North Face Futurelight Camper

Enjoy the best of the wild outdoors in style aboard the North Face Futurelight Camper.

Nothing spells adventure and innovation quite as much as this new futuristic trailer.

It brings together two big industry names, BMW and North Face, to usher in a revolution in the world of extreme excursions.

Among the top highlights of the design is the flexible and highly breathable fabric exterior that offers the best combination of features imaginable.

Known as Futurelight, the highly advanced waterproof material is stretched over a geodesic dome, giving it the distinctive look. 

North Face Futurelight Camper

Nano-size holes make it permeable enough to allow air while at the same time protecting the interior from water intrusion.

North Face Futurelight Camper

Being super lightweight means that the trailer is easy to pull using anything, even a snowmobile or motorcycle.

North Face Futurelight Camper

In addition to two hexagonal entrances, it has two triangular windows offering a view of the outside terrain. Created for two occupants, it sports a staggered bunk bed design to optimize on space.

North Face Futurelight Camper

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