90 Best Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas for Him or Her

A kingdom left in turmoil. Self-proclaimed kings vie for the Iron Throne. Spiders slink in the shadows. Across the Narrow Sea, whispers of dragons rise from the east. A long winter is set to cast it’s shadows on Westeros, To whom will you swear your allegiance? If you know the meaning of these sentences and where they quoted from, then there is no doubt about it. You are a true Game of Thrones fan. Being a fan, we believe that you would love to receive a Game of Thrones gift, right? If that’s the case then we can be sure that other fans would love to get it, too. If you plan on giving a gift for a true GoT fan like yourself, make sure you check out some of the best Game of Thrones gift ideas first.

We have gathered and compiled the ultimate list of the coolest Game of Thrones gift ideas below, From cool hoodies and t-shirts to unique jewelry or even cool game of thrones inspired coffee mugs. We believe that you will find a cool game of thrones gift for everyone, especially a fan. So let’s wait no more and check out our list below!

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Best Game of Thrones Gift Ideas for Guys or Girls

We expect this epic list of game of thrones gifts will help you show your allegiance to the Houses of Westeros and Essos. Whether you are a Stark, Lannister or even a Targaryen, the time has come to choose your side, because Winter is Coming!

#1 Dinner is Coming Cutting Board 

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Prep your breakfast, lunch, and dinner using this fantastic “Dinner is Coming” cutting board. Since this is a cutting board, we can definitely expect dinner is coming while waiting for winter to come, still.

For a true GoT fan who loves to cook, this is definitely one of the best Game of Thrones gift ideas. It is not only useful, because it looks great as well, making it a nice kitchen tool addition for any GoT fan.

#2 House Stark G.O.T Cufflinks 

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

It doesn’t get classier than this cufflinks that a true GoT fan use to attend special events like weddings and other black-tie events. For a fan of the House of Stark, these cufflinks will sure add a level of class, especially for those who just can’t get enough of Game of Thrones.

Wearing these cufflinks along with a black suit will also make a great statement, letting people know who much you are proud of being a GoT fan.

#3 Iron Throne Toilet Decals

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Moving on to the next item on our Game of Thrones gift ideas is this funny and unique toilet decals. True GoT fans would love to have every single thing in their life has a touch of GoT, and it might also include their toilet, too.

So, help your GoT fan friend to turn his porcelain throne into the iconic Iron Throne, as you rule Westeros, or at the very least, your bathroom.

#4 Winter is Coming Herb Grinder

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Looking for subtle ways to show some love to Starks of Winterfell? Look no further and grab this super useful tool as a gift for your lovely girlfriend who happens to be a true GoT fan. This one is a simple herb grinder emblazoned with the sigil of House Stark, which will make a nice tool to help her cook some meals in the kitchen.

So show how much you care for her by getting this item, which in our opinion, is one of the simplest yet most meaningful Game of Thrones gift ideas.

#5 Dragon Ear Cuffs

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

This next is also an item that will make one of the most unique Game of Thrones gift ideas.

For a sweet fan, this one will make a nice addition to her jewelry collection, and it might even be her new most favorite earring, too! This dragon earring will come as fantastic addition to a costume, or also as a standalone piece for a night out on Saturday night with her friends.

#6 G.O.T Inspired Team Jerseys

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

This Game of Thrones fan gear is sure to leave men with their jaws open, plus women looking at them with envy stares. For a gathering of GoT fans, this jersey will definitely make all eyes on anyone who wears it. So if you are looking for one of the coolest Game of Thrones gift ideas, we must say this one is going to be totally worth it.

#7 Winter is Coming Heat Sensitive Mug

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Winter is coming, and when it comes, make sure your friend who is a GoT fan has his mug in hand. This heat sensitive mug will make a useful item to enjoy his hot chocolate of coffee every morning during winter. We also suggest that you have one for yourself, too.

Therefore, your friend doesn’t have to spend his morning coffee alone. You can both enjoy your coffee while seeing the mug changes it’s color as it is a heat sensitive mug.

#8 Game of Thrones Season 1 Video

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

The series might be over already, but don’t let a true fan forget about the whole episodes from season 1 by giving him this complete season 1 Game of Thrones video collection. After all, it’s always fun to know how it all started, right?

As one of the most recommended Game of Thrones gift ideas on this list, we would suggest that you get this complete set of videos now before it runs out!

