35 Cool & Unique Dog Beds for All Dogs

Cool and unique dog beds are no longer limited to giving your dog a comfortable place to snooze off. They also make a major contribution to your home’s interior décor. Finding the perfect dog bed would, therefore, entail striking the balance between function and appeal.

Fortunately, there are lots of interesting dog bed designs to meet your precise requirements. There are no paws too big or small to find the ideal bed for snoozing off! Whether you are looking to match your interior space or offer a touch of luxury to your furry friend, we have got you covered.

Coolest Dog Beds That Are Unique:

We have curated a comprehensive list of the best dog beds out there for all pet owners. There are designer dog beds for fashion-forward fur babies and bunk dog beds for those who love a little adventure.

No matter what your preferences are, we have something for you and your pampered fur baby. So read on and discover the best fit for your furry friend and your home’s décor!

#1 Personalized Barrel Dog Beds 

Personalized Barrel Dog Beds - unique dog beds

What better way to show you love your pup than with one of these unique dog beds! The secret for its sophisticated looks is that it uses a whiskey barrel as the base material.

A custom tag adds a personal touch to make your furry friend feel all the more special. Think of how much appeal this creative piece will add to your interior décor!

#2 BioMedic Pet Modular Sectional Dog Sofa 

BioMedic Pet Modular Sectional Dog Sofa - unique dog beds

For all the firm believers in the “dogs are people too” philosophy, here is a dog sofa to show you mean it! With your pup’s comfort as the highlight of the design, this is one spot they will definitely cherish.

The design’s versatility offers numerous comfortable positions. More importantly, it effortlessly brings your interior space to life.

#3 Lula Entryway Dog Bed 

Murphy Style Dog Bed

An entryway dog bed is a great way to cross several hurdles with a single leap. Foremost, it creates the perfect lounge zone for the four-legged family member.

From this vantage point, he can easily keep abreast of the household’s happenings. Second, it spices up your entryway with a unique focal point. Finally, it saves on space by doubling up as a storage area.

#4 Personalised Dog Sofa Bed 


Looking for an outstanding gift for friends who love their dog more than you? How about one of these cool dog beds to show them you are not at all jealous!

Made using orthopaedic foam, it offers lots of support and comfort for canines. A gusset on the top makes it the perfect spot to snooze and stretch out on a lazy summer afternoon.

#5 Tipii Dog Beds 

Tipii Dog Beds

Breakaway from convention with the Tipii luxury dog beds. Designed to offer them a camping experience indoors, the structure has four walls and an entrance.

Perfect for moments when they need a little time alone, this dog bed remains upright all through. A soft double-sided pompom mat graces the interior offering a plush resting area.

#6 Soho by Rachael Ray Home Dog Bed 

Dog Bed King USA Bolster Dog Bed w/Removable Cover

Give your pup a taste of the good life on one of these luxury dog beds. Poplar solids are the choice of material with a classy finish with tech veneers in ash brown.

To complete the look, it incorporates gold-toned accents. A reversible cushion offers double the functionality. Thanks to its modern style construction, it will fit right in with your contemporary décor.

#7 Rosalyn Bunk Bed Dog Bed 

Rosalyn Bunk Bed Dog Bed - unique dog beds

Any dog would kill for one of these innovative bunk beds. And if you happen to have two canines, well, it would be double the fun!

The only bone of contention would be who gets the bottom bunk. Neutral colors that blend right in with virtually any décor and removable pads are just some of the highlights of the design.

#8 Rustic Dog Crate Furniture Credenza Media Center 

Rustic Dog Crate Furniture Credenza Media Center

If you are looking for a combination dog crate bed and storage unit, this piece has got you covered. High-quality pine wood, sliding barn doors and a rustic finish combine to give it a touch of sophistication.

And the best part about it is that the design is customizable to your personal preferences!

#9 navy Polka Dog Cotton Dog Bed 

Wags N Whiskers Grayson Small Square Pet Bed

In the perfect blend of style and comfort, this polka dot bed seeks to bring out the fashion sense in your pup.

Featuring a water-resistant fabric on the base and an invertible interior for easy cleaning, it takes both you and your trendy dog into consideration. It has no loose parts, so you no longer have to worry about rip ups.

#10 The Lucky Dog Chair 

The Lucky Dog Chair - unique dog beds

A stylish dog sofa such as this one is not all about giving your canine a comfortable hangout spot. It is also a great way to add a touch of fabulous to your living room décor.

Nothing says tasteful as this elegant faux leather piece does. Set to be a conversation starter in your interior, this bed is a great way to transform a boring space.

#11 Lansdown Dog Chaise Lounge 

Moots Premium Leatherette Pets Sofa

Reward your furry friend for their loyalty with one of these unique dog beds. Featuring memory foam cushions and a sturdy wooden frame, it is the perfect blend of quality and comfort.

High-quality material and top-notch craftsmanship ensure that it will last a lifetime. If you are looking for the ultimate gift choice for a dog owner, this is it!

