25 Fun Avatar Cosplay To Make You The Last Airbender 

Avatar: The Last Airbender was a popular America’s animated movie when it was first released on Nickelodeon in 2005. Its popularity grew in the years after it was made available on Netflix, and it continued to gain steam and fans. It is everyone’s favorite novel turned animated show, featuring a gang of adolescent heroes with various costumes tasked with saving the world. It features a simple storyline and elemental play, as well as many great characters with magic or talents that make sense in the context of the world.

Adopting various cultures in the world, all of the elements are well represented by fascinating characters in appealing costumes with unique relationships. Therefore, no wonder that characters in this movie are also popular for Avatar cosplay.

Whether you are fans of Avatar or just need more cosplay ideas, Avatar cosplay is an excellent option to try. In this article, we have compiled Avatar cosplay ideas with various characters on their own cool Airbender costume.

From the charming Aang in Airbender cosplay, to the unique Zuko female cosplay, you will gain more insights in this page. Let’s dive in!

Avatar Cosplay Ideas for Female

Embark on a journey through the four nations, where the art of bending elements isn’t just a myth, but a canvas for your creativity in Avatar cosplay. In this article, we’ll guide you, the female cosplayer, in capturing the essence of the beloved characters from “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” blending tradition with a touch of modern flair.

Let’s dive into a world where the spirit of water, earth, fire, and air come alive through fabric, color, and design, creating a cosplay experience as unique and powerful as the Avatar themselves.

1. Korra Cosplay In Southern Water Tribe Costume

Source Instagram (@nerdistraido)

Following the success of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Korra is an interesting character for cosplay as she is Aang’s successor that masters 4 elements. Wear garb typical of the Southern Water Tribe, which consists of a sleeveless light blue shirt and baggy blue pants tucked into brown faux suede boots. For the hairstyle, just simply cut your black hair into a bob cut.

2. Katara The Last Airbender Cosplay In Fire Nation Disguise

Source Instagram (@eliotcos)

This is definitely the coolest Avatar cosplay of Katara you should try. As mostly Katara wears simple outfits, her Fire Nation costume is incredibly charming. You can wear Katara’s Fire Nation costume to resemble the scene when she is in disguise after being haunted. The gold accessories and bright red top and bottom will give you a mature and more intimidating look

3. Katara In Southern Water Tribe Costume

Source Instagram (@made.by.tsuya)

Try to bring the young version of Katara with a simple Southern Water Tribe costume for Avatar cosplay. Simply remove the lower sleeves and cuffs from a blue Tungusic robe as it has loose sleeves, an A-line form, side slits, and a rounded neck with thick trim. Don’t forget to put a sash on your waist as Katara has a cinched waist. For the hairstyle you should wear long black hair. 

4. Mai The Last Airbender Costume

Source Instagram (@eunjiscos)

Make yourself stand out during Avatar cosplay as Mai. She has a cool outfit and unpredictable personality. Similar to a Vietnamese Ao Dai, you can wear a red loose robe with super long sleeves and a black long vest with a belt on the waist. To resemble the hair, try the Japanese Fukiwa hairstyle with loose side locks and topknot shape.

5. Toph Earthbender In Elite Costume

Source Instagram (@shappiworkshop)

For those Earthbender fans, they must love Toph’s character for Avatar cosplay. You can try to resemble this character in the Earthbender elite costume. You can customize this spectacular apparel that was inspired by the Chinese Tang dynasty’s traditional attire.

Add a green scarf to emphasize the color of Earthbender. In addition, you should have long hair to make a bouffant hairstyle by piling your hair into a full and tall arrangement.

6. Aang Female Cosplay

Source Instagram (@kosplaykreationz)

Create the female version of Aang for Avatar cosplay to impress the audience. Wear the yellow strapless top with orange pants to match the colors of Aang. Moreover, use face and body paint to draw the Air Nomad tattoos in your forehead, arms, and legs. You also need to tie up your hair for a clean and neat look as the male cosplay version didn’t grow his hair.

7. Cheerful Ty Lee The Last Airbender Costume

Source Instagram (@mei.mika)

Show your fun and cheerful vibes by cosplaying as Ty Lee from the Fire Nation. You should wear Ty Lee’s kung fu wear suit in red and pink color to make you appear attractive. Braid your long hair at the back for easy mobility as Ty Lee is an active character. Don’t forget to add more red accents in the short hand cuff and hair tie that match with the Fire Nation costume.

8. Azula Cosplay In Fire Lord General Outfit

Source Instagram (@spinnerret)

Show the confident and manipulative character form Azula with this Avatar cosplay idea. The concept is inspired by the Fire Lord general outfit with the shoulder pads and gold-lined top. Add the Fire Nation emblem to the costume to show everyone who you fight with. Style your hair into a tightly-pulled bun with two strands on either side to highlight your jawline.

