58 Cutest Matching Necklaces For Couples

Love is a beautiful thing that can bring you lots of memorable and happy moments. It can also bring lots and lots of beautiful jewelry. Sometimes at least, couples necklaces, specifically, can allow you to always carry a part of your soulmate with you no matter where you go. It can also remind you of important dates, and events, make you chuckle at the good memories, or be hopeful for a brighter future. The point is, jewelry for couples can be an amazing gift. If chosen correctly.

And for that reason, we have compiled amazing necklaces for couples you can consider buying to surprise your loved ones. Their designs depict your lovey-dovey relationship that hopefully lasts forever. Check them out!

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Cute Matching Couples Necklaces

We’ve assembled one of the most comprehensive lists of matching necklaces for couples. If you have an important anniversary coming up, then this is the place for you to start choosing the gift. Let’s find one that matches your taste!

#1 Her One His Only Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Couples Necklace Set

Matching Necklaces For Couples - Her One His Only Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Couples Necklace Set

This cute puzzle necklace makes a play on the words ‘the one and only’. It also involves the metaphor of soulmates being like puzzle pieces – unique and fitting only to each other. It’s a beautiful sentiment conveyed in a beautiful pair of necklaces. Its long chain with silver pleated design makes the pair easy to match with any outfit you guys prefer, especially hoodies or sweatshirts.

#2 Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise

There’s just something so pure and innocent in a concept of a pinky promise, isn’t there? So there’s really no surprise that these two matching necklaces for couples make you go ‘aww’. They will especially suit people who are not big fans of heart-shaped jewelry but still want jewelry with a lovely meaning. Its simple pendant also makes your boyfriend who is not used to wearing accessories won’t hesitate to have it around his neck.

#3 Tribal Wolf Moon Etched Coin Set

Tribal Wolf Moon Etched Coin Set

These are a real bargain – quarter, puzzle, matching necklaces all in one. You can even choose the state or the year of the quarter to put a little bit more meaning into it. Its unique pendant doesn’t even look like a necklace for couples.

So, it makes the ideal pair for your partner who doesn’t like wearing necklaces with flashy pendants. Just imagine all the cool photos you could take with your SO while holding these necklaces slotted together.

#4 Matching Personalised Initial Disc Necklaces

Matching Personalised Initial Disc Necklaces

If you like taking matters into your own hands, even when it comes to choosing jewelry, we’ve got these personalised couple necklaces for you. You can choose the font, plating (gold or silver), and even the chain length that suits your preference. These will warm your second half’s heart, knowing how much thought you’ve put into them. While all colors look captivating, we recommend silver ones as the color is genderless and not too sparkling.

#5 Personalised Heart & Key Necklace Set

Personalised Heart & Key Necklace Set - Matching Necklaces For Couples

Here you have one of the most classic and sweetest metaphors for love in shape of a pair of necklaces. A key to someone’s heart. You can choose between two colors (gold and silver), have them engraved, and then play around with them all the time with your boo.

Since not all men fancy jewelry, gold may be too glittery. And so, you better pick the silver chain and let him keep the key pendant while you wear the heart-shaped one.

#6 His & Hers I Love You Heart Pendant

His & Hers I Love You Heart Pendant - Matching Necklaces For Couples

If you don’t shy away from heart shapes, then you’ll definitely love this pair of necklaces. The message it carries is straightforward – I love someone who carries the other half. Or you haven’t said it yet, or you don’t like labels.

Whatever your situation is the message is still there. For that boyfriend who holds a dashing personality, let him wear the black pendant to support his manly look.

#7 Wolf & Tiger Couples Necklace Set

Wolf & Tiger Couples Necklace Set - Matching Necklaces For Couples

Wolf and tigers are fierce, strong, and free creatures. If this is how you both perceive yourselves, then your love for one another must also be as fierce. You can signify the bond of your two strong personalities with these that are carved out of the same coin. The symbolism in these has no bounds.

Your friends who notice such pendants won’t realize that this is a couple necklace, thanks to the fiery design. What a perfect pair for those who don’t like legit love-shaped necklaces!

