25 Fail-Proof Surprise Gifts for Girlfriend Ideas 

Surprises will keep the spark in your relationship from time to time. Preparing something special as a surprise for your girlfriend will always be worth your time and efforts. However, surprises do require much efforts and many times, you don’t know how to do it. Well, you can start by choosing a nice surprise gift for your girlfriend. And if you don’t know what would be the best gift, don’t you worry, because are coming to the rescue!

If you keep failing on your previous surprises, then this article is for you. We have prepared a list of 25 the best surprise gifts for your girlfriend that you can choose from. Some of the items are the real gifts, while others are things that will help you in creating a special reveal for your girlfriend. Surprises for your girlfriend clearly doesn’t require the best thing only, because you’ll need to think of the unique and special way to give it to her. If you want to be the best boyfriend for her, then you need to make sure that you’re doing it right this time. 

1. Concert Ticket Scratch Card

Concert Ticket Scratch Card

The first item on the list of the best surprise gifts for your girlfriend would be this Concert Ticket Scratch Card. Taking her to watch her favorite singer performs live would definitely be a great surprise for her. Come up with this gift as a surprise, we guarantee that you’ll make an exciting reveal for her.

2. DIY Surprise Mini Suitcase Scratch

DIY Surprise Mini Suitcase Scratch

A great gift deserves a special reveal. If you are planning a surprise holiday for her, this DIY Surprise Mini Suitcase Scratch would help you make an amazing surprise reveal. Comes with a mini suitcase and a mini passport, you can write your special notes for her, which can also include the destination of the planned holiday. 

3. The One Candle

The One Candle

Scented candles seem like a usual gift. However this The One Candle has a little surprise element to it. Your girlfriend might think she is getting a simple scented candle. However, what she is actually getting is a nice scented candle that has your special message when it lit. Trust us, a delayed surprise will definitely make a good surprise. 

4. Big Surprise Balloon

Big Surprise Balloon

You can also reveal your surprise using this Big Surprise Balloon. The balloon is actually huge in size, making it a surprise already. She will be more thrilled to know thatr there is actually more surprise inside the balloon. So, it makes a double surprise in one go.  

5. Personalized Photo Album in a Box

Personalized Photo Album in a Box

Personalized Photo Album might be something usual for an anniversary gift, but it can be a surprise gift for any other occasion, or even for no occasion at all. Something ordinary given at an unexpected time would still make a great surprise, and that’s a fact!

6. Fujifilm Instax Camera

Fujifilm Instax Camera a

Moving on to number six, we have an unexpected item of a surprise gift for your girlfriend, and it’s this Instax Camera. This cute pinky camera is definitely a useful item to give to your girlfriend, because she can use it to capture her special moments with you, her family, her friends, and more. 

7. Fresh Roses in a Vase

Fresh Roses in a Vase

We just need to include fresh roses into this list of the best surprise gifts for your girlfriend. Send these roses directly to her home or office on random days, and without a doubt it would make a lovely surprise for her. A simple yet thoughtful surprise, which surely will put a smile on her face. 

8. Chocolate Box

Chocolate Box

When she is having a bad day, you can send a gift of her favorite chocolate to cheer her up. Chocolates are simple and you can find them easily anywhere. Even if it is a simple gift, it will definitely be a sweet surprise if you send it at the right time. 

9. Starbucks Gift Card

Starbucks Gift Card

So, your girlfriend is having a busy day at work? Then you can give her this Starbucks gift card on the days when she needs her coffee the most. This will become a little surprise that will make her feel loved and well taken care of by you.

10. Homemade Chocolate Cake

surprise gifts for girlfriend

Why not challenge yourself to bake something for her? You can get these cake premixes so that you won’t have to do it from scratch. She will definitely be surprised to get the cake that you actually bake yourself, especially if you never make one.  The taste won’t probably be as good as store-bought cakes,but your effort is what makes this surprise special. 

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11. I Am Everything Affirmation Card Deck

surprise gifts for girlfriend

Affirmation card deck might be something she doesn’t know she needs. You might think this is something random to be added on this list of surprise gifts for girlfriend ideas. However, she might appreciate these when she starts reading about them. This is a super thoughtful gift for her so that she can have the right amount of positive affirmation she needs every day. 

12. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

surprise gifts for girlfriend

This 100 Dates Scrarch Off Poster will make all your future dates full of little surprises. You can send this poster with one item scratched already, which will be your next date activity. Something that will make at least your next 100 dates more exciting. 

13. Rough Diamond Necklace

surprise gifts for girlfriend

Diamonds are girls’ best friends. Diamonds will also make a great surprise. The idea of giving out diamonds might be scary to some of you due to its high price. You can go with this Rough Diamond Necklace as a cheaper alternative. This necklace comes with unprocessed diamond with a simple design. The unique beauty of the unprocessed diamonds will definitely surprise her. 

14. Custom Phrase Mug

surprise gifts for girlfriend

Another thing you can consider getting for your girlfriend is this Custom Phrase Mug. The surprise element on this mug is that you can write a simple quote on the bottom of the glass so you can surprise her with it. 

