25 Best Toys for Deaf Dogs on the Internet  

Dogs are one of the animals that have an overload of cuteness. Among all the pets in the world, dogs are very reliable. But what if we have a deaf dog? Although they are still charming and cute, it must be a difficult task to take care of them. You need special attention for deaf dogs. For example, you need specialty toys and accessories to care for dogs with hearing loss.

Accessories like collars, medical pet tags, and medical aid are such things that are important to have. But the most important thing is a toy! You can get every possible deaf dogs’ toy here! If you want to give something as a gift to your deaf dogs or maybe your friend’s dog, this article will be helpful. It is a comprehensive list that includes toys suitable for deaf dogs.

1. Dog Face Pillow

Dog Face Pillow

This Dog Face Pillow will provide your deaf dog with a comfy resting place! This pillow comes in a cute design that can be customized with a print of your dog’s face on it.

Alternatively, you can put it on your sofa or even your bed. It is made of wool that is hook-sewn by hand. Your dog must be curious to see this pillow and even use it as their toy! 

2. Colorful Rubber Ball with Light

Dog Toy Rubber Ball Colorful with Flash Light

Do you want to give something fun and flashy to your deaf dogs? You can try this Dog Rubber Toy Ball! Look at its color! This dog toy is very colorful and fun for a fetch game! It is also designed as a chew toy that can clean the dog’s teeth. 

The material is really safe as a deaf dogs’ toy. It is a non-toxic toy, so the dog can put it in its mouth without risk. Besides that, this item also can help your dog’s ability to stimulate their hunting process.

3. Dog Lead Slip Cover

Dog Lead Slip Cover

This Dog Lead Slip Cover is one of the best options for a deaf dog’s toy. It has various funky colors like orange, blue, and purple, making this cover more noticeable and stimulating the dog’s eyesight. This slipcover is made from a waterproof fabric with a loop attachment. 

Furthermore, it also has a reflective tape that makes it easy to notice. The additional embroidered quote, ” I am deaf,” is an excellent way to notify other people about your dog’s condition. In any case, your deaf dogs will love it to make this their toy!

4. Dog Harness with Padded Chest Piece

Deaf Dog Dog Harness with Padded Chest Piece

Here is another practical accessory for your deaf dogs! This is a Dog Harness with a Padded Chest Piece. You can notify passersby that your dog has a special condition because the harness has a ‘Deaf Dog’ sign. And guess what? The sign is pretty big to be seen from afar.

Furthermore, it uses waterproof materials and is very lightweight for your dogs to wear when they play with you. With 3 straps that connect to a triangle ring, it will be comfortable for the dog because they can walk freely.

5. Pet Anxiety Relief and Calming Aid


Are you searching for a deaf dog toy? This one might be the best choice! Your dog will feel less anxious and less whinny with the help of this Pet Anxiety Relief. 

It has a cute appearance, so your dog will love to chew it. The unique toy will help reduce your deaf dog’s negative behaviors. Furthermore, it is effortless to use and uses certified safe materials.

6. Rocco & Roxie Dog Toys Ball


This Dog Toy Ball can be a good part of your deaf dog’s daily activity. The balls are made from non-toxic BPAs with no latex or heavy metals, so it very safe. Moreover, this toy is very indestructible. 

Consequently, your dog can chew it all day! Even if the ball is left outside during bad weather, it will not degrade. Durable toys are needed by all pet owners, right?

7. Snuffle Mat for Dogs


Do you want to get something soothing to relieve your deaf dogs’ stress? Try this unique snuffle mat! It can be used by all kinds of dogs. It also can attract their attention to play more and train their foraging skills. This mat also has a portable and lightweight design. So, you can move it around conveniently.

8. Unique Teething Toy Ball


Deaf dogs definitely love something that stimulates their curiosity. You can help them train their visual and smell sensitivity to compensate for their hearing loss with this KONG Stuff-A-Ball

Try to stuff this ball with their favorite snacks or treat, and they will go crazy to play with it. In addition, this multifunction toy doubles as a tool that helps clean the dog’s teeth.

9. Toy Food Dispenser for Interactive Play

Toy Food Dispenser Interactive Play

Want to try something fun with your deaf dogs? Go for this Toy Food Dispenser Interactive Play! It is a perfect treat-seeking game for your loyal pet. 