9. Suki The Kiyoshi Warrior Cosplay

Source: dtjaaaam.com (@dtjaaaam.com)

In case you want to steal the spotlight of Avatar cosplay, go extra by cosplaying as Suki, one of the toughest Kiyoshi warriors. Wear a green robe with body armor for a strong appearance. For the accessories,  Suki wears a decorated metal headdress and brings tessens (war fan) or iron fans on her hands. You also can use white face paint to make a pale face with iconic cat eye makeup.

10. Princess Yue In Winter Costume Cosplay

Source: Twitter (@twitter.com)

Water Tribe’s Winter outfit ideas are indeed amazing for Avatar cosplay. The costume will look more charming and luxurious if you dress as Princess Yue. Wear a blue long coat with white faux fur at the fringes. Dye your hair with white silver color to make an elegant and realistic appearance. For the hairstyle, combine 2 braids in one little crown at the top. Meanwhile, you can braid the rest of your hair in 2 sides.

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11. Kuvira with Military Costume Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@deviantart.com)

Make a powerful and strong image by cosplaying as Kuvira, the military leader of the Earth empire. Wear the Earth Nation green attire with black sleeves to show which Nation you fight for.

Add the metal plated pads in the shoulder and arms for extra protection. Complete the outfit with a wide band black belt on your waist. Grow your black hair until it reaches the neck to resemble Kuriva’s hairstyle.

12. Smellerbee Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@scribbleblogger.tumblr.com)

Express your freedom spirit with the Smellerbee character for Avatar cosplay. Try to wear a tomboyish outfit with boots and a black top and pants. Protect your costume with body armor and metal pads on the shoulder. Draw 2 red stripes on each cheek for the iconic face mark. Style your hair into a bob cut with bangs. For the ultimate weapon, you can bring a small knife.

13. Katara The Painted Lady Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@aminoapps.com)

Still in disguise mission, Katara cosplay as the Painted Lady is absolutely worth trying. Wear a woven, wide-brimmed hat with a body-covering veil attached for a mysterious look. Draw the red marks on your face and arms, resembling the true Painted Lady. For the outfit, wear a long red robe that exposes some of your arm parts and shoulders.

14. Toph in Fire Nation Red Costume

Source: Pinterest (@dexerto.com)

Give Toph’s character a fresh look by wearing the Fire Nation costume. Inspired by the scene when Toph revisits the Fire Nation, you can wear a sleeveless red top with gold lined accents. Wear the gold headpiece for the iconic Fire Nation accessories in your bouffant hairstyle. Bring the funny handmade Toph wanted poster for additional properties to entertain the guests.    

15. Azula in Long Dress

Source: Instagram (@calissyacosplay)

Show how normal royalty should dress in an elegant way by cosplaying as Azula for Avatar cosplay. Without any armor on your body, you only need to wear a long red dress with a robe that reaches the floor. Give gold accents in your shoulder pads and dress, making a casual style of the Fire lord. Put the black belt on your waist to show your slim waist.

16. The Moon Spirit Cosplay

The Moon Spirit Cosplay
Source: flickr (@flickr.com)

Make a stunning appearance with this Moon Spirit cosplay from Avatar and see how all eyes will be on you. As a fan of Avatar, you will absolutely fall in love with this costume as it looks elegant with all white attire, plus the white long wig as well. So if you’re looking for something elegant for this year’s cosplay idea, this one is definitely for you.

17. The Painted Lady Costume

The Painted Lady Costume
Source: Pinterest (@Lily Huntley)

This painted lady costume can also be a great Avatar cosplay idea for you who dreams of an elegant yet mysterious Avatar costume. To have this cosplay, you will need a red robe and combine it with accessories like a woven hat, hemp rope, and last but not least, some red makeup to make the look into reality.

Avatar Cosplay Ideas for Male

Step into the world of bending, where the elements are at your command and your cosplay brings the epic saga of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” to life. This article is a gateway for male cosplayers to embody the power and wisdom of Aang, Zuko, and other iconic characters, blending traditional styles with a twist of modern craftsmanship.

Join us on this creative odyssey, where each costume piece is not just attire, but a tribute to the enduring spirit of one of the greatest animated series ever.

18. The Powerful Firelord Ozai Cosplay

Source Instagram (@dappersaluki)

Be the most powerful character in Fire Nation for Avatar cosplay by resembling the cruel Firelord Ozai. Wear the iconic Ozai cosplay costume with a long red robe and some gold accents in the fringes.  Style your long hair with a small bun on the top and adorn it with a gold crown. For a more realistic look, you can put a fake beard on your chin.

