25 Stunning Gifts in a Jar Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Gifts in a jar never failed to surprise the recipient. Instead of a gift wrap paper, a jar can beautifully pack the present, giving a stunning look to its appeal. As gifts in a jar are always handmade, it also shows how thoughtful you are in choosing the gift. Therefore, this is indeed a perfect gift for your loved ones on any occasion.

If you are planning to surprise your loved ones with a unique and meaningful gift, you can try to give them gifts in a jar. Especially if they love something extraordinary and beyond their expectation, don’t miss your chance to make them smile with their first gift in a jar. As many creative gifts in a jar become popular, we have prepared 25 stunning gifts in a jar ideas for your inspiration!

1. Bear Hugs Wish Jar

Bear Hugs Wish Jar

Let your loved ones know how much you miss him/her with this adorable tiny gift. You can send your virtual hug through this little bear in a jar. This gift has holographic glitter and heart sequins decorate the jar, giving extra shine. This is definitely one of the unique gifts in a jar you never imagined before.  

2. Jar O’Fucks

Jar O’Fucks

Do you want to give cool and gag gifts in a jar to your friends? When your friends are having a bad day and have no fuck to give, then it is Jar O’Fucks time to the rescue! Your friend can open the jar and share them out to make a gag. This gift surely will be loved by both the owner and the receiver.

3. Gourmet Salad Dressing Spice Kit

Gourmet Salad Dressing Spice Kit

Making salad dressing is a crucial part that determines if the salad is delicious or not. In case you have someone who loves to make salad, then you can support him/her with this gift. With this all natural kit, she/he can make scrumptious dressings with almost no work.

4. Play Doh Kit

Play Doh Kit

If your loved ones are into cute and squishy things, then this kit would be a perfect gift for them. It features a complete set of colorful and sparkling playdough that surely will be fun to play with. Moreover, it is packed in a durable plastic jar, which will keep the items safe.

5. Enchanted Rose in Dome Bell Jar

Enchanted Rose in Dome Bell Jar

This is one of the most romantic gifts in a jar that surely will make your loved one fall in love with you. The gift is beautifully designed with the foil gold rose and LED lights inside the glass dome. Moreover, it creates romantic vibes once the light is turned on, which definitely will be a wonderful gift to express sincere love.

6. Little Jar of Big Thanks

Little Jar of Big Thanks

Express your feelings and gratitude through the power of words to your loved ones in a thoughtful and touching way. This handcrafted gift features a charming set of quotes, affirmations and humor that inspire and uplift. Your loved ones surely will be happy to receive this gift.

7. LED Light Up Jar Gift

LED Light Up Jar Gift

Who will expect that a jar can be a night light? Well, this gift is definitely beyond our imagination. The bright LED lights let the beautiful stars in the jar sparkle, which will look stunning in any room in the house. Finished with a heartwarming and inspirational quote to your friends, this gift is sure to put a smile on their face.

8. Graduation Candle Gift in Jar

Graduation Candle Gift in Jar

A candle gift  in a jar is never wrong for any occasion. Especially for graduation, it symbolizes a light to a brighter future. Hand poured with natural soy wax, a stylish star print is added to the candle along with the message ‘Truly Amazing Graduate’. 

9. DIY Terrarium Jar Kit

DIY Terrarium Jar Kit

Are you looking for a DIY gift that can be an amazing activity for your loved ones? Well, you should try to give him or her a DIY terrarium kit in a jar. This gift is fun and easy to put together. The sets come with all the supplies to build a beautiful terrarium. The finished jars definitely make wonderful gifts for plant lovers.

10. Dating Yourself Activity Jar

Dating Yourself Activity Jar

Who says you can have a solo date with yourself? This jar includes 40 solo date activities for you to do, as self-care is very important. In case you are the one who always makes everyone happy, now, it’s time to have an amazing date with your first love: yourself! 

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11. Film Photo Roll in Jar

Film Photo Roll in Jar

Another extraordinary gift in a jar you might never think existed: to keep a film photo roll! This is a small test tube with a mini movie strip containing memorable images inside which will be perfect as a keepsake. Moreover, this gift can be displayed anywhere to remind your loved ones of how precious they are to you.

12. Cookie Mix in Jar

Cookie Mix in Jar

As giving cookies in a jar is too mainstream, you can give your loved ones a cookie mix in a jar. Especially if she/he loves to bake, this gift will be a wonderful activity. Moreover, it has an easy recipe to follow included with each jar, and the cookies will be ready in just a blink of an eye. 

