25 Unique Gifts for Cross Stitchers to Support Their Hobby

Cross stitches are people who love and create cross stitch arts. They love cross stitching because it aids in the relaxation after a long and stressful day, as well as focusing the mind. Cross stitching, like yoga or meditation, demands cross stitchers to be mentally present and fully focused on the job at hand. This clears the mind of any stress or problems. Furthermore, hand-eye coordination is beneficial to young minds as well as their hands and fingers, making it a popular hobby these days. If your friends or relatives happen to be cross stitchers, then you can support their hobby with some small presents. Moreover, unique and rare stitching kits usually become the most wanted gifts for cross stitchers.

Suppose you haven’t bought gifts for cross stitchers yet, now you may feel confused to get the right present. Therefore, we will guide you to find the perfect gifts for cross stitchers. From the funny stitch gift ideas to the personalized gifts for cross stitchers, we have compiled the list just for you. Let’s take a look at our top selected items below and we guarantee that your friends may fall in love with at least one of those presents!

1. Embroidery Hoop Stand

Embroidery Hoop Stand

Allow your friends who love cross stitching to create a masterpiece comfortably with this embroidery hoop stand.  Made of carefully selected beech wood, it has a natural wood grain texture and a gentle shine. The portable wood embroidery stand is simple to set up, remove, and store. It will be one of the ideal gifts for cross stitchers in all skill levels.

2. Funny Cross Stitch Shirt

Funny Cross Stitch Shirt

Do you need funny stitch gift ideas? Well, try to give this cunny cross stitch shirt! The design features funny sarcasm jokes with amazing stitch patterns that will definitely crack laugh to the cross stitchers. Made of 100% cotton with solid colors, this amusing gift tee was created with cross stitch stitching enthusiasts in mind.

3. Feminist Cross Stich Book

Feminist Cross Stich Book

With these 40 stitch patterns from this book, cross stitchers can make a statement and shatter patriarchy one stitch at a time. It will be one of the inspiring gifts for cross stitchers who want to learn a new pattern. It’s full of edgy slogans, snappy one-liners, and witty imagery that create fantastic stitch arts. This book will guide cross stitchers from the equipment and techniques, until framing their finished pieces.

4. I’m Cross Stitching Funny Mug

I’m Cross Stitching Funny Mug

For those cross stitchers who seek peace while stitching, this mug can be the most wanted item in their life. It comes with funny jokes telling people to not disturb them while playing with needles and threads. All they need is to just put this mug next to their stitching kits, and people who read the text will definitely stop messing around.

5. Floss Organizer Cross Stitch Kit

Floss Organizer Cross Stitch Kit

If you want to give useful gifts for cross stitchers, this floss organizer will be one of the best options. The compact foam notches help sort the floss more effectively, making it easier to sort and store for projects. Stitchers can remove a strand as needed without knotting or twisting because of the tension created.

6. Embroidery Project Bag

Embroidery Project Bag

Show your support for your friends’ hobby by giving them this embroidery project bag. This bag is scratch-resistant and long-lasting, thanks to its heavy-duty nylon construction. Embroidery materials are kept in good shape by thick cushioning placed between layers of material. It can accommodate all of their stitching kits in one go. It will be one of the most durable and practical gifts for cross stitchers they will cherish forever.

7. Floral Round Thread Organizer with Needle Magnet

Floral Round Thread Organizer with Needle Magnet

Help your friends stitching easily with thread organizer with needle magnet. The thread keeper is shaped like a rooster and has a carved motif. The sewing sorter tool allows threads to be placed in slots, one after the other, preventing tangling. Not to mention, the needle minder at the center completes all cross stitchers wanted in one place. This is one of the most efficient gifts for cross stitchers.

8. Magnetic Pin Holder with Wristband

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Finding the missing needle is a difficult task to do for a cross stitcher. With this magnetic pin holder, they may feel it easier. It features an automatic fit wristband they can wear while stitching to improve work efficiency. Once the needles fall out, the strong magnet will hold them well, so you don’t have to find them below your desk.

