25 Best Wooden Watches for Both Men and Women

Fancy men and women all around the world will always want to use elegant watches on their wrists. It’s part of their lives, and neglecting to wear it might make them feel naked! Surely, there are a lot of cool watches out there available in the market. But if you’re looking for unique items, then you probably should consider exploring the best wooden watches. Due to the material used, they sure look vintage and luxurious. 

In the era of digital and smart watches, wooden watches still prevail due to their wonderful appearances. They are part of the fashion style that men and women alike can’t get enough of, and they are here to stay for a very long time. If you’re interested in exploring the best models, then you’re surely in the right place. We have taken the liberty to compile the best wooden watches that match your style!

Wooden Watches for Men

Wooden watches and men are really a match made in Heaven! Why you may ask? It’s because of the compatibility between both sides! This type of timepiece can make men look more fashionable and handsome. If you want to have an appearance upgrade, then please consider these watches. 

1. UWOOD Cherry Wood Watch

UWOOD Cherry Wood Watch

We’re already starting off the list with a very good-looking watch right here. The awesome watch, made by UWOOD, has a cherry wood finish and vintage appearance that perfectly suits a gentleman’s style. It also has some engraving around the frame, which makes it all the more beautiful. 

2. Wooden Quartz Watch

Wooden Quartz Watch

Our next item has a unique and classy coloring that makes it elegant-looking. This is a hand-crafted watch with an adjustable band that will fit most wrist sizes. But the most important aspect of this item is the material itself. The woods used to make the awesome watch are eco-friendly and sustainable. Plus, it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. Truly one of the best wooden watches that you can find on the market. 

3. Authentic MLB Stadium Seat Relic Watches

Authentic MLB Stadium Seat Relic Watches

Did you know that a wooden watch can also be a collectible item for baseball MLB fans? If you’re a Yankees, Red Sox, or Cubs fan, then you shouldn’t miss out on this listing. This collectible timepiece was manufactured with authentic wooden seats salvaged from various MLB ballparks!

4. Alternative NFL Wooden Watch

Alternative NFL Wooden Watch

Hang tight, because we have another awesome wooden watch memorabilia for you. If you’re more into American Football than baseball, then this item is calling out for you! It also has a unique design that matches the previous item we shared! Plus, each item will come with a unique and classy box that has a certificate of authenticity (COA) from the NFL and the University of Michigan. 

5. Bamboo Wooden Analog Watch

Bamboo Wooden Analog Watch

A wooden watch with a Japanese Quartz Movement is always nice to have. Add to the fact that those watches have beautiful designs, then you’re surely in for a ride. With this bamboo watch, you can attend parties and other special events with style! Don’t miss out on this stunning timepiece!

6. Digital Wooden Watch

Digital Wooden Watch

Normally, the best wooden watches are analog-based. It’s rare to see a wooden digital watch nowadays. But if the design is magnificent and beautiful at the same time, then you probably should at least consider it first. It also has other features that normal digital watches have, such as timer mode. 

7. Personalized Wooden Wristwatch

Personalized Wooden Watch

Take a look at this vintage wooden watch for a while and assess it for a minute. If you agree with us and think that this is one of the best wooden watches ever made, then you probably should hurry up and add it to your cart! Plus, you can also personalize this watch with custom laser engraving on the back of the watch. 

8. Engraved Wooden Watch for Husband or Dad

Engraved Wooden Watch for Husband or Dad

Some of the best wooden watches out there aren’t made exclusively to enhance men’s appearance. In fact, there are memorable wooden watches that you can buy as heartwarming gifts. If you’re looking to buy a vintage watch that has a heartfelt message, then this watch is the right one for you! They have a lot of different quotes for dads and husbands! All you need is to take a pick!

9. Vikingenes Handmade Wooden Watch

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This beautiful watch, made by Vikingenes, really stays true to the brand’s name. You can see that through the design portrayed on the watch. Instead of the normal mathematical numbers shown on common watches, this particular wooden watch has a classic Nordic or Celtic-style numerical number. On the center of the watch, you can see the iconic Yggdrasil or the Tree of Life. 

10. Wooden Wristwatch with Genuine Leather Band

Wooden Watch with Genuine Leather Band

Although analog technology has been around for a very long time, it is still able to provide accurate and precise quartz movement for the best wooden watches. That’s the reason why you shouldn’t discount any thought of having wooden watches in your arsenal, especially this particular item. You can even buy this item as a wedding or birthday present for someone that you love!

