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58 Crazy Weird Shoes That Are Bizarre But Also Kinda Cool

Shoes are so much more than just a protective layer of material that keeps your feet from scathing. Shoes are a fashion statement, a detail that can turn your whole look from plain to extraordinary.

They can showcase your personality, make people laugh or scare the living daylights out of them ( just check out #32 on this list, you’ll know what we’re talking about). But such unique shoes are truly hard to come across these days. You’re either left with generic boring ones or designer ones that will make your wallet wail in despair. Not good.

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Well, fear not, dear followers. We have assembled the ultimate list of the most extraordinarily weirdest shoes you can find. The good news is, that many of these are made to order so they can be customized to hit just the right spot with your preferences.

Weirdest Shoes You Can Buy:

check out our list and find the most bizarre shoes for Halloween, unique shoes for the prom or even a wedding, some crazy flip-flops and plenty more of the weirdest shoes ever made!

#1 Skull Purgatory Pump Heels

Skull Purgatory Pump Heels - weird shoes

We kick off our list with weird shoes that actually look quite elegant and stylish. These handmade high heels shoes can be worn virtually anywhere, from a Halloween party to a wedding. If you choose to buy them be prepared to answer an endless stream of questions on where you got them.

#2 Secret Grave Yard Platforms

Although walking in these crazy shoes would require some skill from you, it’d be absolutely worth it. The gigantic platforms of these shoes have partially cut out and transformed into a grave yard scene. Each shoe features magical creatures, moss, trees, and various figurines.

#3 Octopus Shoes

Octopus Shoes - weird shoes crazy shoes

Although we have a long way to go on our list, this pair is pretty close to snatching the title of “the weirdest shoes ever made”. These octopus shoes have been created by Kermit Tesoro, a Filipino fashion designer. Not many would be brave enough to wear them, but gaping at them? Oh yes, I could look at them all day long contemplating marine life, physics, and human anatomy. You Might Also Like These; Cosplay ideas for Women

#4 T-Rex “Jurassic Pumps”

T-Rex “Jurassic Pumps”

Speaking of contemplating physics and human anatomy. You have to admire women who have mastered the heels to the point of taming two dinosaurs. These T-Rex pumps look so awesome and bizarre that you can’t help but want them. Additionally, you can always use the spikes on these shoes to scare away unwanted prey that might gather around you.

#5 Alice Malice Wonderland Pumps

Alice Malice Wonderland Pumps - weird shoes crazy shoes

I have to be honest, I’ve always loved “Alice in Wonderland”. Hence, the attention to detail and effort that have been put into the making of these shoes just warms my heart. Here you have everything: the electric baby blue color inspired by Alice’s dress, tea cups, lace, cake texture, crystals and more. The added spikes only remind you how creepy and dangerous the Wonderland can get. A+ job.

#6  R2D2 LED Pumps

R2D2 LED Pumps - weird shoes crazy shoes

Which cool list would be complete without our favorite friendly neighborhood droid? Forgive the obvious franchise mix-up, but R2D2 can easily get you overly excited. These crazy shoes might not be the first choice for everyday wear, but they would be a blast on any Halloween party. They even come with a built-in LED module that cycles through different colors. The only thing these handmade shoes lack are some iconic R2D2 sounds.

#7 Faux Fur Claw Boots

Faux Fur Claw Boots

Werewolves might not be a thing in real life, but these cool boots can certainly give your look a wolfish edge. They look almost disturbingly realistic especially considering the rubber paw pad soles. These boots would be a great addition to any Halloween or cosplay costume. Not sure about the everyday use of these shoes, unless you are up to tip-toeing your way through the streets collecting astonished looks of passersby on your way.

#8 Crucifix von Drachenberg  Pumps

Crucifix von Drachenberg Pumps

These shoes might not be as bizarre as others on this list but that’s what we get for setting the bar so high. You wouldn’t strictly call them “weird shoes” since they actually look quite elegant and stylish. With the crucifixes, rosary beads and spikes, they can be easily worn on a regular day as part of your gothic aesthetic.

#9 Distressed Blood Lust Pumps

Distressed Blood Lust Pumps - weird shoes crazy shoes

These textured weird shoes with blood dripping from every corner definitely make them a go-to footwear if you’re looking for shocking anyone you come across. For even more edginess you can combine them with this bloody fantastic purse and be on your way stunning the living daylights out of people. 

