43 Best Promise Rings for Couples – Unique Matching Rings

One of the most significant milestones in any relationship is making a commitment to your partner and the manner in which you do that tells a lot more than you can ever put into words. A set of unique promise rings for couples are an indispensable tool to let your partner know how you truly feel about them. Just like couples bracelets or matching couples necklaces, they are a symbol to signify devotion to that one person for whom your heart beats.

If you want or are looking for matching promise rings for your partner as an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day gift, you better read this on. We have compiled the most stunning sets of promise rings for couples that you won’t regret buying. They come in a series of sparkling, minimalist, and beautiful pairs that can surprise your other half.

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What Do Promise Rings Symbolize?

Promise rings can symbolize a variety of promises or commitments, depending on the individuals involved. They can symbolize a commitment to a future engagement or marriage, a vow of celibacy or abstinence, a promise to remain faithful in a relationship, or simply a promise to always be there for someone as a friend.

What Is The Difference Between A Promise Ring and An Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring is given as a symbol of a marriage proposal and is typically accompanied by a formal proposal. A promise ring is given to signify a promise or commitment to a future engagement or marriage, but it is not the same as an engagement ring.

Best and Unique Promise Rings for Couples

Take a look at some of the most elegant rings for him and her in the market today and symbolize your commitment in the most unforgettable way! Here, we have some of the most well-curated collections that you can choose according to your partner’s taste. From black and gold to silver and those with colorful hints, we have got you all covered. Find the best promise rings for couples and let them be stunned by your surprise!

#1 His One Her Only Promise Rings Set

His One Her Only Promise Rings Set

Much as love is not always a bed of roses! With these lovely sterling silver rings, you can tell the world that you are in for the ride of your lifetime and symbolize a promise to them forever. It features an engraved message that gives a sense of belonging to each other, reflecting His One or Hers Only.

You can also notice a special date on the inner shank of the ring that makes this pair even more special. We recommend adding your anniversary date or the day that you both met to remind you about the bond you both share.

#2 Tungsten Sound-wave Ring Set

Tungsten Sound-Wave Couples Rings

Enjoy the uniquely personal touch that comes with this ingenious pair. Get your personal love messages recorded and their distinct wavelength pattern engraved onto each other’s rings for a truly novel way to show how much you care.

With such a distinctive feature, these matching promise rings are indeed the ultimate gift for couples that have everything. They are also perfect ones for those who don’t favor cheesy designs.

#3 Tungsten Engraved Ring for His and Hers

Tungsten Engraved His and Hers Promise Rings

Tungsten is renowned not just for its exquisite beauty, but also for its durability and versatility.  These tungsten carbide rings are therefore a most remarkable beacon of good things to come.

These matching promise rings highlight classy designs with the combination of silver and gold that smoothly blend into one. For those couples who love jewelry but are not too flashy, nothing can beat this pair. They make a romantic assurance to your beloved one that the two of you will last forever. So grab them fast!

#4 Rose Gold Natural Stone Ring

Rose Gold Natural Stone Promise Ring

Is she simply addicted to all things vintage? Wow her today with one of these cool rings featuring a lovely combination of morganite and rose gold and let her know for sure that you have eyes for her alone.

Its tiny gem that is meticulously crafted gives a stunning touch to this amazing ring. Having such an astonishing design, you can even take the ring to propose to your loved one when you think the time has come.

#5 Unique Silver Braided Couples Rings

Unique Silver Braided Couples’ Rings

Take a plunge today into the world of romance using these unique braided rings. They are rich in symbolism, an irrefutable proof that your lives will be eternally intertwined with undying bonds of love.

Even though it doesn’t have the gemstone, the gold-plated design makes this ring look stunning. In fact, such a genderless appeal makes the simple ring a perfect match for him or her. No worries about finding other promise rings for couples to gift!

#6 Heartbeat Couples Rings

Heartbeat Promise Rings

The whole point of getting matching promise rings is to declare your abiding love for your partner. They also allow you to let them know that your heart and theirs will forever beat as one.

In this case, why not symbolize this with these one-of-a-kind heartbeat sets whose unique engraving lets you feel your lover’s heartbeat all through the day? The minimalist design is perfect for your partner who doesn’t like flashy accessories. That way, he can wear it even when he hangs out with his pals.

#7 Braided Silver Ring Set

Braided Silver Promise Rings

Unique jewelry is at times all that is needed to get your relationship back on track. This lovely vintage pair is bound to set fire to your embers of love and keep it burning for eons to come.