#9 A Jon Snow Long Claw Metal Sword

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

We all know that there are fans who love to collect items from the GoT series, which will keep their love for the famous series close by forever. If you are looking for a fan who is also a collector, search no more because we have the perfect option for you.

This is the replica of the sword of Lord Commander Jon Snow, and Jeor Mormont before him. In our opinion, your friend would be thrilled to have this as a gift from you, which will make a new valuable collectible item for sure. As one of the most valuable Game of Thrones gift ideas, don’t forget to remind your friend to wield it with caution.

#10 Custom G.O.T Underwear

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Looking for a useful yet hilarious way to celebrate your friend’s special day? For a friend who loves the Game of Thrones, we must say that there is nothing better that giving her this Game of Thrones underwear! Nuff said, just get this item and see how your friend would react to this gift. It would be funny, and there’s no doubt about it. Find Them Here

#11 The Needle Sword of Arya Stark

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

The sword of Arya Stark makes another iconic figurine to add to a special GoT fan’s collection. It is small, subtle, and it has a taste for vengeance and deadly in the hands of those skilled enough to use it. We believe without a doubt that this item would make one of the perfect Game of Thrones gift ideas for a true fan.

#12 Game of Thrones Flash Drives

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Okay, we understand that back in the Game of Thrones days, no one actually need a USB drive, including the Starks and the Targaryens. However, since we live in today’s digital era, a USB drive is mandatory. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a Game of Thrones-themed flash drive, right? So, for a geeky friend who loves GoT, help him make his job easier with one of these flash drives. Imagine the secrets that lay in wait.

#13 Collectable Dragon Eggs

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Looking at how adorable this item is, we can assure you that it will make a very cool Game of Thrones gift for any fan out there. After all, who doesn’t want a chest of dragon eggs, right? Who knows, one day you may be brave enough to hatch them!

#14 Winter is Coming Flask

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Currently looking for a cool bachelor party gift idea? Sit tight because we have the perfect pick for you. For a friend who is about to marry the girl of his dream, this flask will be a super cool item to own. We personally think that this “Winter is Coming” flash will make a great gift, especially since it is made of high-quality materials.

#15 Cork Coasters

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

These coasters cover both a personal favorite and an awesome way to show your support to the houses of Westeros. These adorable Game of Thrones-themed coaster will make a great companion as your favorite GoT fan sits back and cracks open a cold one, with Baratheon style. Made of cork material, this set of four coasters will make one of the most useful Game of Thrones gift ideas indeed.

#16 Custom Westeros Pillow Cases

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Let your special Game of Thrones fan have home decor items that can show other people how much he loves the series. Great for home office, living room, or bedroom, these pillow cases will make great Game of Thrones gifts for the whole family.

#17 Aged Westeros Map

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

This iconic GoT map is simply an amazing piece of item to be gifted to a true fan. Made by hand, drawn by hand, aged by hand, this aged Westeros map will come with great appearance that your true fan friend came even come right out of a battlefield tent in Westeros. From the Iron Islands, to the Free Cities, this map has you covered!

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#18 G.O.T Map Print

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

This one might not quite as realistic, or as masterfully crafted as the map above, but it will definitely do in a pinch! Pick this as a gift for a special GoT fan in your life, and let your friend pop it in a frame in the home, or in the office, as a wonderful companion for reading the books, watching the show, or just getting your geek on.

#19 G.O.T Hand – Etched Drinking Glasses

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

We covered coasters, but what good is a coaster, without a bleeping awesome cup or glass to put on them? For that reason, we’ve got you covered and these hand etched glasses go above and beyond the call of duty, making them great Game of Thrones gifts for your favorite GoT fans, men or women! After all, women drink, too!

#20 Daenerys Targaryen Dragon Book Mark

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

If you know someone who is a true fan of the Game of Thrones while also love to read, then we must say that this metal bookmark will make a very thoughtful gift for that particular person. Inspired by Rhaegal, Drogon and Viserion, this adorable yet high-quality book mark will make the perfect item to hold a place in a Song of Ice and Fire.

#21 Shot Glass Set

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

If there is anything the denizens of Westeros love more than blood, it may be drinking. And what better way to join them than with some kick-ass shot glasses, sporting the heraldry and motto of House Arryn, Baratheon, Greyjoy, Hightower, Lannister, Martell, Stark, Targaryen, Tully, and Tyrell! This gift comes in a set of four and made of high-quality glass material. Therefore, we can definitely conclude that this is one of the coolest Game of Thrones gift ideas for you.

