Miracle Berry Tablets

If you want to try a certain type of food, that will make your brain screech into halt and flip out, then these Miracle Berry Tablets might be a good option for you to broaden your palette senses.

These tablets are 100% natural, harmless and legal and they will make any bitter, sour or acidic foods taste sweet!

The main ingredient is the Miracle Fruit, discovered in the 18th century that made early explorers loose their minds (figuratively speaking, no mind losing was involved at least not in connection to the fruit).

Experience the taste of sweet pickles or take a bite of a lemon that will taste like lemonade!

Just put the tablet on your tongue, let it dissolve and cover your tongue. Then go on a tasting spree.

Invite your friends on a flavor tripping party and play a blindfolded guessing game, that will certainly provide you with some interesting results.

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