25 Ultimate Pet Memorial Gifts for Animal Lovers

Did your friends lose their beloved pets recently? It is unfortunate, but death is inevitable and we will eventually meet our end in this world. Losing your animal companion can be as sad as losing a member of the family. Especially if you have raised your pet from it was still a puppy or kitten. To cheer your buddies up a little bit, you can get them pet memorial gifts.

Items that can remind your friends of their late pets will be very meaningful to them. They can reminisce about beautiful old memories through the objects. Furthermore, your pet memorial gifts will convey that you have your friends’ back during this sad time.

To help you shop for the most thoughtful items, we have come up with this list of 25 ultimate pet memorial gifts for animal lovers.

Best Pet Memorial Gifts for Someone Who Lost Their Pet

Dealing with the death of our pets can be very challenging. Nevertheless, you can choose to honor their memory through the following pet memorial gifts you can buy to always remind you of them. You can also get these goodies as memorial gifts for your friend who has just lost their pet.

If you don’t know what to buy, we have compiled the best memorial gifts for pets that will ease you through this devastating moment. Check them out!

1. Pet Memorial Paw Print Holder

Pet Memorial Paw Print Holder Shadow Box

A photo frame is an old-school way to immortalize memories, making it perfect for a pet memorial gift. Now, this frame contains photos and essential information about your beloved dog or cat who has died.

You can write how you first adopted him or her up to the day when they died in a heart-warming message and include it in the frame. Furthermore, the frame features clay footprints that conform to the shape of your pet’s paw prints, consider adding this one to make this piece more memorable.

2. Stunning Memorial Lamp

iHeartDogs Forever in My Heart

This beautiful memorial lamp is a perfect present to soothe your friend’s heart who has just lost their cat or dog. It features intricate motifs that include paw prints and a quote, “Forever in My Heart”.

Those patterns create a stunning visual effect when the light is on. Pet owners can honor their departed animal with this lamp on and then play some video compilation of their beloved animal to remember their precious memory together.

3. Devotion Memorial Plaque for Pet

Devonte Pet Devotion Memorial Plaque

This beautiful memorial plaque will be perfect for marking your deceased pet’s final resting place. The headstone comes with a touching engraving that will make you tear up when you read it. It also comes with integrated little chimes that will produce calming sounds. 

4. Pet Memorial Wind Chime

Pet Memorial Wind Chime

This stunning wind chime will be perfect for supporting your friend who has just lost their animal companion. It comes with a customizable engraving and a beautiful box that include a touching poem.

Every time the wind blows, the chime will offer them a soothing sound and remind your friends of the good memories with their pets. They can hang it on the sill over their room’s window to get the breeze coming through.

5. Personalized Pet Memorial Gift

Personalized Pet Memorial Gift

This little box offers a space that can keep the memory of your deceased pet alive! You can store a lock of fluffy fur from your cat or dog inside this memory box. The box will help you to remember your pet forever.

Moreover, you can customize the lid of the box with the deceased pet’s name. If you may, we recommend having the year your beloved pet born and when they died to remember those beautiful years you will cherish forever.

6. Personalized Engraved Slate Rabbit Memorial Grave Plaque

Personalized Engraved Slate Rabbit Memorial Grave Plaque

This Memorial Grave Plaque is perfect for those who have had rabbits as pets. You can use this item to mark your little bunny’s final resting place. So, you can always remember where to go when you miss them.

Furthermore, it is made of high-standard clear acrylic, so the headstone will not stay in place for long. In addition, you can ask the seller to create a custom engraving of your pet’s name and personal remembrance quote.

7. Owner and Pet Custom Acrylic Block

Owner and Pet Custom Print Acrylic Block

Your friend may have difficulty dealing with the loss of their beloved pet. To cheer them up, you can order this custom acrylic block that contains an illustration of the deceased pet and the owner.

You can also ask the seller to etch a custom message inside the transparent block. Your friends will be able to remember their late pets warmly with this item. In addition, it will be better to recommend them having fairy lights around this masterpiece to create a dramatic effect.

8. Cat Tombstone With Integrated LED

Solar Decor Garden Stones Light Pet Loss Sympathy Gift

The spoiled cat you love is now gone. However, don’t let your sadness drag on. You can honor your pet’s memory with this memorial tombstone. It is equipped with a warm LED to mark your beloved cat’s resting place despite the darkness of the night comes.

The waterproof feature allows it to feature in your garden without worrying about rain damage. In addition, the light is solar-powered. Thus, you don’t have to bother changing the battery every once in a while. But in this case, it will be best to set the tomb under partial or full sun area to ensure it can absorb the solar power better.