#10 Rainbow Bear Heels

You didn’t think we’d just treat you only morbid weird shoes, did you? For a little bit of contrast, we present you with these fluffy but no less awesome heels. They look so sweet you might actually want to schedule an appointment with your dentist in the nearest future. The upper vinyl part of the shoes can be colored in any way you like and the bear heads are available in both pink and blue.

#11 Whale Tail Shoes

Whale Tail Shoes

These quirky shoes are just what you need if you want to take a step back from generic footwear to something more original. The design masterfully incorporates a whale’s tail shape into a pair of comfortable leather ankle strap shoes. 

#12 Spiked Platforms Boot Heels

They are edgy, stylish, with just the right amount of creepiness thrown in. The most memorable feature of these shoes are the acidic green accents but you could actually spend hours studying the other details incorporated in them, from bolts to zippers and spikes. 

#13  Made To Order Flame Platform Boots

Made To Order Flame Platform Boots

It is time to bring some 70s style shoes with a unique twist into the mix. The twist I’m talking about is, of course, the flames that rise up from the hot cherry red heels up to your ankles. Moreover, the boots gain in their value due to the multi-layered flame details as well as the genuine leather they are made of. 

#14 Grass Sandals

Grass Sandals

What can be more original than walking on the grass while still wearing flip flops? These weird shoes can truly tickle your brain with this implication but, apart from it, they can instantly grab anyone’s attention. Although the grass is synthetic, it looks weirdly authentic so you might have some problem finding them during a picnic or BBQ.

#15 Spiked Creature Boots

Spiked Creature Boots - weird shoes crazy shoes

Although being devoured by a murderous plant sounds like a morbid concept, these weird shoes still manage to be irresistible. Judging by the blood drips on the plants’ “mouths” you shouldn’t be worried about filling their bellies in quite a while. I also love the crystals and spikes at the back of the shoes, that look magical up to the point where you notice the bloody soles they spawn from. Brilliant!

#16 Duck Shoe

Duck Shoe - weird shoes

Costa Magakaris, the designer of these bizarre shoes, draws inspiration from children fairy tales in order to invoke a sense of nostalgia. But it’s the grotesque twist that he puts on them is what makes his work truly stand. The Victorian shape of the boots, the collar, and the sewn beak will all be definitely haunting my dreams for a while. 

#17 Anti-gravity “Royalty” Curved Gold Leaf Wedges

Anti-gravity “Royalty” Curved Gold Leaf Wedges

If you want to try out anti-gravity shoes you might as well do it with all the flare. With the golden prominent details and crystals, it’s no wonder these shoes are called “Royalty”. You will not only be able to walk in those just fine but also look incredible and royally awesome. 

#18 Mouse Skull Wedges

Mouse Skull Wedges - weird shoes

It’s only when you put a morbid spin on characters from your childhood you can end up with the weirdest shoes in the world. I’m not saying that Mickey and Minnie don’t look good like this. They actually look pretty awesome and even romantic on some level. But putting the creepiness aside, you have to admit that the shock value of this design makes them one of the most original pieces yet.

#19 Stripe “Zombie Pinup” Pumps

Stripe “Zombie Pinup” Pumps

These zombie shoes have everything. Flesh textured fabric, Beetlejuice pattern, pinup bows, spikes. Just what you need to complete your Gothic Lolita look. You can choose the color of the “flesh” as well as opt out of having the spiked soles. Either way, these crazy shoes will definitely grab and command the attention of everyone in the room.

#20 Xylophone Stickletto

Xylophone Stickletto - weird shoes

These shoes look so fun and stylish you wouldn’t be able to tell that they were inspired by a kid’s Xylophone. But when the shoe drops it only makes these shoes even more extraordinary. Despite the colorful leather front, it’s the 12cm heel that grabs attention and invokes connotations with one of the most favorite toys of anyone’s childhood. Awesome idea!

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#21 “Pistol Whipped” 8-inch Platform Boots

“Pistol Whipped” 8-inch Platform Boots

If an 8-inch platform didn’t look intimidating enough for you, how about the one that is also full of guns and bullets? Add a huge amount of spikes and studs into the mix and you have yourselves some pretty badass shoes.

#22 Hooved Goat Boots

Hooved Goat Boots - weird shoes

If you’re still looking for weird shoes for sale, how about these highly realistic goat boots? They are made out of two-toned faux fur and even the soles stay true to the portrayal of the goat. They can be used for cosplay, Halloween parties, or just paying a tribute to goats. Why wouldn’t you? Goats are cool.