#22 Embroidered Canvas Field Bag

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

This canvas messenger bag is emblazoned with the heraldry of House Targaryen. Large enough to carry a laptop, and strong enough to conceal your dragon eggs.

#23 The Official G.O.T Cookbook 

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Looking to whip something up from the Red Wedding, or from the coronation of the king? This cookbook, specially created by fans for fans, carries the endorsement of the author himself, George R. R. Martin. For a true fan, we believe without a doubt that this book will definitely become one of the best gifts that any fan has ever received!

#24 Khaleesi Hand Stamped Bracelets 

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

For a fan who specifically adore the Mother of Dragons, we have the best possible gift for her. Being a fan Khaleesi, this adorable bangle will make one of her favorite accessories to wear everyday. You can choose to have the hand-made bangle made of several option of materials such as sterling silver, brass, or aluminum.

Giving something special for the Khaleesi in your life will be much meaningful if you pick this as that special gift. So we believe that this gift is one of the most perfect Game of Thrones gift ideas for your love, for the moon of your life, and your sun and stars!

#25 Winter is Coming Slouchy Flashdance-Style Sweatshirt 

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

This fashionable Game of Thrones sweatshirt will also make a perfect gift for your girlfriend who happens to love the GoT, too. It has a stylish design which will enhance her everyday look, while announcing to the world how much she love the Game of Thrones. For that reason, there will be nothing more special than giving her this “Winter is Coming” Flashdance-Style sweatshirt!

#26 Valar Morgulis Necklace Pendant

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

All men must die. All men must serve. Should you find yourself on the shores of Braavos, this coin may be worth more than your weight in gold. Until then, it will certainly serve it’s purpose to decorate your neck.

Here is another valuable piece to add to a special Game of Thrones fan’s collection. Made of stainless steel, this gothic-looking coin will last a lifetime and make it a nice addition to the collection.

#27 Crows Before Hoes Sweater 

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Brother of the Knight’s Watch are sworn to take no wife, so it is only natural: Crows Before Hoes! However, although the wording is meant for men, it doesn’t mean women can’t wear this sweater. So, if you are looking a gift that will a special fan of GoT warm during the cold winter days, we highly recommend this sweater.

#28 The G.O.T Board Game

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

The outcome of Westeros is in your hands. Take up the sword, form alliances, strategize, and fight your way to the Iron Throne. If you are looking for a great Game of Thrones gift idea for the whole member of the family, then there is nothing better than this Game of Thrones board game. So, make your quality time with family more exciting by playing this cool game at home.

#29 Game Of Thrones House T-Shirts

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Are you a Stark, Lannister, or Targaryen? Maybe fire and blood is your thing, or you have a hunch that winter is just around the corner. No matter what you are, friends are sure to hear you roar in these Game of Thrones House t-shirts! Come in various colors and GoT iconic images, having one of these shirts will be something that any fan is longing for.

#30 House of Stark Necklace Pendant

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Wear it among friends, conceal it among enemies. This beautifully crafted House of Stark iron pendant and chain is definitely one of the best Game of Thrones gift ideas out there. Plus, it is also a great way to show your support for the North. Gift this to your special friend who is a fan of GoT, and you will give him an item that will make her days better.

#31 The G.O.T Dart Board

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Boys love dart games, no matter ho old this game is, we believe that most men will still love play this game during their spare time. Therefore, if you are about to choose a gift for your guy friend who loves GoT, this one is in our opinion, one of the most recommended Game of Thrones gift ideas for you. Undoubtedly, it will sure leave your friends in awe!

#32 Stark Whisky Decanter Set 

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

If your man loves to enjoy his favorite liquor at home, why give him a new decanter plus two glasses as a gift? The design of this set of gifts was inspired by the famous Game of Thrones series, which will make your GoT fan boyfriend smile from ear to ear. Moreover, you can accompany him while drinking, too as it comes with two glasses.

#33 G.O.T Leather Journal

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

This item comes to us from TiVergy, over on Etsy, and we include this item on our list because it will make a great Game of Thrones gift for a real fan. The level of craftsmanship stands out, making this one of our personal favorite Game of Thrones products! Made of leather, cotton, and brass, this is a book that will lasts a lifetime.

#34 Game of Thrones Banners

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Your brother who happens to be a Game of Thrones fan deserves to have at least one of these banners inside his room. To add the element of surprise, you can hang this inside your brother’s room while he is out. If you find him spends time in his room a little bit longer than usual, we personally think that’s because he loves to enjoy his new banner!