#12 Light Grey and Aquamarine Luxury Bed for Dogs 

Light Grey and Aquamarine Luxury Bed for Dogs - unique dog beds

Personalized dog beds are a great way to show your love for your furry companion. Not only is this piece extremely adorable. Every aspect of it is made with your canine in mind.

The fabric choice, soft mink fur, will be sure keep your pup comfy. And the color combo, personalized pillows and bone-shaped toy give it great aesthetics.

#13 Black and Purple Designer Pet Bed 

Black and Purple Designer Pet Bed

Make your pup feel like royalty by getting them one of these designer dog beds. Purple and black is indeed the ideal color choice for a royal dog.

Polka dots add to the effect, giving them a few points in the fashion sector as well. Offering the real deal in both the elegance and coziness sector, this is a must-have for every pampered pup.

#14 Beverly Chesterfield Dog Sofa 

Beverly Chesterfield Dog Sofa

Having a nightmare trying to keep your pup off the furniture? Well, the easiest way to get that done would be to get them their own!

This gorgeous leatherette dog sofa is the ultimate choice for a pampered pup. Great attention to detail is evident in the design, making it an awesome focal point for any space.

#15 Kyle Premier Dog Sofa 

Enchanted Home Pet Rockwell Dog Sofa

Your dog deserves a break from the hassles of chewing shoes and chasing squirrels. What better way to take a breather than on this amazing pet sofa!

It offers sufficient room for him to stretch out, lie on his back, roll over, and do all things that dogs do on summer afternoons. And when the adrenaline runs out, all he has to do is shut his eyes and drift off to sleep.

#16 Mid Century Modern Pet Bed 

Dark Oak/Black/Dark Gray Kaylor Mid Century Modern Dog Sofa

Whoever said dog beds are all about functionality has not seen this masterpiece. In as far as looks are concerned this trendy bed takes the day!

Drawing inspiration from the mid-century, it has what it takes to redefine any home, retro or modern. Most importantly, its cushion guarantees round the clock comfort for your furry friend.

#17 Constantine Dog Sofa with Storage Pocket 

Constantine Dog Sofa with Storage Pocket

Give your adorable pet a taste of canine heaven with one of these cool dog beds. Featuring a solid foam cushion and low profile arms, it promises relief after a long arduous day.

Whether your dog has to deal with the pains of old age or general aches, this is the perfect spot for winding down.

#18 Archie & Oscar Copper Dog Sofa 

Archie & Oscar Copper Dog Sofa

Smooth velvet offers your pet an opportunity to rest in absolute comfort on this interesting dog bed. The interesting bit about it is that it takes the exact shape of a regular sofa.

But thanks to its miniature form, it has the ideal dimensions to relax your furry companion. What a way to add visual interest to your living room and keep the canine happy!

#19 Hand-Crafted Wooden Dog Bed 

Hand-Crafted Wooden Dog Bed

Maybe it’s the curious bird on the corner of the rustic bed. Or possibly the bone-shaped plaque on the front complete with pebble paw marks.

It’s hard to put a finger on it, but something about this creative dog bed makes you want to take it home! Featuring a rustic exterior and a plush interior, it is a picture of simplicity at its finest.

#20 The Chatsworth Snuggle Sack Dog Bed 

The Chatsworth Snuggle Sack Dog Bed

We all have that one friend who has found it impossible to make their wet-nosed friend stop sleeping in their bed. It just might be that the pup is a big fan of cuddling that he just cannot let go.

Well, in that case, what they need is one of these snuggle sack dog beds. Made to keep canines warm, cozy and all snuggled up, this is the perfect answer to their woes.

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#21 Lantana BioMedic Gustavo Dog Sofa 

Heitman Dog Sofa

Gustavo is the very essence of luxury for every dog, big and small. You know how much your furry friend loves to nap.

Now they can do so in absolute style on one of these spacious dog beds. Memory foam cushions add to the taste of luxury as does the smooth and cozy fabric.

#22 Clara Outdoor Hooded Dog Chaise Lounge 

Clara Outdoor Hooded Dog Chaise Lounge - unique dog beds

In the searing heat of summer, nothing feels quite as relaxing as an outdoor chaise lounge. Well, the rule applies both for humans and their canine best friends.

With one of these fun dog beds, you can enjoy sunbathing as your dog lounges in the shade. Plus, it would add serious pizzazz to your patio or deck!

#23 Personalized Orthopedic Dog Bed 

Personalized Orthopedic Dog Bed

Provide your furry companion with a good night’s rest on one of these unique dog beds.

Whether she happens to be injured or advanced in age, the orthopedic cushion offers relief. Its plush sleeping surface will help to relieve their pain and make their snooze time worthwhile.

#24 Glitz & Glamour Pet Bed 


Considering how much time a dog spends sleeping, this glamorous bed would make a great investment.

Cool beds for dogs do not come any better than this! Made for a true canine princess, it sports magnificent pillars on all corners and a crown at the headboard. What a way to make her feel like royalty!

#25 Luxury Dog Memory Foam Sofa 

Luxury Dog Memory Foam Sofa

All dogs need a place to call their own and this memory foam sofa offers that and so much more. The cushioning is not only cozy but also has what it takes to relieve pain in ageing dogs.