#23 Sugar Skull Platforms

If you really want to buy weird shoes but don’t feel too comfortable with high heels and platforms, no worries. These shoes won’t put a strain on your feet but will still look as awesome and creepy as their predecessors. These velvet platforms can be enhanced with various details and since they are made to order you can choose the ones that suit you best. The skulls can also be enhanced with additional paint, crosses, crystals and more. 

#24 Fish Shoes

Fish Shoes - weird shoes

Gentlemen, we haven’t forgotten about you. These weird shoes for guys and girls bring up old memories of those bizarre singing fish that every restaurant in town seemed to have. Well, these shoes might not be able to sing a serenade for you but, oh boy, do they grab your attention. 

#25 “Over The Rainbow” Crystal Prism Pumps

“Over The Rainbow” Crystal Prism Pumps

These pumps look absolutely out of this world. The colors blend together in one amazing gradient with several star accents on the sides. But the real stars of these shoes are the crystal-covered soles. As you can see, they feature both smaller crushed crystals as well as bigger standing out crystal spikes. Additionally, you can select the height of the shoes between 6 and 8 inches.

#26 Iridescent Clear Crystal Heels

Iridescent Clear Crystal Heels

Good news ladies, transparent shoes will make a much better job of visually extending your legs that nude ones. Plus, when the shoes look as amazing as these ones, with platforms and crystals, the answer to whether you should buy them or not is as clear as the shoes themselves.

#27 The Dragon Oriental

The Dragon Oriental

The combination of red and blue has always been a classic one. But when coupled with the stunning dragon shape these shoes take, it becomes unique rather than classic. The oriental dragon’s curves seamlessly form an extraordinary heel and platform that, infused with gemstones, make these shoes a masterpiece.

#28 Vinyl “Transylvania” Candelabra Skull Boots

Vinyl “Transylvania” Candelabra Skull Boots

Why take a flashlight with you if you could wear these hilarious shoes with a much classier source of light? The skull candelabras come with flickering LED lights on top. These shoes are as avant-garde as they come which makes them more suitable for a fashion show or a photo shoot, not everyday wear. But you can rest assured that these shoes will grab anyone’s attention on a Halloween party.

#29 “American Psycho” Studded Ankle Boot Heels

“American Psycho” Studded Ankle Boot Heels - weird shoes

After already seeing the first half of the list of the weirdest shoes ever, were you really surprised to find Christian Bale’s face on one of them? These shoes pay tribute to the “American Psycho” movie in the most stylish yet bloody fashion. Completed with spikes and studs, these shoes perfectly convey the mood of the movie, don’t you think?

#30 Rooster Shoes

Rooster Shoes

If we’re going to talk about funny shoes, we might as well talk about these shoes inspired by a rooster. Yes, it’s a thing. Although they were inspired by a farm version of an alarm clock, these shoes actually look quite bold. Both the color scheme and the comb shape make them look as if set on fire, which is a definite plus in my column.

#31 Planetary Spike Pumps

Planetary Spike Pumps

These hand painted galaxy-inspired pumps look absolutely staggering. The color in itself is already enough to be completely sold on them but there’s more. The zipper along the edges is a cool touch and let’s not forget about the metallic spikes coming out of the soles. Edgy and unique.

#32 Chainsaw Massacre Pumps

Chainsaw Massacre Pumps - weird shoes

These are the weirdest shoes on the account that they manage to turn the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” into something stylish. The gore and the blood twisted together to form a shoe is not something you can easily forget. Apart from that, the chainsaw heels and spikes make these shoes to go-to footwear for the next Halloween party.

#33 Gun Hoof Shoes

Gun Hoof Shoes - weird shoes

When browsing through these weird shoes, instead of “why” the more accurate question to ask would be “why not”. This is how it is with these shoes that combine eerily realistic goat hoof shoes and vintage gun heels. This weird combination and a bit disturbing look on this footwear safely grants it the title of “the weirdest shoes yet”, don’t you think?

#34 Spiked “Dropout” Combat Boots

Spiked “Dropout” Combat Boots - weird shoes

Despite the studs and a bit aggressive look, these shoes are probably the most normal ones on this list. These unisex combat boots  (that’s right, we have weird shoes for guys as well), are covered in studs, spikes, and zippers giving them a definite edge when looking for unique but comfortable everyday boots.