19. Bathing Zuko and Mai Couple Cosplay

Source: deviantart (@deviantart.com)

Create the hottest Avatar cosplay with your partner by resembling Zuko and Mai in bathing outfits. The Mai character can wear a strapless bra with red skirt and keep the fukiwa hairstyle for an iconic look. Meanwhile, the Zuko character only needs red baggy pants as the costume. Don’t forget to style Zuko’s messy hair and draw his signature scar on the left side.

20. Aang Tibetan Monk Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@Lauren)

The Tibetan monk style is the key for the realistic Aang for Avatar cosplay. Wear an orange and yellow Tibetan monk robe on the left shoulder, cross to the right waist. Put the red belt on your waist to secure the style. Don’t forget to bring the flying wooden stick for the signature of Aang’s special power. Draw the blue arrow tattoos in your bald head to make you look stand out.

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21. Zuko Female Cosplay

Source Instagram (@disneyseeker)

In case you are a girl cosplayer who is also one of Zuko’s fans, then you can create the female version for Avatar cosplay. As Zuko has pretty long mullet hair, style your hair with the same model. Draw the Zuko’s scar in your left eye with some red makeup, and cover it with some of your front hair. For the costume, try to wear a red haori and brown long vest with gold lined.  

22. Sokka Fire Nation Invasion Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@Kyuubi no Youko)

Show the powerful side of funny Sokka with these costume ideas. Wear the Winter Tribe warrior armor and the wolf helmet to make you look like an official warrior. Don’t forget to bring a sword prop on the right hand and his iconic weapon, boomerangs, on the left hand. This appearance will show the mature version of Sokka at its best.

23. The Elegant Appa

The Elegant Appa
Source: animegeeksplayland (@animegeeksplayland.tumblr.com)

Who says you can’t have Appa as your cosplay idea? As you see in the picture, you can clearly see that it has all the elements of Appa, which come in a unique and adorable way. After all, we all love Appa, right? There is nothing too complicated about this cosplay. You only need to add white furry elements into your costume, and add three stripes on the front, and don’t forget the horns, too!

24. Uncle Iroh Costume

Uncle Iroh Costume
Source: Pinterest (@Lady Samurai)

Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love this uncle Iroh cosplay? We just can’t ignore the look on his face, and it’s very understandable if you want to be uncle Iroh for the next cosplay exhibition. However, if you pick this idea, you need to make sure that you include the beard, too. Because you can never be uncle Iroh without his iconic beard.

25. Sokka in Battle Armor Cosplay

avatar cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@smilepal1401)

Be prepared for battle with this Sokka in battle armor costume. This costume will make you look super cool and ready for battle, which will make other fans of Avatar envy for sure. It also includes the helmet that will complete the look of Sokka. In addition, don’t forget to bring your weapons with you, which include the sword. 

Final Thought

As our journey through the vibrant world of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” cosplay concludes, we find ourselves not just as creators, but as storytellers, weaving elements of a rich, animated tapestry into our very fabric. Each costume, a labor of love and creativity, brings us closer to the heart of a show that has captivated millions, transcending the screen to become a part of our own narrative.

In the spirit of Avatar, may your cosplay adventures be as boundless as the sky and as deep as the oceans, forever uniting us in the magic of storytelling and the art of transformation.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Avatar a Chinese anime?

Avatar is an American animated show that is inspired by many cultures in the world, particularly China and other parts of East Asia. It uses Chinese characters for the elements, making people deem that Avatar is a Chinese anime. In fact, many Avatar’s architecture, clothing, agriculture, religious practice, and art are also inspired by many areas, such as Japan, Tibet, and India. 

What culture are Waterbenders based on?

Waterbendres adopt Tai Chi-inspired martial arts. Moreover, the Water Tribes are based on Inuit and Indigenous Australian cultures. Other aspects of the Tribes, such as Sokka’s boomerang, are reminiscent of indigenous Australian and American traditions. In addition, polynesian catamarans may have influenced the Tribe’s ships.

Why is Avatar not an anime?

The show isn’t an anime by American standards because it was made in the United States rather than Japan. Meanwhile, the term is usually associated with Japanese animation. It is not classified as an anime because it does not originate in Japan or employ the Japanese style of animation exclusively.

How do you dress up for Aang?

Aang’s costume is inspired by Tibetan monk robes. Wear a pale yellow high-collared shirt with yellow slacks that reach to his knees. You can also wear an orange smock with short sleeves, orange wristbands, and a cloth belt in the same color. Don’t forget to draw the iconic blue arrow tattoo to resemble the real Aang’s appearance.

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