#8 Personalised Initial + Heart Symbol Pendants

Personalised Heart and Initial Charm Necklace

This couples necklace set looks absolutely beautiful. As you can see, each chain carries multiple pendants – two letters and one heart. These come in gold, silver, and rose gold. If your partner loves sparkling designs, gold will suit her taste. But for those who love calm tones, rose gold or silver is the ideal choice.

You can, of course, choose matching letters to feature on them; otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense. Or would it? That depends on your creativity.

#9 The Me & You Venn Necklace

You and Me Pendant

This necklace, in particular, is a top-shelf one! Not only it carries a beautiful message of two souls merging together to create something unique, but it makes a beautiful wedding gift, an anniversary gift, or just a simple ‘i love you’ gift on an ordinary day.

Besides, the bright color will effortlessly match your partner’s cheerful personality without a doubt. You can wear them together on summer vacation as the flashy tones blend in with the summer vibes.

#10 Matching Arrow Pendants

Matching Arrow Pendant Necklaces

If you want something fancier yet still cute, this 2 piece necklace for couples is meant for you. Made out of 14K gold, this necklace’s charm is enhanced by two hands hand-stamped arrows on it. You can even personalize it with your initials for a more personal touch.

Those who are not into a heart-shaped pendant can take this one as the best alternative. No one will realize that it is part of necklaces for couples, we’re quite certain of that!

#11 Gemstone Healing Crystal Necklaces Set

Custom Made Vintage Copper Design

If your heart is set on a set that looks dazzling with a touch of zen, this one is just the right match for you. It highlights exquisite gemstones wrapped in a dragon figurine, a true symbol of strength, power, and good luck—all values you need to have a tight bond in your relationship.

Unlike other couple necklaces with similar pendants, this one has a completely different shape that you can choose according to your partner’s taste. And since it doesn’t even look like a couple necklace, this accessory is the best choice for those who don’t fancy paired necklaces.

#12 Quirky Tape Measure Heart

Quirky Tape Measure Heart Necklace

This is cute beyond measure. Yes, it involves a pun which brings me, personally, so much joy. But even without the pun to entertain you, you can’t deny that this looks beautiful and masterfully crafted.

Even the pendant doesn’t vividly depict the shape of a heart, which makes a great pair for those romantic couples who have fancy whimsical items. Also, this would be the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a good laugh.

#13 The Protection Necklace

Rock Salt Bottle With Angel Wing And Pentagram Protection Necklace

This carries a beautiful sentiment – it is meant for someone you consider your protector and guardian angel. An angel pendant and a feather are cast out of sterling silver and 22k gold, respectively, making them beautifully delicate pieces of jewelry.

It is also incredibly sweet and thought-provoking. Apart from celebrating anniversaries, you can gift the necklace to your partner, who collects antique and unique accessories. Win, win.

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#14 His & Her Royal Crown Set

His & Her Royal Crown Necklace Set

This beautiful pair is definitely bold-looking. Both the combination of rose gold and black, as well as the added gemstones, make these rise above the crowd. With this design, your male partner will find it matches his fierce personality, thanks to the black color with a crown combination that seems to describe the gothic theme.

On the flip side, the female necklace looks so elegant, with a feminine touch of the rose gold crown and sparkling pink gemstones. Thus, wearing it feels like being a royal for a while. Consider this pair if you plan to make an anniversary surprise for your girl.

#15 Pinky Promise With Wax Seal Couples Set

Pinky Promise With Wax Seal Couples Set

This pair widens the concept of pinky promise necklaces mentioned earlier. It includes initials you can request for your partner to add a personal touch. Meanwhile, the pinky promise icon is beautifully crafted in a circular shape to get along with the personalized pendant.

Plus, the wax seal definitely adds a more dignified look to each necklace, don’t you think? Now, your anniversary won’t feel plain with the gift of this pair of necklaces for couples.

