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Creepy Horror Christmas Ornament Set

Add a dash of horror to your Christmas this year with this Creepy Horror Christmas Ornament Set.

Zombie versions of Santa Claus, the Gingerbread man, Snowman and of course Krampus are the way to go.

Each one looks more fiendish than the other, with the “GingerDead” man’s guts spilling out, Santa’s beard and the snowman’s face soaked in blood.

Krampus cannot get any more devilish than he already is, and you cannot imagine how much mischief they will unleash together with zombie Santa.

Creepy Horror Christmas Ornament Set

Articulate craftsmanship endows every single piece with authenticity, bringing them to life in spite of their undead state. A high gloss finish makes them an instant visual attraction that g9ives your tree a possessed makeover.

Creepy Horror Christmas Ornament Set

Whether your family is obsessed with the macabre or you simply need to get them back for a prank, these undead decorations will be sure to chill their blood. And any kids who happen to be on the naughty list had better watch out because the zombies are here.

Creepy Horror Christmas Ornament Set

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