43 Scary Clown Masks That Are The Creepiest Ever!

Whether it’s that time of the year and you’re looking for some scary clown masks for Halloween or you just fancy discovering the weirdest and creepiest clown masks on the net, then we have got you covered!

We have scoured the web to bring you this comprehensive list of the most unusual and scariest clown masks out there.  From classics like Pennywise and American Horror Story’s Twisty the Clown, to weird Zombie Clown hybrids and downright horrifying wearable latex art.

it’s time to send in the clowns.  The really, really, scary clowns that you would never hire for a children’s party unless you wanted to traumatize them for life.

Scary Clown Masks – The Ultimate List!

So make sure all the lights in the house are on, lock the doors and windows, sit back and enjoy these creepy clown masks.

#1 Stephen King’s Pennywise Clown Mask

Stephen King's Pennywise Clown Mask - scary clown masks

We begin with the undisputed king of scary clowns, Pennywise!

From the master of horror himself, Stephen King.  This is an officially licensed product from the movie “IT” and features the iconic combination of big hair, red nose, and sharp teeth.

#2 American Horror Story Twisty The Clown Mask 

American Horror Story Twisty The Clown Mask - scary clown masks

What’s wrong with Twisty? 

He genuinely believes that he is loved by children everywhere and needs to save them from pesky grown-ups.  This mask has a freakish grill which detaches to reveal something far worse.

#3 Deluxe Evil Clown Mask 


Drawing on what Freud referred to as the ‘Uncanny’ this latex clown mask looks almost like a legit clown and yet something is definitely not quite right.  Could it be the blood smeared across his bald head?  Marvelously manic.

#4 Leather Sharp Tooth Clown Mask

Leather Sharp Tooth Clown Mask - scary clown masks

Sometimes half a mask is all you need. 

This psycho clown mask is handmade from leather and delivers big time on teeth and bulbous red nose.  It’s an unnerving combination of festive cheer and carnivorous malice.

#5 Lizard Tongue Evil Clown Mask 

Lizard Tongue Evil Clown Mask

A vividly colorful and absolutely evil clown mask. 

This mask combines the pointy ears of a goblin with an oversized reptilian tongue, vampire fangs and bold makeup to shocking effect.  It’s 20% clown, 60% monster and 1000% nasty.

#6 Goon Clown Mask 

Goon Clown Mask

A unique, handmade option.  This one is all crazy hair and bold makeup. 

Made from latex, the designer offers custom painting options to suit your taste.  Get creative with your Halloween clown mask!  

#7 Scary Chompo the Clown Mask

Scary Chompo the Clown Mask

With his striking blue makeup, tiny hat and ridiculous satin bowtie, Chompo is ready to make a big splash this season. 

Get noticed in a full face mask that celebrates the glorious insanity of a scary clown who is several sandwiches short of a picnic.

#8 The 3D Effect Killer Clown Mask

The 3D Effect Killer Clown Mask

Here is an affordable and comfortable way to scare the pants off people this Halloween. 

These masks are made from breathable printed fabric and come sewn into a top.  Simply slip it on and you are ready to go.

#9 Serial Killer Clown Mask 


Sometimes you need a mask that says:  I’m a serial killer, but I’m also a clown. 

Or perhaps more accurately:  I’m a serial killer who just killed a clown and I am now wearing aforementioned clown’s face on my face.  One seriously scary clown mask.

#10 Clowki the Evil Clown Mask

clowki the Evil Clown Mask - scary clown masks

Handmade and customizable. 

This mask really delivers with it’s harrowing eyes, and huge smile reminiscent of the Joker.  It is made from durable, semi-rigid rubber.  Be sure to check out the different options available.

#11 Joker NAG Halloween Clown Mask

Joker NAG Halloween Clown Mask

A beautifully detailed mask made from latex and silicone

NAG Sculpture Studio features the work of respected Greek sculptor and artist Nikolas Dresios.  Pair with a Batman mask for maximum fun.

#12 The Three Face Mask 


Although it’s not technically a clown mask we thought this one deserved a spot on the list. 

The creative design plays with the idea of overlapping emotions which don’t really belong together.  You have happiness on one side and anguish on the other, between the two lies a disturbing middle ground.

#13 The Coulrophobia Clown Mask 

the-coulrophobia-clown-mask - scary clown masks

Coulrophobia is, you guessed it, a phobia of clowns. 

It would appear even hideous demons suffer from this condition and feel compelled to respond by killing them and wearing their head as a hoodie.  It’s a creative twist on the scary clown motif and we absolutely love it!

