53 BEST Harley Quinn Costume Accessories for Suicide Squad Fans

So, before talking about Harley Quinn costume accessories, we have some news. Suicide Squad won an Oscar! This is old news, of course, but it still is impressive. Say what you want but for all the movie’s shortcomings, it did have amazing character stylization and makeup that make people attracted to this movie.

There was specifically one character that completely stole the show. Actually, she always does. Who is she? She is no other than Harley Quinn! Harley Quinn manages to grab the viewer’s attention in “Suicide Squad”, makes you laugh in DC animated universe, and makes you pause in “Batman: Arkham Asylum”.

For Harley Quinn fans, we have done the hard work for you to compile the best Harley Quinn costume accessories you can buy. From the outfits to the shoes and headpieces, we only pick the best ones for hardcore fans like you. Check them out!

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BEST Harley Quinn Costume Accessories for Cosplay

Whether you love her for her “killer” personality, backstory, or looks you can not deny that her costumes and outfits are always on point. “Suicide Squad” especially managed to showcase it because you could spend hours studying details on her outfits and weapons.

We’ve compiled a huge list of everything Harley you might need for cosplays, Halloween costumes, role-plays, or everyday outfits. So buckle up, pumpkin pies, and let’s roll.

#1 Harley Quinn PUDDIN Choker

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

This is one of the classic Harley Quinn costume accessories – a genuine leather choker with “PUDDIN” written in large gold letters. It is handmade and the colors can be adjusted to your preference.

To show your naughty side, you can also wear it outside the costume or maybe even for some spicy role-play. We recommend matching this sparkling choker with your red and black Harley Quinn dress with the v-neck to show off the cleavage as well as your accessory.

#2 Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Embroidered Jacket

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

This great Harley Quinn jacket has been used by the best cosplayers and was even presented to Margot Robbie herself. It can be also worn out of cosplay. After all, it’s quite a stylish jacket with mixed colors and a rhinestone pendant.

It’s made of shiny satin with two pockets and a zipper you can style with your tank top or v-neck t-shirt. You can also pair this awesome jacket with Harley Quinn shorts to match the eerie vibes.

#3 Harley Quinn Yes Sir Bracelets

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

If you want a Harley accessory yet don’t necessarily desire a flashy look, you should like these bracelets. They are made of genuine Italian leather with the words “YES SIR” written in gold or silver that look classy.

The best part is, they come in pairs so you can share this cool look with your bestie. If you want to steal the spotlight, you better match this bracelet with your Harley Quinn costume, like the tee and sparkly shorts, to highlight the eye-catching accessory.

#4 Harley Quinn Arkham City Corset + Shirt

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

This awesome corset is one of the legendary Harley Quinn accessories from the comic books. The base of this outfit is a cool Harley-inspired red and black t-shirt. On top, you can put this amazing handmade corset.

It’s made out of vinyl with metal additions that ensure its sturdiness. Moreover, the whole outfit is designed for cosplayers but it could also make for an unforgettable Halloween costume

#5 Harley Quinn Sequin Hot Pants

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

One of the most enticing things about Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad” was her red and blue short shorts. These ones were inspired just by them and they look quite awesome.

The shorts are shiny as they are covered in red and blue sequins. They will be great for a Halloween costume with your black leggings or for simply walking around during especially hot days at the beach if you want to become the center of attention.

#6 Harley Quinn Arkham City Stretch Mitten Gloves

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

These handmade fingerless gloves would be perfect as Harley Quinn costume accessories. They are inspired by Harley’s classic red and black look. It’s a great idea for enriching your costume.

They should fit anybody as they’re made of very stretchy faux leather and spandex. To top it off they have diamond-shaped vinyl pieces sewn on top, giving the gloves a bit more style. Pair them with a Harley Quinn jumpsuit to make the best appeal.

#7 Harley Quinn Thigh Highs

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

These Harley Quinn-inspired thigh highs are not only suitable for cosplays and costumes. They are a great addition to your costume if you are going for a comic book’s Harley look of course.

But the red and black thigh highs can be also worn outside if you feel like standing out in the crowd. The color combination can be quite fashionable and you are sure to turn a few head walking down the street. Match them with your denim shorts and tee for a casual look.

#8 The Harley Quinn Genuine Leather Holster

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

This gun holster is something you may not want to take outside too much. It’s great for cosplays and costumes though. The best part is that it will fit multiple costumes, not only Harley Quinn-inspired ones.

They are handmade from authentic leather and are quite a stylish addition to your Harley Quinn costume. Alternatively, you could put a beer in it even when at home. So, no more struggle with holding beers in both hands!