13. Long Distance Capsule in Jar

Long Distance Capsule in Jar

If you happen to have a long distance relationship, then send this gift to keep your heart closer to him/her. It features a daily dose of passionate love messages in a capsule. It is crafted to make your loved one smile even when you are apart and remind them your love is indestructible.

14. Socks in Jar

Socks in Jar

Do you think a pair of socks always has boring packaging? Well, it doesn’t apply to this gift. This socks has creatively modified the packaging into a beautiful jar. Moreover, you can guarantee the quality as it is designed to be warm and comfortable, perfect for a Christmas gift.

15. Healing Crystal for Witchcraft in Jar

Healing Crystal for Witchcraft in Jar

Do you know that each healing crystal gemstone has its own healing energy? For a gemstone enthusiast, this gift is definitely a lucky charm. It features a specific color, unique vibration, which will emit positive energy to attune and cleanse the aura, perfect for use in meditation, chakra balancing, or just home decor.

16. Santa Mason Jar Water Globe

Santa Mason Jar Water Globe

Say hello to the stunning Santa Claus in a jar! The jar is creatively to be put upside down as if a snow globe. You can see the main character, Santa Claus, holding the gift sack there. This gift surely will add a touch of whimsy in the holiday, perfect for home decor or Christmas presents to your loved ones. 

17. Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Sometimes, trying to not lose the sewing kit can be one of the hardest challenges to do in life. As you have to keep the small parts like the needle or the thread. Therefore, this gift can be really helpful to overcome the issue. This is a sewing kit in a jar that surely will keep the small parts safe and sound.

18. DIY Fairy Night Lights in Jar

 DIY Fairy Night Lights in Jar

Do your loved ones believe in fairy tales? Well, this gift is destined for those who believe in magic and fairies. The jar features lights inside, glittery and sparkling ornaments to make their own fairy garden in a jar. Moreover, this gift brings a magical chill vibe that they surely will love! 

19. Bubble Bath Gift Set

Bubble Bath Gift Set

Help your loved ones to have unforgettable and sweet bath experiences with this bubble bath in a jar. Each color of bubble bath offers a specific and lovely scent. Moreover, it can nourish and moisturize their skin, perfect to restore their skin to a healthy shine and make them smile all the time.

20. Christmas Candy Bottle Jar

Christmas Candy Bottle Jar

A jar is absolutely a perfect Christmas ornament as it has a shiny-glass visual. In case you plan to give your loved ones Christmas ornaments, this candy bottle jar should be on your list. Beside the cute gingerbread characters on top, you can fill it with their favorite candy.

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21. Hot Harissa Trio Gift Set

Hot Harissa Trio Gift Set

If your loved ones happen to be a spice enthusiast, then they surely will fall in love with this gift. Just one look at the vibrant color, enough to make any spice lover’s mouth water. These hot trio are hand-blended for peak flavor and ready to use in recipes or savor straight out of the jar. 

22. Indoor Gardener Gift Set

Indoor Gardener Gift Set

Sometimes indoor gardening is more challenging than outdoor. If so, why not fertilize plant lovers’ passion with this trio of indoor gardening gifts? This gift features all you need to do indoor gardening activity. This is one of the perfect gifts in a jar for your loved ones who are also plant lovers. 

23. Spiral Kinetic Sculpture

Spiral Kinetic Sculpture

Do you want to surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful gift in a jar which has a deep meaning? Well, try to give them the spiral kinetic sculpture. Inspired by fresh starts and limitless potential, the sculpture moves and unwind endlessly. Because it’s solar-powered, it automatically starts to spin as the sun rises and slowly winds down as it sets, amazing isn’t it?

24. Stimulating Aromatherapy Inhalers

Stimulating Aromatherapy Inhalers

For those people who need stimulating aromatherapy inhalers, this gift will surely make them smile ear to ear. Carefully designed for a particular need, these handheld remedies help make mornings manageable, work less stressful, and bedtime more peaceful, perfect for your loved ones. Moreover, they can give their body a boost at any time of day by just inhaling. 

25. Sweet Treat Soaps

Sweet Treat Soaps

Do you need a super fun way to inspire your little loved ones to wash up? Don’t worry, because this gift will wash your problem away! It is great soap for both hands and whole-body bathing, as it contains coconut oil which is great for moisturizing. Not to mention, this lovely soap also has a deliciously sweet fragrance which is hard to resist.

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