#35 “Apocalyptic Warfare” Studded Boots

Although there are a lot of shoes with creatively shaped heels, not many platforms are subject to the same treatment. These shoes are an exception. In these shoes the platforms play the main role in the whole design, covered innails and spikes. The design also gains on uniqueness thanks to the cut-out star in the 5 ¼’’ platforms.

#36 Crocodile Shoes

These crocodile shoes look so realistic that it is hard to believe it is just a photo manipulation. But every great design starts on paper (or in this case, in Photoshop). With a couple of tweaks thrown in, we can only hope that one day these funny shoes will be available for sale.

#37 Steampunk Clockwork Heels

No list is complete without steampunk. These cool shoes encapsulate everything steampunk and more. The Zeppelin heels are the biggest delight in these pumps. But let’s not forget about all the clockwork details and the overall vintage distressed look. If you’re a fan of steampunk or need footwear for your steampunk costume, you are obligated to buy these shoes. There’s no way around it.

#38 Jack-O-Lantern LED Pumpkin Boots

Jack-O-Lantern LED Pumpkin Boots

I keep mentioning Halloween over and over again, and here we finally arrive at weird shoes that are actually meant for Halloween.

The platforms on these shoes feature the os-so-merry face of Jack-O-Lantern among the studs, lights, and zippers. The LED lights are powered by a concealed battery pack. The lights can glow in solid or flashing color. 

#39 Platform Claw Spike “Sunset Strip” Red Vinyl Heels

We’re back to the 70’s inspired shoes with a spiky twist put on them. These vinyl shoes have all the retro vibes you can wish for. But what makes them stand out are, of course, the studs and spikes featured on both the heels and toes. It’s a cool combination of groovy and badass in one blood red pair.

#40 Stuck Chewing Gum Heel Shoes

Stuck Chewing Gum Heel Shoes - weird shoes

These funny shoes for sale tell a whole story. The story of how a piece of gum can ruin your brand new sneakers. These shoes are so realistic and the gum so dynamic, that it’s really hard to guess the shoes were designed that way and it’s not just live gum dangling from your soles.

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#41 Freddy Krueger Spiked Pumps

Freddy Krueger Spiked Pumps

These are everything the fans of the 80s classic horror movies need. The spirit of Freddy is perfectly encapsulated in these truly creepy shoes. With the iconic stripes pattern, heels styled as burned flesh, and, of course, spikes, you feel uneasy just from looking at them. The cherry on top of this cake of creepiness is, no doubt, the song lyrics…Try to get it out of your head now.

#42 Secret Garden Gnome Pumps

These shoes are a walking fairy tale. Well, you need to do all the walking but the point still stands. They featured faux grass and moss, white picket fence, lovely red door and no blood in sight. The shoes also feature two happy jolly gnomes. The whole design fills with happiness and glee, which makes it a perfect addition to your summer look.

#43 Carpenter

Carpenter - weird shoes

These summer sandals have rightfully earned their name. Inspired by carpentry and woodwork, the most prominent feature of these shoes are, of course, the heels. Shaped like a saw with wooden beams, this single detail sets these sandals apart from the rest. Ron Swanson would definitely endorse these.

#44 Exotic Studded Crystal Fetish Heels

Exotic Studded Crystal Fetish Heels

These high-heeled shoes feature such a huge amount of studs and crystals you might feel a need to cover your eyes for a second. The shoes are available in both 8’’ and 6’’ versions, so if you want to shine without putting a strain on your feet, these babies are for you.

#45 Flamingo Shoes

Why wouldn’t you turn a bird equivalent of a question mark into a pair of surprisingly fashionable? The uniqueness of these shoes spawns from the fact that they have two heels. Well, more like one and a half heels, that are shaped like flamingo legs. Even the flamingo beak shape found its way to the toes of the shoes. Despite the slight weirdness, these leather shoes actually look quite elegant and stylish. 

#46 Crystal Mermaid Anchor Pumps

Crystal Mermaid Anchor Pumps

These mermaid scales shoes are just what you need to brighten up your look. They will gleam in the sunlight thanks to all the glitter, crystals, and scales. If you want to make them a bit more original, you can order a version that features giant anchors at the back. That would definitely make anyone stop in their tracks.

#47 Foot Shoes

Costume Feet

How about shoes shaped like feet? Going for full transparency without actually being transparent, these are definitely the weirdest shoes out there. Somehow, you can find a philosophical message in them, if you squint hard enough. For better or for worse, these shoes remain just a concept for now.