#16 Hand Stamped His One Her Only Puzzle

Hand Stamped His One Her Only Puzzle Necklace Set

These two look extremely cute when pulled apart and even more adorable when slotted together. The font and the small heart scribble make these look gentle, and sweet with just the right amount of charm added to the mix.

Plus, its design will smoothly blend in with your partner’s casual style. It is an amazing gift for either boyfriend or girlfriend, especially for those with no interest in love-shaped jewelry.

#17 Custom Made Matching Dog Tag Style Pendants

Custom Made Matching Dog Tag Style Pendants - Matching Necklaces For Couples

The beauty of this personalized set is that when apart, the writing doesn’t make sense, at least on one of them. But when together, everything, along with the original message, falls into place.  Request to add your wedding or anniversary date with your partner so there’s no excuse for him or her to forget about your special day.

#18 Minimalist Lock And Key Set

Minimalist Lock And Key Couples Necklace Set

Minimalist jewelry is the best. Of course, it’s a matter of an individual’s opinion, but this style seems oddly appropriate for matching necklaces for couples.

This working lock and key look breathtakingly sweet and tender together, just what the doctor ordered for people who are riding the high of love. Since it’s generally awkward for boys to wear heart-shaped accessories, get him the key one.

#19 Turquoise & Onyx Celtic Angel Wings Necklaces

Turquoise & Onyx Celtic Angel Wings Necklaces Set

These matching necklaces look absolutely stunning. They’ll be a perfect match for a couple who are not big fans of cutesy jewelry but still want to acknowledge their devotion to each other. The angelic wings look so bold with the black hints and the addition of a cross that highlights the faith.

Meanwhile, the blue crystal radiates a calming sense for the woman, just like her nature character. Plus, many believe these symbols bring luck. But you probably already feel lucky enough to find your second half, right?

#20 x2 Venus Jewellery Key And Lock

Gothtic Gold Lock Chunky Chain Necklace

These couple necklaces are shaped as a lock and a key; that’s true. But they also come with two beautiful golden-brown pendants that add a bit more flair. With this necklace, you don’t have to worry about being outdated, thanks to its fancy gold color.

Whether wearing it to a formal wedding or even a ball, you will look outstanding, while people don’t realize it is actually a couple necklace. You can choose the length of each chain and even wear one as a choker.

#21 Buck And Doe

Buck And Doe Couples Set - Matching Necklaces For Couples

I will try to control my Harry Potter excitement for a second. These two relationship necklaces for him and her look absolutely stunning with their curves forming beautiful shapes of buck and doe in a heart. No one will recognize them as couple necklaces, so you don’t need to be ashamed to wear it daily.

But Harry Potter fans are certainly familiar with such designs as they look exactly like two patronuses of Harry’s parents. That’s why, if you guys are Pottermore, this pair will make the best anniversary gift!

#22 Sandalwood & Herkimer Diamonds Beaded

Sandalwood & Herkimer Diamonds Beaded

This high-quality handmade pair is absolutely stunning. The combination of black, white, and brown diamond beads provides a striking color contrast but not overpowering. Not to mention the whimsical sculptured pendants that make these necklaces striking among others.

They are also perfect for meditation and as a symbol of love and devotion. Showcase these unique pieces with your partner at prom, and see how your friends can’t take their eyes off the necklaces.

#23 His And Hers Lock & Dog Tag Key Inserts

Dogtags Private Steel Norwegian Coat of Arms

If you’re a big fan of interlocking couples necklaces, you’re gonna love this set. The key pendant is adorned with a beautiful quartz gem, and the dog tag looks as if it’s missing something. But when you combine them, you get a complete picture. Beautiful.

Given the unusual pendants, you can casually wear them every day without having to deal with your friends’ curiosity about whether or not it’s a couple one.

#24 Copper Dog Tag And Cresent Moon Inserts

Moon dog tag, stars, trees, handstamped

This unique pair is what you’d usually expect from couples necklaces. You know, keys, locks, puzzles, hearts. These two, however, involved a crescent moon shape which makes it original but no less sentimental. There are, after all, a lot of beautiful legends that feature both moon and love.

