29 Unique Women’s Watches to Make Perfect Gifts

A watch has become one of women’s must-have items that will complete any woman’s everyday look. As an item that can also be a piece of art for many women, unique women’s watches will also create a new set of feelings that brings out the best in every woman out there. Based on how important a great watch can be for women, giving a special woman in your life a watch as a gift will make a wonderful decision.

Since you’re here, we are guessing that you are looking for a woman’s watch to make a special gift for your loved one, right? We’re pretty sure that your gift would be something that she will cherish for the rest of her life.

To find the best watch, you need some inspirations and ideas to guide you in the process. After all, a special woman deserves to have a special gift, right? Below are 25 of the most recommended and unique women’s watches that will give you ideas and inspiration to have the perfect gift for your loved one.

BEST and Unique Women’s Watches

In a world where time dictates our every move, why not wear it with panache? Women’s watches have evolved from mere timekeeping instruments to powerful fashion statements. Dive into our curated selection of unique women’s watches, where timeless elegance meets contemporary flair.

Trust us, you won’t just be checking the time; you’ll be flaunting it!

1. Wine Barrel Watch

unique women's watches

This unique watch has an stunning appearance that makes it look like a work of art. Well, actually it is a work of art. This Wine Barrel Watch was handcrafted from retired French and Austrian wine barrels.

It features a combination of natural wood and high-quality metal, making it an elegant timepiece to pick as a gift. Moreover, it also has a long lasting classic look that makes this watch a unique yet priceless gift for a woman who has a fine taste of wine with a classic soul.

2. Wine Barrel Pocket Watch

unique women's watches

If the usual wrist watch is just too basic for you, and perhaps you want to check out this next unique watch instead. This one comes as one of the most unique women’s watches with elegant design.

It features a pocket version of the Wine Barrel Watch, which we personally love. With the same design and using the same materials, the pocket version of the Barrel Watch has a different kind of touch that will give you the same classic and elegant appearance. 

3. Revolutionary Water Powered Watch

unique women's watches

These colorful timepieces might look like your usual sports watch. But actually unlike others, this unique watch needs hydration to be activated. All you have to do is unscrew the back side, fill it with water and the water will start to occur negative and positive ions.

Those ions will generate electricity that reacts to special metal plates. Super col, right? So, if you are looking for one of the most unique woman’s watches that will be the perfect gift for an active woman, then this Revolutionary Water Powered Watch is just the one you need. 

4. Unique Women’s Wooden Watch

unique women's watches

Unique women’s wooden watches are currently in style, and we do hope that it will stay in style  for many years to come. Having a wooden watch is just something that any woman would love as they will feel closer to nature and have a sense of loving nature the best they can, through fashion.

Take a look at this one for instance. In our opinion, this wooden watch for women is clearly a piece of art. The smooth design and amazing color of natural wood gives an amazing look to this timepiece.

unique women's watches

This bracelet watch is another kind of piece of art that comes in the form of a unique sterling silver watch bracelet. It features natural stones that you can have based on your choice. In our opinion, you can pick stones that reflect the receiver’s personality of interest. It will make the watch becomes even more valuable to own.

This unique women’s watch will be an amazing gift for your loved ones, or even for yourself! After all, a self appreciation gift will always be one of the most positive ways to keep you moving forward and reach for the stars.

6. Unique and Personalized Wood Watch

unique women's watches

This timepiece is designed exclusively for women. Moreover, this one can be personalized by engraving a name or a message into the backside of the watch. Being an elegant and versatile watch as it is, you can have this watch as a special gift for the most special woman in your love, which is your mom.

We think the long-lasting design with a special engraving of a personal birthday message will make this unique watch one of the most precious gifts that your mom has ever received.

7. Vintage Gold Plated Women Watch

unique women's watches

This tiny vintage watch will be the perfect watch for a special girlfriend who loves vintage style. In our opinion, this is definitely one of the most unique women’s watches to pick. It might be small in size, but it’s definitely big in terms of meaning.

In our opinion, the small size of the watch will even make the watch perfect for any occasion. If you are planning to give this watch to your sweet girlfriend, this watch will instantly add a sweet and simple touch to her style.

8. Hand Woven Daisy Ladies Watch

unique women's watches

Moving on to the next item on the list, we think this is perhaps the sweetest watch that you will see on this list. The sweet whistle flower image on the showcase makes it so adorable, plus the hand woven strap that brings a romantic feeling for anyone who wears it.

Made of high-quality wool, this watch is not just lovely and pretty, but also durable. In addition, it also comes with various options that feature different patterns and colors, too!

9. Skagen Aaren Naturals Cork Leather Alternative Strap Watch

unique women's watches

Looking for a thoughtful gift for someone who loves mother nature and our dearest planet? Well, we think this strap watch will be the perfect choice. Designed by Skagen, this watch was inspired by the world that shows purpose, honesty, and simplicity.

We believe without a doubt, this pretty timepiece will be a gift that no one will ever forget. It will be one of the most unique women’s watches ever, with a design that will last forever. 