#48  Skull “Crypt” Flats

Let’s come back to earth for a second and look at these cool skull shoes. Although they are flats and don’t feature any high heels or cut-out platforms, they still look unique and artistic. In these shoes, you can go anywhere, comfortable and secure in the notion that your flats would easily kick any other shoes’ soles.

#49 Striped “Burton” Pin Cushion Heart Pumps

Striped “Burton” Pin Cushion Heart Pumps

Even if you’re not a fan of Burton, you have to admit that these shoes look extraordinary. The black and white pattern, bows, swirls, and, most of all, the heart-shaped pin cushions give these shoes elegance and messiness at the same time. Plus, the black, white, and red color combo makes them timeless pieces of footwear. 

#50 Platform Spider Web Studded Skull Boots

Platform Spider Web Studded Skull Boots

What do you do to up your spookiness level? You add some spider web to it. These shoes not only feature hand painted spider webs, but also texturized skulls, and studs. Despite the obvious Halloween vibe these shoes project, you could as easily make them a part of your everyday look.

#51 Ladies Skull Rose Print Platform

Ladies Skull Rose Print Platform Bone Heel Party Club Pumps

These 5 inches platforms can enhance your gothic looks. The ladies skull print, completed with roses on it, creates a dark yet pretty appearance for your daily look. The bone heels will make the shoes look sturdy and sharp. These shoes are ready to rock on your looks.

#52 Big Feet Furry Monster Adventure Slipper

Big Feet Furry Monster Adventure Slippers

If you are looking for something different yet comfortable to wear, this might be the answer. The rubber outsole is an anti-slip. Made with velvet material, it is soft and comfy to wear, particularly during the holiday or cold season. The toes are separated between each other, which will make your toes move easily. It also fits for a Halloween party, and does role-play as a bigfoot. Feel the comfort.

#53 Animal Paw Slipper

Animal Paw Slippers for Kids and Adults, Fun Costume for Kids

Costume play with ordinary costumes is boring. Costume play with ordinary role-play is meh. Hence, you should try something weird, unique and one of a kind for it. Being a cute monster, complete by wearing the furry paw monster slipper is kind of fun! The soft and comfortable material to wear will cherish every moment you spend wearing these slippers. Don’t worry about sliding since it is an anti-slip outsole to avoid the slippery or sliding when wearing it.

#54 Light Up Shoes

Light Up Shoes

Shoes that have integrated LEDs and can light up in the dark are not that uncommon nowadays. However, the YIQZIQ takes the flashy design to the next level by using fiber optics on the sneakers to create an incredible colorful glow! Wear it on Halloween night and do some shuffle dance with the flashing shoes for a super fun experience. There is a charging port in case the battery is running low.

#55 UMYGO Just So-So Running Shoes

UMYGO Just So-So Running Shoes

These bright yellow shoes from UMYGO will not only make you stand out but can also make you run faster! It features ingenious rubber blade soles that are elastic and comfortable for the feet. You can wear it for a prolonged time without worrying about blisters. The shoes look different compared to any other running shoes with their distinctive pattern and shape. If you want to get in shape, this pair of running shoes should be on your shopping list.

#56 Manly Knee-high Cowboy Leather Shoes

Manly Knee-high Cowboy Leather Shoes

For someone who is proud of his masculinity, this pair of knee-high leather shoes will be a good present. The 100% brown leather looks very elegant and permeates class. Moreover, the lion logo on and the side straps enhance the manliness. It is the footwear for the modern days’ cowboys! The shoes will also be a good choice for men who love riding motorcycles. After all, the rubber soles and the overall leather would offer some degree of protection to riders.

#57 Nightmare Before Christmas Shoes

Nightmare Before Christmas Shoes

Everyone must have watched the most bizarre stop-motion animation Nightmare Before Christmas at least once in their lifetime. Now the spooky movie comes to haunt your Halloween night in the shape of these shoes! The design is kind of weird because it is asymmetrical. The left and the right side offer a different illustrations.

#58 Elf Shoes

Elf Shoes

The green little Elf shoes would be a quirky addition to your weird shoe collection! You can wear it on any occasion, even when it is not Christmas, to show off your weird side! As Elves are known to be the bringer of gifts, you will become the bringer of laughter when you wear these shoes.

In the end, the first thing you should consider before buying unique and weird shoes is your confidence. If you feel confident and comfortable wearing it, then, off you go! No one can stop you from creating the look you want. Whether it is funny, dark, or preppy, you decide for yourself. 

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