Even though it’s a dog tag, you can pair it with a silver necklace chain. Just pick one with a slightly thicker chain to match the pendant, then insert it into the hole on the tag.

#25 Geeky Gamer Pokemon Set

Pokemon Poke Ball Best Friends Necklace Set

Listen, if you’re a fan of Pokemon and your significant other as well, hold them tightly and never let go. The couples that both share interests and are thrilled to be wearing the Pokemon matching necklaces no matter the age are the ones that last. It features a poke ball design which will become a complete picture when they are put together.

So, unless you pair the two pendants, no one will realize that the necklace you are wearing is a couple. Such a design is a perfect one for those who feel uncomfortable wearing couple accessories.

#26 Hand Stamped Guitar Pick With Heart Insert Necklace Set

Matching Necklaces For Couples - Hand Stamped Guitar Pick With Heart Insert Necklace Set

Finally, necklaces that involve musical puns. If he is a guitarist, he will certainly appreciate the bigger part of these interlocking necklaces – a guitar pick that says, ‘I pick you’. The lady, on the other hand, gets a small heart, the only one capable of completing the pick. Romantic, funny, and adorable.

Besides, you can request the artist to engrave your and your partner’s initials on the back of your mini heart pendant to offer sentimental value.

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#27 His & Hers Wolf Love

His & Hers Wolf Love Necklace - Matching Necklaces For Couples

These are a thing to admire. First of all, they are handmade but show a beautiful level of detail. Second, the black-and-white color scheme can vividly highlight both your and your partner’s personalities. Third, the thought of loving and caring and yet dangerous to the outside world wolves is absolutely heartwarming.

Given it’s a genderless pair, choose one that matches your partner’s aura.

#28 Her Beast His Beauty

His Beauty Her Beast Necklaces

These cute matching necklaces for couples make a reference to a tale as old as time.

Of course, we are speaking of Beauty and the Beast. But instead of featuring details connecting them to a Disney motion picture, they are stamped with a bow and a skull. That certainly is a refreshing detail for the accessories. It also makes a great deal for partners with little to no interest in romantic designs.

#29 The Love Equation Set

The Love Equation Necklace Set

Are there any mathematicians or scientists here? Or maybe just math enthusiasts? High-school sweethearts who bonded over math tutoring? In any way, the stamp on this necklace might look like a convoluted equation, but it is, in fact, just a sweet and geeky way of proclaiming your love for everyone to see (and flee, math is scary).

Thanks to this design, you can even gift it as an ordinary necklace with no frills or heart-shaped pendants, which are identical to couple’s necklaces.

#30 Couples Star Insert Dog Tags

Matching Couple Necklaces with Four Leaf Clover Pendants

Stars have always served as fuel to romantic poetry, songs, and love-filled words. They have also, of course, sparked the whole ‘star-crossed lovers’ saying. So if you believe that your love is written in the stars, you should definitely get you and your second half these beautiful,  moonstone and brass necklaces.

You better grab the tiny one as it features a tiny purple crystal that adorns the void, a star-shaped silver pendant looking absolutely feminine. As for your boyfriend, the big star defines his heart that always lights up your days with him.

#31 Compass + Birthstone Couples Necklace Sets

Compass + Birthstone Couples Necklace Sets

Lovers often lot are called ‘lovebirds’. Birds have a great sense of direction. Hence, these compass matching necklaces make perfect sense, don’t they? Plus, you can always be sure that someone who loves you will always come back to you despite the distance, eventually.

You can also choose the birthstone you want to adorn the necklace. Besides, those gems will effortlessly match the aura and personality of the wearer.

#32 Her Cowboy His Angel Necklaces

Her Cowboy His Angel Necklaces

These are incredibly sweet matching necklaces for couples. Both are shaped like dog tags, but the small details give each of their distinctive character. You can notice the pink and blue crystals that radiate their beauty amidst the darkness of the black pendant.

And if your other half is a cowboy fan, this pair of necklaces are sure to steal a spot in his heart. They are made of aluminum but can be substituted with sterling silver for special added value.

