25 Wonderful Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas To Light Up Your Bathroom 

Bathroom is more than just a place to have a warm shower or to clean up. It’s also a place for relaxation and quality time. Putting an extra effort to make our bathroom comfy is a must, which is why you need bathroom wall decor ideas since a bathroom wall is one of the most important elements that will bring a comfort feel to your bathroom. Having a nice bathroom wall is about creating a space that’s aesthetically pleasing and also functional. Using a wallpaper is one option to decorate your bathroom wall. You can choose a pattern that matches your current bathroom decor and theme, or your taste, too. Whatever your taste is, there are many ways to customize your bathroom bathroom, ranging from photo frames to furniture like storages or shelves.

Whether you are planning a bathroom remodeling project, or simply want to spruce up your existing bathroom, the right bathroom wall decor ideas can create a beautiful and comfortable space. There are many styles to choose from, including modern bathrooms and classy bathrooms. Let’s take a look at the selected bathroom wall ideas below and get ready to be inspired!

1. Funny Bathroom Wall Sign Decor

Funny Bathroom Wall Sign Decor
Source: Pinterest (@𝐬𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐬 ✰)

Create a warm and relaxing vibe in your bathroom with a funny bathroom wall sign decor. This kind of wall decor is perfect for you who needs a little touch of humor after a long day at work. As for the color, this wall sign will match white wall or tiles. You can put some funny bathroom wall decor on your bathroom and match the tone with other furniture as well. Neutral colors such as black and brown will work well with the white tiles background.

2. Planters Wall Decor

Planters Wall Decor
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

This concept is definitely one of the best bathroom wall decor ideas for you who want to add a touch of nature to your most intimate room at home. Simply decorate the wall with some indoor planter decor, and you can start by using floating shelves with wooden finish to put some planters on the wall. Combine the planter with wooden furniture because it will create a rustic and natural feel in your bathroom. This will be one of the best decor ideas for bathroom walls instead of using tiles.

3. Floating Bathroom Storages Decor

Source: Pinterest (@homebnc.com)

Don’t let yourself feel cramped in your small bathroom because you can optimize the wall usage for storage! Simply choose proper baskets and hang it on the wall to store your towel or additional toilet papers. Wicker baskets will create a rustic feel in your compact bathroom. In addition, you may also put some decoration such as a wall sign and mirror to complete the decoration. 

4. Black Wall Bathroom Decor for Men

Black Wall Bathroom Decor for Men
Source: Pinterest (@renijusis.com)

Create a classy bathroom look with black color theme. This is one of the most elegant bathroom wall decor ideas for men, because men usually love to have a simple wall decor without having too many ornaments. Simply put a floating desk for plants in a vase decor and extra toilet papers, and then put wall sconces lighting above the mirror to light up your closet area. It will create a contrast feel in your black wall theme bathroom.

5. Romantic Candle Wall Bathroom Decor

Source: Pinterest (@flourishmentary.com)

Turn your personal bathroom into a romantic and classy bathroom with amazing candle decor. Try to put some candle holders in the wall and also the bathtub tray to give a warm feel. Then, enhance the romantic vibes with artificial flowers and flower pictures on the wall. The concept is suitable for a special occasion with your loved one. Plus, it will also work for you to create a bathroom for a relaxing private time to ease your mind.

6. Antique Frame Wall Art

Antique Frame Wall Art
Source: Pinterest (@decozilla.com)

Calling all vintage lovers! This bathroom wall concept will be one of the most wonderful bathroom wall decor ideas to show the true personality of a vintage design lover. You can put some rustic frames in various sizes and models to create a wall art masterpiece. This concept is one of the best ideas for bathroom walls instead of tiles to give a calm museum-like feel.

7. Cherished Greeting Wall Decor

Cherished Greeting Wall Decor
Source: Pinterest (@cherishedbliss.com)

Lift up your mood every morning with cherished greeting decor in your wall bathroom. This concept will surely be perfect for both traditional and modern bathrooms to increase your spirit before starting the day. You can put some greeting decor with positive words and encouragement on the wall. Prioritize the space near the mirror so you can get chrised whenever you look at the mirror.

8. Black and White Picture Frame Decor

Black and White Picture Frame Decor
Source: Pinterest (@cdn.homedit.com)

With modern bathroom wall decor ideas, you can turn your basic room into a gallery of art. This concept is inspired by a classic photo gallery with some black and white photos. If you’re into photography, then you can print some of your photo collections in black and white to be part of the wall decor. Frame them in white picture frames, and voila! you will have a nice and sleek bathroom wall decor.

9. Wooden Style Bathroom Wall Decor

Wooden Style Bathroom Wall Decor
Source: Pinterest (@harptimes.com)

If you are bored of plain white wall color, you can try to have a textured look with wooden style wallpaper instead. Try to put the wallpaper on the one side of the wall for the focal point. Moreover, you can add a wooden style floating desk with some planters, making your bathroom looks more lively. This is one of the most ideal bathroom wall decor ideas for a boring, plain, small bathroom.