10. Breda Play Recycled Plastic Watch

unique women's watches

This watch has a fine and cute look that is made of recycled TPU for a see-through, light-hearted, fresh look and features a simple easy-to-read dial. It looks super sweet and perfect for a sweet and active woman in your life.

Since it comes with a simple look ad appearance, we think this watch is a perfect pick for any occasion. Whether it’s a Sunday brunch or a casual day work, this watch will always be the best choice. In short, this watch will be a gift that any woman just can’t resist!

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11. Olivia Burton Tea Party Leather Strap Watch

unique women's watches

Olivia Burton is famous for its sweet, sleek and flowery watch designs for women who love to look feminine on any occasion. From all the pretty designed watches from Olivia Burton out there, why do we love this one?

Well, first of all we just love the light blue color that will be perfect to be worn along with casual attire that include jeans or t-shirts. We also love the sweet and light pattern as it looks classic and sweet at the same time.

12. Peugeot Enamel Cuff Watch

unique women's watches

This is a unique watch that will certainly complete any woman’s look at any occasion. Looking both classic and girly at the same will never be wrong, don’t you think? And for that purpose, we think this watch is truly the answer.

This is the kind of watch that will boost your feminine side through the sweet and soft color tone. It comes in two color options, which include green and pink, to choose from. Pair it with a black dress, and this watch will pop, making it a nice focal point.

13. Dakota Mini Clip Microlight Watch

unique women's watches

Who says that only men need a pocket watch like this one? A woman who has a free soul that loves outdoor activities would surely love to have this Microlight Watch, too!

We have no doubt, this piece will be perfect as a gift that a woman can use as a must-have item for outdoor activities. They will be less worried that they might lose their keys too, because this mini watch can be used as a keychain. 

14. Fusion Mini Hidden LED Touch Watch

unique women's watches

This fusion watch features an animated hidden L.E.D display with touch screen technology. Made by Dakota, we think this watch can really be one of the coolest new digital accessories for women out there.

Not only comes in this fresh and clean-look kind of white, this baby also comes in other vibrant colors including green, purple blue, and black. So, pick the one based on her favorite color, and she will love you even more for the gift!

15. VicTsing Bracelet Smart Watch

unique women's watches

This timepiece combines two different looks and turns them into a timepiece that all women would love to have. The digital showcase and classic casing is just so adorable and we just can’t resist.

As for functionality, this wristband can become a Fitness Tracker that monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, as well as to record your exercise such as running, walking, riding, swimming, and etc. Being a smart watch, this piece also included functions that include Caller ID Display and shows your social media notifications.

16. Bulova Frank Lloyd Wright Stainless Watch

unique women's watches

This unique women’s watch is made of a silver tone stainless steel case and brown leather strap. Manufactured by Bulova Corporation, the design of this watch was adapted from the ceiling design of the S.S John & Son Administration Building in 1936.

If you are looking for a woman who adores elegant items, then this is the perfect pick for her. The elegant and pretty look of this watch will complete her elegant and professional look that makes her stands out from the crowd. 

17. Satin Finish Pendant Watch

Satin Finish Pendant

Having this small pendant watch near to our heart is another creative way to wear a watch. For ladies out there who love to have necklaces as their daily must-have accessory, they will be more than delighted to receive this Satin Finish Pendant Watch as a wonderful and thoughtful gift from you.

It is made of high-quality material that makes this item lasts a lifetime. Whether it’s a formal attire or a casual stroll downtown, this type of watch will always be the perfect item to wear.

18. Swatch Redtwist Ladies Watch

Swatch Redtwist Ladies

Swatch has been famous for its high-quality and durable watches, all over the world. With many designs and models that we can find out there, we found that this unique Redtwist Ladies Watch has caught our attention.

If you wonder why, it’s simply because we just couldn’t resist the beautiful combination of black, white and red. We have no doubt, this watch which will be a fashion statement of its own when we wear this on our wrist.

19. Round Face Watch Starter Bracelet

Round Face Starter Bracelet

This might be one of the most unique women’s watches out there that gives a perfect look of simplicity. This type of bracelet watch is just adorable and  perfect for any woman or girl with a sweet and kind personality.

Comes with a chain design, this watch has a wonderful bracelet-like appearance. We have no doubt this silver bangles will also be a sweet addition that makes this suitable for evening events. 

20. Calvin Klein Seamless Bangle Watch

Calvin Klein Seamless Bangle

Well, you might have seen this watch from somewhere when you were browsing for a sleek and elegant women’s watch. This Calvin Klein Seamless bangle Watch is definitely a must have item for any woman who loves high fashion.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a woman with a great taste of high fashhon, you just found the best gift for her. In our opinion, this watch is just so sleek and luxurious, which will suit any style from formal to casual.

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21. SHENGKE Minimalist Women Watch

SHENGKE Minimalist Women Watch

When you are looking for a unique women’s watch with a certain personality, the we highly recommend you to check this one out. this watch describes the meaning of minimalist design as its best.