#9 Harley Quinn Baseball Bat

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

If you know someone who is a “Suicide Squad” fan and are looking for some Harley Quinn gifts then we have an idea just for you. It’s a movie replica of Harley’s famous baseball bat. It starts as a Louisville Slugger and after very detailed, handmade modifications it looks just like the one from the movie.

Furthermore, it includes every detail from the original and the quality of the modification is very high. However, it’s not recommended to play with it though, but it can make a great addition to any DC-related collection.

#10 Authentic Leather Harley Quinn Diamond Belt

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

This is an awesome Harley Quinn accessory that is not flashy and therefore can be easily worn every day. It’s a Harley-inspired belt that will fit a lot of your outfits. The belt should serve you well for a long time as it’s handmade from genuine Italian leather.

Of course to add some Harley style it has a brass buckle in the shape of a diamond. It may not be the most flashy belt in the world but it will surely liven up any costume or day-to-day outfit. 

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#11 Harley Quinn Bikinis

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

Why not rock a visit to the beach with a Harley Quinn-inspired bikini? These swimsuits are modeled after classic red and black Harley and will surely make you stand out. Moreover, you can find some inspired by her “Suicide Squad” look.

They are not striking enough to give you uneasy looks from other people, but the ones familiar with the DC heroine may just give you a wink or a friendly smile. Plus you could feel like a superhero when splashing around in the water when you have a summer holiday at the beach.

#12 Harley Quinn Baseball Bat Necklace

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

If you need to spice up your outfit with a cool accessory, then you should fall in love with this necklace. The necklace is quite small and is composed of a chain and a little silver Harley Quinn-inspired baseball bat as the pendant.

It can be used for costumes or simply as an addition to your outfits, like a baseball jacket or hoodie. Also, it will work best especially on the days when you want to show the world your adventurous and badass side.

#13 Harley Quinn Purse

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

If you want some practical Harley Quinn accessories, then what about this cool purse. It’s inspired by the comic book Harley in classic red and black colors. It can be used as a flashy, yet practical accessory as it has a wristlet and is quite spacious.

The bag is handmade from faux leather and will keep your essentials safe while also adding some flare to your outfit. Bring it to the Halloween party, ball, or even your prom to match the purse with your lovely dress.

#14 Harley Quinn Bag

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

If you like things customized just for you then you should take a look at this awesome handbag. This Harley-inspired bag is handmade to order. You can choose the pattern of its’ lining and if you want a zipper or a snap.

The bag is quite practical as well. It’s pretty big and has some pockets you can use to store your essentials like perfume, handphone, and more. It’s a great way to stay unique and also has everything organized and close by. You can have it with you to hang out and grab drinks with your friends.

#15 Harley Quinn Gun

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

If you want to enrich your comic book-related collection or simply need that one thing that will complete your costume then turn your attention to this gun. It’s a 3D model replica of Harley Quinn’s gun from the movie “Suicide Squad”.

It is handmade so that every detail would looks exactly like in the movie. As it is a model, the gun comes in parts and is unpainted so that you can have a lot of fun building it and painting it yourself. Bring it whenever you attend a role-play festival with the best Harley Quinn costume you have.

#16 Metallic Harley Quinn Suicide Shorts

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

These Harley Quinn shorts are not as revealing as the ones used in the movie, but that makes them great for everyday use. They are made from comfy, stretchy metallic fabric, which makes them look a bit more genuine.

You can get them in several options including long or high waist. They will be great for a costume or just to walk around with a bit more swagger. We recommend styling them with your black net stockings for even more striking appeal.

#17 Harley Quinn Heels

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

These Harley Quinn heels are just pure comic book style. They are based on the red and black Harley, which arguably makes them match a larger amount of outfits. Each pair is also very original.

That’s because they are handmade and painted with various Harley scenes from comic books. You better wear them on whenever you are on the Harley Quinn jumpsuit costume as the black and red tones match the outfit.

#18 Daddy’s Lil Monster Longsleeve Tee

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

Sometimes you just want your outfit to show a little bit of your character. That’s why the market is full of great T-shirts to reflect everybody’s tastes. This one is no different.

It’s a subtle red and white shirt with Harley’s “Daddy’s Lil Monster” phrase printed in the middle. It’s great for colder days as it’s long-sleeved and will surely fit perfectly with a lot of your outfits, particularly your slim-fit jeans, denim shorts, or even leggings.