The braided design somehow makes the ring look chic but simple. On top of that, the silver tone perfectly conjures this minimalist-looking ring into a charming one. Bearing a fantastic appeal, you can wear this ring even on formal occasions, like weddings or prom.

#8 Sterling Silver His and Hers Ring

Sterling Silver His and Her Promise Rings

When simplicity is the name of your game you will slow down and pay more attention to the things that matter more in life.  At such moments in life, you need the simplest of gestures to honestly express what is in your heart.

These embrace utmost simplicity dressed in sheer elegance. Since you will have a chance to engrave your loved one’s name on this ring, you better consider requesting his or her initials instead. It will save up some space and make the design less cringy.

#9 Tiny Hearts Ring

Tiny Hearts Promise Rings

These take a whimsical approach to life with one-piece bearing the other’s missing piece and signify exactly what a symbol of love is all about. This pair comes in two sizes that seem to complement each other.

You can give the larger one to him considering boys usually have bigger finger sizes. Apart from that, it also bears a heart frame that is not too flashy so he can make it a daily accessory without being awkward with the design.

#10 Sterling Silver Matching Halo Ring

Sterling Silver Matching Halo Promise Rings

These bear a trendy signature of having one message split between the two pieces as a sign that your unit of love can only be complete when both of you are present. Well, this pair may not be for everyone.

But, if your partner’s love language is words of affirmation and giving gifts, you can’t be wrong giving this ring to her. You can take the “I Love You” one and give the “Forever” to her. Hers comes with sparkling gemstones that make the ring even more classy.

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#11 Solid Sterling Gold and Diamond Ring

Couple promise rings set with Diamonds

Do you love to give a sterling performance every single time? This is the best choice for you to show your better half that you want nothing but the best for her in every perceivable way and that this relationship, like diamonds, is meant to last forever.   

Despite having a love-shaped pendant, they seem not vividly visible unless you merge both rings into one. For couples who want to look for gifts for Valentine’s Day, nothing can beat this pair.

#12 Blue Titanium Personalized Ring Set

Blue Titanium Personalized Promise Ring Set

You can never go wrong with the beautiful blend of sophistication and style on these handmade pieces.  When you choose one of these elegant blue titanium symbols of your affection for your loved one, you will certainly turn the rest of the world green with envy.

The shanks are shining with the titanium coats, making them look luxurious but simple. Since the designs are not overwhelming with gemstones, you can wrap them as a gift for your boyfriend who never wears jewelry. Well at least, you help him adjust to it.

# 13 Custom Coordinates Ring

Custom Coordinates Couples Ring Set

Is there a spot in the world that means everything to you and yours truly?  Get its coordinates permanently set into these and forever carry with you a souvenir of the person you love the most.

Besides, we recommend purchasing one when you and your partner are about to separate by distance. Engrave the coordinates of where he will live later on your ring and vice versa so that he always remembers to come home.

#14 Actual Fingerprint Ring

Actual Fingerprint His and Hers 

Nothing tells the person you love just how much you appreciate them more than your personal touch.  Get your actual fingerprints and handwritten message on your partner’s promise ring and let them carry a piece of you with them every single day.

You can buy this pair of rings as a sign of love for your partner when celebrating an anniversary at a romantic dinner. We also recommend adding chocolate and flower buckets to complete the set.

#15 Tungsten Bands Ring with Seashell Inlay

Tungsten Bands with Seashell Inlay

Do you harbor a secret attraction for all things marine? Let the world know today in the most artistic way by getting these adorable seashell-inlaid sets for yourself and yours truly.

Unlike other previously mentioned promise rings for couples, these grant you matching rings with a cheerful blend of colors. The combination of purple, green, and blue somehow perfectly blends in with the silver shank and surprisingly not striking. Consider purchasing this pair for your lover on her birthday to add to her accessory collection/

#16 Black Titanium Pearl Sand Couple Rings

Black Titanium Pearl Sand Couple Rings

For the ultimate head-turner effect, try out these Titanium pieces with a marvelous black pearl sandy finish. No better way to say “I’m always thinking about you” than with a shiny sparkly ring.

Compared to the previous collection, this pair seems a bit bland. But, the grainy texture on the shank makes it look bold and elegant even though it’s only black. Truly amazing couple rings for those who don’t fancy sparkling jewelry.

#17 Sterling Silver Heart Matching Rings

Sterling Silver Heart Matching Rings

Are you looking to make the perfect declaration of adoration to the lover of your life?  You only get one shot at it, so make sure you do it right with one of these and be sure to get it personalized with a timeless message.

