Automatic Jar Opener

Sometimes no amount of muscle can help you open a stubborn bottle or jar, It just won’t budge. Unless you use this Automatic Jar Opener. Then, you’ll get that stuck lid off, wrists intact and all.

This Automatic Jar Opener has two claws that are the key to getting that sweet marinara sauce open.

First, the bigger claw needs to latch itself onto the jar. In order to do that, put the jar opener onto the lid like you see on the picture.

Next, with a push of a button, the smaller claw starts twisting the lid open. A few seconds later, you have yourself one open jar.

Automatic Jar Opener

This small kitchen gadget can come in handy when you are in the middle of cooking and you can’t afford to lose another second trying and failing to twist some jar open.

Automatic Jar Opener

Additionally, for those who suffer from arthritis or limited hands dexterity, this gadget is essential.

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