25 Unique Pin Cushion to Store Needles Easily

Sewing or quilting usually requires you to have a bunch of tools, especially needles and threads. Moreover, the tools and accessories are often small, even smaller than your finger. That’s why missing those two items are pretty common for tailors or quilters. There are various ways to keep your tools organized and neat in a place. Particularly for needles, we just sum up unique pin cushions for you to choose as the house of your favorite needles!

You can get the magnetic one, padded one, or also the one that you can wear on the wrist. Of course all of them are practical, but one thing you have to take note of, is that it is hard to only choose one because these lovely unique pin cushions are just too cute.

1. Beaditive Magnetic Pin Cushion With Drawer

Beaditive Magnetic Pin Cushion With Drawer

Imagine being able to organize the needles using a magnet, so you don’t have to face the difficulty of picking them if they are scattered on the floor. This item will be the answer for that. It comes as a beaditive magnetic pin cushion that features the drawer as well. After you collect the needles using the magnet, you can save the needles inside it. No more missing needles that often happen when you want to sew after using this unique pin cushion.

2. Sewing Magnetic Pin Cushion

Sewing Magnetic Pin Cushion

No, it is not a smartwatch, it is a sewing magnetic pin cushion that will help you improve your working performance. By wearing this sewing magnetic and unique pin cushion, you can easily change the needles without having to open the storage. You can simply prepare which needles you need, stick it to the magnet and then use it whenever you want. In addition, it also helps you to find the missing needles below the chair or table just by using this magnet, then the needles will stick automatically.

3. Hedgehog Shape Pin Cushion

Hedgehog Shape Pin Cushion

Who can resist this cute hedgehog? Especially when the hedgehog can help you to organize the needles like this. This pin cushion is made of 100% cotton fabric coated with fully padded polyester. It is very soft yet thick enough to hold your needles. This unique pin cushion not only comes as the cushion, but also with two sets of needles you need. Therefore, there will be no more scattered needles that may harm your kids if they find it on the floor.

4. SINGER 07140 ProSeries Slap-On Wrist Pin Cushion

SINGER 07140 ProSeries Slap-On Wrist Pin Cushion

A slap-on wrist pin cushion is what you need to keep your needles organized in the middle of working. Simply just wear it like you wear the watches, then you can change the needle easily when you do handmade sewing. The unique pin cushion is also thick enough, so you can be sure that it won’t hurt your skin when you stick the needles on it.

5. Madam Sew Needle Sorting Pin Cushion

Madam Sew Needle Sorting Pin Cushion

A unique pillow shape of pin cushion. There are various fabrics on it, so you can pin the needle which is suitable on the fabric name. This unique pin cushion is made for all needles that all handcrafts need. Moreover, it is easy to store, and you can just put it above your working table or hang it because the needles won’t fall off.

6. Ball Head Quilting Pins With Pin Cushion Lid

Ball Head Quilting Pins With Pin Cushion Lid

This item comes as a cute pink flower and unique pin cushion to save all of your needles in one place. Also, you can pin the needles at the ball head first when you are working. The ball head looks adorable with a flower pattern. It is also suitable to give to your mother who likes sewing or quilting as a gift. By storing all the needles together, your mother never feels dizzy anymore to find them when quilting time is coming.

7. Oriental Handmade Needle Pin Cushion

Oriental Handmade Needle Pin Cushion

This one highlights quirky design that uses oriental style as a pin cushion. This pin cushion is somehow unique and one of a kind. You can easily stick the needles on it. No more wasting time to find the needles that you forget about the last time you put them on. Furthermore, the size is not that small as well, so you can find this unique pin cushion easily whenever you need it.

8. Magnetic Sewing Machine Cat Pin Cushion

Magnetic Sewing Machine Cat Pin Cushion

As a cat lover, we’re sure that anyone will this as an irresistible magnetic pin cushion, especially if that someone happens to love sewing as well. You can put the pin cushion on your sewing machine and let the needles stick on it, so you can change the needles easily. Moreover, the cat shape looks adorable, too. It looks like a sticker, which is very functional to your sewing machine. Time to surprise your friend who loves sewing and cats with this cute and unique pin cushion.

9. Wooden Base Sewing Cushion

Wooden Base Sewing Cushion

The flower pattern in a unique pin cushion with its classic style is exactly what you are looking for to surprise your grandma, who often forgets where she leaves the needles. The flower pattern is very classic and the wooden base is also unique and sturdy enough. Now, let your grandma quilts in peace since she can store all the needles easily and can be seen clearly.

10. Magnetic Needle Storage Box

Magnetic Needle Storage Box

When you always worry that the needles, metal buttons, or any other sewing accessories are often scattered and missing, then you can have this magnetic needle storage box. You can close the box when it is unused, also you can find the missing item or pick it right from the floor easily. The box looks like a small mirror for makeup, hence it is very cute and easy to put on the drawer or table.

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11. Heart Shaped Pin Cushion

Heart Shaped Pin Cushion

Can you really deny this lovely and unique pin cushion? With the heart-shaped, cool blue color, and the right size to stick the needles safely. This is a perfect fit pin cushion to avoid the missing pin or needles that you hate the most because those items can easily disappear when you need it. With this heart-shaped pin cushion, no more missing pins or needles.

12. Sewing Machine Pincushion by Hobbygift 

Sewing Machine Pincushion by Hobbygift 

We think it is not a unique pin cushion, it is more like an adorable room decor item! Look at how cute this pin cushion is. It’s super cute because it comes in a sewing machine-shaped and the vintage pattern. Guess you have to own this as your center point on your working table. Moreover, it’s just too adorable to miss. The cushion is thick as well, so you can place various needles on it. So, what are you waiting for?