This toy will encourage your dogs to stimulate their hunting senses. Try to hide their treats in each of the chambers of this toy and show it to your pet. They will paw at the cups and learn to find their lovely treats.

10. Automatic Dog Treat Toys


As a toy, this Automatic Dog Treat Toys will offer a high level of excitement! To be exact, it is a dog food ball dispenser. Your curious deaf dog will try to figure out this toy to get a snack! 

This unique device can also help train your deaf dogs’ IQ and push them to have physical exercises. Now they can enhance their natural hunting instincts without getting hurt. In any case, your lovely pet will have a really great time playing with it.

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11. BarkBox Package of Dogs Toys and Treats


Playing with toys is such a good treatment for your deaf dogs. To support their therapy, now you can get BarkBox Chew Set. It is a package that includes dog toys, treats, and chews. The specialty of this package will allow your deaf dog to have optimum playtime. Furthermore, the content of this set is perfect for dogs of any size.

12. Dog Tennis Ball Toy

Dog Tennis Ball Toy

There is no denying that all dogs love balls. A tennis ball toy like this can be a great toy for them. It has a grippy texture that will encourage them to chew it more. 

This ball also has bright colors and is designed to catch your deaf dogs’ attention when playing with it. Besides that, it also has a squeeze-chew construction that can help keep their teeth and gums healthy!

13. Rubber Bone Dog Toy

Rubber Bone Dog Toy

Look at this bright Rubber Bone Toy! From its color, you can tell that deaf dogs would love it. The design and shape of this bone toy make this item the ultimate toy for your deaf dogs. 

It is made from a rubber material that is very durable and can withstand prolonged chewing. Moreover, this rubber bone toy also has a fun sprinkle of detail.

14. Meidong Dog Chew Toys Toothbrush

Meidong Dog Chew Toys Toothbrush

Does your deaf dog really love to chew something? You could try to get this Dog Chew Toys Toothbrush for your good boy or girl. It is considered a very unique toothbrush for your deaf dog. After all, it is designed to help them clean their teeth effectively. 

This chew toy uses safe materials such as TPR-Thermoplastic Rubber. This material is durable and flexible, so your dog will have fun chewing the toy.

15. Multipet Puppy Plushie

Multipet Look Who's Talking Plush Dog

This cute puppy plushie can be a good friend for your deaf dogs. It is designed realistically, just like a real puppy. This toy is also great for helping your dog be more active. It has a very soft and comfortable material. Your dog will love to cuddle with it more. Such an adorable toy to have! 

16. Squirrel Plushie Puzzle for Dog

Squirrel Plush Dog Toy Puzzle

Have you ever tried to play hide and seek with your deaf dogs? This Squirrel Plush Dog can make hide-and-seek easier. It is designed to have a positive influence on your pets. Moreover, it can help your dogs to train their natural hunting instinct. As you play it more with your deaf dogs, it can help them be mentally stimulated. 

17. Squeak Stick Dog Toy

DuraSqueaks Dog Toy Stick

Get this Dura Squeaks Dog Toy Stick for your deaf dogs because they will love it! It is a floatable toy that you can bring to the pool with your dogs. 

Besides that, it has a bouncy material and will help your dogs be busy. The materials are also gentle to the dog’s teeth and gums. Don’t worry about this toy because it has no toxic materials.

18. Smart Interactive Treat Puzzle for Dog

Outward Hound Smart Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

Spend your time with your dog playing an exciting game with this unique toy! A Smart Interactive Treat Puzzle Toy can stimulate interaction between you and your deaf dog. Let them find the treats that you hide inside the compartments. 

The puzzle comes in the shape of dog bones, so your loyal pet will absolutely love it. Hearing loss will not become a big deal for an intelligent dog with acute smelling sense!

19. Cow Plushie Squeaky Toy for Dog

COW Dog Squeaky Toy

Your deaf dog will be excited to have a fluffy cow toy as a companion! You don’t want to underestimate this toy’s power. After all, it can comfort your dog and accompany your pet to sleep.

It is very understandable to see your deaf dogs taking toys everywhere. Since it is their natural behavior, you can try to give them this Cow Dog Squeaky Toy.

