25 Interesting Cheap Get Well Gifts

It’s a nice gesture to give a get well gift to those who are close to us, who are currently not in good health condition. Get well gifts be a great support for someone, both mentally and physically. Moreover, it’s not just about the price of the gift, because the perfect gift, whether it’s cheap or expensive, will let your loved ones know that you care for them. So, why would we give a cheap get well gift? First, not everyone has the budget to buy expensive gifts. Secondly, the most important part for a gift is not all about the price. The good use of it and how it could support someone to recover, is the most important thing. Lastly, not all cheap gifts are bad as long as we can find the perfect one. 

In this article, we have listed 25 interesting cheap get well gifts for your loved ones. In this list, you’ll find affordable get well gifts that include a cute teddy bear, relaxing candles, lucky token, heating pad and blanket, wish bracelet, and many more! So, let’s get started, shall we?

1. A Little Bear Hug 

A Little Bear Hug

Sometimes a little bear hug can give warmth to those who are recovering after surgery or feeling unwell. So, why not give this cute item as a get well gift? This little bear is a get well gift that comes in 4 colors. It costs only $13, and it includes a warm message for your loved ones to wish them speedy recovery. Therefore, we highly recommend this cute little item as the perfect cheap get well gift. 

2. Scented Candle

Scent Candle

This scented candle can be a great companion for your loved ones to relax, especially when they are not feeling well. It features a long burning time, and you can also personalize the glass by adding a person’s name and your short get well soon message, too. With just around $13 out of your pocket, you can get this cheap get well gift for your friends and loved ones. 

3. Get Well Token 

Get Well Token

Just like giving a lucky charm, this get well token can also be considered as a little thoughtful get well gift. It features engraved words of support to wish the receiver a get well soon message. Therefore, this item is definitely one of the most recommended cheap get well gift to pick, because it will cost you $2,7 only. 

4. Get Well Quarantine Plant Gift Box

Get Well Quarantine Plant Gift Box

For someone who is feeling too tired of having to stay at home and recovering, gardening can be a nice way to kill the boredom. So, go get your friend who is currently recovering this get well quarantine plant for just $11! Each gardening gift box includes a little plant, care instructions, and also a greeting card to convey your get well soon message. Simply send this beautiful gardening kit to your loved ones and let them know how much you care. So, get this cheap get well gift before it runs out of stock!

5. Music Box

Music Box

Looking for an ideal and cheap get well gift? This $3.5 music box is the answer. This adorable item includes a special get well soon message, which will let your loved ones know that you’re thinking about them. Made of wood and features a romantic song, this item will definitely support those who you love dearly to recover soon.

6. Guardian Angel Keepsake Gift

Guardian Angel Keepsake Gift

Another lucky charm can be a cheap get well gift for your loved ones. This guardian angel will accompany them during their time of recovery. Moreover, it can also be used as a little keepsake, bag or wallet purse. Get this for around $3,35 and make this a cheap yet perfect get well gift for your loved ones.

7. Hand-poured Soap Bar

Hand-poured Soap Bar

This fragrant snap bar can also become one of the most perfect cheap get well gifts to pick. It was handmade with natural soy wax, and what makes it even better is that you can choose which fragrance you want. For $11 only, this pretty snap bar can be yours to gift, which includes a corrugated box and greeting message inside, too. It will definitely be the perfect cheap get well gift for your partner or friends!

8. Wish Bracelet

Wish Bracelet

A simple jewelry such as this cute wish bracelet can also be considered as a nice cheap get well gift. For $5,9, you can choose one out of 8 colors available. Plus, you can also pick the matching envelope as well. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this item now!

9. Vegan Cookie

Vegan Cookie

Sweet and healthy delights will never go wrong, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect get well gifts! This pretty vegan cookie packed in a beautiful gift box will be the best option for a cheap get well gift. For under $10, you can get these sweet and healthy snacks for your best friends who are currently recovering after surgery. Choose the best color out of 9 colors available, and get ready to put a smile on your loved ones’ faces.