10. Elegant Gray Bathroom Wall Decor

Elegant Gray Bathroom Wall Decor
Source: Pinterest (@homeinteriorpedia.com)

If you are looking for elegant bathroom wall decor ideas, you may try with gray theme wall decor. Paint all your bathroom walls in gray, and see how it can make your white toilet seat stands out. Moreover, you can put dark floating shelves in 3 different levels to put bathroom decor and wall signs. Adron each corner with artificial curly willow branches plants in white, which will give a bright contrast touch in the wall.

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11. Calming Pink and White Wall Decor

Calming Pink and White Wall Decor - i @aboutwallart
Source Instagram (@aboutwallart)

Customize your own wall bathroom decor to create a calm and relaxing feel. You can choose a combination of white and pink for the wall decor and the furniture. Put 3 wall bathroom signs in white frames that tell you to relax, refresh and renew. Make sure the bathroom signs have matching color tones in white and pink color. This is one of the most relaxing bathroom wall decor ideas for women. 

12. Scandihome Bathroom Decor

Scandihome Bathroom Decor - i @housebeautifuluk
Source Instagram (@housebeautifuluk)

Inspired by Scandinavian style, the concept allows you to optimize the wall function perfectly. Decor the wall with a window in wooden pattern style to create a natural feel. Put a single planter and an abstract painting to adorn the wooden style wall. Use the whitte blank wall side for hanging some towels, giving a functional decor on your modern bathroom.

13. Colorful Tesserae in White Mosaic Wallpaper Decor

Colorful Tesserae in White Mosaic Wallpaper Decor - i @orsoni.venezia1888
Source Instagram (@orsoni.venezia1888)

This is definitely one of the most artistic bathroom wall decor ideas. With this concept, you can create a colorful bathroom in an elegant way. White mosaic wallpaper symbolizes an unrestricted canvas for the artist’s imagination, similar to a blank, unpainted surface. The wallpaper design stands out, thanks to the striking contrast between the white and colorful tesserae, which gives the surface depth kind of feeling.

14. Fantasy Bird Mural Bathroom Wall Decor

Fantasy Bird Mural Bathroom Wall Decor - i @timesproperty
Source Instagram (@timesproperty)

Take your bathroom decor to the next level with a fantasy bird wall mural. It will be one of the most simple but outstanding DIY bathroom wall decor ideas. All you need is just enough wall mural wallpaper to decorate the entire wall. In addition, you may put some decorative ornaments near the wall such as plants in a glass vase, candles, and also a rustic wooden chair.

15. Green Quartzite Marble Decor

 Green Quartzite Marble Decor - i @yanuestone_amy
Source Instagram (@yanuestone_amy)

A single round mirror will be amazing bathroom wall decor if you decorate the wall properly. The green quartzite marble wall decor will be one of the best bathroom wall decor ideas to create a fancy and luxurious feel in your bathroom. You can put your beautiful round mirror at the center of the wall as the focal point that welcomes your guest inside.

16. Fun Abstract Pictures Wall Art

Fun Abstract Pictures Wall Art - p @harptimes.com
Source: Pinterest (@harptimes.com)

Keep your spending for bathroom wall decor ideas on a budget with some fun abstract paintings. With some creativity, you can turn your wall bathroom into a fun and artistic reflection spot. Try to decorate near the closet wall to entertain your guest while doing his important business. The concept works well with bright wall bathroom color.

17. Inspiring Quote on Bathroom Wall

Inspiring Quote on Bathroom Wall
Source: Pinterest (@harptimes.com)

Make your bathroom inspiring and motivational with some positive letterings on the wall. Instead of placing wall signs, you can put stickers on the wall. Customize the inspiring sticker into the right size to cover the whole bathroom wall. Make sure the positive quote is readable from afar, giving an inviting feel. Don’t forget to give a decorative ornament such as a star decor above the text.

18. Decorative Tiles Wall Art

Decorative Tiles Wall Art - p @harptimes.com
Source: Pinterest (@harptimes.com)

Show your artistic skill with wonderful tiles for bathroom wall decor ideas. Choose one side of the wall for your artistic spot. Then, decor it with artistic tiles in various patterns and symbols, creating your own masterpiece. You may let the other sides in blank plain color to make a significance in your bathroom. Furthermore, make sure you have enough lighting to highlight the artistic tiles wall art.

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19. Family Photo Display Bathroom Decor

Family Photo Display Bathroom Decor - p @harptimes.com
Source: Pinterest (@harptimes.com)

Suppose you are a family oriented person, then placing photographs of your family in the bathroom will be a wonderful concept. Beside, this is one of the most affordable bathroom wall decor ideas, which will keep you stick to budget. All you need is just create a large photo collage of your family member, print and frame it in a large black photo frame. It will give a warm family feel in your bathroom.

