32 Coolest Cat Beds for Your Feline Friend

Cats have undoubtedly mastered the art of sleeping. They simply love their snooze and spend up to two-thirds of every day deep asleep. It is therefore only fair that we make sure they enjoy this significantly large portion of their life in utmost comfort. The only way to do that is by investing in a unique and stylish cat crib for them to snooze the day away.

For that reason, we set out to find the coolest cat beds that money can buy. From luxurious chunky yarn cat cocoons & unique window-mounted hammocks to flamboyant custom-made cat caves, you will find them all here. But of course, make sure you know your cat’s size before purchasing one. Thus, it can fit your furry friend best.

Check out the best and coolest cat beds below!

What Makes A Cat Bed The “Coolest”?

The “coolest” cat bed is subjective and depends on individual preferences. However, features such as unique designs, comfortable materials, and practicality are often considered to make a cat bed “cool”.

Cool Cat Beds for Cool Cats

Take a look at these impressive samples and discover an awesome bed for cats that best suits your feline friend’s personality. They come in various sizes you can choose based on your cat’s breed. Besides, most of the collections bear cute and intriguing designs your cat impossible to resist. And of course, these coolest cat beds ensure their comfort. So, your furry friends can enjoy their time and sleep to the fullest with these beds. Find the best one below!

#1 The Great White Shark Cat Bed 

The Great White Shark Cat Bed - coolest cat beds

A place to play and enjoy great memories, this is one of the coolest shark cat beds. It offers a humorous retreat for the family pet both during the waking hours and for their all-important sleep session.

Moreover, it is the perfect prop for an awesome photo session starring your sleepy feline friend in the funniest positions being devoured by the greatest predator of all time. Yet, surprisingly, it remains blissfully indifferent. 

#2 Game of Thrones Inspired Iron Throne Cat Furniture Bed 

Game of Thrones Inspired Iron Throne Cat Furniture Bed - coolest cat beds

Are you looking for a way to push your allegiance to the Game of Thrones to a whole new level? Recruit a new member to the cause and have some fun creating great loyalty and royalty shots.

An actual throne is actually the best-suited hangout spot for one of the most entitled yet totally adorable members of the animal fraternity. Considering the size, it will easily fit almost all breeds, but not the maine coon. You also need to ensure the space is pretty wide to set this bed.

#3 The Designer Shoe Shaped Cat Bed 

The Designer Shoe Shaped Cat Bed - coolest cat beds

Cats have a way of identifying the coziest spots in the house and making them their favorite curl-up and snooze spots. With this ingenious designer shoe concept, you make this task so much easier for them.

It ensures they maximize on comfort and warmth in this plush environment as they enjoy some precious shut-eye time. Given the fluffy and closed design, this bed will make your feline snuggle in the winter even cozier.

#4 Exclusive Eco-Friendly Cat Cave 

Exclusive Eco-Friendly Cat Cave - coolest cat beds

If you combine your love for nature and a desire to give your feline companion a treatment fit for kings then what you get is this awesome cat bed. It is one of the coolest cat beds of all time!

Not only it ensures utmost comfort for this gentle friend, but also generates some serious visual interest creating a unique focal point to accent your living room. You better arrange one in the corner area of your family or living room as it will provide a cozy hidden space for your pet.

#5 Chunky Merino Knit Cat Beds 

Chunky Merino Knit Cat Beds

Any item that incorporates a woven pattern always has a stunning effect. This soft woolen bed for your cat is quite inspiring in its design and an impressive array of color choices to suit your pet’s preferences and demands.

It also provides quite a cozy environment for them to feel pampered and loved always. Not only they can sleep here, but this piece allows your cat to snuggle in the winter. We recommend having one in the corner of your family room near the heater. That way, your cat will feel warm all day.

#6 Cat TeePee Bed 

Cat TeePee Bed

This teepee tent has definitely got to be the epitome of cool cat beds. It provides a secure refuge for your family cat and gives them the privacy they at times need but just cannot seem to have with so much going on.

The pompom detailing is impeccable making it all the more adorable. It also creates lots of opportunities for memorable photo sessions. Add some of their favorite toys as photo props or simply accompany them when they sleep at noon.

#7 Sleep and Play Teepee Cat Bed 

Sleep and Play Teepee Cat Bed

For all the fancy, classy cats in the house who want things done just so, we present the memory foam play and sleep mat. Your family pet requires just as much nurturing as the rest of the family members and this little hideout provides that in abundance.

Fitted with a suspended pompom, it allows them to enjoy some tossing here and there as they think about their promising future. Consider arranging this one with a cat bowl and water dispenser next to the bed to make this area cat-friendly.