10. Teddy Bear in a Bag

Teddy Bear in a Bag

In choosing the best get well gift, why not try to include the element of surprise this time? For that purpose, this big teddy bear in a bag can be an option. It customized with the name of the sender as well as the receiver. With a special message written on the bear’s shirt, this item will surely bring out your sincerity to your loved ones. For around $25, this item is highly recommended. In addition, it also includes a tote bag with nice words.

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11. Tea Bags Booklet

Tea Bags Booklet

These digital cutting files of tea bags can be considered as nice and cheap get well gifts! Plus, it will only cost you around $5. It will be delivered in digital files so your loved ones can keep it in their smartphone at all times. So, check them out while they are still available. 

12. Personalized Munchies Box

Personalized Munchies Box

A bunch of snacks might be a good motivation for those who are feeling unwell. This munchies box includes candy and chocolate bars that are known as a mood booster. While ordering this cheap get well gift, you can choose the size of the box and get a greeting message inside, as seen on the picture. 

13. Warm the Heart Gift Set

Warm the Heart Gift Set

In times where you can’t give direct warm hugs to your loved ones who are currently recovering, you can choose to send the feeling of warmth to their hearts. To be able to do that, you can pick this gift set that includes a complete pair of wool socks, tea drop sampler box, and also a heart bouquet puzzle to lessen the feeling of boredom. For $110, this set can be considered as an affordable and cheap get well gift, especially because it includes every basic thing needed by those who are feeling unwell. 

14. Aromatherapy Body Patch 

Aromatherapy Body Patch

When our body aches, it’s best to have something that can put our body at ease and relax. This body patch has natural essential oils and allergy-free, too. Each box has 8 pieces that are useful for just around $25. Since this is one of the best yet cheapest get well gifts there is, we think that it’s necessary for us to include this item in this list.

15. Fruit & Gourmet Basket

Fruit & Gourmet Basket

Healthy food is the best kind of get well gift, especially if it includes natural fruits and vegetables. It may sounds basic, but this huge gourmet basket with fruits and healthy food will be a super healthy gift to boost your loved ones’ health. Packed in a vintage basket and decorated with a “get well soon” ribbon for under $100, we consider this an affordable and cheap get well gift. 

16. Chocolate Cookies Gift Set

Chocolate Cookies Gift Set

Another sweet delight that can be considered as an interesting and cheap get well gift will be this pack of chocolate cookies. It has 12 different flavors of assorted cookies packed in an exclusive gift box for under $30! Not only does it has 12 flavors, the set of cookies also features non-dairy and guilt-free ingredients. So check them out while it still lasts!

17. Nut Gift Basket

Nut Gift Basket

Nuts are known as one of many sources of nutrients and are loaded with antioxidants, which are useful for people who are feeling unwell. This nut gift basket contains assorted nuts such as dried fruit, roasted nuts, and other nutritious nuts. It is packed in a wooden box that makes it look elegant for under $30. You won’t miss this cheap get well gift, right?

18. Get Well Tea Basket

Get Well Tea Basket

Consisting of a variety of herbal tea, plush bear, honey stick, and tea bag squeezer, this set will be a super useful get well gift to boost our health. Therefore, get well tea basket is perfect to be a cheap get well gift! For just under $50, you will get this complete set in a vintage basket for your friends or partner who are feeling unwell.

19. MoonBeam Sleep Aid

MoonBeam Sleep Aid

Sometimes when we feel unwell, it’s hard for us to have a good night sleep. Therefore, we are recommending this moonbeam sleep aid to help people who feel anxious, aches, and unable to sleep well at night. This sleep aid features a light to your room and creates a hypnotic effect as sleep stimulation. These cool features cost only around $64, which will be perfect as an affordable and cheap get well gift for your loved ones.