#35 Long Claw Desk Lamp

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Combining the sword of Jon Snow with the banner of House Stark, Game of Thrones fans will be right at home with this lamp lighting the way! As you can see, this lamp is just too cool to ignore, which is why we think that you must pick this item as a gift for a special GoT fan in your life.

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#36 Dragon Claw Goblet

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

This awesome goblet looks like it would fit right in with the dragon skulls in the cellar of the Red Keep. A reminder of the dragons that once filled the land, or perhaps even an omen of what is to come!

We all know that the series have so many amazing-looking probs that make us want to have an item of two of those probs. Well, this goblet comes as the answer to that needs. Therefore, we would suggest that you pick item soon before it runs out, and give it as a present to your GoT fan boyfriend.

#37 Limited Edition Dragon Sculpture 

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Sculpted to sit on your hand like a falcon, this beautifully crafted dragon sculpture by Ravendark Creations is a true work of art. You can pick this as a gift for a GoT fan and let him place in on top of a bookshelf, to complete a costume, or just to let it fly! It might be just a toy, but we can assure you that it is one hell of a cool toy for a true Game of Thrones fan.

#38 G.O.T Ugly Sweater 

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Not quite the ugly Christmas sweater your grandmother knit for you last year, but these Game of Thrones sweatshirts were definitely inspired by grandma! It has that vintage look of a nice Christmas gift, which comes as the one thing that makes this item worth owning. So, why not let a fan own this item as special gift from you?

#39 G.O.T Dragon Egg Cookie Jar

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Looking at how it looks, who can possible say not to this super cool cookie jar at home? Undoubtedly, all Game of Thrones fans deserve to have this jar at home. Perhaps the only thing that is almost as good as a real dragon egg, is a cast dragon egg full of delicious cookies.

In terms of usefulness, this item is great for the counter, or in a giant nest, we put this one at the top for great Game of Thrones gifts for her, or us.. You’ll share the cookies, right?

#40 Game of Thrones Neckties

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

The perfect companion to House Stark cufflinks. Go big, go all out, or go home. This cool men’s tie has a design that was inspired by the Game of Thrones, plus the color theme from the series, too. If your special man is a fan of the Game of Thrones, then you can pick this tie for him, which will make a great fashion item to wear for any black tie events.

#41 DIY Dragon Eggs Raw Cast

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

These DIY dragon eggs will make great gift ideas for Game of Thrones fans who are looking to go the extra mile, and create their own customized eggs. With natural colors, this set of dragon eggs will make a great home decor, to be placed in a living room or any Game of Thrones fan out there.

#42 Game Of Thrones Playing Cards

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Go to war, with these fantastic Game of Thrones playing cards! With this set of cards, you can ensure that your favorite GoT fan won’t have to play Poker using the usual and plain cards. It comes with the photos of GoT characters that decorate each and every play of this card. Undoubtedly, your friend will always look forward to play with this card whenever he has some free time.

#43 Iron Throne Replica

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Not quite large enough for a human butt, but perhaps your pet gerbil could be the next King of the Andals and First Men, and ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. At least until one of the cats usurps the throne.

What else can we say about the Iron Throne? It is without a doubt the most iconic item from the series, which make it’s replica deserves a place in any fan’s house. Since it is made of high-quality and solid material, you can be sure it will last for many years to come. However, please be aware of it’s weight as some buyers state that it is heavier than they think.

#44 Stark Beanie

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Winter is more than just coming, because it has finally arrived. Therefore, it is time to provide some head covers to Game of Thrones out there. This beanie comes as a must-have item for the Starks as it will protect them from the cold of winter. Plus, it will make them look a lot cooler, too! Find It Here

#45 G.O.T Wax Seal Coasters

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

You might not have a case of Dornish red stashed away, but this Game of Thrones gift set is a perfect companion to a set of wine glasses. For a special woman in your life who loves the Game of Thrones, get her this set of colorful wax seal coasters with Game of Thrones-inspired designs. Made of 100% silicone, let these coasters bring out her love for the Game of Thrones at the dining table.

#46 Map Marker Salt & Pepper Shakers 

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

The salt and pepper shakers you will never want to put back in the cabinet. Pick this set as a gift for a sweet Game of Thrones fan and you will see how she would want to leave them on the table for people to see. She might also want to leave them on the kitchen cabinet, or even on your desk! In our opinion, it doesn’t matter where she puts them, these two items will sure to make an impression!