9. CAPTI Dog Memorial Gifts Plant Pot

CAPTI Dog Memorial Gifts Plant Pot

Death is the beginning of a new life. Losing your beloved pet can trigger the growth of new life for plants. This pet memorial plant pot comes in modern silver and elegant black. This pet memorial gift is the ideal form of sympathy for a dog owner who has recently been in mourning.

You can request to add your pet’s paw to give sentimental value to this memorable piece. If you have your pet cremated, we recommend having their ash as a natural fertilizer for this plant. So, as the plant grows, you seem to like seeing your pet growing up too.

10. Paw Print Pet Memorial Stone for Dog and Cat

Paw Print Pet Memorial Stone for Dog Cat Keepsake

Are you in mourning? Have you recently lost a beloved dog or cat? If that’s the case, this Paw Print Pet Memorial Stone is a great way to remember your lost pet. You can place a photo frame on this heart-shaped headstone to add a dear memory to their grave.

In addition, it comes with a stunning ornament of roses reliefs. This pet memorial gift also offers a sweet memorable poem engraving. Thus, you better write one for your beloved late pet as a way to cherish your time together.

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11. Memorial Pet Ash Urn

Paw Palm Stainless Steel Filler Memorial Pet Ash Urn

The ashes of your cremated pets will be well preserved by this Memorial Pet Ash Urn. Made of rust-resistant stainless steel, this pet memorial gift cannot be deformed easily. Save the last memories with your favorite pet safely.

You can save this container and the ashes to put on your wooden cabinet. Then, arrange fairly lights and frame a picture of your pet around it. That way, you will give them the best honor of the memories and times you both spent together until their last breath.

12. Cat Memorials Statue

pet memorial gifts

The cute cat left footprints on your heart. This adorable feline statue will be a beautiful way to mark your pet’s graveyard. It features angel wings and a thoughtful memorial scroll.

To make it a highlight in your backyard or wherever you bury your beloved pet, make sure not to place it near dense plants. Instead, choose an area under the shade tree so that the grave is protected from rain or scorching sun. Order this item right now to commemorate your lost cat!

13. OakWay Cat Memorial Gifts

OakWay Cat Memorial Gifts

Show your support and love for a recently grieving animal lover friend. OakWay Cat Memorial Gifts make the perfect bereavement ornament. The shape of an angel hugging a cat symbolizes the best protection prayer.

This pet memorial gift is equipped with an LED candle that can provide a warm light. You can gift this item when you visit your friend’s house and convey your condolences. Your friend can display this piece on the kitten’s tomb to light it up at night.

14. Bereavement Gifts

pet memorial gifts

If only love can save you, you will live forever. A deep message is perfectly engraved on this commemorative bracelet. This pet memorial gift is manufactured from pure aluminum which does not irritate. Order this cool item right away to remember your favorite pet.

You can also grab one for your pal who recently lost her furry friend. Hopefully, it can be a way to remember her pet dearly and know that they may watch her from above.

15. Rainbow Bridge Memorial Necklace

pet memorial gifts

Glow like a rainbow. When a beloved pet dies, its soul goes to a better place. This pendant will remind you that the deceased pet is not really gone as long as you remember them. It features three pendulums.

Each has meanings related to the loss of your beloved pet. Wear this commemorative necklace as your daily accessory or whenever you go to the place where you and your pet usually spent time and feel the memories of the past together.

16. Pet Memorial Bottle

pet memorial gifts

This cool memory bottle contains a photo of you and your pet with personalized text. It is a great little accessory that shall preserve your memories of your pet! We recommend writing a deep message but in short to save space yet keep it memorable.

Besides, it is perfect for your friends who recently lost their beloved companions. You can add a heart-warming message in a small note and tuck it inside the bottle for your friend to read.

17. Pet Ashes & Keepsake Frame

pet memorial gifts

 This veneer wood frame can store photos and accessories related to your beloved pet. It also includes compartments that can display your deceased pet’s favorite goodies. You can hang it in your room as a memorial to your lost dog or cat. 

We recommend purchasing one for your friend who has been devastated knowing he lost his pet. Given it comes in several frame colors, consider one that suits your friend’s taste. But, you better take one with a neutral or darker tone to represent condolence.

Pet Memorial Gifts for Keeping Memory Alive

Pet owners have to love their companions as long as they are living. Make beautiful memory with them while you still can. Once they are gone, you have to make sure to remember them! You can do it by regularly visiting their tomb or simply buying stuff that reminds you about them. Now the following items will hopefully help you immortalize the bond between your pet. Check them out!

18. Adorable Dog Picture Frame

pet memorial gifts

Your dog is the best dog ever! Capture your dog in the best poses on this beautiful frame. The frame comes in the form of a bone that your dog will love. It is crafted from minimalist brown wood.

Moreover, this product adds a dog paw accent for a touch of lovely decoration and represents his character. You can hang it on your room’s wall. That way, you can always see him even when you cannot rub his belly again.

