23 Alternative Ways On How To Celebrate Birthday Without Cake

When it comes to a birthday surprise, usually a birthday cake and candle will be a combo duo. However, some people think that a birthday cake will be less surprising if you do it every year. In addition, fun and unique birthday cake alternatives will be more entertaining for adults. Thanks to pastry experts and social media, there are many cool alternative ways to celebrate birthdays without cake. If you are looking for a new birthday celebration food, then you come to the right place!

Let’s take a look at some non cake birthday ideas in this article that can be an inspiration for your next birthday surprise. We hope that you will find more insights and find the best alternative way without birthday cake. Let’s check this out!

1. Watermelon Fruit Cake

Watermelon fruit cakes offer a festive alternative to the antiquated homage to birthday cake that will give you and your family nourishment rather than extra calories. Instead of buying the high calories cake, slice a watermelon into a slice of birthday cake. Make this nutritious dessert substitute by adding berries and whipped cream on a round of watermelon.

2. Birthday Pizza With Candle On Top

Pizza is an excellent substitute for birthday cakes if you are looking for a savory alternative and want to treat yourself on your birthday. Simply order your birthday recipient’s favorite pizza and with a lot of toppings. Don’t forget to put candles on the top of the box!

3. Birthday Banoffee Pie

A classic fruit pie may be a common option for a birthday surprise, but have you tried banoffee pie? It tastes wonderfully delicious when banana, caramel, and chocolate are combined. You can make the best birthday pie ever by adding some candles.

4. Chocolate Fondue

Many people love chocolate, and dipping food into hot, molten chocolate makes it tastier. This chocolate fondue serves as both food and entertainment while you dip fruit, marshmallows, or brownie crumbs into a chocolate fountain. To give extra texture and flavor, you can add crushed nuts and other superfoods like berries. 

5. Birthday Donuts

Donuts are a great alternative to celebrate a birthday without cutting cake. Given that it is packed with cream and wrapped in various varieties of chocolate, this is a simple snack people can enjoy together. It is among the greatest cake substitutes and has a high sugar content that will delight sweet tooth.

6. Birthday Churros

If you’re tired of donuts, we have the ideal substitute for you! Churros are a great option for a birthday celebration. They resemble cinnamon doughnuts, but because they have crunchy ridges with fluffy texture inside, it tastes better! Prepare cinnamon and sugar sprinkles for the traditional flavor. For a more contemporary option, you can set up various toppings like chocolate and candy.

7. Rice Krispies Treat Cake

Another healthier option rather than birthday cake, a rice krispies cake is a brilliant idea. Sugar and toasted rice cereal offer a little amount of quickly absorbed carbohydrates that can give you the extra energy boost you require. For simple slicing, make them extremely gooey.

8. Mini Dessert In Jar

When it comes to the personalized, simple but elegant version of a birthday cake, the mini dessert in a jar is always the best option. Combine chocolate pudding, whipped cream, crushed cookies and mini cheesecakes in small mason jars. You can make this for a little birthday surprise or even the main treat at the birthday party. 

9. Birthday Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are getting popular during pandemic until now as one of the best non cake birthday ideas. Stack some cinnamon rolls to make your birthday cake tower. Top your cinnamon roll tower with sprinkles and cream, making a fantastic birthday brunch dessert. 

10. Classic English Trifle

Inspired by the traditional trifle with many layers, you can put your favorite toppings on each layer for your own birthday trifle! An authentic English trifle is made of sponge cake that has been soaked in fruit and sherry, actual egg custard, and whipped cream on top. Don’t forget to create an elegantly straightforward presentation.

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11. French Lemon Curd Tart

For those who are looking for a refreshing pastry taste for a birthday treat, you can try French lemon curd tart then. The famous lemon curd filling has just enough butter to make it creamy and not overly sour, and it has shallow edges and a crumbly, sweet, cookie-like crust. The lemon layer is not particularly thick because the filling is quite rich. As an alternative to more conventional birthday cakes like vanilla or chocolate, this tart would be fantastic.

12. Birthday Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Make an ice cream sundae bar in place of a birthday cake. Let each person assemble their own sundaes by setting out the toppings. Enjoy the cold and creamy ice cream with your favorite toppings!  

13. Birthday Cream Puffs

If you are looking for a unique alternative way without birthday cake, try to make birthday cream puffs. You can choose your birthday honoree favorite’s cream filling.  Create a cream puff tower and decorate it with chocolate and sprinkles. Taste the authentic pastry with the sweet filling in every bite!