13. Prym Love Magnetic Heart Pin Cushion

Prym Love Magnetic Heart Pin Cushion

There are two sides of this heart-shaped magnetic pin cushion. It is a unique choice because by dividing the two sides, you can separate the needle type you have. Also, it is easy for you to find or pick the needles from the floor because the magnet is strong enough to pull small metal items. So, you don’t have to worry because your kids will never experience finding needles on the floor.

14. Lipstick Shaped Needles Cushion

Lipstick Shaped Needles Cushion

This is a practical lipstick for the tailor, we guess. Who can deny this unique shape pin cushion? Since the tailor can save the needles safe and sound inside. One thing that you cannot miss is that it’s really looks like a lipstick when you want to pick the needles inside. Yes, you have to open the cap and unscrew it, so the needles will pop up. But, don’t forget that this should be stored around your sewing tools, not in a makeup pouch.

15. Vintage Tomato Pin Cushion

Vintage Tomato Pin Cushion

Feel the classic and bold color through this vintage tomato as a unique pin cushion. You can hang it easily near your table for easy access to pick the needles you need. The color is suitable for you who love red because it comes in a pure red color. And when Christmas is coming, guess you can surprise your mother who needs a pin cushion with this one. No mom can deny this lovely pin cushion because it is soft, thick and can be stored anywhere.

16. Sewing Station Pin Cushion

Sewing Station Pin Cushion

Oh, look at how lovely and classic this unique pin cushion is! A unique shape of sewing thread that is made of stoneware clay. The top part of the cushion is made of cotton and wool inside. It really is your sewing station because you can store the threads, needles, buttons, and also small scissors on it. The design is pretty classic, which will fit to add a vintage vibe inside your working room.

17. Hand Made Wrist Pin Cushions

Hand Made Wrist Pin Cushions

It is a special bracelet for the tailor. You can wear this unique pin cushion when you sew, so you can take or put the needles easily. Plus, the pattern is unique and cute. There are various designs of this handmade wrist pin cushion that you can own. Flower, novelty, cartoon, you choose. The wristband is stretchy and comfortable to wear as well.

18. Pin Cushion Dachshund

Pin Cushion Dachshund

A real dachshund and any item with this dog-shape is undeniable. Simply just look at this adorable dachshund pin cushion! Can you skip this one? Of course not! You can store this unique pin cushion above the table and pin the needles easily on the cushion. With this item, we can assure you that no one can pick your needles without your permission because this dog will protect the needles from now on.

19. Bee Pin Cushion

Bee Pin Cushion

Add something sweet to your sewing station with this bee pin cushion. The material is soft and thick, complete with the bees around the beehive. The size is fit for sticking needles. So, no more messy table with the needles around. Moreover, this unique pin cushion is suitable as a gift because it comes with a cute box.

20. Humorous Pin Cushion

Humorous Pin Cushion

To those who love something unique and one of a kind design, this humorous pin cushion will be your right choice. You can pin the needles on your favorite number or your special number combination. The unique pin cushion is thick. You can also add the special bag if you want to surprise your mother as a mother’s day gift. The size is not that small either, so you’ll have no worry that it will easily go missing.

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21. Voodoo Doll Pin Cushion

Voodoo Doll Pin Cushion

Something dark and cute to store your pin comes in this unique voodoo doll pin cushion. The size is handy, so you can store anywhere you like. This unique pin cushion is thick yet soft to touch. You can stick the needles on the part you want. Moreover, if you pick this as a gift for someone who loves something unique, this one is lovely, too.

22. Squirrel Pin Cushion

Squirrel Pin Cushion

If you love something elegant, simple yet classy, the squirrel pin cushion is worth buying. As a pin cushion, it is very practical, while it can be stored as a room decor item as well. It is made of the highest quality pewter, and you can see how fine the details are. Such an exceptional pin cushion ever!

23. The Original Eyeball Bottle Cap Pin Cushion

The Original Eyeball Bottle Cap Pin Cushion

If you are looking for a pin cushion that accepts made by order item, then you can try to order this one. The eyeball design with bottle cap shaped pin cushion is more than unique. It is such a great item in a mind blowing design, making it suitable for those who love thrilling or horror scenes. Choose the design and color you want to make it more dramatic when you stick the needles.

24. Chicken Pin Cushion

Chicken Pin Cushion

Although this one cannot wake you up in the morning, this chicken pin cushion is very helpful to collect the needles you have for sewing or quilting. The color and details are adorable. Even if you already have a pin cushion at home, guess you still want to add a new one.

25. Elephant Pin Cushion Pattern

Elephant Pin Cushion Pattern

It is time to do it yourself this elephant pin cushion by ordering the pattern file in pdf format for this cutie. You can cut and sew based on your favorite colors. Then, tada! The DIY elephant pin cushion is ready to use.

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What are pin cushions used for?

Pin cushions are used to organize the needles in one place. Also, it keeps the needles clean and far from messy condition. Thus, you can find or change the needles easily when you put them on pin cushions.

What is the best filling for a pin cushion?

The best one is cotton because to make a padded cushion, you need a fabric that is thick enough and keeps the needles far from corrosion. But the most familiar one is polyester.

What is emery pin cushion?

Emery pin cushion is usually using the emery sand as the filling. The purpose is to keep the needles or pins sharp and clean. So, if you put it back to the cushion after using it, then it is the same as sterilizing the needles. You can make it by yourself. As simple as ordering the pdf pattern to sew it at home and fill with the emery sand before close the sewing. Emery sand can be bought through the marketplace as well.

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