25 Wonderful Pokemon Cosplay Female Costumes

The Pokemon anime captivated children in a manner that few other cartoons had done before. And it became an international sensation for a time. Certainly, the games’ popularity played a role, but the show also appealed to children on its own merits. It’s reasonable to say that Pokemon had a significant influence in the lives of most children born in the 1980s and 1990s, particularly throughout their childhoods. Therefore, many adults are now re-entering the Pokémon world by donning Pokemon cosplay female costumes. Cosplayers aren’t afraid to show off their love for their favorite Pokémon. They dress up as them in intricate costumes to relive their childhood memories.

As the generation that grew up with Pokemon from the day one gets older, they may be tempted to dress up in Pokemon cosplay female costumes to look like their favorite characters. Moreover, they want to awaken their childhood dream with cosplay. If you’re a big Pokemon fan, you’ll want to get your hands on one of these fantastic Pokemon female cosplay costumes. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

What Is Pokemon Cosplay?

The act of dressing up in a Pokemon costume is known as Pokemon cosplay (short for Pokemon costume play). This is a hobby that may be found in the Pokémon canon as well as among enthusiasts.Suppose you are one of the Pokemon fans who want to resemble your favorite characters, you may check our lists above. We have compiled wonderful Pokemon cosplay female costumes that are worth buying for your collectible Pokemon items.

BEST Pokemon Cosplay Female Ideas

1. Ash Ketchum Cosplay Costume

Ash Ketchum Cosplay Costume

Kind, brave, enthusiastic, passionate and adventurous; those are Ash’s charms as the main character in the Pokemon anime. This is one of the best Pokemon cosplay female costumes that will make you look like a professional pokemon trainer. It comes with the blue and white top along with the iconic and attractive baseball cap.

2. Pikachu Cloak Cosplay Costume Halloween

Pikachu Cloak Cosplay Costume Halloween

We agree that Pikachu is the sweetest pokemon ever. Inspired by the adorable Pikachu, this Pokemon cosplay female costume modified the cloak into that humble character. Featuring the lovely ears and cute lightning tail on the back, any Pokemon fans definitely will love this outfit. It will also be perfect for Halloween.

3. Gordie Cosplay Costume

Gordie Cosplay Costume

In case you want to cosplay as a smug and cocky character, try to act as Gordie. This is one of the best Pokemon cosplay female costumes for the antagonist. This outfit consists of a brown and black jacket, a white colored blazer with the Rock-type symbol, as well as gray and white shorts with a multitude of symbols. Finally, the gold necklace with a blue gemstone is also added to make your costume stand out.

4. Kabu Cosplay Costume

Kabu Cosplay Costume

At first glance, people will realize that this Pokemon cosplay female costume radiates the fiery spirits as the red color dominates. It comes with a red polo shirt with a fire symbol, a black and red undershirt with long sleeves, and white shorts with red and black details. Moreover, the white and red towel will complete the look very well. 

5. Hau Cosplay Costume

Hau Cosplay Costume

This is definitely one of the most versatile Pokemon cosplay female costumes which also can be worn on a daily basis. The casual style resembles Hau as the cheerful boy in Pokemon. Featuring a black shirt and yellow board shorts with orange and white flowers on them, it will make you look like that beautiful character.

6. Pokemon Nurse Cosplay Costume

Pokemon Nurse Cosplay Costume

Show your feminine and caring side by cosplaying as the nurse from Pokemon anime. This Pokemon cosplay female costume has a Mexican-pink colored dress with a white nurse apron and the adorable nurse cap. Moreover, you can combine it with a pink wig to make a great costum play.

7. Officer Jenny Cosplay Costume

Officer Jenny Cosplay Costume

Boost your bravery and confidence by cosplaying as the officer Jenny. It has a top with detachable collar, skirt, gloves, belt, crossbody bag, and cap which is dominated by blue color. Although the cutting of this outfit may look pretty, you may feel how strong and powerful Officer Jenny is once wearing this Pokemon cosplay female costume.

8. Team Jessie Cosplay Halloween Costume

8. Team Jessie Cosplay Halloween Costume

If you want to show your abs with Pokemon cosplay female costumes, then you should choose this outfit. It features the “R” crop top and skirt, both in white. Moreover, you will also get long black gloves and socks. It will give you a slender leg image and of course look sexy

9. Pokemon Adult Eevee Accessory Kit

Pokemon Adult Eevee Accessory Kit

We are sure that no one can resist the innocent and adorable eevee in life. Try to cosplay as this lovely pokemon with the iconic brown ears band, vest, and of course the cute tail. This will be one of the most simple Pokemon cosplay female costumes but bring a significant impact to the wearer, making them appear  stunning.

10. Poke Ball Inflatable Adult Costume

Poke Ball Inflatable Adult Costume

In case you are confused to pick Pokemon cosplay female costumes, why don’t you try to be the pokeball instead? You will get a big adult size pokeball made from 100% nylon which makes it the center of attraction. Moreover, this hilarious costume will light up the atmosphere, perfect for a Halloween party.

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11. Arceus Adaman Cosplay Costume

Arceus Adaman Cosplay Costume

For those cosplayers who watch Pokemon Legends Arceus, Adaman is one of the coolest characters to resemble. The blue coat radiates the bold and fortnight personality of Adaman. Moreover, the black baggy pants are also comfortable to wear. The design allows you to move comfortably.