19. CAPRI Rainbow Bridge Dog Memorial Gifts

CAPRI Rainbow Bridge Dog Memorial Gifts

This Animal Memorial Statue permeates a heartwarming feeling of love. It depicts a pet owner bending down to kiss his beloved pet’s forehead. The statue will also be an excellent headstone to mark your dog’s final resting place.

Alternatively, you can simply showcase this piece on your end table or a glass cabinet to commemorate his presence in your life for so long. In any case, this pet memorial gift is very inspiring for animal lovers.

20. Custom Pet Hoodie

pet memorial gifts

You can commemorate your late dog with this custom hoodie. Ask the seller to print your dog’s photo on this soft white hoodie to immortalize their loyal companionship. The seller also provides you with an embroidery option for a higher-quality product!

So, you better take this chance to elevate the hoodie’s appeal. If you have lost two pets, you can request to have two dog characters printed on your hoodie to represent each pup you love.

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21. Cat Angel of Friendship Figurine

pet memorial gifts

Your cute cat has transformed into a beast angel. Feeling sad is natural when dealing with loss, but don’t forget your lovely pet no matter what! This Angel Cat Sculpture is designed and carved by a professional craftsman.

Every detail of the body, paws, tail, and wings is done with fine precision. This pet memorial gift is the perfect home decoration for cat lovers. You can display it on your nightstand or cabinet in your room.

22. ASTARIN Pet Memorial Wind Chime

ASTARIN Pet Memorial Wind Chime

The soothing sound of the wind chime will bring back the memory of your beloved pet! It is made of elegant recycled aluminum tubes that produce calming melodies. The bells emit a sound that you and your dog will surely love.

For the best sounds, we recommend hanging this chime on your patio or sill over the window in your bedroom. That way, the breeze will come through to generate a calming sound, as if your spirit dog comes to visit.

pet memorial gifts

These pet portrait cufflinks are excellent gifts for someone who has just lost their companion. You can engrave your deceased pet’s image on the cufflinks. This accessory is ideal for immortalizing the memory of your beloved pet.

And thanks to its simple yet classy designs, you can match them to your suit perfectly. By wearing this one of the most lovely pet memorial gifts whenever you have formal events, you will feel as if you are accompanied by your beloved pets.

24. Pet Bereavement Box

pet memorial gifts

Losing a beloved dog is not easy. After all, the lovely pet has been part of our family. Dealing with the loss takes time. This Pet Bereavement Box contains a set that will help with the mourning period.

The contents will provide comfort for the owners and help them memorize their deceased pets. They can hang the wooden piece on the Christmas tree to remember their beloved pups in the best moment and have the candle on their grave whenever they visit.

25. Custom Handmade Pet Portrait Necklace

pet memorial gifts

Turn your pet portrait into a handmade necklace! This pet memorial gift is the most unique piece of jewelry that displays a picture of your beloved dog. The seller will turn the image into the pendant.

It is a special memorial gift that will help people commemorate their lost pets. Especially, for those dog moms who fancy jewelry, this one of the most amazing pet memorial gifts will make a fantastic accessory for both formal and casual occasions.

Final Thoughts

Pet memorial gifts are a way to heal from the sadness of losing an animal that accompanies you every day. Especially if the animal has existed even since you weren’t born. It’s normal when you feel like you’ve lost a friend or even a family.

You can choose one of these amazing memorial gifts for pets that you like. If you cremated your dogs or cats, we recommend getting a pet ash urn to collect their remains. That way, you can feel close to them even though their bodies are gone. You can also wear any items related to them, be it jewelry, hoodies, or t-shirts adorned with their names or pictures. Either way, your late pets surely will feel how much you love them even though they are now crossing the rainbow bridge.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What to get for someone who lost their pet?

Someone who has just lost their pet will appreciate your support. Your friends or family will love items that can help them remember their beloved animal companions. Items such as special headstones, frames, and pictures are all excellent memorial gifts.

What to do for a friend whose dog died?    

Your friend may consider their beloved dog as part of the family member. It will be hard to deal with the loss of a loyal dog. You can cheer your friends up by giving items that act as a memorial. Try the custom acrylic box or custom necklace with the portrait pendant. Such things will bring warmth and ease up your friends’ grieves.

How do you keep pets’ memories alive?  

There are many ways to keep the memories of your beloved pet alive. One of them is through portrait, custom frame, and other accessories. Creating a beautiful graveyard, complete with a custom gravestone, is also an excellent way to ensure that your pet companion lives forever in your heart.

What do you bring to a dog memorial?  

You should bring items that will cheer your friends up! A memorial is an outlet to remember the good memories and ease up sadness. Help your friend remember their late pets with custom lamps, acrylic boxes, or custom pendants. Show that you are ready to help your friend get through this challenging moment.

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