#47 G.O.T Double-Sided Fleece Blankets

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Curl up to watch Game of Thrones with these double-sided fleece blankets. With the heraldry of House Stark or Lannister on one side, plus the corresponding motto on the other, this is definitely the kind of blanket that all Game of Thrones fans would want. For both adults of kids, this item will be one of the best Game of Thrones gift ideas out there.

#48 G.O.T Cushion Covers

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

You’ve got the fleece blanket. You’ve got the coasters, and you have got the dragon eggs. Now it is time for the cushion covers! You can spice up your favorite GoT fan’s living room with these Song of Ice and Fire inspired cushion covers! These cushions will add a touch of the series to the room, which become a statement, as well.

#49 Dinner is Coming Kitchen Apron

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Now that you have the Dinner is Coming cutting board, now it’s time complete the set by adding this Dinner is Coming apron. Once you have both, you are ready to start preparing the most delicious meals ever! For a mom who loves Jon Snow, possibly because he is cute and good looking, this apron will make a very useful gift for her.

#50 Funky Pop Jon Snow Figure

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

We must admit that Funko Pop has the figurines of all the famous characters we know. For that reason, we just need to include Jon Snow’s Funko Pop figurine into our list of the most recommended Game of Thrones gift ideas. This adorable Pop figure has been making waves around the internet and make a huge splash with Game of Thrones fans, especially Jon Snow’ fans!

#51 Funky Pop Daenerys Figure

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Once you have Jon Snow’s Funko Pop figurine, don’t forget to add this Daenery’s Targaryen’s figurine to the collection, too. To be honest, we think that the Mother of Dragons has never looked cuter than this. Carrying little Rhaegal on her arm, this Pop figure is sure to win the heart of any fan out there.

#52 Tyririan Lannister Figure 

Game Of Thrones Gift Ideas

Standing 4.5″ this highly articulated scale replica of Tyrion Lannister is of course.. almost not a scale replica at all! Sit him on the Iron Throne, or let him stroll across your desk. Dressed for battle, he’s sure to put up a fight with his battle axe in hand!

#53 Daenerys Figure

Daenerys Figure

The next one on our list is another figurine that comes with a 7.5″ Daenerys figure. This cool figurine comes with her and the dragon eggs, with one egg held in her arms. For a replica, we must say that this one features a pretty realistic appearance. Definitely one of the must-have Game of Thrones gift ideas.

#54 Khal Drogo Figure

Khal Drogo Figure

Although Khal Drogo only appeared in season 1, he deserves to remember for his ultimate sacrifice. In reality, you can bring him back by having this cool figurine of him. Through this figurine, he is back, better than ever, although he looks a little short and with a bigger head. However, give this cool figurine to a real Game of Thrones fam, complete with the Dothraki attire and arakh blade in hand, and he will be thankful, undoubtedly.

#55 Winter is Coming Stark T-Shirt

Winter is Coming Stark T-Shirt

Let your friend who is a fan of Game of Thrones look cool in this ‘Winter is Coming’ t-shirt. Made of high-quality material, this shirt will be a comfortable piece to wear daily, which will also make people know how much he loves the series. In short, let him show a little Northern Pride with this bad-ass House Stark Tee.

#56 Targaryen Zip-Up Hoodie

Targaryen Zip-Up Hoodie

Zip up before you slip up. Grab your dragon, and cruise the skies without a chill in this House Targaryen zip-up hoodie! Also, when Winter is Coming, any Targaryen will be ready and stays warm in this cool zip up hoodie.

#57 Winter is Coming Baseball Hat

Winter is Coming Baseball Cotton Game of Thrones Hat Unisex Cap

Most men, young men, make a hat as one of their must-have accessories every day. If you are looking for a cool yet useful gift for a young Game of Thrones fan, then we highly suggest that you include this on your shortlisted gift options. All in all, this ‘ Winter is Coming’ hat might not be the most story accurate piece of attire, but for every-day wear, you just can’t go wrong with it. So do you like hats? We do!

#58 Dragon Hair Barrette / Clip 

Dragon Hair Barrette / Clip

With over 18 color options, and the option to choose a custom color, this dragon barrette (or pin) will become an awesome piece of Game of Thrones merchandise for the lady in your life. And even if she isn’t your sun and moon just yet, she’s sure to appreciate your good taste!