15. Mini Heart Ring Holder

surprise gifts for girlfriend

Other than the jewelry itself you can also consider getting this Mini Heart Ring Holder. This gift has an unexpected feel to it, which is perfect for a surprise gift. The ring holder has a unique heart shaped that will be useful for her to keep all her rings.

16. Homemory Candles and Rose Kit

Homemory Candles and Rose Kit

Your girlfriends would love getting a romantic dinner as a surprise. You can get one of these candles and rose kit to prepare your own decoration for a romantic candle light dinner. It comes with small candles and rose petals, which are all the things that you need to prepare a romantic dinner. 

17. Bath Bombs Gift Set

Bath Bombs Gift Set

This one in an item that feels like a luxurious gift. You can consider getting one of these Bath Bomb Set. Women love self-care items like this one. She will even be surprised that you actually know what bath bombs are. 

18. Love Spell Candle with Surprise Jewelry

Love Spell Candle with Surprise Jewelry

Another scented candle with a surprise item on this list of the best surprise gifts for a girlfriend. If the previous one has a surprise letter when lit, these scented candles come with jewelry. After the candles melt, her heart will also melt when she finds the jewelry inside. 

19. Leather Cosmetic Bag

surprise gifts for girlfriend

If you want something that is useful, you can go with a Leather Cosmetic Bag. She won’t expect to get something like this from you, which is exactly what makes it a surprise gift for her. You can also personalized this cosmetic bag with her initials to add a more personal touch to it.

20. Hand-Knit Wool Socks

surprise gifts for girlfriend

A gift that could deliver the warmth of your love for her are these Hand-Knit Wool Socks. The socks are made of wool and knitted by hand. She can wear this to sleep to keep her feet warm all night. 

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21. Floral Street – Light Fragrance Discovery Set

surprise gifts for girlfriend

Perfume is another perfect surprise gift for a girlfriend option. However, choosing the right fragrance that suits her is a little tricky. So, you can choose to get this Light Fragrance Discovery Set, which comes in several scents. Thus, she can later choose which one that she likes best herself.

22. Romantic Dinner Set Box

Romantic Dinner Set Box

For a romantic dinner at home, you need this Romantic Dinner Set Box. It comes with fancy plates, glass, stainless steel cutleries, glass candlesticks, and one ice bucket. You can have a restaurant experience at the comfort of your home. 

23. Luxury Surprise Flower Box

surprise gifts for girlfriend

Unlike common flower boxes, this Luxury Surprise Flower Box comes with flowers and also a small LCD screen. You can create a special video to be included into the box for your girlfriend. 

24. Balance & Tranquility Grow Kit

surprise gifts for girlfriend

Something that you won’t find in any other surprise gifts for girlfriend list is definitely this Balance & Tranquility Grow Kit. She will be surprised that you gave her a gardening kit. It can be a unique me-time activity for her, which can help her clears her mind after a stressful week at work.  

25. Custom Date Night Ticket

surprise gifts for girlfriend

The last item on this list of the best surprise gifts for your girlfriend would be a Custom Date Night Ticket. To make your date night extra special and filled with an element of surprise, you can customize this ticket and send it to your girlfriend before your date night. It will give her a little anticipation on what you have prepared for your date night.

Final Thoughts

Girls love surprises. Just like diamonds, surprises are also a girl’s best friends. When we say surprises, we meant wonderful surprises and most of the time, those surprises come in the form of pinkish gifts that include jewelries, perfumes, personal stuff, and things that support their hobby. If you think that it’s now time to surprise your girlfriend with a special and wonderful gift, then we believe you were able to find some inspirations or ideas from our list of surprises above. Pick the right gift and she will love you even more!

Latest Post:

What is the best surprise gift for a girlfriend?

The best surprise gift on this list of the best surprise gifts for a girlfriend would be the classic fresh roses. There is something about getting fresh flowers that makes it special. You can also prepare a surprise romantic dinner at home for your girlfriend using Candles and Rose Kit and Romantic Dinner Set Box

What gift does girl like most?

Every girl would have a different preference on what gift she likes the most. If your girlfriend likes something that is romantic and meaningful, you can consider getting a Rough Diamond Necklace. If your girl likes something that is out of the box, you can go with something like the Balance & Tranquility Grow Kit.

How do I give a surprise gift?

To give a surprise gift, you can choose the item that she would be happy and surprised to get. You can go with gifts like the instax camera. Also, the way you deliver the surprise is crucial. Something like the Concert Ticket Scratch or the Big Surprise Balloon will help you deliver a successful surprise for your girlfriend. 

How can I surprise my girl on her birthday?

Most girlfriends would expect something from you on her birthday whether it is a special gift or a special date. You can start by booking her for the whole day, then you can prepare all sorts of activities that you can do together. Bringing a birthday cake that you make yourself would be a special surprise for her. Then, complete the birthday surprise with that watch she has been wanting for a while. 

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