it simply won’t work. The good news is, you don’t have to use this chair as a vanity chair. You can use it as an accent chair in the corner and it will make a nice statement. This chair is available in different colors including blue, beige, and pink. You can choose the color that suits your bedroom the most and this chair will add a pop of attractiveness to your room. 

17. Upholstered Single Sofa Armchair

Upholstered Single Sofa Armchair

Large seating area is probably one of the most important things to consider when you are looking for the best bedroom chair. Especially if you are looking for a comfortable and functional chair instead of a chair that only works for a decorative element. This chair will provide you with a homely vibe and keep it humble. The simplicity of its design makes it very easy to work with. Even if you choose to change your bedroom design style, you can still use this chair instead of getting a new one. A neutral and versatile bedroom chai option. 

18. Colorful Rhombus Mid-Back Accent Chair

Colorful Rhombus Mid-Back Accent Chair

Is it fun that you are looking for? If you are the experimental type and don’t hesitate to incorporate something provocative to your bedroom, then this chair will be the best bedroom chair to pick. It has a striking color story on a rather simple design. Even when it has so much excitement to offer, this chair is oddly workable with any design interior no matter if it’s clean and minimalistic or muted monochromatic. It can always bring a refreshing vibe and compelling look that is simply hard to ignore. 

19. Michi Woven Accent Chair

Michi Woven Accent Chair

Natural elements are a big deal in the 2022 interior design trend. Hence chairs made from material like this one is a great option if you want to tap into the trend. Made of natural-stained ash, this chair comes in unique angled dynamic diagonal legs. The size can be considered as small that will definitely won’t undertake too much space in your room. The woven back provides a sturdy yet comfortable support. This best bedroom chair keeps its natural color with a soft cushion lined with linen fabric. It will provide a nice yet comfortable seating area in your bedroom. 

20. The Red Womb Chair

The Red Womb Chair

What can offer better comfort other than a mother’s womb? This chair offers comfort like when you were a baby, not quite literally. The design is made specifically so you can get into the most comfortable position. The large seating space will even allow you to curl up while doing your favorite activities, or even better, doing nothing at all. The red color also provides an extra excitement to the room and provides amusing contrast. The best bedroom chair option for when you need to add a bold highlight to the room. 

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21. Ellie Glider Bedroom Chair

Ellie Glider Chair

When it comes to the best bedroom chair, we can always go back to the basics. This chair has a simple and basic design making it the most versatile chair you can ever get. It will work perfectly with any design style and can match any color story. Pop a colorful throw pillow on it? A good way to add a statement. Pair it with a neutral throw blanket? A great way to keep it natural. And since this chair comes with swivel gliders, you can move it effortlessly despite its large size.

22. Sphere Modern Accent Chair

Sphere Modern Accent Chair

The best bedroom chair should be something that works perfectly with your overall bedroom design. And there is no better way to achieve such a goal other than by using a neutral and versatile chair. This bedroom chair comes in white color that will work with any color story and theme. However, it has an interesting sphere design providing a modern look. it will be perfect to use as a functional desk chair. You can also throw a decorative pillow on it and voila! You get yourself both style and function. 

23. Rug-Printed Accent Bedroom Chair

Rug-Printed Accent Chair

One thing that also made a major comeback in the 2022 interior design trend is patterned rugs. These kinds of rugs used to be considered as old and outdated, but now they come back full force dominating every corner of modern housing. The design element on this bedroom chair is intricate but not too much due to the monochromatic color option. It will compliment a warm toned wall while also working great against cool toned wall color. 

24. Velvet Petite Accent Bedroom Chair

Velvet Petite Accent Chair

An accent chair’s main focus is to provide an extra attractiveness into a room. With its vibrant color, this chair will do its job while also providing you with comfortable seating space. The color option on this chair is very fascinating. Combining burnt orange color and navy is something we would see in the 70s. And we all know that retro style is very desirable right now. The velvet material grants this bedroom chair with an elegant and luxurious look. 

25. Juliette Rattan Chair

Juliette Rattan Chair

Rattan is one of the most popular natural materials used on furniture. This rattan chair will not only bring back natural elements to your room but also provide you with uncanny beauty. It looks so mild yet full of life. This is the best bedroom chair to get if you are into cottage core design lately. 

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What are the best bedroom chairs for small spaces?

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