#59 Daenerys Targaryen Costume Wig 

Daenerys Targaryen Costume Wig

Become a smoking hot sex symbol, the Mother of Dragons a.k.a Khaleesi Targaryen does have a stunning look with her long blonde hair. If your lovely girlfriend plans to become her for the upcoming costume party, you can give her this adorable Daenerys Targaryen costume wig and she will be thrilled to wear this to the party!

#60 3D Dragon Wall Decals

3D Dragon Wall Decals, Game of Thrones party, gift, Paper Dragon Wall Decor, Dark Blue & Bordo

A finishing touch to a playroom, or decoration for a themed party, these paper dragons are just so adorably cool, and with a price that won’t hurt your budget! We would say that this gift idea is something to look at for you who has limited budget to buy gifts this year. However, although these dragons are not actually expensive, they come as adorable items that your Game of Thrones lover friend would be thrilled to own.

#61 Jon Snow Cloak

Jon Snow Cloak

With winter just around the corner, why not keep warm and stay dry in style? You can complete the look of your GoT fan’s with this Northerner or Lord Commander Jon Snow costume with this hand-crafted cloak! He will definitely become the star of the costume party for sure.

#62 Game of Thrones Vinyl Record Wall Clock 

Game Of Thrones Vinyl Record Wall Clock

When it comes to Game of Thrones, there’s a lot of waiting involved. First, you wait until the next episode. Next, you wait until the end of the episode to see if your favorite character even survives throughout it. Then you just start over. Now, this stylish Targaryen clock can keep you company in this endless cycle. Find It Here.

#63 Caffeine is Coming Coffee Mug

Caffeine is Coming Coffee Mug

Sometimes, the only thing that can get you out of bed in the morning is the anticipation of coffee. Your morning ritual of dosing up on caffeine will be made so much better with this Game of Thrones mug. Winter might be coming or even be here already but coffee always comes first.

#64 Game of Thrones Longclaw Umbrella 

Game of Thrones Longclaw Umbrella

Well if winter really is coming then your gonna need an umbrella, right? And don’t lie, you used to play with an umbrella when you were a kid pretending that it was a sword, right? Although it was, in fact, pointed a regular umbrella never came close to being as badass as a sword.

You had to use your imagination. But now that you are an adult you can instead use your money to buy something that combines both. Will you dare to try it out on a White Walker?

#65 Game of Thrones Socks

Game of Thrones Socks

Isn’t lovely when you can just kick back, put on your headphones, and binge watch Game of Thrones? Yes, it is. What is not lovely, is when someone interrupts your “me” time with pointless questions.

With these cool and informative socks, you can let everyone know what you are up to. You have important business, Winter is coming after all.

#66 Bend the Knee Doormat 

Bend the Knee Doormat

If Daenerys laid out this doormat at the entrance to Dragonstone, she would have saved herself a lot of trouble. On the other hand, we would have never gotten to witness the brilliant “Bend the knee” debacle.

This doormat actually makes sense. If you have to get up and open the door, the least your visitors can do is bend the knee.

#67 A Girl Has No Costume Halloween T-Shirt

A Girl Has No Costume Halloween T-Shirt

Some people use Halloween as the ultimate excuse to whip out their cosplay or costume kits and go bonkers. Others might be somewhat less excited about putting on a costume. If you belong to the latter category, this t-shirt is definitely for you.

The Faceless Men have no time for silly costumes. Plus, you’ll get to shut off all the annoying “where’s your costume” without uttering a single word. Isn’t that a dream?

#68 Game of Thrones Inspired Makeup Brushes 

Game Of Thrones Inspired Makeup Brushes

Attention, ladies who love Game of Thrones! We present to you the ultimate makeup brush set. Words cannot describe how cool and original this set is.

Each makeup tool features a handle with various House sigils sculpted on top of them. You’ll get to create some amazing looks worthy of the Queen (which Queen depends on your preferences, there’s too many of them these days).

#69 Westeros Map Bedroom Wall Poster 

Westeros Map and Essos map

Real world maps are too cliche these days. You already know where everything is and there’s nothing new. But look at this map of The Known World. You get to trace the paths in Westeros and Esos, recreate the movements of Robert’s rebellion in your mind. Moreover, you can even try and make sense of time lapses and teleportation in the latest season 7.

#70 Personalised GoT inspired Doormats

Personalised GoT inspired Doormats

If Game of Thrones is your favorite TV series, you have to warn people up front. With this personalized doormat, you can do just that. You can even choose the House you want to represent, too!

So, let your guests be prepared for heated debates over Bran Stark’s identity or the outcome of the Game.

