Pikachu Pokemon Panties

If you prefer fun and adorable underwear to lace and silk one, then you have to have these Pikachu Pokemon Panties in your designated drawer. And who doesn’t love Pikachu? It’s cute face, red cheeks, lightning tail and its iconic phrase “Pika Pika” have managed to capture the hearts of Pokemon fans all over the world.

These panties are handmade, very soft and elastic as they are made out of 85% nylon and 15% spandex. With its seamless design, you can wear them under any outfit without worrying about the outline of your underwear being visible.

And Pikachu’s little tail on the back of the panties will give your booty an additional cuteness factor that it deserves.

These are cool and fun panties that you can enjoy looking at while walking around the house and smiling every time you catch a glimpse of Pikachu in the mirror. 

Pikachu Pokemon Panties

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