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#8 The Eco-Friendly Handmade Felt Cat Cave Bed 

The Eco-Friendly Handmade Felt Cat Cave Bed

Nothing better than a cat head-shaped little cave for your feline friend to enjoy some downtime as well as lots of opportunities for play. This is among the most stylishly unique cat beds ensuring little interruption when they need a break from the annoying kids.

Besides, such a bed ensures the perfect light reduction facility for quality sleep. They can simply hide inside and sleep soundly. For that reason, corner spots make the best area to set this bed as it provides dim light they prefer to snuggle.

#9 Window Mounted Cat Perch 

Window Mounted Cat Perch

Would you like to make your cat’s life an unending holiday at a 5-star resort? Start with this sophisticated and elegant hammock to give them the luxury and comfort they crave.

With it in place, they get to enjoy a little of each of the indoor and outdoor environments from the best vantage point. To have such an amazing sight, you must mount it on the wall anywhere near the windows.

#10 Japanese Pagoda Cat House 

Cat house Japanese Pagoda

Has your cat been on his best behavior all year long? Why not get him one of the coolest cat beds ever to reward his conduct and motivate him to keep it up? The Japanese Pagoda cat house is an icon of comfort and a most impressive centerpiece for the modern home.

It is fitted with everything your cat needs to thrive from a high ceiling concept to entertaining toys to while away his time.  Nonetheless, it features a pretty big design that will require you to prepare a wider area. In this case, you can consider your family room near the indoor garden to provide better air circulation.

#11 Ergonomic Cat Hammock Bed 

Cat hammock - Ergonomic cat bed (Lapin). Cat furniture, cat beds, cat hammock bed, pet beds, pet furniture, cute cat gift, cat lover gifts

If your cat loves to keep up with the goings on of your household then give him the opportunity to enjoy close proximity to you and nod off in comfort if he has to. The natural fabric of this cat bed takes the shape of your feline buddy to ensure he is cozy at all times.

Besides, it allows him all the space needed to stretch out as they all love to do. You can provide the best space for him, like near the windows, so he can lie on this cozy bed while sightseeing around.

#12 Turquoise Felt Fantasy Cat Cave 

Turquoise Felt Fantasy Cat Cave

For anyone who enjoys recreating a fantasy world and getting lost in it for a few blissful moments let your cat enjoy this pastime as much as you do. This is one of the most impressive and coolest cat beds available that combines an interesting visual appeal.

It highlights vivid color choices, making this bed a great prop for frequent photo sessions while ensuring the utmost comfort for its owner. Moreover, it will look amazing against white walls that make this bed stands out in the corner.

#13 Cat Nap Cocoon Beds 

Cat Nap Cocoon Beds

There is a reason why cat loves to curl up into little compact balls when trying to get some sleep. They appreciate the warmth and cozy feeling this position provides and you can put that to good use when choosing their next favorite bed.

This cocoon bed is all your cat needs and much more when it comes to getting the most out of their nap session. Furthermore, its wide space will effortlessly fit two kittens to snuggle together. You can arrange one in the corner of your living room, next to the window to make it a centerpiece.

#14 Made-To-Order Apple Green Cat Cave 

Made-To-Order Apple Green Cat Cave

This eye-catching design creates a great spot for your furry friend to spend his days. It affords him a front-seat view of the activities taking place. At the same time, it gives him some privacy when he feels the need to take a timely siesta.

Moreover, it looks and feels great and is designed to fulfill every one of its occupant’s desires. But the best thing is it makes an excellent hidden space for your cats who love to play hide and seek.

#15 Italian Made Drop Cat Caves 

Italian Made Drop Cat Caves

If your house boasts a more than average occupancy by the feline family, these cave-inspired cool cat beds would look awesome as the living room’s centerpieces. Available in a variety of cool, relaxing natural hues, they create a sense of calm in man and cat and incorporate a sense of style into an otherwise purely functional piece. 

With such a design, this bed provides a comfortable space for the cat to sleep in dim light, ensuring he can sleep soundly. With such a design, this bed provides a comfortable space for the cat to sleep in dim light, ensuring he can sleep soundly. Unfortunately, the antenna-like design unable the bed to reside under the table. Hence, you better save a spot in the corner of your family room with a cat bowl and dispenser around.

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#16 EZ Mount Window Kitty Bed 

EZ Mount Window Kitty Bed

The suction cup mountable cat bed is a brilliant concept that allows your cat to enjoy different strategic views each day. It takes into account their inherent need for companionship and allows you to keep them close as you go about your indoor activity.

The half-pod design makes the warm and plush interior easy to access and at the same time gives these cool cat beds a stylish look. With this design, no other spot is perfect than sticking this bed on the windows. If you have an indoor garden with a glass sliding door, set one on it.