You can try adding your partner’s initials or their nickname if you want to add sentimental value to this pair. Nonetheless, we prefer to request an anniversary date so the design isn’t too cheesy.

#18 Rustic Organic Ring Set

Rustic Organic Couple Rings

If you love to go against the grain and stand out from the crowd then you will love these custom organic rings.  Unlike the everyday identical couples’ rings, they let you express your individuality with different colors while still retaining the original rustic design.

Considering these exquisite designs, this pair will suit couples who appreciate art. And since they come in two colors, there’s no way someone can bet that this one belongs to the couple rings.

#19 Moonstone Matching Ring

Customized 925 sterling silver resin Couple Rings his and hers rings promise ring personalized gift for her for couple ring for couple

Make a memorable impression on your loved one today using this one-of-a-kind. Each features a glittering moonstone, one in white and the other in grey. Even though they have a combination of two colors, in fact, they don’t look crowded and overwhelming.

You can buy this pair to throw a surprise for your girlfriend. But, you must arrange a sweet dinner first and then don’t forget to prepare a bouquet of red roses to amaze her. Surprise this ring when you and her finish eating and see how happy she is to get a romantic gift from you.

#20 Infinity Silver Unique Promise Rings

Knot Ring, Silver Knot Ring, Double Knot Ring, Celtic Knot Ring, Promise Ring, Friendship Ring, Chunky Ring, Rings For Women, LjBjewelry

The infinity symbol is simply timeless and as long as love is still around, it will never go out of style. Let your lover know that your affection for each other will endure forever.

Slightly different from other promise rings for couples, this pair does not feature gemstones to adorn the rings. Instead, the artist turned the simple rings into accessories that have a unique infinity shape. You can propose to your partner with this ring that represents your everlasting love.

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#21 Mother of Pearl Matching Promise Rings

Ring Set Walnut with Mother of Pearl and Turquoise

These mother-of-pearl matching promise rings hold a level of appeal that is simply astounding. Designed with the lover of subtle yet elegant delights in mind, it is bound to elicit the purest delight from the heart of your soulmate.

Well, couple rings don’t have to have the same design and color, as this pair. In fact, such rings are perfect for couples who are not used to wearing the same things. So, wait are you waiting for? Grab one before it’s out of stock!

#22 Tungsten Carbide Ring His and Hers

Tungsten Carbide His and Hers Promise Rings

A beautiful work of contrasts, this elegant ring combines the tasteful allure of sparkling, polished Tungsten with the subtlety of the relatively dark center rim to make an irresistible jewel defining eternal loyalty and permanent allure.

If you are looking for unusual rings for your intimate proposal, consider this one. Even though it’s not studded with diamonds and gold, this ring holds a timeless appeal that your partner can even wear anywhere with her favorite outfits.

#23 Hammered Gold Couple Rings

Hammered Gold Promise Rings For Couples

Threadbare is all the rage this season so get your pair of matching promise rings to symbolize the depth of your love and to ensure you always have a delightful token of your affection everywhere you go.

Given their plain shank designs, these rings will make an amazing pair for your proposal or holy matrimony. Especially, if your soulmate doesn’t like jewelry studded with gemstones. Now, your task is to find a matching jewelry box that has an elegant design like these matching couple rings.

#24 Titanium Steel Ring

Titanium Steel Couples Rings

The rugged finish on these jewel-like pieces is simply the perfect means to make an indelible mark on the heart of your lover and ensures you secure your place there once and for all time.

Having classy designs, these rings will surely steal your partner’s attention and make her amazed by your efforts to find meticulously crafted rings like them. If you want to make it a gift, try to add heart-warming messages or initials on the outer or inner shanks to make it even more special.

#25 Endless Love His and Hers Unique Rings

Endless Love His and Hers unique Promise Rings For Couples

This matching couples ring set makes an inseparable pair as a powerful visual reminder of your matchless, undying love. Get one for the love of your life and let them know in no uncertain terms that life without them would be incomplete!

You can arrange a surprise party to celebrate her birthday and propose to her on the same day. Prepare this ring by setting it into the jewelry box. Then, invite her family and friends. Once she enters the room, you better kneel down on your knees and ask her to marry you with this ring.

#26 White Sapphire Couple Ring

White Sapphire Couple Rings

Does she really know how you truly feel about her? Make your declaration of affection truly extraordinary using these outstanding pieces exquisitely designed for those who know the meaning of true love.