20. Invincibles Gecko Dog Toy

Invincibles Gecko Dog Toy

This Gecko Dog Toy is designed for deaf dogs who like to play rough. This toy is fun and provides your dog with a cuddly buddy that has a fluffy outside appearance. 

Furthermore, it has a Dura-Tuff inner lining with a doubled-layer outer, making your deaf dogs love it. With the stuffing-free design, it can help to reduce the potential mess from the toy.

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21. Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Deaf dogs sometimes can be aggressive while chewing their toys. And so, this toy might be an option for your deaf dog, which loves to chew on things. It comes in the shape of a chew ball tied to an anchor. The dog can pull it with the teeth. It is a stimulating toy that will alleviate your animal companion’s stress level.

22. Double Dentals Dog Toy

Pet Instincts Chew Double Dentals Dog Toy

It is imperative to help your deaf dogs busy with physical activities. This Pet Instincts Chew Double Dentals Toy will help your dog to have an engaged time with it. It has a bright color, so it will be easy to spot by the dog. 

You can bounce or throw it to interact with your pet and let them be active with it. Moreover, it is also a fun toy with natural flossing action that can help your dog’s gum healthy.

23. Colorful Plushie Dog Toy

Look at these cute plushies! They are soft toys that can be an excellent choice for your deaf dog! These colorful fun toys can be a comforting friend to your loyal dog. 

Furthermore, they come in various cute designs that will stimulate the dog’s instinct to play. It also uses high-quality, durable material that will last for a long time! The toy is an excellent tool to entertain your good boy dog!

24. Small Squirrel Dog Toy

Small Squirrel Dog Toy

Let your deaf dog play freely with this small squirrel plushie toy! the adorable toy will help them have interactive playtime with you. After all, you can play fetch with it! 

The toy is very lightweight, so it will not hurt your dog’s jaw. This cute plushie will be your dog’s best friend, and they will carry it with them everywhere they go!

25. Dog Rope Toy

Dog Rope Toy

This Dog Rope Toy is a perfect gift for your deaf dogs. It is a toy that is designed to look like a knotted rope. Furthermore, it uses a unique material that will ensure its durability. 

This toy also has a resilient fabric that allows your deaf dogs to tug, chase, bite, chew or even fetch roughly. The design and construction of the toy make it perfect for tug of war.

Final Thoughts

Dogs are adorable. For dog lovers, having a deaf dog is actually a blessing. It means that the owner is able to shower their dog with love and extra attention. If you are one of the lucky ones, then we believe you will definitely say yes to special toys for deaf dogs. Since your little furry friend is unable to hear sounds or noises, then it would be best for you to go for toys that can stimulate your dog’s other senses instead. With such toys, which we have included some of the most recommended items on the list above, we believe that you can keep your dog happy and active all day long!

Latest Post:

What kind of toys do deaf dogs like?

Deaf dogs really love toys that can make them feel excited. The toys also have to stimulate their hunting instinct. It is essential to make them curious to have a great playtime. A Cow Dog Squeaky Toy, Dog Toy Rubber Ball with Colorful Design, or Meidong Dog Chews Toy can be great toys for your deaf dogs. 

How do you stimulate a deaf dog?

To stimulate a deaf dog, you can give them a toy that helps trigger their hunting instinct. Toys with colorful designs and unique shapes are perfect for deaf dogs. You can also get a toy that incorporates treats so the dog can smell it. Dogs with hearing loss will rely on their sense of smell more. So, toys like Rubber Bone Dog Toy, Squirrel Plush Puzzle, Toy Food Dispenser Interactive Play, and Gecko Dog Toy must be perfect for deaf dogs. 

How do you make a deaf dog happy?

Every dog will be happy to play every time. Try to give your dogs more free time to play as long as possible. To make them happy, you can get them toys like Dog Rope Toy, Dog Toy Stick, and Dog Tennis Ball. Besides that, you can try to have some game time while playing with your deaf dogs. Go with the Outward Hound Smart Interactive Treat Puzzle or PETGEEK Automatic Dog Treat. Those can make them curious about where their treats are. 

Do deaf dogs make good pets?

Deaf dogs are wonderful pets. They are brilliant even though they lack hearing. Deaf dogs can learn faster through body or sign language. They also can be therapy dogs. It is because they can have agility and obedience that is really important for a therapy pet.

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