#14 Evil Killer Scary Clown Mask

evil-killer-scary-clown-mask - scary clown masks

 All the terror you can handle in an affordable latex package.  There are different masks to suit all tastes.  This one looks like he could be a long lost little brother to the legendary Pennywise.

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#15 Creepy Glow in the Dark Clown Masks

Creepy Glow in the Dark Clown Masks

Change it up this Halloween with a sound activated LED mask that pulses to the music. 

Since a lot of trick or treating happens after dark, why not throw some colorful lighting effects on your face so you will really stand out from the crowd?  Not the scariest clown mask but it’s a cool effect none the less.

#16 Adult Joker Clown Mask


“Whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you… stranger.”  Fans of the Dark Knight film may recognize this mask as the one worn by the Joker during the bank heist scene. 

Rock this mask and you will quickly establish which of your friends are true movie buffs.

#17 Creepy Giggles Clown Mask 

adult-creepy-giggles-clown-mask - scary clown masks

With his piercing green eyes and menacing teeth, Giggles is a guaranteed fear generator. 

The classic carnival color scheme and detailed latex facial features combine to startling effect.  

#18 Grumpy Dark Knight Clown Mask 

Grumpy Dark Knight Clown Mask 

Grumpy was one of the Joker’s thugs who helped him with the bank job.  Spoiler Alert!  He nearly shoots the disguised Joker before being unexpectedly run over by a school bus.

#19 Klownzilla Mask 

Klownzilla Mask

This is a true collector’s item from the 80s movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space.  Klownzilla, also known as Jojo, is the leader of the Killer Klowns.  The mask is a huge, horrifying and absurd merging of Godzilla and an evil clown.

#20 Zombie Clown Mask 

Zombie Clown Mask

What is scarier than a Zombie? 

An Evil Clown Zombie!  When the Zombie invasion hit, this clown would have been the first to get bitten due to the fact that his over-sized shoes are impossible to run in.

#21 Jingle Jangle Clown Mask

jingle jangle clown mask - scary clown masks

A hand painted work of art. 

This character is some kind of unholy combination of a jester, a clown, and a demon.  The whole effect is set off by the bizarre jingling of his golden horn-bells.

#22  Shawn Crahan Clown Mask 

Shawn Crahan Clown Mask

Get your metal on with this handmade Slipknot tribute mask

These guys pioneered the use of clown masks as scary stage props for their Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band.  Shawn Crahan is the only remaining founding member of the band.

#23 Dammy the Clown Mask 

Dammy the Clown Mask

Another killer clown mask just waiting to be brought to life this Halloween.  What is he like?  What are his hopes and aspirations for the future?  You decide!  There is something here for everyone.

#24 Last Laugh Clown Mask 

last-laugh-clown-mask - scary clown masks

These days it seems like any vile creature from the depths of hell can become a scary clown.  Just throw on some makeup and style what’s left of your hair and you’re good to go.  This mask has a mouth that moves when you move yours for extra frights!

#25 Men’s Nightmare Clown Mask + Costume Accessories


These masks really are the stuff of nightmares.  Go all out when you order this one, complete with matching outfit.  Just don’t forget to warn your friends and family before you make the transformation.

#26 Adult Slipknot Clown Mask 


If you love Slipknot then you need a proper scary clown mask to wear at all times to show your support.  Just remember to take it off before you visit the bank!  Everyday is Halloween for true diehard fans of this epic metal band.

#27 Bus Driver Dark Knight Clown Mask 

Bus Driver Dark Knight Clown Mask

Heres another classic look from The Dark KnightWhy not share this with your friends so you can head out in force this Halloween as the Joker with a host of his thugs in tow? 

#28 Evil Halloween Clown Mask

 Evil Halloween Clown Mask

This evil clown mask is all you need this Halloween season to scare the living daylights out of your pesky neighbors. Remember the pranks they played on you the last year? It is payback time with only the most bone-chilling, pale-faced, perpetually smiling, evil eyed clown mask of all time! 

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#29 Smiley Adult Halloween Mask

Smiley Adult Halloween Mask

This has got to be one of the scariest clown masks ever known to man. There is something quite unnerving about that mechanical smile and the life-like yellowing teeth behind it. Put this mask on this season and you are bound to bag an award for the scariest Halloween costume this side of the Sahara.

#30 Berserk Halloween Mask

Berserk Halloween Mask

The horrifying face on this clown has got to get everyone’s hairs standing on end, literally. The double set of dissimilar eyes along with that evil smile and blackened mouth will definitely make your neighborhood kids run around in frenzy so you can get to keep all the candy for a rainy day. 