The male ring comes with a sparkling gemstone and silver touch, while the female is studded with more glitter crystals in love shaped shank. Aside from being a couple’s ring, the charming designs make them a perfect match for a wedding ring.

#27 His and Hers Love Ring Set

Couple Ring

This pair is absolutely stunning, hers featuring a little heart on the outside, a lasting reminder that someone somewhere cares deeply even when they’re out of sight and that their heart is yours forever to love and cherish.

Meanwhile, the male ring has a similar design with a bit thicker shank. Bearing a love-shaped hole, you better make sure that your boyfriend is fine with such a bit cheesy design. Or, he can simply wear it by switching the loving character on the back.

#28 Wind and Water Matching Silver Bands

Wind and Water Matching Silver Bands

These are the perfect promise rings for any couple looking for something chic and uncomplicated. The design is a flawless reflection of appealing ripples made by the wind on water ideal for all lovers of nature.

Furthermore, the shank is not as smooth as the common promise rings for couples out there. Instead, it offers the texture that makes these rings truly one-of-a-kind. In addition, the silver colors beautifully wrap the rings, offering a classy touch.

#29 Gold and Diamond Matching Rings

Gold and Diamond Matching Promise Rings

These will certainly leave your better half awestruck. Their stunning design is only matched by the immaculate craftsmanship and is a reminder that all good things come in twos.

Both of the rings feature crystal gemstones that add luxurious touches to their appeal. Perhaps, these are not the rings any couple seeks for. However, their chic designs will captivate those who love to collect sparkling jewelry.

#30 Matching Titanium His and Hers

Matching Titanium His and Hers

These delicately polished titanium rings will make even the hardest of hearts melt in adoration. The startling quality is made to last a lifetime, just like the love it represents.

Although you may find nothing special in the design, some couples prefer a minimalist design without additional knick-knacks, such as gemstones, like this one. They are simple with casual designs that will perfectly fit any occasion.

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#31 Rose Gold Tungsten Couple Ring

Rose Gold Tungsten Rings for Him and Her

Anyone who prides themselves in knowing the finer things in life will not want to miss the opportunity to take one of these homes.  With a band of the strongest metal known to man, it signifies a love that is meant to last a lifetime.

Besides having two stunning color combinations, these rings also offer different textures that accentuate the aesthetic appeal of both. You can wear it to weddings, proms, even meetings without worrying that the ring will be unmatched with your outfits.

#32 Irish Celtic Titanium Promise Rings

Irish Celtic Titanium Promise Rings

The embossed infinite loop design on these is meant not only to signify your commitment to your loved one but also to serve as a visual reminder of the love that got you to that point.

Besides being able to request sizes for your partner, you can also add characters to the inner shanks. It could be your initials, anniversary, or wedding date. We recommend taking this opportunity to make this ring a special gift for your loved one.

#33 Thin Blue Line Titanium Ring

Thin Blue Line Titanium Rings

Maybe red is the color of love, but blue stands for so much more. With the sky as the limit, there is no end to what true love can achieve. Instead of plain silver, these rings feature two blue lines that won’t let this pair look dull.

And the good news is, the lines are not striking. So, they still match your taste to have rings with a minimalist design to wrap as a valentine’s gift. Get the perfect symbol of your limitless love for yourself and your loved one!

#34 Rose Gold Matching Initial Couple Rings

Rose Gold Matching Initial Promise Rings

Go all out in your expression of devotion to the love of your life with this tasteful and chic piece.  This is the ultimate minimalist design with a touch of sentiment evident from the carved-out initials signifying that your world is only complete with your partner in it.

Unlike the case with other couple rings that feature initials, this pair offers a minimalist design that allows only two alphabets engraved on the shank’s edge. So, they are barely visible unless you put the rings together. What an amazing one to wrap as an anniversary gift!

#35 Sterling Silver Hand Stamped

Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Promise Rings

The font on this stunning pair makes them simply irresistible. Get your custom message engraved on it and have it remind you of your promise to always love and cherish your partner even through the hard times.

You can also consider adding the character of your partner that you value the most so far. For example, determined, loving, or honest. That way, your other half will feel seen, appreciated, and loved.

#36 Minimalist Couples Silver Ring Set

Minimalist Couples Silver Ring Set

This thin-as-a-whisper design is made for the fashion-sensible and modernist couple.  The subtle twist is meant to signify infinity while at the same time conveying a sense of sophistication and class.

While other matching promise rings are competing to make their appeal look extravagant, this pair stays calm and simple. You can gift this ring to your partner whose love language is receiving gifts. So, you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s or your anniversary to buy her one.

