20 Ways How to Celebrate Birthday in North Carolina That’s Worth to Try

When you think of North Carolina, you probably think of flowers, trees, mountains and water. But did you know that North Carolina is also known for being a major party town? You can celebrate your birthday in an unforgettable way, especially if you know the best plans on how to celebrate birthday in North Carolina. North Carolina is the home of amazing celebrations, so it’s no surprise that many birthday parties take place here. They have the best bars, clubs, and restaurants with excellent service that will never disappoint you. So, throw a party and invite friends over!

This state also has various activities if you want to spend your special day without a party. You may tick off your bucket lists with fun things to do for your birthday in North Carolina. In case you don’t know where to go for your birthday, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of various fun ways to celebrate birthdays in North Carolina that you must try this year.

1. Attend Music Festivals

The musical influences of North Carolina such as bluegrass, blues, country, and gospel are very well known as one of the foundations for popular culture in the United States. So, attending music festivals in North Carolina is a great choice! Check the upcoming music festival in North Carolina that is near your birthday date. In fact, North Carolina has annual music festivals in every season, such as Digital Gardens in spring and Mount Airy’s Bluegrass & Old-Time Fiddlers Convention in summer.

2. Have Fun in the Galaxy Fun Park

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If you are looking for fun things on how to celebrate your birthday in North Carolina with family and friends, then going to Galaxy Fun Park is probably the best decision. Galaxy Fun Park is Raleigh’s Largest Indoor Family Fun Center. In this place you can play trampolines, go-karts, laser tag, ropes course, and other fun excitements! Once you’re here, just forget about everything and have fun! By the end of the day, you can relax at the lounge and have some beer or wine, too.

3. Afternoon Tea Party at the Ballantyne Hotel

Looking for a more relaxed yet totally stylish birthday celebration? Try the afternoon tea at The Ballantyne Hotel while looking your best. Enjoy traditional teas with a Southern twist served at England’s best tea rooms. It offers tea blends from Rare Tea Company, which is the Royal Family’s official tea. Plus, you can invite your best friends to the classic party, just like the royals.

4. Pump Your Adrenaline at Xtreme Park Adventures

For those who love extreme sports and challenges, then undoubtedly Xtreme Park Adventures is one of the best places to celebrate birthdays in North Carolina. It offers pulse-pounding activities like outdoor laser tag, airsoft, paintball, and also ziplines that will definitely make your adrenaline pumped. If you were born in October, you can also try the special haunted Halloween event and more fun across its 50-acre park.

5. Staycation at the Duke Mansion

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For an extraordinary and historical staycation with your family and friends, reserve a few rooms or the entire mansion to celebrate your birthday in North Carolina. The Duke Mansion includes a full kitchen, drink room service, and lovely grounds to explore and unwind in. You can also take a stroll through one of Charlotte’s most historic neighborhoods to a nearby store or restaurant.

6. Solve Mysteries at Amaze Room Escapes Smithfield

This escape game is indeed a great way for mystery lovers to spend your birthday in North Carolina. You will be immersed in a real-life escape game at Amaze Room Escapes Smithfield, where you must cooperate in a race against time to solve a number of progressively difficult riddles. Get ready to have your wits challenged and feel the satisfaction one the mystery is solved!

7. Try Worldwide Food at Mariposa

This is great news for food lovers! Food lovers can celebrate their special birthday with Mariposa, which will bring various tastes from around the globe directly to your plate. Located in Mint Museum Uptown, you can enjoy delicious cuisine based on Mariposa’s travels. The focal point of the menu is Mezze, a North African and Mediterranean idea of tiny dishes meant to be shared and enjoyed by everyone at the table.

8. Movie and Meals at Alamo Drafthouse

When it comes to a perfect birthday celebration, spoil yourself with a fantastic dinner and watch your favorite movie. In North Carolina, you can go to Alamo Drafthouse, which is a combination movie theater, video rental and restaurant. This is definitely a comfortable place for movie lovers to celebrate their birthday. After a movie marathon, you can eat a special meal for your birthday.

9. Tropical Party at the Royal Tot

If you are bored of the city atmosphere in North Carolina, then go and celebrate your party at The Royal Tot instead. Escape the metropolis and travel to a “tropical island” in Charlotte. Also, you can enjoy the refreshing cocktails with fantastic seafood cuisines in the gorgeous tropical theme. For you and your closest pals, the new urban sanctuary also offers walk-in service and private event space reservations.

10. Fly with Triangle Skydiving Center

In case it is your 21st birthday this year, dare yourself to do extreme things like skydiving. Make a statement that you are an adult with this 21st birthday idea in North Carolina. Book your upcoming flying session with Triangle Skydiving Center.  It has modern facilities, gear, training techniques, and also knowledgeable staff that will ensure your safety while diving in the sky. Feel the adult freedom as you drop you from 13,500 ft.

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11. Personalize Your Own Scent with Jules and Vetiver

Do you want to give a small but precious birthday gift in North Carolina to yourself? If so, then Jules and Vetiver will help you to create your own scent. Take the Multi-person Fragrance Bar Kit by Jules and Vetiver and find a new aroma that genuinely represents you. In this place, you may also learn about perfume and create your own unique scent using top, middle, and base notes in this entertaining, interactive experience.

12. Get Immersed in Virtual World with Augmentality Labs

If you are thinking about how to celebrate a birthday in North Caroline while also feeling tired of real life and need a little escape, then visiting the virtual world in Augmentality Labs is a fantastic birthday idea in North Carolina that you should try! By using spells, shooting zombies, or exploring new realms, you can become fully immersed in virtual reality. We are sure you will forget time and spend the whole day in the VR Arcade. So much crazy fun!