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#71 Game of Thrones LED Lamp 

10 Game of Thrones LED Lamp

This cool lamp allows you to fall asleep bathed in the shine of the great Houses of Westeros. Plus, the lamp can also be personalized in many ways. You can add quotes to it or request different designs for each side.

If you keep watch throughout the night, you can switch the soft glow to a pulsing one and get the party started. With no wall left, all the Night’s watch got left to do is to party.

#72 House Stark Direwolf Ring

Game Of Thrones inspired Ring, House Stark Direwolf Wolf Sigil Cast Stainless Steal Wolf Head Jewellery Multiple Size Options! Cosplay Gift

Every renowned family should have a signature ring. House Stark or you are no exceptions. You can proudly wear this Direwolf ring on any finger and feel like a true Warden of The North.

The Direwolf silver ring is a sophisticated and subtle piece which some might not even recognize. This alone, in our opinion, will make a great conversation starter.

#73 House Stark Direwolf Pendant 

House Stark Direwolf Pendant

If you ever forget that Winter is coming, then we believe this pendant will gladly remind you of that. The Starks have endured a lot so their chances of surviving the Winter are quite high.

This pendant will help you channel that strength and help you withstand it as well. Fortunately, you have no White Walkers to fight, so we’d put you on the winning side.

#74 Game of Thrones 3-piece Poster Set 

Game Of Thrones Print, Set of 3

The beauty of having your own space is that you get to decorate it however you want. Don’t just settle for a generic scenery image or cat posters, go bigger.

Hang this set of 3 Game of Thrones posters and show off your love for the show. The posters will look incredibly stylish in their optional frames. Plus, you get to choose which 3 Houses you’ll have your wall to endorse.

#75 Game of Thrones Wooden Music Box 

Game Of Thrones Wooden Music Box

There’s something so very charming about music boxes but you can’t truly put a finger on it. In any way, this music box is no exception. The opened lid reminds you that the Winter is coming while the sound of the main Game of Thrones theme fills the room. If you ask us, we would say that it’s a quite magical gift that you can get for any GoT fan.

#76 Game of Thrones Duvet Comforter Set 

Game of Thrones Duvet Comforter Set

We all talk about the Winter coming, but what are you going to do when it finally arrives? Well, we would suggest you to seek for the warmest place in your house, of course.

You can now snuggle into your best blanket covered with the Game of Thrones insignia and make it your perfect spot for waiting out the winter. You just need a Game of Thrones mug filled with tea and you’ll be all set for winter.

#77 Stylish Game of Thrones Hoodie

Stylish Game of Thrones Hoodie

If winter is indeed coming, then you’re gonna wanna keep snuggly and warm in this stylish winter is coming Game of thrones hoodie, everyone will be asking where you got it from. Made of high-quality polyester cotton, this is the kind of hoodie that other GoT fans would envy.

#78 Game of Thrones Door Stop 

Game of Thrones Door Stop

This Game of Thrones door stop is an impressive combo of both style and functionality. The exquisite wood finish makes it blend in with any interior décor you have. Furthermore, the laser engraving also ensures that the text will offer high performance and durability. Truly a simple yet useful Game of Thrones gift ideas.

#79 Winter is Coming GOT Socks 

Winter is Coming GOT Socks

Say goodbye to the cold weather with these novelty socks. These Game of Thrones socks feature the direwolf sigil and the famed words from House Stark. In our opinion, these otems are the perfect token to show allegiance to the house and defend the North.

#80 Personalised Game of Thrones Mugs 

Personalised Game of Thrones Mugs

This personalized mug concept allows you to take your love for Game of Thrones to the next level. They use your name and any sigil of your choice for customization. If you want to pick the perfect gift for a friend at the office who loves the Game of Thrones, then we think this personalized mug will be the perfect pick.

#81 Game of Thrones Doormat Hold the Door Doormat 

Game of Thrones Doormat Hold the Door Doormat

This Game of Thrones doormat uses a vintage design to add style to your doorstep. It is bound to elicit the perfect reaction to all guest fans. All in all, what a great way to immortalize one of the greatest TV characters of all time.

#82 Game of Thrones Personalized House of Surname T-Shirt 

Game of Thrones Personalized House of Surname T-Shirt

Pick out the best family reunion t-shirts using this Game of Thrones personalization concept. It carries the right thought, allegiance to each one’s family or house. And for fans of the show, it is bound to keep them smiling.