#37 Black Silver Promise Ring Set

Black Silver Promise Ring Set

Black is back, and clearly, here to stay. It makes for a simple yet ever-so-delicate way to convey eternal devotion to the man or woman of your dreams. These matching promise rings are marked by subtle differences and still make one harmonious unit.

You can even request to engrave your partner’s name on the inner shank if you wish to add sentimental value to this ring. And since the love-shaped symbol is not clearly visible, you can grab one for your boyfriend who doesn’t like flashy accessories.

#38 Puzzle Couples Rings

Puzzle Couples Rings

If you love the thrill of secret puzzles, then here is a pair you and your lover will certainly enjoy.  Get a custom puzzle design carved out into the two rings, signifying the two halves that make your union complete.

Knowing the fact that it doesn’t bear any love-related characters, this pair makes a perfect choice for your bold partner who hates anything cheesy. He can even wear this ring to hang out and grab a drink with his buddies without feeling awkward.

#39 Personalized Hearts Together Couples Ring Set

Personalized Hearts Together Couples Ring Set

Here is a taste of just how elegant a heart theme could be for your union. These feature unique designs that when united make a complete heart and signify the completeness of your love.

We are not going to deny that the rings’ design may be too much for some couples, given the “hearts together” crafting. But these rings will be much appreciated by those who love to receive gifts no matter what they are.

#40 White Sapphire Titanium Couple Rings

Titanium Rose Gold Round Cut White Sapphire Promise Rings For Her

Sapphires in all their colors and shades will forever be in vogue.  Take a hint from them and make a declaration of your eternal love for each other using these beautiful promise rings for couples.

The shank is filled with shiny gems that look absolutely spot on! No girl will be able to resist this stunning piece. For that reason, you better grab one in your basket and check it out. Then, set a romantic dinner to throw a proposal with this ring to her.

#41 Black Gold and Titanium Promise Rings

Black Gold and Titanium Promise Rings

Finding the right ring for your wedding day is significant. Especially if you want a different model than the others. For that reason, we have found you a couple rings with a unique design without leaving the meaning behind. This pair of tungsten rings are the best answer to complete your wedding day.

The woman’s ring uses black gold material meticulously filled with purple zircon stones, while black pleated titanium with a purple line is just right for the man’s piece. Both rings reflect a bold yet elegant impression to anyone who wears them.

#42 Adjustable Sun & Moon Matching Rings

Adjustable Sun & Moon Matching Rings

Express your sincere love to your partner through these adjustable stunning sun & moon matching rings. They are perfectly crafted as promise rings for your upcoming intimate wedding.

Moreover, the sun and the moon are the ultimate love symbol, inseparable. The moon can’t shine without sunlight, and the sun without the moon feels incomplete. What a lovely ring to compliment your special day!

#43 Mountains & Waves Promise Rings

Mountains & Waves Promise Rings for Couple

Mountains and waves are just a great combo for promise rings. They radiate a romantic atmosphere, thanks to their exquisite designs. The two elements of earth indeed represent an endless love.

Furthermore, we can’t leave the amazing blue and black choice of color for the waves and mountains, which look incredibly charming. What a fabulous pair to wear as a life-and-death ring with your soulmate at the wedding.

Final Thoughts

Take a pick from this vast bed of options and make it clear to the world that your love will certainly endure forever. Matching promise rings are not only able to show your love and affection for your partner, but they can also become one of the best Valentine’s day gifts, anniversary gifts, or even wedding rings.

You can choose one that suits your taste and personality. If you don’t like sparkling jewelry, then choose ones that don’t feature gemstones, diamonds, and crystals. Instead, go buy the plain ones or those with only textures on the shanks. Also, consider the ones with neutral colors and fewer combinations. Thank us later!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who gives and receives promise rings?

Both men and women can give and receive promise rings. It is most common for young couples who are not yet ready for engagement or marriage to exchange promise rings, but anyone can give or receive a promise ring to signify a promise or commitment.

Which finger do you wear a promise ring on?

There is no specific finger on which to wear a promise ring, as it is a matter of personal preference. Some people wear it on the ring finger of their left hand, while others wear it on the right hand or on a different finger altogether.

What are the best promise rings for couples you can buy?

The best promise rings for couples to buy are the ones that can remind you how much love you both have is something that must be treasured for the rest of your life. They also have a deep meaning, like sun & moon matching rings that depict a great symbol of inseparable love. And also, mountains & waves promise rings that show an endless love of each other.

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