With black and white color that highlights the simple look of monochrome theme, we’re pretty sure any woman will look super edgy wearing this simple timepiece on her wrist.

22. BOBO BIRD Natural Bamboo Wooden Watch

BOBO BIRD Natural Bamboo Wooden Watch

Are you feeling the cool breeze of fresh air when you see this pretty piece of watch? Well we surely do. This unique watch looks natural with the fresh green color and the natural wooden frame that come as a sweet combination that anyone can never resist.

Anyone who has a love for nature will definitely be super thrilled to receive this piece as a birthday gift. 

23. Colorful Nylon Analog Wrist Watch

Colorful Nylon Analog Wrist Watch

For a special girlfriend with a chic style who loves simple, minimalist and colorful accessories, we have the perfect watch for her. We can almost be certain that she will love this unique watch.

This watch has a chic look with a fresh and vibrant blue wristband. All elements make a perfect combination, which create a great pice of watch to make her look stunning on every occasion. 

24. All Unique Wooden Watch

Unique All Wooden

To be honest, we fall in love with this unique wooden watch the moment we lay eyes on it. We believe that you will, too! Made of wood, we think that the wooden materials are just so pretty and the used-wood accent makes it looks even more adorable.

Bringing a touch rustic and nature into our accessories is always a good idea!

25. Jacob Jensen Blue and White Dial Watch

Jacob Jensen Blue and White Dial

This Jacob Jensen Blue and White Dial Watch has a stainless steel case that will be perfect for those who love to combine a touch of casual and elegance for a stylish appearance.

The two-color tone will make this unique watch suitable to be worn at any occasion. In our opinion, this is one of the most unique women’s watches that is sleek, simple, modern, and elegant at the same time.

#26 Anna Klein Women’s Bangle Watch  

Anna Klein Women’s Bangle Watch

Almost every woman can’t live without a watch as it is also a part of everyday accessories. Thus, watches can definitely be a perfect gift for a woman in your life, like this one.

Unlike most, this watch has a strap similar to a bangle. Therefore, we think that anyone who wears this watch seems to be wearing a luxury bracelet at the same time. Moreover, the glossy gold color adds a fancy look to this watch.

#27 Timex Women’s Crystal Bloom Swarovski Watch

Timex Women’s Crystal Bloom Swarovski Watch

Who wouldn’t be impressed by the meticulously planted Swarovski sprinkles on this clock? We are certainly sure that your friend will adore this stunning gift. The uniquely Swarovski colors form the blooming flower, giving the watch their charming and vibrant appeal.

Moreover, choosing leather as a strap is the right decision because it ensures its durability apart from adding beauty. Thanks to its classy design, the watch is perfect gift for use in formal and non-formal events.

#28 Triangle Red Wooden Watch

Triangle Red Wooden Watch

Usually, watches have a round shape, but this is a different case. Designed with a unique triangle shape, this watch looks eye-catching. The leather strap turns the watch to have casual appeal and a fabulous style on various occasions.

Moreover, we also think that the wooden choice of color and material is great to mix and match with any outfit your woman loves. What a unique gift choice for your lovely woman!

#29 Casio Data Bank Quartz Watch

Casio Data Bank Quartz Watch

This watch’s appeal is beyond belief! Combining a calculator accent with a watch is such a clever idea! The watch’s settings are made similar to the 8-digit button on a calculator.

Moreover, you can also notice the exact calculator design in the watch’s monitor. In our opinion, if your girlfriend is a lover of unique items, then we have no doubt this is that special gift she will fall for.

Final Thoughts

Just like jewelries, unique watches are also loved by women. If you are looking for a gift that will surely make a special woman in your life happy, then we recommend you to go for a watch to complete her style. Among so many choices of women’s watches you can find out there, going for a unique watch sounds like a good step to take.

From colorful watches to the ones made of wood, we have it all, and we believe you will be inspired by our list of 25 most recommended and unique women’s watches

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What makes a women’s watch truly unique?

A truly unique watch combines design, craftsmanship, and often a story. It may feature unconventional materials, artistic detailing, or a novel mechanism. Many times, limited-edition pieces or collaborations with designers also result in distinctive creations. The key is a watch that stands out from the crowd and resonates with its wearer.

How do I know if a watch will fit my wrist?

Most watch descriptions will provide details about the strap length and case diameter. Measure your wrist beforehand and compare. If buying in-store, always try it on. Remember, the watch should sit comfortably, neither too tight nor too loose.

Can unique watches be both fashionable and functional?

Absolutely. The beauty of a unique watch lies in its perfect marriage of style and function. Many standout pieces incorporate advanced features, water-resistance, or other functionalities without compromising on design.

How do I care for my unique watch?

Proper care ensures your watch remains in pristine condition. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or water (unless it’s waterproof), and consider regular servicing. Cleaning with a soft cloth helps maintain its luster. Store it in its original box or a watch case to protect from dust and scratches.

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