20. Stones Bathroom Wall Art Decor

 Stones Bathroom Wall Art Decor - p @happyholiday21.com
Source: Pinterest (@happyholiday21.com)

Give a nature feel in your modern bathroom with stone wall art decor on one side. This is one of the best bathroom wall decor ideas to bring a refreshing look. If you are looking for unique ideas for bathroom walls instead of tiles, stone wall texture will match any bathroom style. Meanwhile, you can put some bathroom signs on the white blank wall, too.

21. Botanical Bathroom Wallpaper

Botanical Bathroom Wallpaper
Source: Pinterest (@elledecor.com)

A bathroom is definitely one of the most private rooms at home. Therefore, it’s very important for you to make sure that you have a comfortable, clean, and cozy bathroom at home. One of the aspects of comfort of a bathroom that you must pay attention to is the wall. For that reason, you can pick a nice botanical bathroom wallpaper to create a sweet and natural ambience inside your bathroom. With this adorable wallpaper, getting ready in the morning in the bathroom will be much more enjoyable.

22. Green Glaze Bricks on the Bathroom Wall

Green Glaze Bricks on the Bathroom Wall
Source: Pinterest (@boredpanda.com)

If you are into classic and everlasting design, then you can create a special section inside your bathroom for green glaze bricks like the one shown in this picture. These bricks would be the perfect wall decorations for bathrooms that have the elements of natural wood such as wooden wash basin and mirror frame.

23. DIY Hand Painted Bathroom Wall Tiles

DIY Hand Painted Bathroom Wall Tiles
Source: Pinterest (@houseandgarden.co.uk)

The next idea on our list is a perfect idea to be applied to your children’s bathroom, because it includes some DIY projects that you can do together with your child. First, you need to prepare special ceramic paint, brush, and white square wall tiles to become your canvas. Then, you can start drawing on the white tiles using the paints and brush with your little one. You can draw things that your child loves such as bugs, flowers, butterflies, or other cute items that can look nice as bathroom wall tiles. Once you’re done, you can stick the tiles to the bathroom wall and become a wall full of art.

24. Sea Glass Mosaic Bathroom Wall

Sea Glass Mosaic Bathroom Wall
Source: Pinterest (@tileclub.com)

Create an elegant looking bathroom wall with these sea glass mosaic tiles. You can place them in the wall behind your bathroom mirror, and see how it can create a super aesthetic spot in your bathroom. The beautiful color and pattern will definitely make your bathroom look different, making it a cozy and comfy place to enjoy a warm bath at night after a long day. 

25. Terrazzo Bathroom Wall

Terrazzo Bathroom Wall
Source: Pinterest (@behance.net)

Who can dislike the beauty of terrazzo patterns, really? It is something that will always be in style, everlasting, and will never get old. So, if you are still thinking about having a terrazzo bathroom wall, then we are on your team. You can simply combine it with any color, any design, and any bathroom style you want. Yes, it is that good, and we believe that your bathroom will look adorable with a wonderful terrazzo wall. 

Latest Post:

What should I hang on my bathroom walls?

There are many things you can hang on the bathroom wall to make it lively. Popular bathroom wall decor includes wooden mounted shelves, framed art, mirror, inventive towel wall hooks, storage baskets, and also hanging plants. Your bathroom will look stylish and current by adding just one or two of these things.

What kind of artwork looks good in a bathroom?

Bathroom wall hangings that are beautifully framed and have a sealed back will often do well because they are less likely to warp or mildew. As you might expect, ceramic and glass ornaments also make strong selections for bathroom decor. Besides, DIY artwork will surely steal the spotlight in the bathroom as it represents the persona of the owner.

How can I make my bathroom look nice?

Well, it depends on your art taste and the vibe you want to bring in your bathroom. You can bring a nature vibe with some planters and wooden style wall decor for your bathroom if you love a bright atmosphere. Meanwhile, dark wall decor in gray or black also makes a fantastic elegant look with a proper lighting. For more bathroom wall decor ideas, you can check in the article above.

Where should pictures be placed in a bathroom?

You may put pictures above the toilet tank. To strike a balance for picture decoration, pick pieces that are as wide as the toilet tank. In addition, filling the area with a tall vertical item or a group of pieces hung in a column will help. Moreover, you may put pictures near the mirror to enhance the great vibe. 

How do you make a small bathroom feel luxurious?

You can enhance the luxurious feel with some bathroom wall decor ideas. Choose glass or marble wall decor for making a luxurious atmosphere in your bathroom. If you choose a colorful pattern decor, then you can balance it with mirrors, so it will not be too cramped and give a spacious feel.

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