Available in multiple microfiber hues, you will be sure to find one that matches your décor perfectly.

#26 Coffee Table Dog Bed 

Coffee Table Dog Bed- unique dog beds

For dog owners who have to contend with tiny space living, this is one of the best dog beds to make the most of your space.

Without a cushion on the base and a dog in it, this is just another elegant coffee table. But it easily transforms into the ideal sanctuary for your pup without consuming any extra space.

#27 Hooded Dog Beds with Faux fur Cover 

Hooded Dog Beds with Faux fur Cover

Dog owners with short-haired pups will go to all lengths to keep them warm in colder months. Well, with a funny dog bed you can say goodbye to all your winter woes.

Any four-legged friend who loves to sleep in some sort of shelter would treasure this piece. Its cozy interior and hooded cover ensures warmth, comfort and a feeling of safety all year round.

#28 Cornelia Dog Sofa with Solid Foam Cushion 

Cornelia Dog Sofa with Solid Foam Cushion

Bring a pet lover’s favorite fantasy to life with this unique bed for dogs. Sporting a distinct Victorian design, it will be sure to become a treasured possession for dogs and owners alike.

Ornate detailing and outstanding craftsmanship make it an instant hit in every respect. If you are trying to find a gift for a pet lover who has everything, this would be your best bet.

#29 Consuelo Dog Sofa 

Consuelo Dog Sofa

Keep your pup away from draft and in snuggly comfort with the ultimate dog sofa. Featuring little wooden feet that lift it off the ground, this sofa offers the perfect rest position.

The plush surface feels great against your pup’s skin cuddling him to sleep. And a slightly raised armrest completes the design for pets that love to lean.

#30 Game of Thrones Themed Dog Bed 

Game of Thrones Themed Dog Bed

Your Game of Thrones-themed interior is far from complete if you do not have one of these cool dog beds. Every aspect of it from the colors to the detailing draws inspiration from the Iron Throne.

If you are looking for a unique way to make them a part of your favorite show, then you just found it!

#31 Bambu Nautical Pet Hammock 

Bambu Nautical Pet Hammock

A pet hammock like this one is every dog owner’s dream come true. Thanks to its design, it lulls your pup to sleep and keeps him cozy all through.

Additionally, the simple yet elegant design makes a remarkable contribution to your home’s aesthetics. With one of these unique dog beds, you get to have your cake and eat it too!

#32 Corina Dog Sofa 

Corina Dog Sofa - unique dog beds

Give your wet-nosed friend the comfort they deserve with this classy dog sofa. All pampered pets would appreciate the cozy and plush surface.

The embossed micro velvet cushion cover adds significantly to the style of your interior. A storage pocket at the back helps keep your space clutter-free by holding the pup’s toys and bones.

#33 Duchess Heart Decorative Dog Bed 

Duchess Heart Decorative Dog Bed

When it comes to decorative few can match up to the elegance of this piece. What makes it the best bed for your dogs is the perfect balance between visual appeal and function.

If your furry friend is accustomed to royal treatment, then this should be right up their alley! If not, then it is a great way to introduce them to the good life.

#34 Niubya Outdoor Dog Bed with Canopy

Outdoor Dog Bed with Canopy

Pamper your dog with the comfort of this unique dog bed! Equipped with a removable canopy, the dog will be protected from the sun and feel comfortable resting outdoors after playing all day. Having an elevated design with a cot-style, dogs of any breed can fit and comfortably sleep on it. The bed comes with a portable frame that makes it easy for the owner to fold or carry it anywhere he needs it.

#35 Indoor Foldable Dog Cave Bed

Indoor Dog House

If you are a Dog’s owner, who will give anything as long as your dog is happy, then buying him this dog bed can be the right choice! This foldable dog bed is decorated with fluffy fur to ensure your dog feels comfy sleeping on it. There is a secluded room where your lovely pet can safely hide when he wants to be alone. Because it is foldable, this mattress can be used as a sofa for dogs to sit on. Convenient and efficient, right? Your favorite dog will definitely feel your love even if he can’t express it.

What is the best and most unique dog bed you can buy in 2022?

In the following list, we present you the best and most unique dog beds you may consider buying in 2022. Check it out!

1. Tipii Dog Beds 

2. Lula Entryway Dog Bed 

3. Indoor Foldable Dog Cave Bed

4. Personalized Barrel Dog Beds 

5. Niubya Outdoor Dog Bed with Canopy

6. Hooded Dog Beds with Faux fur Cover 

7. The Chatsworth Snuggle Sack Dog Bed 

8. Constantine Dog Sofa with Storage Pocket 

9. Clara Outdoor Hooded Dog Chaise Lounge

10. Cornelia Dog Sofa with Solid Foam Cushion 

We understand that dog owners will give everything for the happiness of their beloved animals. Therefore, we really hope that this list of dog beds can add insight to finding the most comfortable and coolest bed for your dogs. Don’t forget to share this post so others can be inspired like you 🙂

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