#33 Hers Forever His For Always Mini Dog Tag Set

Hers Forever His For Always Mini Dog Tag Necklace Set - Matching Necklaces For Couples

My sitcom-spoiled brain immediately went to Joey’s rendition of ‘I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always’, sorry. But even if you have no idea what this is all about, you can’t deny that the sentiment of ‘forever’ and ‘always’ behind these matching necklaces for girlfriend and boyfriend is simple but powerful.

Though it seems clingy, the message is about how your partner doesn’t want to lose you. For that reason, consider wearing it during the anniversary celebration while you both have a romantic dinner together.

#34 His & Hers Personalised Silver Cross Set

His & Hers Personalised Silver Cross Necklace Set

Lots of time and work has been put into making these two but it was definitely worth it. These 999 fine silver crosses came out beautiful, with a slightly vintage look to them. The pendants also differ in size to make them more distinctive.

In addition, these pendants are actually related to your faith, so it basically doesn’t look like a couple necklace. That’s why, it makes an excellent deal for your partner with no affection in accessories.

#35 His And Hers Padlock And Key Pendants

Lock and Key Necklaces | Pair of Best friends

These padlock and key pendants manage to stand out from the crowd thanks to the beautiful glass cabochons attached to them. The color is captivating and merges incredibly well with the delicate silver color.

Imagine how bright they will sparkle in the sun! You don’t need it every day, given the quite a huge pendant, yet you can wear it when you are planning to have a date, dinner, or celebrating your anniversary.

#36 Two-Piece His And Hers Interlocking Key

Personalised Two-Piece

Although this is another take on a key metaphor, this set manages to look incredibly original. Unlike most pendant that are made of stainless steel, these two interlocking wooden keys highlight rustic designs. They look great when both together, depicting two lovebirds who look cute together.

To add personal hints, request names to engrave on the keychains. With these distinctive items, you guys don’t need to bother looking for the keys from now on. This would be an amazing moving-in-together gift, don’t you think?

#37 Personalised Message Couples Pendants

No products found.

These two highlight the fact that when it comes to romantic gifts it’s not about the look but about the message. We are in no way trying to say that these sterling silver beauties look anything else than amazing. But you can have a custom personalised message stamped into each of them and that makes them so much more special. Interestingly, you can even request a unique coordinate point location, an ideal bet for LDR couple.

#38 Personalised Viking Runes Amulets

Personalised Viking Runes Amulets - Matching Necklaces For Couples

This is not your average golden or silver set, no. These are carved out of wood and each of them sports a combination of Nordic runes. The runes symbolize partnership of happiness, success, and pleasure. Just what any relationship needs.

The distinctive design makes this pair of necklaces not even look like a couple. Your boyfriend, who usually doesn’t like accessories, will say yes without a doubt.

#39 Personalised Puzzle And Arrow Couples Necklaces

Customizable Engraved Matching Couple Puzzle Necklaces

These carry a beautiful message. Each of them is different in color as well as image. But when combined together they complete each other to create something whole, a dear message.

Its puzzle-like pendant also makes it more casual to wear every day, an ideal choice for couples who don’t like cute designs. You can choose the style as well as font for your name on the pendant to suit your taste.

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#40 Couples Roman Numerals Pendants

Couples Roman Numerals Pendants

These save the dates pendants can save you a lot of trouble in the future. Just engrave the special date you keep forgetting about and it will be there to remind you of it. The interesting fact is that you can request to engrave it on roman numerals to offer a distinctive appeal.

But in all seriousness, this is one of those his and hers necklace sets that can both stand out, be a great gift, and look incredible.

#41 I Love You To The Moon & Back Amulets

I Love You To The Moon & Back Amulets

If you want to take a break from silver and gold, this set can provide you with a fresh alternative. Made out of simulated cat’s eye stone, these necklaces are bound to stand out on each account: shape, typography, and color.

In case your special person isn’t someone whose love language is words of affirmation, you better offer them the blue one as the pendant not explicitly saying: “I Love You!”.