20. Handmade Foot Massager

Handmade Foot Massager

This vintage-look foot massager really helps to put your foot at ease and stay relaxed. Made of birch wood and features knobbed rollers, it costs under $50 only, which makes this reflexology tool a cheap get well gift for your loved ones who are currently on recovery. This item is super helpful for them. So, why won’t we check this item out?

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21. Handmade Wooden Rope Back Massager

Handmade Wooden Rope Back Massager

Aside from recommending the foot massage, we also recommend you to pick this rope back massage as a cheap get well gift. This item will put your loved one’s back at ease. Back pain can somehow contributes to a feeling of discomfort. Therefore, we might experience bad sleeping quality. Being a nice cheap get well gift, this item is made of birch wood and features wooden rollers. Undoubtedly, this massager will help to put you into a good night sleep while relax you back, too. At under $50 only, we are happy to recommend you this helpful tool as a cheap get well gift. 

22. Heating Pad

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When we are sick and feeling unhealthy, all of our body aches automatically. Don’t you agree on this fact? As a solution, a heating pad will be a nice get well gift for those who are sick and in need of comfort. This tool can be given as a cheap get well gift as it not only offer a good price, but it is also helpful to put your back, shoulder, or any of your cramp body parts at ease. 

23. 3D Sleep Mask

3D Sleep Mask

This 3D sleep mask is designed thoroughly to provide comfort for a convenient sleep. For only $11, this sleep mask features memory foam and is skin-friendly to give comfort while sleeping. With those features, this item will be very helpful for people who are feeling unwell and experience sleeping difficulties, especially at night. Therefore, we added this into a list of cheap get well gifts. 

24. Asakuki Diffuser

Asakuki Diffuser

This diffuser features 5-1 functions with 7 different colors that helps to improve a better fresh air and keep us relaxed. It also has BPA-free so it is safe for family, especially kids. Simply fill in water for 100ml and add in aromatherapy essential oil to provide fresh air with natural fragrance. Under $25, this item can be considered as a cheap get well gift for your loved ones. 

25. Heating Blanket

Heating Blanket

Finally, we’ve come to the end of this list, and last but not least, we are recommending this heating blanket as a cheap get well gift. It helps to give warmth physically, especially when we have high fever or cold. What makes this blanket looks cool is that its features, because they include an adjustable timer and also an electronic tool that helps you to choose one out of 6 levels of heating. Made of fluffy and soft materials, this item will give comfort for whoever uses it. With those cool features, the blanket costs around $54 and we are recommending this item as one of useful and cheap get well gifts for your loved ones. 

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What do you send to get well instead of flowers?

Items that will give support, or even help in boosting their health and mood will be better than flowers, although flowers are not a bad cheap get well gift idea, too. We can give a body patch and a heating pad when they feel uneasy with their body, or a heating blanket that they can use not only while they are unhealthy, but also during the winter season. Easier gift choices will also include healthy food that provides a lot of nutrition and benefits such as a nut gift basket, or perhaps a get well quarantine plant to push the boredom away while being sick at home. 

What do you bring a girl when she’s sick?

Items that can give her relaxation and put her body at ease so that she can rest well. Moonbeam sleep aids, 3D sleep masks, and heating blankets are such good options. Another option that can be considered is a pack of sweet delights to boost her mood when everything taste bitter, such as a pack of chocolate cookies and a personalized munchies box. There can be a supportive friend to hug such as a big teddy bear in a bag, or a companion like a romantic music box so that she won’t feel bored of staying in bed all day. They have a good price that we can consider as cheap get well gifts. 

What do you send in a get well package?

Get well package is better to have a complete set of things that can help to be immune and a mood booster. Those things can encourage your loved ones to be healthier and happier, too. A gourmet basket that consists of nutritious fruit and a get well tea basket will be perfect cheap get well gifts, especially because they consist of a variety of herbal tea leafs.

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