25 Cool Playing Cards To Forget Stressful Day

After a stressful day, cool playing cards help you forget about that and relieve stress, and in the end, you will be happy once more, especially when you can play a card game with your friends.

Cool playing cards are not only cool by how to play the card but also the design. A plain design will make it dull and not be a big help to your stressful day. Also, the design will make you want to play it more or have a new hobby named collecting cards. It is like someone who has a hobby of collecting stamps.

BEST Playing Cards – Our 4 Best Picks

Playing Card for OtakuMovie Playing CardPlaying Card for LoverUnique Playing Card
Sailor Moon Magic Trading CardsGame of Thrones Playing Cards“Love You” Playing CardsHouse of Cards Building Kit
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Cool Playing Cards To Play with Fun

1. Sailor Moon Magic Trading Cards

Sailor Moon Magic Trading Cards

Cool playing cards that are not only for playing but also to bring back a good nostalgia? What a great idea as a gift for your old friend and weebs. 88 cards are ready to entertain you not only by playing it but also collect and look at it.

2. Vaporwave 80’s Sunset Poker Playing Cards

Vaporwave 80_s Sunset Poker Playing Cards

The beach theme sure is relaxing, isn’t it? A plain poker card is boring. Add a beach theme and you will play a game without tense situations because of a relaxing look at the card. A beach lover will surely love this one. Also, because of the theme, this card is perfect to play in the afternoon just before sunset.

3. Alice In Wonderland Themed Cards

Alice In Wonderland Playing Cards

Alice in Wonderland is a Disney movie that was adapted from Lewis Caroll’s story. The theme makes it cool to play cards especially for girls and Disney lovers. The cute design also makes it suitable for a child. You can teach them how to play poker with these cards.

4. Fish Themed Playing Cards

Fish Playing Cards

A fish lover and a poker player? What a coincidence, these cards are great for them. The cute design will make a fish lover want to play this card more. These cards can also trigger hunger, especially if a person that plays these cards likes to eat fish very much.

5. “Unspoken” Playing Card Experience

Unspoken Playing Card Experience

Have you played truth or dare before? Cool playing cards will help you to play this game with your friend. Also, since these cards contain questions that come from the past, present, and plan for the future, it will make your bond with your friends become much stronger. If you have a close friend, give this card a shot.

6. House of Cards Building Kit

House of Cards Building Kit

Challenge your friend who is a civil engineer, structural engineer, or even a physicist to play these cool playing cards. Let’s see if they can practice what they learn in their respective college or not. Because the purpose of the game is to build something, these cards are not limited to engineers, but also kids and creative people.

7. Family Photo Playing Cards

cool playing cards

Do you miss an adventurer’s nuance? The good news is, these cool playing cards will take you to a forest that has a house in it. Suitable for a family sleepover. These cards are suitable for a small family. Don’t forget to bring your neighbor these cards as a present.

8. “Baby & Toddler To Do” Cards

cool playing cards

Toddlers like to play games very much. These cool playing cards are perfect for quality time for you and your children. There are thirty activities to do for your toddler on the card. The cards are also a good medium for your children to read and study language and motoric movement. 

9. “Play The Patriarchy” Cards

Play the Patriarchy

Cool playing cards that bring an anti-mainstream theme sure are worth buying. These cool playing cards are created by a feminist satire website. If you are ready to buy these cards, prepare to laugh and blush a lot. 

10. Marital Bliss Game

Marital Bliss Game

Do you and your spouse need cool playing card games to have something new in your married life? Check this marital bliss game. You can compete with your spouse with these card games. The instructions on the card will challenge your spouse to do something for you such as shopping, cooking dinner, and more to earn points. The winner can select the reward. You should give this to the newlywed.

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11. “Who in the Room?” Party Game

unique office wall art

Truth or dare is a hilarious game. You can use these cool playing cards to support that hilarious game. The juicy question that is written on the card will make the game more entertaining and funny. If you have a group of friends, consider giving these cards as a gift.