#42 Couples Personalised Sound Wave Necklaces

Couples Personalised Sound Wave Necklaces - Matching Necklaces For Couples

If you’re not ready for tattooing a sound wave on your skin you can first try wearing one. The sound wave, not the tattoo. You can have a special short message recorded and then engraved on this beautiful set.

It can be an ‘i love you’, your second half’s laugh, or anything else you can imagine. This is by far the most original pair of personalized couples necklaces.

#43 Couples Travel Necklaces

Couples Travel Necklaces - Matching Necklaces For Couples

This is not your generic set of matching couples necklaces. For you, they will definitely have a story behind them. Maybe, you’re in a long-distance relationship, met on a plane, or met because of missing one. And also, it makes a great pair for couples who have an interest in aviation. Or even, their partner is a pilot.

Whatever it is, this set is definitely unique when it comes to choosing matching ones.

#44 His & Hers Bonnie & Clyde Dog Tags

Matching Necklaces For Couples

There is something alluring in the tale of Bonnie and Clyde as it usually is with antagonists. The fact that they were lovers only adds more appeal to this couple so there really is no surprise that matching necklaces were inspired by these two.

A perfect piece for a couple whose motto is “through thick and thin against the world.” They combine dog tags, cut bullets, and gun charms. Everything you’d come to expect.

#45 Personalised Puzzle Heart Insert

No products found.

You may have expected these to be made out of two puzzle pieces. But it turns out as a love pendant out of a puzzle piece, which eventually makes a great one for your partner too. This Inception of couples necklaces is uniquely executed from the US coins to create a whimsical design.

It also offers personalization for you to engrave the anniversary date and even you guys initials, making the pair a great gift to start Valentine’s Day.

#46 Simple Custom Made His And Hers Necklace Set

No products found.

Although these might look simple, there is beauty behind their minimalist design. If you are not a fan of intricate and bold jewelry pieces and just want something to symbolize your love, this stainless steel set is meant for you. Featuring a kissing couple, it showcases the romantic impression any couple wishes to have.

However, we don’t recommend this pair for your partner who has a bold and cool personality. But for those whose love language is physical touch, these necklaces will mean the world!

#47 His Princess & Her Prince Couple Dog Tags

His Princess & Her Prince Couples Necklaces

You never grow out of fairy tales, no matter how hard you might try. If you were brought on Disney motion pictures and thick books filled with fairy tales, you’d definitely want this set. Despite bearing simple pendants, these necklaces are no less attractive for casual styles.

You can even wear it every day while on your hoodies and jeans to hang out with him or his friends!

#48 Couples Compass And Anchor Necklace Set

Couples Compass And Anchor Necklace Set

A compass and an anchor have definitely made their way into the jewelry industry. But apart from their bold looks, there’s also a lot of meaning behind these items. Security, direction, home, all three essential elements in life. If these words resonate with your relationship, then go ahead and get these for you and your boo.

Such necklaces will best fit your sailor boyfriend or those with an interest in sailing. Those who are currently in a long distance relationship also deserve this pair.

#49 Sleek Minimalist Stainless Steel Jig Saw Puzzle Couple Necklace Set

Sleek Minimalist Stainless Steel Jig Saw Puzzle Couple Necklace Set

These minimalist puzzle pieces are simple yet beautiful. Their shine and shape are stunning but reveal not much else. Even though the pair doesn’t feature personalize messages, it doesn’t make them plain. In fact, this kind of necklace is perfect for those who don’t like additional ornaments on the pendant.

In addition, the electric blue color radiates cheerful vibes for your partner while wearing this. After all, the most important thing is your sincere intention to gift this necklace as a token of your love for him.

#50 Custom His And Hers Photo Insert Pendants

No products found.

If one of you is not a big fan of subtle meanings or jewelry in general, this set is beautifully crafted for you. Instead of choosing a symbolic shape of the pendant, you can just have your favorite photo turned into one.

The necklace and keychain combination saves one of you the trouble of persuading your partner to wear the thing he doesn’t have any interest in.