12. Warden Arezu Cosplay Costume

Warden Arezu Cosplay Costume

Embrace the cheerful personality of Azeru with this Pokemon cosplay female costume. Arezu resembles Mars in appearance, dominated by red and blue color. As a result, this outfit includes a blue hooded jacket with the Diamond Clan insignia, black shorts, red gradient stockings. This is one of the most charming Pokemon cosplay female costumes you should have.

13. Rei Cosplay Costume

Rei Cosplay Costume

Rei is the new Pokemon Trainer, but steals a lot of attention. You might fall in love with Rei because of his lively personality. Therefore, cosplaying as Rei would be a good idea. This costume has a similar outfit as Rei. It features a red cap with a matching scarf around the neck and a navy uniform with Team Galaxy insignia on both sleeves.

14. Arceus Volo Cosplay Costume

Arceus Volo Cosplay Costume

Villains in Pokemon anime such as Volo always look attractive to some people. You may resemble the antagonist character with this Pokemon costume. It comes with a blue and white Ginkgo Guild uniform. To look more similar to Volo, you can add a bulky backpack and cap.

15. Team Rocket Full Set Costumes

Team Rocket Full Set Costumes

Suppose you want to dress as a couple with Pokemon cosplay female costumes, then these items must be on the top of your list. Made from cotton blend, the designs are amazingly similar to the Rocket Team’s outfits. These outfits are also equipped with a skin color undershirt, making your abs less exposed.

16. Hikari Cosplay Costume

Hikari Cosplay Costume

Embrace the carefree and cheerful Hikari when you wear this costume. Hikari’s outfit was dominated by pink and black colors, similar to this dress. The combination of a black V-neck tank top with a white shirt under it, a very short pink mini skirt, and a red scarf create amazing Hikari’s Pokemon cosplay female costumes. 

17. Marnie Cosplay Costume

Marnie Cosplay Costume

Marnie has a soft and shy character, but her outfit is no joke. It is a mix of tough and cute fashion. Fortunately, this Pokemon cosplay female costume features a black leather Gothic jacket with five vertically connected diamond-shaped silver studs reaching the jacket’s lower end, along with the adorable pink mini dress.

18. Irida Cosplay Costume

Irida Cosplay Costume

Any Pokemon lover should fall in love with Irida. With this Pokemon costume cosplay, you can express the calm and charming personality of Irida. This outfit comes with a pink hairband, a white collar, a white short, and a pink and white sash. Moreover, the pink and black strapless shirt matched with the pretty shoes. 

19. Courtney Cosplay Costume

Courtney Cosplay Costume

Courtney represents great analytical character. By cosplaying as Courtney with this Pokemon costume, you may appear genius and sexy at the same time. It features a red hoodie with yellow horns, a red jacket, and a red dress with the Team Magma emblem on it. This outfit will also make your legs appear slender.

20. Serena Cosplay Costume

Serena Cosplay Costume

Serena is indeed a lovely character who has fashionable outfits. It’s understandable if you want to appear like this polite and helpful Pokemon character with this outfit. This Pokemon costume has a black tank top and a red pleated skirt. The black sneakers with a great Poké Ball symbol are also added. Moreover, the dark pink hat with a black band and white sunglasses on top will also be a focal point.

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21. Pokemon Platinum Trainer Costume

Pokemon Platinum Trainer Costume

In case you are also playing the game, then this Pokemon cosplay will surely be a precious item in your life. It features a red formal dress with pink buttons from collar to thigh, along with white slayer, making anyone’s character in the Pokemon game look charming and pretty. Made from satin, this outfit will be a focal point.

22. Cynthia Cosplay Costume

Cynthia Cosplay Costume

Cynthia’s black outfit is indeed incredibly awesome. This is one of the best Pokemon cosplay female costumes that radiate elegance. You can show her charm with this costume which consists of a black jacket, scarf, and pants. Moreover, you can add high heels in your outfit to complete the final look. 

23. Bede Battle Suit Cosplay Costume

Bede Battle Suit Cosplay Costume

Bede is a skillful trainer, so that’s why he owns the most sophisticated battle suit. It comes with a blue and pink shirt with a white long undershirt. Moreover, the pants are also in pair with the top, making a perfect color combination. In addition, this battle suit design allows the wearer to move freely.

24. Klara Cosplay Costume

Klara Cosplay Costume

Klara has a wild, unique outfit with many accessories. In case you are interested in something unique and different, you can choose this Pokemon cosplay female costume. It has a white fur coat, a white and blue moth-like bow with pink circles on it, and a dark purple and green uniform.

25. Wes Cosplay Costume

Wes Cosplay Costume

If you love to make a piece, then the Wes character will suit you very well. This Pokemon cosplay female costume has amazing cutting design, making you look tough and elegant. The black and gold accent on the left sleeve and shoulder makes this blue long coat appear effortlessly awesome.

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What are some good pokemon cosplay costume ideas?

Today, you may find various wonderful and creative designs of Pokemon cosplay female costumes. In case you want to dress as the trainer, then you should choose the famous ones such as the Ash Ketchum Cosplay Costume or the Pokemon Platinum Trainer Costume. Or, if you wish to resemble your favorite pokemon, the Pikachu Cloak Cosplay Costume Halloween will be an excellent option. If you are interested in exploring more Pokemon cosplay female costumes, you can check our article above.

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