12. “I Should Have Known That” Party Game

unique office wall art

There are a lot of ideas to implement at the party. If you need a quiz session, these cool playing cards will go with a bang without a doubt. These cards reflect its name, people should have known such a trivial fact such as which hand of liberty statue holds its torch? Left or right? The trivial card game is great for birthday party games

13. “Love You” Playing Cards

Love You Playing Cards

Has your married life or dating life gone sour recently? Don’t worry, these cool playing cards will blossom your and your spouse’s love once more than ever. These cards are not only made for playing poker but also to express your gratitude to your loved ones. Therefore, these cards are a perfect gift for a couple, both in their happy or sad times.

14. Great Outdoors Playing Cards

Great Outdoors Playing Cards

The missing outdoor sensation can be painful and bad for your mental health. To recover from that bad feeling, you must own these cool playing cards with hiking, ski, and other outdoor activities themes. An adventurer definitely wants to own these cards.

15. LotFancy Card Games for Kids

LotFancy Card Games for Kids

6 decks of cool playing cards for your children will make you forget your tired day because of its cute design and you can enjoy these cards with your children. The variety of card themes will teach your children new knowledge and give them an exercise to read. Such a card is great for your friend who has a toddler in their home.

16. Never Have I Ever Party Card Game, Family Edition

Never Have I Ever Party Card Game, Family Edition

Truth or dare games with your family? Why not? That game is not specifically for friends only, you and your family can play that game with these cool playing cards. The card contains a hilarious question that will make your room full of laughter. If you have a teen cousin, you can give these cards to them.

17. PlayStation Playing Cards

unique office wall art

Another nostalgia card’s theme beside sailor moon. Playstation or PSX was famous twenty years ago before it was continued by its next-generation such as PS 2, PS 3, PS 4, and so on. The cards are a must-have for a PSX fan. You can still play the game if you have an emulator on your computer.

18. Donut-Shaped Playing Cards

unique office wall art

A donut is not only for food. Do you have any idea that there is a donut-shaped card? Well, if the picture does not make you hungry enough, you can play these cool playing cards with your friend or family. For a donut lover, these cards without a doubt, are a great gift that they should receive.

19. Playing Cards Gold Colored

unique office wall art

A wealthy and rich feeling when you play these cool playing cards is great. When you play these cards, you will feel like you have real gold because of its golden color. If your friend or family is fond of gold, you can give them these cards.

20. Game of Thrones Playing Cards

unique office wall art

Fans of game of thrones will surely adore these cool playing cards and protect them to the fullest extent possible. The design and dark color make the game of thrones’ vibe more exciting.

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21. Spongebob Squarepants Playing Cards

unique office wall art

A famous Nickelodeon cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants is available in the cool playing cards game. The Spongebob theme will relieve your stress, especially if you are a big fan of the best cartoon that has ever existed in this world. Moreover, you can give this as a gift to almost everyone since kids and adults watch Spongebob.

22. Dinosaurs Playing Cards

unique office wall art

Do you want to learn about dinosaurs while playing a card game? Sounds great to have a fun game and study at once right? These cool playing cards contain information about dinosaurs’ names, pictures, and when they were still living on the earth. A dinosaur geek will definitely want this as a gift on their birthday.

23. Playing Cards VW Cool Faces

unique office wall art

Automotive for a card theme is cool. The car’s and color’s design make it a cool playing card for kids. The crayon scratch looks like it has been made by a child who is just drawing for the first time in their life.

24. Cool Trendy Spirit Playing Cards

unique office wall art

Spooky, exorcism, and spiritual sensation in one with these spirit playing cards. These cards are great to play in the darkroom with a piece of dreadful music to combine the fear sensation while playing the card game. An exorcism enthusiast will like these cards for sure.

25. Playing Cards Air 2000 Airlines

unique office wall art

Airplanes do make you miss your travel sensation above the sky. To heal this missing sensation, you can play these cool playing cards with your friend or family, especially if they are a pilot that is on leave, an aerospace engineer, or an airplane enthusiast.

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