Sterling Silver Dog Paw Ring

This Sterling Silver Dog Paw Ring is a minimalistic yet noticeable ring that will compliment any cute outfit and will make a tribute to your favorite pet.

Even if you don’t have a dog you must think that dogs are incredible animals. Who doesn’t? So by extension, any item featuring a reference to a dog is also incredible. Lawyered.

This ring is made out of sterling silver and features an adorable little minimalist dog paw as you can see in the images.

This ring would make an ideal gift for any passionate female dog owner! 

Sterling Silver Dog Paw Ring

So if you’re looking for thin petite rings that still manage to stand out, then you have found a winner. It can be worn on its own or it can be coupled with other rings. Either way, it would look great.

Sterling Silver Dog Paw Ring

See also these matching ( Dog Pawprint Earrings ) as pictured in the image below, they are so cute and adorable and really compliment the cute minimalist ring!  

dog paw earrings

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