#31 Creepy Evil Scary Halloween Clown Mask

31 Creepy Evil Scary Halloween Clown Mask

Just when you thought you had seen a creepy Halloween mask then you bump into this one and a chill runs down your spine. The most unnerving detail has got to be the completely black eyes staring deep into your soul that make you think you do not want to be alone with this clown in a dark room. 

#32 Handmade Stephen Kings “IT” Scary Clown Mask

Handmade Stephen Kings “IT” Scary Clown Mask

There is no one better than the Joker from “It” to bring the most frightening clown mask to life and leave everyone throwing glances over their shoulders. The fear factor in this one has got to be the fact that you have seen him before in action and you fear he might just have a go at it again. 

#33 Sometimes Alice FX Version 3 Scary Clown Mask

Sometimes Alice FX Version 3 Scary Clown Mask

The story behind this unnerving mask makes it the best face to match your Halloween outfit. It is the perfect replica of the original from the movie and anyone who remembers what she stands for is bound to scamper to safety just in case it happens to be the real deal. 

#34 Scary Clown Puppet Mask

The Puppet Mask for Saw Jigsaw Billy Cosplay, Halloween Horror Movie Role Play Costume Mask

What makes this one of the most scary clown masks since the genesis of Halloween is the fact that it seems so lifelike. The actual eyes and teeth behind the mask make you feel your blood curdling and you are in fact convinced that this clown is up to no good. 

#35 Sad Halloween Horror Mask

Sad Halloween Horror Mask

An ideal blend of horrifying and sad, this mask sends a dual message begging for sympathy while at the same time telling the faint of heart to keep off. Jump out of a closet with this mask on and you are bound to get the entire household fleeing for dear life

#36 Sometimes Alice FX Version 2 Creepy Clown Mask

Sometimes Alice FX Version 2 Creepy Clown Mask

This vivid lifelike mask would make the perfect inspiration for a memorable prank. Its very core oozes creepiness and the fact that it allows you to use your actual eyes to bring it to life will serve to magnify its potential for terrorizing one and all leaving the memory deeply etched in everyone’s mind. 

#37 Payday Clown Mask

Payday Clown Mask

The most frightening feature of this creepy mask is not just the blood dripping down the side of his mouth but the story behind it. If you are going for a world class prank then this makes the ultimate choice for you to ensure everyone around you is scared crazy. 

#38 Necromantic Horror Halloween Mask

Necromancer Mask

This mask is so eerily lifelike that you almost expect to get a bloodstain from touching it. It is perfectly executed to suit all lovers of gothic art and its inspiration being the face of death makes it the most appropriate wall décor choice for adventurous artsy types this Halloween season. 

#39 Creepy Smiling Clown Face Mask


With this spooky clown mask you get to incorporate a bit of personality into the look. It has the perfect curve for a generously spooky clown smile and sufficient room to let you do a few tricks with your eyes. Its tiny ears add a whimsical touch to complete the look and make it a highly unique piece. 

#40 Leather Joker Mask Inspired By Heath Ledger’s Joker

 Leather Joker Mask Inspired By Heath Ledger's Joker

Even without knowledge of the terrifying inspiration that informs this design, it still has to be one of the creepiest clown masks ever. It arouses fear in a way few others can match and has got to be the ultimate tool for bearing the Halloween spirit and keeping that fire burning bright. 

#41 Scary Mask Joker Cosplay

Scary Mask Joker Cosplay

Doing cosplay as Joker is already creepy, but we guarantee this can be creepier than a Joker. A scary mask Joker cosplay will haunt those who see you wearing this. Look at the smile, even we feel that goosebump once we see it. Dress up like a Joker and wear this together for a cosplay or Halloween parties. Have fun because why so serious about this life?

#42 Creepy Clown Face Mask

Creepy Clown Face Mask

This one should be on the list since the details for facial expression impresses us. Simply wear this and all you have to do is tilting your head when you stand at the corner of the room. As someone enters the room, the screaming fills the entire room since this mask is creepy! The wig that comes together with the mask enhances the look even scarier. Get ready to see who will get frighten the most by wearing it,

#43 LED Light Creepy Scary Clown Mask

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This might be the creepiest clown mask ever for me, personally. I was shocked the moment I saw this clown mask. What makes this clown mask even creepier because there is LED light on the eyes that can turn on and frighten people more especially in the dark. Wear it easily when costume play or Halloween parties to see how people feel shock once they see you behind this mask. Turn on the light and listen to the screaming all around,

If you plan to attend the party or cosplay by wearing a scary clown mask, do not forget to take the right pose and capture it. Also, you should match your outfit with the mask to make your appearance wholesome and ready to listen to some screamings. 

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