13. Dessert Making Class with Sweet Spot Studio

For those who are going to make their own birthday treat this year, Sweet Spot Studio is definitely the best place to visit! Sweet Spot Studio has baking and pastry classes that serve bakers of all skill levels. Take one or more in-person or online classes to teach you how to decorate cookies, French macarons, cakes, or other tasty foods.

14. Show Your Painting Skills at Paint Your Pot

Show Your Painting Skills at Paint Your Pot

On your special day, find fun activities that can boost your creativity and arts. For that reason, then celebrating a birthday in Paint Your Pot is a perfect choice. This is a ceramics walk-in workshop in Cary, North Carolina, where people of all ages are welcome to come and paint ceramics in a warm, welcoming setting. You can also book a studio for a birthday party and bring your own masterpiece home.

15. Create DIY Candle at Paddywax Candle Bar

Create DIY Candle at Paddywax Candle Bar

It’s usually a good birthday celebration idea to have a decent candle. For any interior design aesthetic or other purposes, Paddywax offers a candle making class with a variety of vessels for your DIY candle. The candle making class is quite simple but fun. Just pick a candle jar and a scent that you want, measure everything, pour the candle, and your candle is ready!

16. Play Mini Golf at ParTee Shack

Play Mini Golf at ParTee Shack

In case renting a golf course is too expensive to celebrate your birthday, try mini golf then! Playing mini golf at ParTee Shack is a fun birthday idea for adults in North Carolina. Prepare yourself for the wildest round of mini golf you’ve ever played. The unusual obstacles will keep you and your friends undoubtedly entertained. Beat the thrilling challenges with unexpected twists and turns on every hole!

17. Take A Mixology Class at the Cocktailery

Take A Mixology Class at The Cocktailery

Before making a perfect birthday drink, you can take a cocktail class at The Cocktailery in Charlotte then. The Cocktailery Charlotte is a one-of-a-kind lifestyle store with a focus on creative cocktails and cocktail supplies. It offers practical cocktail classes such as the “Liberate Your Palate” that can improve your capacity to produce mouthwatering concoctions on your own.

18. Team Building Activities at TreeRunner Adventure Park

Team Building Activities at TreeRunner Adventure Park

When it comes to the best aerial adventure park in Raleigh, North Carolina, you can’t go wrong with the TreeRunner Adventure Park. On your birthday, bring your family and friends to play team building activities that will only become a fun thing to do, but it will also strengthen your relationship. There is a lot to explore at TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park. It features over 90 thrilling obstacles and zip lines with five difficulty levels at eight separate aerial courses, two ground courses. If you bring children, they can go to the Junior Park as well.

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19. Flower Party at the Flower Bar Rock Hill

Flower Party at The Flower Bar Rock Hill

If this is your first time hearing about a flower party, then this is a sign to celebrate your birthday at The Flower Bar Rock Hill. Every birthday celebration should be like this one, which includes a wine bar and an interactive floral studio. While consuming wine slushies, you can make reservations for yourself to design your own arrangement. Or, make a floral arrangement or wreath and enjoy the beverage with friends.

20. Drink and Play at Frankie’s

Drink and Play at Frankie’s

Frankie’s Fun Park is the real entertainment center for people of all ages in Charlotte, North Carolina, which becomes a perfect location to celebrate birthdays with family and friends. This amusement complex includes bumper cars, the indoor “Drop Zone” attraction, hundreds of different arcade games, and much more. Try the newest attraction, The Dark Ride, a completely immersive 7D motion ride that will have you participating in the film rather than just watching it!

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to celebrate a special birthday in North Carolina. You can easily find countless of exciting things to do since it offers tasty delicacies, fun activities, as well as quiet treats for you who wish to have a quiet birthday celebration this year. If you plan on celebrating your birthday with family and friends, we would recommend that you go for something like watching a concert together, have fun out in the ourdoors together, or enjoy some fancy meals at one of the most popular restaurants in North Carolina.

If you choose to lay low this year, then the best way to celebrate a birthday is by spending your time by learning new things. It may include attending a dessert-making class, pot-painting class, or mixology class. Moreover, you can also go to Jules and Vetiver to let them create your own personalizes perfume.

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What is a unique way to celebrate your birthday in North Carolina?

You can have an afternoon tea party at The Ballantyne Hotel and enjoy the best teas from England. Or, take a baking class with Sweet Spot Studio to make your own birthday treat. If you are looking for more tips on how to celebrate birthdays in North Carolina, please check in the article above.

Where is the best place to celebrate birthdays in North Carolina?

Well, it depends on your interest and hobbies. If you are music lovers, then attending music festivals will be the best choice. Meanwhile, those who love movies will prefer the Alamo Drafthouse where they can watch movies and have dinner at one place. For more interesting places to celebrate birthdays in North Carolina, you can read in the article above.

How do you celebrate a low budget birthday in North Carolina?

In case your budget is limited but still want to have a fancy celebration, then you can play mini golf at the ParTee Shack instead of at the big golf course. Moreover, you can go to the park and have a picnic with your homemade meals. Or, you can go to affordable restaurants that will give birthday freebies.

What should you do on your last minute birthday in North Carolina?

Spend your day with a heartfelt meal at Mariposa if you are food lovers. Or, you can go to the largest indoor park, The Galaxy Fun Park, where you can play some games all day. If you just want to rest and relax, just book your stay at The Duke Mansion. For more tips to celebrate birthdays in North Carolina, check in the article above.

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