#83 Personalised Game of Thrones Decanter Gift Set 

Personalised Game of Thrones Decanter Gift Set

The Game of Thrones whiskey gift set is a sure bet that will amaze any recipient. It could grace any event and make it much more memorable as it is the perfect combo of utility and style. For a special Game of Thrones fan who loves to enjoy his favorite beverages with friends and family, we believe without a doubt that this set will make the perfect gift.

#84 Game of Thrones Scarfs 

Game of Thrones Scarfs

Get everyone’s favorite sigil immortalized on these scarves to gift your friends this holiday season. These winter scarves come in stripes featuring the house color of choice. We do think that wearing one of these scarfs will enhance their look and make them look stylish and fashionable, too.

#85 John Snow’s Longclaw Sword 

John Snow's Longclaw Sword

If one Jon Snow’s sword is just not enough to complete a special fan’s collection, we have another type of sword for him. This is the perfect addition to his Game of Thrones collectibles. It is exquisitely carved and shows great attention to detail. Without a doubt, it would make the ultimate present for a Jon Snow die hard.

#86 Game of Thrones Christmas Sweater 

Game of Thrones Christmas Sweater

The creative design on this sweater combines a love for Christmas and also the Game of Thrones. It uses appropriate graphics to define both passions, especially through the adorable green color of it. They come in different colors to suit the tastes of your distinct recipients.

#87 Game of Thrones Real Filming Locations Wall Calendar

Game of Thrones Real Filming Locations Wall Calendar

This calendar featuring photos of the real-life filming locations of GOT is a subtle yet visually stunning gift perfect for that Game of Thrones fan in your life.  It may even inspire your next vacation destination, too! For a true fan, however, this item will make a great addition to their wall, which will come as something useful for a year long as well.

#88 Game of Thrones Dire Wolf Teapot 

Game of Thrones Dire Wolf Teapot

Warm a fan’s heart this winter season with the beautiful Game of Thrones tea-set.  It features a shapely teapot and a mug that fits underneath. The House Stark sigil and theme colors make it that much more special. So, make a special fan’s tea time becomes more enjoyable with this set of Game of Thrones-themed tea set.

#89 Westeros Map Game of Thrones Wallet

Westeros Map Game of Thrones Wallet

This wallet is a perfect gift choice for Game of Thrones addicts regarding aesthetics and functionality. The beautifully printed Westeros map detail on faux leather provides a color contrast to this wallet. Its slim style is handy and genderless, so in our opinion, it is going to be perfect as a gift for any game of thrones lover. Find it Here.

#90 Hand of The King GOT Bottle Opener

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For any Game of Thrones fans who happen to be a party lover, this bottle opener is a lifesaver. This gift is truly the definition of the most fantastic match, featuring an authentic Hand of The King carving. It is made of sturdy metal material with excellent durability and anti-rust. Moreover, the novelty opener is equipped with a magnet, making it easy to attach to the fridge.

Final Thoughts

Being one of the best and most popular TV series of all time, the Game of Thrones surely has a huge fan base. If you are currently in the search of the best gift for a special Game of Thrones fan in your life, getting the best gift is not going to be easy because there are too many options out there, which can be a struggle on it’s own, and time consuming, too!

Therefore, we have come to rescue by providing you with 90 of the most recommended Game of Thrones gift ideas. So, search carefully from our list above, and perhaps you can even find some cool items for yourself as well.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What to get someone who likes Game of Thrones?

1. Hand of The King GOT Bottle Opener

2. Westeros Map Game of Thrones Wallet

3. Game of Thrones Dire Wolf Teapot 

4. Personalised Game of Thrones Decanter Gift Set 

5. Winter is Coming GOT Socks 

6. G.O.T Inspired Team Jerseys

7. Custom Westeros Pillow Cases

8. Game of Thrones House T-Shirts

9. House of Stark Necklace Pendant

10. Khal & Khaleesi Hand Stamped Bracelets 

11. The Official G.O.T Cookbook 

12. Game of Thrones Season 1 Video

13. Game of Thrones Duvet Comforter Set 

14. House Stark Direwolf Ring

15. Collectable Dragon Eggs

16. Game of Thrones 3-piece Poster Set 

17. Game Of Thrones Banners

18. Winter is Coming Herb Grinder

19. The Needle Sword Of Arya Stark

20. Dinner is Coming Kitchen Apron

That rounds up our list. Be sure to browse our site for other Game of Thrones gift ideas and please don’t forget to share this “Ultimate list of gifts for Game Of Thrones fans” on Your Favourite Social Network!

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