#17 Princess Cat Cave

Princess Cat Cave

Does your furry little princess deserve a castle for her undying loyalty and unfailing companionship? This fairy tale cat bed looks great, feels even greater, and gives your home an instant facelift.

The cool pink and rosy inspiration enhances its charming effect and transforms it into an enchanting focal point for the room of choice. You can arrange one to fill the void space in the corner of your living room. Also, choose one near the window to provide fresh and good air circulation.

#18 Chunky Yarn Cat Basket Bed 

Chunky Yarn Cat Basket Bed

Woven baskets were the original favorite go-to spots for cats and this design appeals to that innate inclination of our furry buddies. This bed is made up of the softest merino wool that offers a natural draw to slumber lovers and helps to regulate their temperature

It also absorbs all moisture to give them the most relaxing sleep experience every single time. Knowing it doesn’t have any tall accessories, you can easily tuck this bed under the end table in your family room.

#19 Kitty Ball Hooded Cat Bed 


The hooded cat bed is made in the likeness of a baby cot and has the same pampering effect on your family’s top-performing nap lover. It provides a vantage look-out spot to ensure they do not miss a thing.

Meanwhile, the vintage design makes it a perfect piece to accent any space it occupies. It also helps to save on floor space but is still easily accessible to its occupant. Set one next to your family room’s sofa to allow your cat watch the TV with you while laying on his bed.

#20 Curved Wall Mount Cat Shelf Bed 

Curved Wall Mount Cat Shelf Bed

This is one of the coolest cat beds for the contemporary feline. It affords them the rare opportunity to get some exercise done as they get up on their perched chill spot. Also, it is both stylish and cozy, and gives them a great view of their surroundings.

Furthermore, it can be mounted anywhere in the house for the user’s comfort. But be sure not any area near your dining table. In addition, it can give everyone the chance for a good laugh watching the cat use the sisal step to climb.

#21 Cat Sled Hammock Bed 

Cat Sled Hammock Bed

The sled-inspired design is extremely thoughtful and takes into consideration the individual comfort of its user by taking their body shape while they rest to enhance comfort. The use of wood makes it seem quite sophisticated.

Having this simple and tiny design, you can place it anywhere in the house without compromising the visual orientation of the space. We recommend your living room, a semi-outdoor patio in your backyard, and a spot near your indoor garden to arrange the bed.

#22 Ohhio Braid Cat Bed 

Ohhio Braid Cat Bed

The woven design of these modern cat beds allows your cat to have the best time in slumberland by providing a snug and inviting shelter to keep them warm throughout. The bed is durable thanks to the claw-resistant material used.

Therefore, it will serve its occupant for as long a time as they wish to abide within its cozy walls. Moreover, its handy size allows the furry parent to place one in a narrow area, like under the table to save space.

#23 Cat Mod Dream Pod

Cat Mod Dream Pod

Do you know the way we all wish for a pod bed but it remains within the boundaries of a fantasy world? Well, you have the opportunity to let your cat live the dream by getting the feline version. Safety is the topmost consideration of this inspired design.

It ensures this by including a poly-fill pillow and plush lycra for the internal finish. It is easy to access yet affords much-needed privacy for quality sleep any time of day. You can arrange one in the area with dim light to provide sound sleeping.

#24 Ziggy Stardust Cat bed

Ziggy Stardust Cat bed. Aladdin Sane cat bed. Bowie cat cave. Wool cat house. Gift for pets.

Funny cat beds do not come any more humorous than these. If only your cat could understand the inspiration behind his bed’s design he would be most grateful for the thoughtful gesture.

It is extremely adorable and provides a great hiding spot. Besides, the bed makes the perfect prop for a killer photo shoot session to share with the rest of the world. Set one near the window to allow natural light comes through.

#25 Handmade Light Grey Cat Cave 

Handmade Light Grey Cat Cave

You can definitely feel the love in every stitch of these amazingly cool cat beds made from soft natural wool. It minimizes light interference to maximize the hibernation session of its furry user.

It also provides a suitable cave for playing hide-and-seek as well as an adorable spot for a memorable photo moment as your cat snoozes away. Moreover, its cat-shaped ears make for a gentle humorous twist to keep you both smiling. 

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#26 Sleepy Mouse Caves 

Cat bed - puppy beds - cat igloo - cat cave - Sleepy Cat - grey

The yawning mouse design is one of the most amusing concepts to ever grace the coolest cat bed line. Complete with a tail this house-like structure makes provision for both uninterrupted sleep and lots of play.

It looks awesome as a unique decorative piece for the home and its soft and fluffy fabric choice makes it a cozy retreat for your lazy cat. You better place one in your living room to create a stand-out point.