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11. Multi-function Wooden Watch

Multi-function Wooden Watch

If you have a wooden watch that can accomplish several functions, you probably won’t need any more digital watches. Besides the obvious function of giving you information regarding the time, it can also be used as a simple calculator. You can also activate the stopwatch function when you use this awesome wooden watch. Here’s the conclusion for you: don’t afford to miss this item, because it really is one of the best wooden watches! 

12. Leather-coloured Wristwatch

Leather-coloured Watch

The concerning part of some of the best wooden watches is their ability to withstand water. Well, with this magnificent watch, you won’t have to worry about that! Besides, it also has a unique design that can make a man look more elegant than ever!

Wooden Watches for Women

Men are more often associated with wearing vintage and classy watches. However, it doesn’t mean that women rarely use one! In fact, some of the best wooden watches are made especially for the female gender. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

13. BEWELL Adjustable Wooden Watch

BEWELL Adjustable Wooden Watch

Despite its unique appearance and design, this wooden watch is very light and comfortable. There are no toxic chemicals contained inside this awesome watch. If you have a casual fashion style, then this watch fits perfectly into the criteria. 

14. Coloured and Triangular Watch

Coloured and Triangular Watch

When you take a look at the colorful design of this next watch, you’ll know directly that this watch is made for women. It emanates a cheerful aura for its user. Inside, there is a professional watch adjuster that allows you to change the size of the watch band to fit the user’s wrist. 

15. Wooden Dainty Watch

Wooden Dainty Watch

The best wooden watches in the market always have a unique selling point. For this magnificent item, the unique side can be seen through its shape. The band closely resembles a chain, which makes it all the more unique and vintage. 

16. Silicone Wristwatch with Wooden Accent

Silicone Wrist Watch

When you want to look at wooden timepieces that provide a lot of color options, then this item shouldn’t be avoided! There’s a total of six colors to choose from, and they are all very beautiful and magnificent. Plus, you’ll get a stretchy silicone band for a comfortable user experience. 

17. Personalized Wooden Wristwatch for Women

Personalized Wooden Watch for Women

While normal watches are only able to tell you the time, this particular item can give you something more! Aside from making you look more beautiful than ever, this awesome wooden watch can also display the current day and date. It is truly one of the best wooden watches for women. 

18. Wooden Watch with Customized Engraving

Wooden Watch with Customized Engraving

If you’re looking to buy the best wooden watches as gifts for your loved one, then you should seriously consider this item. You can ask the seller to engrave a customized message for her! Besides that, this watch has a really beautiful design too. 

19. White Gold and Wood Watch

White Gold and Wood Watch

A mixture between gold and wood will always make a watch look elegant and luxurious. Just take a look at this amazing watch as an example. When you purchase this item, it’ll be stored inside a watch case made from walnut wood and gold-plated alloy. 

20. Vintage Wooden Watch

Vintage Wooden Watch

For our next item, the main selling point falls on the unique design on the center of the watch. It doesn’t mean that the overall design is bad! In fact, it is advisable to wear this cool watch to parties and special occasions, as it is really elegant and beautiful. 

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21. Wooden Watch with Bird Motive

Wooden Watch with Bird Motive

As soon as you take a look at this watch, you’ll know right away that it’s made for women. The colorful motifs of the bird suit most women’s styles. Besides that, it was made using natural eco-friendly bamboo wood. 

22. Quartz Wooden Watch

Quartz Wooden Watch

The gold finish of this awesome watch is the main reason behind our decision to include this item into the best wooden watches list. It has a very durable battery that keeps the time as accurate as possible. For those of you who are eager in finding retro watches, then this item is the perfect fit. 

23. Wooden Watch for Women with Unique Design

Wooden Watch for Women with Unique Design

As the title suggests, our next watch has a really unique motive. The model is simple too, and it is able to easily match your clothing choice. But aside from its cool-looking design, it is also hypo-allergenic. You can also buy this item as a present for your friend or family member. 

24. Wooden Watch with Rainbow Pattern

Wooden Watch with Rainbow Pattern

We’re not exaggerating when we declare that this watch is one of, if not the best wooden watches in the market. It has a colorful rainbow design that fits perfectly on a woman’s wrist. It is also very durable, as the battery can last for a very long time. 

25. Colorful Wooden Watch

Colorful Wooden Watch

Our last item from our list of best wooden watches is indeed very colorful. For those of you that love gothic-themed fashion, then the skull dial model is the perfect item for you. But if you want a classy alternative, then choose the bamboo dial and see if it fits your style! But whatever your choice is, make sure to add this wonderful watch to your cart. 

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Are Wood Watches Expensive?

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Are Wooden Watches Waterproof?

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