9. Embroidery Floss Kit with 108 Colors

Embroidery Floss Kit with 108 Colors

Surprise your friends who love stitching with these amazing 108 cotton threads as gifts for cross stitchers! WIth these stitch gift boxes, they will get any color that they need to create a beautiful cross stitch art. In addition, 9 pure shining cotton threads and an additional 9 metallic threads made of high-quality polyester are also added in these stitch gift boxes to give any project a unique look.

10. Embroidery Floral Starter Kit

Embroidery Floral Starter Kit

This stitch gift set will be one of the best gifts for cross stitchers in their life! Especially for beginners, it provides everything you need to make your first cross stitching art. It features cotton fabrics, embroidery hoops, soft embroidery threads, needles, and also scissors. After the needlework is completed, it can be framed in a round plastic embroidery hoop and hung as an interior decoration in the living room.

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11. Cross Stitch Project Pouch

Cross Stitch Project Pouch

Get your cross stitchers this unique pouch to store their makeup or toiletries. The funny quote that reads “This Is Proof I Have The Patience To Stab Something 4000 Times” will definitely put a smile on their face. Beside its function to store things, your friends can personalized it with some cross stitch on the canvas material.

12. Home Sweet Home Needle Minder

Home Sweet Home Needle Minder

For those who love cross stitching to kill the loneliness because being away from their hometown, this small present can be a very precious item that reminds them of home. It features the cross stitch style of “Home Sweet Home” design in an elegant way. When your friends are in the middle of cross stitching and need to take a break, it will maintain track of your needle for them.

13. Tapestry in Bloom Cross Stitch Pattern 

Tapestry in Bloom Cross Stitch Pattern 

Did you feel familiar with this pattern? In fact, this tapestry in bloom pattern was a legend and famous before the 21st century. Well, this is one of the rarest gifts for cross stitchers to treasure! With this pattern, your friends can re-create their own version and show it to the elderly, reminiscing the popular cross stitch pattern in their era.

14. Rainbow Swan Cross Stitch Scissors

Rainbow Swan Cross Stitch Scissors

Scissors as gifts for cross stitchers may sound boring. However, it doesn’t apply with this gift! This scissor is incredibly gorgeous with the elegant swan design and sharp stainless steel blade which is comfortable to use. The amazing rainbow color is also very noticeable, so your friends can find it easily in case they need it in the middle of cross stitching.

15. Flower Zippered Cross Stitch Project Case

Flower Zippered Cross Stitch Project Case

For those who have a lot of cross stitching projects, they may need this project case to separate each project well. The folder-organizer can hold embroidery supplies or their needlework. It is made of cotton fibers and features two huge pockets with a zipper closure. It will be one of the most useful gifts for cross stitchers with an abundance of projects.

16. Flower and Butterfly Counted Cross Stitch Kits 

Flower and Butterfly Counted Cross Stitch Kits

Bring back the cross stitching spirit to your friends who love needles and thread with this beautiful cross counted stitch gift set. It has a grid guide graph with various numbers and symbols that shows you where to draw the grid and also which color lines to use. Just simply follow the symbols on the page to create a beautiful piece of art!

17. Cross Stitchers Journal

Cross Stitchers Journal

Give your friends this journal for a perfect medium to share their cross stitch plans and design before applying it to the real fabric. This book contains some planning information, as well as all of the required graphs, forms, and pages for brainstorming ideas for all of their cross stitching projects. Your friends have to fill the prompt blank to guide them to get well planned and organized projects.

18. DIY Ribbon Embroidery Set and Needlework Kits 

DIY Ribbon Embroidery Set and Needlework Kits 

Create a masterpiece with these stitch gift ideas. Combining needlepoint and embroidery methods, your friends can hone their skills in this kit. It comes with 1 set ribbon embroidery kit and unfinished needlework kit, so your friends can create DIY patterns. It is one of the best gifts for cross stitchers who love fusion artwork.