#27 Karma Cat Pet Cave Bed 

Karma Cat Pet Cave Bed - cool cat beds

This cave bed takes into consideration every little detail of a cat’s fantasy and strives to bring them all to life in one impressively comfy retreat. It uses the scent of lanolin. Such a lovely fragrant will entice cats as they are naturally drawn to this scent that reminds them of happy times with their moms.

As for the bed, it is naturally warm and the design makes for a snug fit to keep them feeling secure. Besides, the quirky design makes the bed an amazing prop to have a home photo shoot. You just need to make sure you set one in a spot with proper natural light.

#28 Cozy and Dozy Wall Shelf Cat Bed 

Cozy and Dozy Wall Shelf Cat Bed

Carved wall mounting perches are among the fanciest and coolest cat beds to ensure that your pet’s desire for comfort is given adequate attention. They cradle the lazy occupants like adorable little babies.

Moreover, they also give you ample opportunity to take the best possible shots as they slumber away. It is extremely easy to install and makes an interesting point of visual appeal in the area it resides. We recommend either family room or a spot near your indoor garden to set one.

#29 Magenta Angler Fish


These startled cat impressions make the coolest cat beds ever full of humor and good cheer. They are a great centerpiece and would make an awesome gift choice for your favorite feline friend.

IIt features a kind of antenna on the fish where your kittens or cats can play around with it. Also, the cave-like design ensures your cats have the best sleeping time with dim light they always prefer to snuggle. To make it a center point in the house, nothing can beat the living room as the best place to arrange the bed.

#30 Personalised Designer Cat Beds 

Personalized Cuddler Pet Beds, Pet Bedding, Personalized Dog Bed, Custom Pet Name, Pet Gift, Pet Bed Mattress, Pet Bed Cover

These cool cat beds allow you to customize your cat’s abode by adding his name to his property. It makes an awesome gesture of appreciation to the four-footed family member and makes him feel a sense of belonging.

It is lined with the coziest plush pillow ensuring an unforgettable dream session every single time. As you can request to add a name, you better take this opportunity to make it more attractive. Given its small design, it will easily fit in any corner of your home.

#31 Foldable Cave Cat with Fluffy Ball and Scratch Pad

Bedsure Cat Beds for Indoor Cats

Having a versatile tool will be another advantage for pet owners, such as a multi-functions cat bed. Since they can sleep, play with the hanging fluffy ball, or go to the top of the bed to only lie down or scratch as the cats usually do. That’s why this cat bed is a must-have for cat owners.

A foldable one as well, so that it is easy to carry everywhere they go. The cushion inside is removable too to make it easier for cleaning. All of the material, particularly the top one, is durable, so, no worries if your cat reaches the top to lie down. If you have two cats but have no wider space to buy two beds, this one is your ultimate pick.

#32 Pineapple Cat Bed

PetnPurr Pineapple Pet Bed for Cats

If you love buying fun yet cute cat accessories, then add this to your collection. A pineapple cat bed is worth buying. It is small, bright, fluffy, and looks like a pineapple! We guarantee your cat will love it!

Since the pineapple color is yellow, then, it will give a fresh look to the room. The size is not too big, so, make sure to fit it to your pet’s size first. We recommend purchasing one if you have a Persian, British, or Scottish breed as their bodies are not too big.

Final Thoughts

When buying a pet bed, you can select the fluffy one with durable material. Choosing a neutral or bright color will enhance your pet’s mood. Cats like to scratch, then, buying them a bed that provides a scratch pet will be your cat’s favorite.  As cats like having a bed that is small yet cozy, then the selections above are the solutions. Because as people said, if the cats can sit in, then it fits them.

There is simply no end to the number of ingenious designs of cool cat beds to create a sense of humor. A stylish focal point and most importantly, the coziest possible spot for your feline friend to get their daily dose of shuteye. Make sure you surprise them with the most suitable of these options today.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should you look for when buying a cat bed?

When buying a cat bed, it’s important to consider the size and weight of your cat, as well as their sleeping habits and preferences. You should also look for a bed made with comfortable and durable materials, and consider its design and style.

What materials are used for the cat beds?

Cat beds can be made from a variety of materials, including:

  • Fabric. Soft, plush fabrics like fleece, cotton, or suede are popular choices for cat beds as they provide comfort and warmth.
  • Foam. Memory foam or high-density foam can be used to provide a supportive and cozy bed for your cat.
  • Natural materials. Some cat beds are made from natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, or wicker, which are durable and attractive.
  • Synthetic materials. Synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and plastic can be used to create cat beds that are affordable and easy to clean.
  • Wood. Wooden cat beds can provide a sturdy and stylish option for your furry friend.

How can you keep your cat’s bed clean?

To keep your cat’s bed clean, you should regularly wash or replace the bedding, and spot clean any spills or stains. Some cat beds may be machine washable, while others may need to be hand washed.

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