25 Charming but Cheap Gifts for Girlfriend

A charming but cheap gift can be hard to come across. Especially if the gift is dedicated to your beloved girlfriend, you definitely want it to be special and meaningful. In fact, a gift doesn’t have to cost a lot of money since you can still touch her heart with charming but cheap gifts for girlfriend.

If your girlfriend’s special day is coming up and you want to give her a gift that she will cherish forever, then a charming but cheap gift would be a perfect idea. To give you more inspiration, we have compiled a list of gifts that are guaranteed to make your girlfriend smile ear to ear without hurting your wallet. What are you waiting for? Let’s jump to the list!

1. Couple Pillow Cover

Couple Pillow Cover

Transform your girlfriend’s pillow into a romantic pillow that reminds her of your anniversary together. This is a customized pillow cover where you can put your name and your girlfriend’s name as well as the anniversary date on it. Your girlfriend will definitely keep the gift as a keepsake to treasure.

2. Colorful Flower Bud Vase

Colorful Flower Bud Vase

If your girlfriend loves home decoration, then you can surprise her with this colorful flower bud vase. Especially if she likes to match the color on her home decoration, don’t worry because it has various colors you can choose. Made from high quality ceramics, your girlfriend will surely be happy with this gift.

3. Custom Engraving Envelope Necklace

Custom Engraving Envelope Necklace

Do you want to give a special letter to your girlfriend? Now you can put your letter as a pendant on her necklace. This gift features an envelope with the engraved letter inside. You can customize the love letter and keep it inside the envelope pendant. Your girlfriend will absolutely fall in love with this gift.

4. Personalized Love Voucher Coupon

Personalized Love Voucher Coupon

Who said a cheap gift can’t be meaningful and precious? Surprise your beloved girlfriend with this personalized love voucher coupon which will grant anything she wished. You can customize the coupon with simple little things you can do to make her smile. This is a perfect gift to keep your heart closer to each other.

5. Personalized Monogram Keyring

Personalized Monogram Keyring

A personal gift will never fail to touch your girlfriend’s heart. This is a personalized keyring with her name on it. It is beautifully designed with a transparent background, giving a particular attractiveness to its appeal. Your girlfriend will surely keep this keyring on her personal bag to remind her of you.

6. Funny Magnetic Bookmark

Funny Magnetic Bookmark

If your girlfriend is also a book lover, then this simple little gift will be a great idea. You don’t have to get her an expensive book to make her happy. Instead, a little magnetic bookmark would be a useful gift for her while reading a book. Your girlfriend shouldn’t have to worry about missing pages while reading her favorite book.

7. Custom Love Jigsaw Puzzle

Custom Love Jigsaw Puzzle

Does your girlfriend love to play puzzles? If so, you can get her love-shaped jigsaw puzzle with you and your girlfriend’s photo on it. Your girlfriend can enjoy arranging every piece together with you. This is definitely one of the cheap gifts for girlfriend which is also romantic and thoughtful.

8. Color Map Mug

Color Map Mug

If you and your girlfriend love traveling, she definitely will love this color map mug. This gift will reminisce about countries she has visited with you. Moreover, she can color the map in the mug once she visits another place. This gift will be a meaningful keepsake to treasure.

9. DIY Organic Lip Balm Kit

DIY Organic Lip Balm Kit

Why buy your girlfriend a lip balm if she can make it on her own with this gift? This gift will provide all the material she needs to make organic lip balm. As it comes with all natural ingredients, you can guarantee its safety and quality. Your girlfriend will surely fall in love with this precious gift.

10. Romance Language Heart Studs

Romance Language Heart Studs

Jewelry for a gift will never fail to impress your beloved girlfriend. Make your girlfriend stand out and pretty with a pair of cute earrings. Each playful pair offers flirtatious phrases in Spanish or French, which will make your girlfriend attractive. Moreover, this is a handmade product, so each product will be unique and vary.

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11. Classic Literature Cat Tote

Classic Literature Cat Tote

Surprise your girlfriend with a stylish cat tote bag to brighten up her day. Each organic cotton tote bag features a graphic inspired by a classic novel, but updated with a fun feline twist. This gift will ease her mood every time she looks at the funny cat design.

12. Four Seasoned Dried Flower Candle

Four Seasoned Dried Flower Candle

Let your girlfriend enjoy the beauty and scents of each season with this seasonal flower candle. As each candle burns down the middle, the natural fragrances perfume the room while the preserved flowers encased in the wax are gorgeously illuminated. This captivating gift will help her to relax and enjoy every season.

13. Wish Beads Intention Bracelet

Wish Beads Intention Bracelet

Are you looking for charming but cheap gifts for your girlfriend’s birthday? If so, you can surprise her with a wish beads bracelet. Tuck your birthday wish to her inside this beaded bracelet. Therefore, she can carry the wish wherever she goes and let the power of attraction grant the wish. 