14. S’mores Dessert

S'mores Dessert

S’mores is a versatile birthday treat which works well with any kind of dessert. You can simply bring marshmallows to the bonfire at the camping birthday party to get the gooey s’mores. Or, you can pair it with biscuits, various kinds of chocolate, and nuts. 

15. Birthday Whoopie Pies

Birthday Whoopie Pies

American citizens adore whoopie pies as a dessert. It can take the place of cupcakes at a birthday party. It has amazing taste with a creamy marshmallow-based filling sandwiched between two mound-shaped cookie cakes. Decorate the top with sprinkles to add more fun. 

16. Colorful Cotton Candy

Colorful Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is a fun alternative treat to celebrate birthdays without cutting cake. You can buy or rent a cotton candy machine to make colorful cotton candy at the birthday party. Serve cotton candy in a large bowl so people can taste it. Or, you can create a “cake” by icing a clean Styrofoam cone and attaching cotton candy balls before the frosting hardens.

17. Birthday Cake Macaron

Birthday Cake Macaron

Some people may think that a birthday cake is too heavy, so macaron can be the best replacement. It includes a delicate meringue and sandwich cookies made from almond flour that are filled with buttercream, jam, or ganache in a range of tastes. For a beautiful celebration, create a macaron wreath with a beautiful pair of candles in the center.

18. Giant Birthday Cookie

Giant Birthday Cookie

A large chocolate chip cookie is ideal for a birthday surprise.  Who wouldn’t desire a giant birthday cookie? A large birthday cookie is a wonderful canvas for beautiful decorations like buttercream flowers since it has the celebratory vibe of a cake.

19. Birthday Waffles

Birthday Waffles

Waffles make a simple but heartfelt birthday surprise in the morning for your loved ones. You can make some waffles with frosting and sprinkles on top and put it on a plate. Don’t forget to add mini birthday candles on the top or next to the waffles. It is a perfect treat to start a day at the new age.

20. Classic Dutch Baby

Classic Dutch Baby

Almost like a pancake, but better, Dutch baby has edges that are crunchy like croissants and tastes thick and custardy. Not very sweet, it has a buttery and eggy flavor. They also look lovely when garnished with fruit, whipped cream, or powdered sugar. This would be ideal for a brunch or breakfast for a birthday.

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21. Foamy and Creamy Root Beer Floats

Foamy and Creamy Root Beer Floats

Instead of cake, a great birthday treat is a root beer float. The ingredients are a simple but fun reason for making this dessert for a birthday party, in addition to it being tasty! Carbon dioxide bubbles are created when the ice cream and carbonated root beer come into contact. As you sip the root beer floats, you will taste the foamy part along with the creamy taste from the ice cream!

22. Stacked Birthday Brownies

Stacked Birthday Brownies

For a delightful alternative to birthday cake, you can try stacked brownies. Many people love it because it’s not too dry to eat, has an ooey-gooey texture, and is covered in delicious chocolate. Garnish your birthday brownies with fresh flowers, fruit, or chocolate candies. After tasting it, your birthday honoree will undoubtedly smile. 

23. Birthday Cupcake Tower

Birthday Cupcake Tower

A traditional vanilla cupcake is the ideal birthday treat. However, make it special by decorating them with vibrant buttercream and stacking them inside the tower. Put a colorful cupcake tower on display in one location with a cupcake stand.

Latest Post:

How can I celebrate my birthday at night without cake?

You can choose an alternative birthday treat you can enjoy at night. For instance, order a pizza and write happy birthday on the top with the chili sauce. Or, have a refreshing root beer float with your friends on your birthday night.

How do people celebrate birthdays without food?

They can have fun activities to do on that special day. For those people who prefer to stay at home, they can play board games or have a personal spa treatment. Meanwhile, some adventurous people love to visit new places and try extreme things to celebrate their new age. 

How can I celebrate my friend’s birthday without cake?

Simply congratulate them and wish them a happy birthday. Instead of bringing a birthday cake, you can bring their favorite food. Moreover, give them special gifts or ask them to do fun activities together. 

What is a healthy alternative to birthday cake?

A watermelon fruit cake will be a healthier option to a birthday cake. It has low calories with a refreshing taste to enjoy. If you are looking for a non-fruit birthday cake, then you can use low calorie ingredients such as rice krispies. 

What can I cut instead of cake for my birthday party?

Pizza is a great alternative to birthday cake you can cut during your birthday party. Moreover, the round shaped pastry like a giant cookie or dutch baby is also possible to cut for your birthday celebration. These are some options if you still want to do the cake cutting custom on your birthday. 

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