19. Stamped Cross Stitch Kits

Stamped Cross Stitch Kits

Give your friends a “wanna be” beautiful home decoration with this gift. It will be one of the greatest stitch gift ideas as it can be a wonderful decor as well. This embroidery kit is made of a thicker cotton fabric than other kits, so it lasts longer and has a more exquisite appearance. This cross-stitching task is easy and entertaining to learn for all ages, thanks to the accurate pre-printed adorable design, clear numbers and symbols.

20. Women Counted Cross-Stitch Bookmark Kit 

Women Counted Cross-Stitch Bookmark Kit 

If you’re looking for a craft kit for a lady or a creative present for a woman, this is the gift for her! Beside giving her cross stitch equipment, you also can get handcrafted cross stitch bookmark kits for her. She can create her own Cross Stitch “Votes For Women” bookmark to commemorate the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. 

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21. Cross Stitch Love Planner Sticker

Cross Stitch Love Planner Sticker

If you are looking for gifts for cross stitchers that can encourage them to make great artwork, then you can give this planner sticker to them. This sticker sheet features hand-drawn cross-stitch and sewing images that they can use to personalize their cross-stitch journal. Made from glossy vinyl, these shiny stickers will add spirit to every page of the journal.

22. Christmas Wooden Needle Minder

Christmas Wooden Needle Minder

In case Christmas is coming, then you may get the ideal Christmas gifts for cross stitchers. Try to surprise them with these cute wooden needle minders! It comes with various shapes such as the gingerbread cookie or the christmas tree. Moreover, the unique models and vibrant colors make great collection items for cross stitchers.

23. Bee Kind Scissor Fob

Bee Kind Scissor Fob

Thinking of not losing more scissors while cross stitching? Well, decorate the scissors with this scissor fob! It is made up of a polymer clay bee and an antique bronze metal key pendant with lace and felt embroidery. The crystal brown round glass bead, antique bronze chain, and small metal crown are incorporated for a more striking impact.

24. Sewing Gift Kit

Sewing Gift Kit

This gift will definitely be a must have item for all cross stitches. In case your friends are just starting this hobby, then you can give them this sewing gift kit to show your support and care. One needle minder, two ornamental pins, and a scissor fob are included in the package. You can add personalized messages inside the gift for your friends as well.

25. Poppies Needle Case

Poppies Needle Case

Small, but very useful items that people may never think of that exist! For those who used to keep their needles left on their unfinished work, then somehow lost it the next day, this needle case can be a lifesaver. Don’t forget to keep the needle inside this case after stitching for extra safety. The cover of the magnetic needle case has been hand decorated with beautiful poppies polymer clay, making it noticeable from afar. 

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What gift to give someone who crosses stitches?

You can get a useful item that helps the cross stitching process. Today, there are various useful gifts for cross stitchers such as the Floss organizer or the Poppies needle case. Or, you can buy a cross stitch kit to encourage them to make great artwork such as the Stamped cross stitch kit. For more inspiration, please check our article above.

Can I sell my completed cross stitch?

Yes, you can! For those people who admire cross stitch artwork, they will definitely buy those masterpieces they like. Especially for vintage cross stitch pattern artwork collectors, they will pay for a great amount of money. You can sell it via online marketplaces by showing the image of your work. 

Is cross stitch profitable?

Cross stitching is one of the hobbies which can create additional income for you. As cross stitching has become a popular pattern in fashion items, you can apply your skill to adorn outfits or bags. After that, you can sell those items at a higher price as you add their value with cross stitching. 

Is cross stitch good for your brain?

Yes, it is! According to research, cross stitch reduces stress hormones while increasing feel-good serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. Moreover, cross stitch is a kind of meditation for many people, with the repeated, silent movement generating a sense of inner calm. The pleasure you experience is the result of your brain and body being in sync, which is uncommon in this digital age.

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