#51 Black & White Cat Couple Necklaces

Black & White Cat Couple Necklaces

As a couple who loves cats, these matching necklaces should be on the list. A couple of cats that are shaped like Yin and Yang are suitable if they are worn apart. You may choose the black or silver one as both showcase neutral tones and are genderless. The pendant is not that big, fits daily wear, and is suitable for casual outfits.

#52 Holding Hand Couple Necklaces 

Holding Hand Couple Necklaces

Holding hands or doing skinship is pretty common for a couple. As The Beatles’ most famous song, “I Wanna Hold Your Hands”, these couple necklaces are beautiful for you and your partner. Such a gesture depicts you as if you are there for each other. It is also one of the best ways to show that you belong to him.

Given the striking gold color, ask your boyfriend whether he will wear it every day. If he is being awkward, just put in a sweet request to wear the accessory when you have a romantic dinner, so it won’t bother him that much.

#53 Draconic Tryst Necklace

Draconic Tryst Necklace

We guarantee your partner will love this necklace. Just look at the details of the dragon. It looks stunning from afar and is even more captivating in detail. If both of you wear it apart, people will not notice that it is a couple necklace.

It fits you who does not into something clingy or cheesy but still wants something that is cute and meaningful to wear with your partner.

#54 Lego Brick Heart Necklaces

Lego Brick Heart Necklaces

On their own, the pendants on these necklaces look just like a regular red lego brick. However, once you combine them, you will get a heart-shaped lego pendant out of nowhere! The heart lego bricks symbolize your close relationship with your partner and that you two are inseparable.

Just like how you and your other half fit perfectly, the lego bricks can combine seamlessly to create a subtle-shaped heart pendant. An awesome pair for those who prefer cute but not clingy accessories.

#55 Spongebob & Patrick Necklaces

No products found.

The beautiful friendship between Spongebob and Patrick should become every couple’s relationship goal! If you do not love your partner as much as Spongebob and Patrick love each other, you might need to take a step back and do a reality check!

Thus, we believe that these necklaces featuring Spongebob & Patrick pendants will be fitting for you and your soulmate. The design of the stainless steel pendant is quite subtle yet meaningful, as it represents a tight warm friendship. The pendants look even more adorable when you put the two together.

#56 Necklaces with Musical Notes Puzzle Pendants

Necklaces with Musical Notes Puzzle Pendants

These necklaces symbolize the harmony between lovers! Featuring beautiful musical-notes-shaped pendants, the necklaces give off a fashionable aura. The pendants act like jigsaw puzzle pieces, and you can combine them for a complete shape.

The smaller piece is suitable for the girl because of its crystal ornament, while the bigger part is manlier. Ordained with little curvy motifs and musical note patterns, the stainless steel puzzle pendants look classy yet romantic. This matching necklace set will be an ideal gift for a couple who loves music.

#57 Dog Yin & Yang Necklaces

Dog Yin & Yang Necklaces

Since we have mentioned the black and white couple necklace, it is only fair to also mention the dog version. The curling dog pendants will form a yin and yang circle when you combine them together, which looks really cute. It is also meaningful as it symbolizes a balanced relationship.

The lovely design and the meaning behind it make these necklaces an ideal gift for a couple who loves dogs!

#58 Dragon Wings Necklace Set for a Couple

Dragon Wings Necklace Set for a Couple

Do you need a nerdy yet romantic necklace to surprise your partner? This matching dragon wings necklace set might be just what you are looking for. The dragon wing pendant is very well-designed, and it looks cool. You can see the details that have been put into the mold.

Yet, when you put the two wings next to each other, you will notice that they actually form a heart symbol. It is, without a doubt, one of the cutest necklaces for couples that love high-fantasy stories!

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Final Thought

Sometimes you wonder what matching necklaces are fit for you and your partner. Because perhaps you guys have different tastes and styles. But our selections above will meet your needs. Either the cheesy, cute, adorable, bold, and fierce or something that does not look like a matching necklace.

Before buying the pair, make sure that your partner will likely and willingly wear it. Otherwise, the pretty piece will be laid waste. Anyway, surprise your partner by grabbing your favorite here!

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