14. Aromatherapy Bath Bombs

Aromatherapy Bath Bombs

Transform your girlfriend’s bath time into a fun and wonderful experience with this gift. This is natural bath bomb set that will turn an ordinary bubble bath into the most luxurious, spa-like experience. Moreover, it will help your girlfriend to ease tension, relax, and feel a wave of calm come over her body.

15. Zodiac Crystal Stone Keychain

Zodiac Crystal Stone Keychain

Another charming but cheap gift for your girlfriend who is a zodiac lover! Make her feel special with her zodiac keychain and a beautiful natural stone. This is a perfect gift for daily wear and special occasions. Your girlfriend surely would love to bring it everywhere as a lucky charm.

16. Cozy Slipper Socks

Cozy Slipper Socks

If your girlfriend has a cold allergy, don’t let her get cold by giving her a pair of warm and comfortable slipper socks. Made from thick wool, your girlfriend only has to slide her feet into these adorable slippers and feels the warmth and coziness. This gift will let her feel like walking on a cloud. 

17. Ceramic Succulent Pots

Ceramic Succulent Pots

In case your girlfriend loves gardening, nothing can make her smile ear to ear but this elegant succulent pot. It has a simple and modern design with a removable draining tray made of bamboo that is perfect to catch drips for potted plants. Moreover, this is a perfect gift that can be a home decoration.

18. Soft Multicolor Sweater

With a cheap gift, you might think that your girlfriend can’t be chic and stylish. However, it doesn’t apply with this beautiful sweater. It has multi color chevron design and takes this sweater to a higher level of fashion and design. Your girlfriend will surely fall in love with this gift. 

19. Paint by Number Kit for Beginners

Paint by Number Kit for Beginners

Does your girlfriend love to try painting? Well, a paint by number kit will be a perfect start to try as a beginner. Unlike regular painting where she can easily lose focus, or she just can’t get it the way you want, your girlfriend only has to follow the color number to deliver a masterpiece.

20. DIY Craft Foam Bear

DIY Craft Foam Bear

Since a DIY gift will never fail as a charming but cheap gift, try to get her this foam bear. She can freely decorate the foam bear with roses or other flowers she likes, and it will turn into a beautiful flower bear! Your girlfriend can do it with you and create an unforgettable experience together. 

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21. Gel Nail Polish Set

Gel Nail Polish Set

For some girls, a beautiful nail will increase a girl’s confidence. If your girlfriend is also one of them, help her to boost her confidence by giving her a set of gel nail polish. Moreover, this nail polish is full of gorgeous colors, which will make her nails stunning and have a sense of color.  

22. Vintage Dry Goods for Journal

Vintage Dry Goods for Journal

Sometimes your girlfriend wishes for journaling or making a scrapbook, but she lacks supplies. If so, you can help her solve the problem with this gift. This book has 20 pages from the 1800’s to early 1900’s with many vintage pictures as well. Just cut out these vintage pages and your girlfriend will have all kinds of crafting supplies she needs.

23. Winter Fluffy Earmuffs

Winter Fluffy Earmuffs

This is a perfect charming but cheat gift for your girlfriend in winter. This fluffy earmuff has a simple and pretty design which will warm your girlfriend during winter. Made from high quality material, this gift will also make her look stylish and adorable. She surely can’t help but receive this gift.

24. Travel Size Perfume and Body Wash Gift Set

Travel Size Perfume and Body Wash Gift Set

When traveling, sometimes your girlfriend finds it difficult to bring her bodycare. Help your girlfriend to take care of her body by giving her a set of awesome perfume and body wash. As it comes in travel size, it is easy to bring everywhere. Moreover, it has nice scents and aroma which she definitely will love.

25. Sweet Treat Birthday Hampers

Sweet Treat Birthday Hampers

Get ready to impress your sweet tooth girlfriend as this gift provides all the sweets she needs. It features more than 15 types of sweets to satisfy her craving for sweet food. Your girlfriend will definitely jump into joy and excitement as this gift can fulfill her sugar needs for a year!

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What is a good gift for $10?

Actually there are many good gifts for $10. If you are looking for a generous gift, then food hampers like the sweet treat birthday hampers can be a good choice.Or, if you want to make his/her look fashionable, a soft sweater or a personalized keyring can be an option. Should you need more inspiration for cheap gifts, you can check our list above.

What are the best cheap gifts for girlfriend birthday?

Well, the best cheap gifts for girlfriend are actually coming from your actions. To make it more special, you can give her a personalized love coupon book which is filled with activities you can do together with her. Therefore, you can create unforgettable memories with her which she will cherish forever.

How can I celebrate my girlfriends birthday in low budget?

If you are planning to make a low budget birthday celebration, you can surprise her by giving her experience instead of stuff. For example, a personalized love coupon book with unique activities will help to create amazing moments together. And, you should try to give a personalized gift such as a personalized keyring since the custom product is the one and only thing in the world, which will make her feel special. If you are looking for more cheap gifts for girlfriend on birthday, let’s check our lists above.

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