#19 Harley Quinn Spiked Cuff Bracelets

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

If you want some Harley Quinn costume accessories, you might like these bracelets. They were of course inspired by “Suicide Squad” and they are everything but subtle. They are large, shiny, golden, and equipped with spikes.

It’s sure to revolutionize your outfits and make a few heads turn when walking down the street. In case you want to match the cuff with your Harley Quinn costumes, we recommend pairing them with the tee and shorts or the dress.

#20 Custom Engraved Stainless Steel Harley Quinn Inspired Rings

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

Sometimes the best accessories are the smallest and most subtle ones. These Harley Quinn-inspired rings could easily be worn every day and will definitely liven up even the most boring work outfits.

The rings are handmade of stainless steel in classic black and red. They also have engraved Harley’s diamonds to add a pinch of spice to the design. You don’t have to wait for the role-play festivals to wear this bracelet, match it with your daily wear and you’re all set!

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#21 Harley Quinn High Heel Boots

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

If you want to stay in full Harley mode throughout the whole year you’ll need to find appropriate boots for colder seasons. These Harley Quinn boots will certainly keep you warm and look completely badass.

March in those heels down the street and you’ll certainly feel as powerful and dangerous as Harley. You can also match these heels with your red Harley Quinn dress to match the classy and sparkly vibes.

#22 Harley Quinn Necklace, Bracelet & Bow Combo

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

There are some Harley Quinn costume accessories, necessary for any Harley cosplay. Here you can get a bunch of them in one sitting. The set is composed of Harley Quinn inspired necklace, bracelet, and bow.

All of them are in the classic red and black with some additions of silver. These great handmade items will not only fit costumes but can liven up any outfit. If you want to highlight this necklace, wear lighter tone color for your top.

#23 Custom Made Harley Quinn High Heel Shoes

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

Decoupage shoes are on the rise especially when it comes to comic book merchandise. There’s not much geek stuff out there for women, but these shoes fully make up for that fact.

You can even read what Joker and Harley are saying off your shoes when you get particularly bored outside. Since this pair has a striking design with diverse colors, it will be best to match them with plain outfits.

#24 Harley Quinn Red & Black Pig Tail Wig

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

A part of the modern Harley’s signature look is her glorious blond hair. So if you’re thinking about a Harley costume you might need exactly those. But what if you don’t have those naturally?

Well, you might consider this an awesome wig. It’s handmade from a premium heat-resistant synthetic fiber. It also has detachable pigtails colored in red and black to complete the perfect Harley Quinn look. 

#25 Rubie’s Harley Quinn Mallet Accessory

Rubie's Harley Quinn Mallet Accessory

This Harley Quinn mallet accessory looks pretty awesome. It’s made of plastic which ensures its sturdiness and durability. As for the design, it doesn’t exactly look like the mallet from the movie “Suicide Squad”.

Nonetheless, this mallet makes a great addition if you pair it with a jumpsuit or shorts and a push-up bra with a similar pattern and style. It’s great for Harley Quinn cosplays, costumes, and of course flashy outfits making you stand out in the crowd. 

#26 Harley Quinn Mallet

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

Harley Quinn costume accessories can come in different sizes and materials. Now, this one is certainly one of the biggest you can find. This is Harley Quinn’s mallet replica. Although it is a replica it’s not made out of foam but is handmade out of real wood.

This baby weighs 2 kg (4,41 lb) and we would run if we saw someone swaying it in our direction. It is of course hand painted to look exactly like the hammer in “Suicide Squad”. That can certainly be a huge accessory for your costume or an important piece in your collection. 

#27 Harley Quinn Holster With Gun

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

If you want to go full hardcore with your Harley Quinn costume you need to choose your weapon. You could go with a hammer or a baseball bat but let’s face it; they are quite big and heavy.

For a more subtle and portable option, you can choose a Harley Quinn gun. This one, for example, is handmade, engraved to look very Harley, and comes with a nice holster too. We recommend Harley Squinn jumpsuit to pair with this gun if you want to look bold.

#28 Harley Quinn Stud Earrings

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

Sometimes you are forced to submit to a certain dress code. In these situations, it’s difficult to feel original and show off your character. The answer might be some subtle personalized accessories like these Harley Quinn-inspired earrings.

They are small, colored in red and black, therefore not flashy, and made of surgical steel, meaning they are hypoallergenic. Even though you are not intending to wear them with the cosplay Harley Quinn costume, you can have them on in daily occasion with tees and jeans.

#29 Harley Quinn T-Shirt, Shorts, And Glove Combo

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

If you are looking for simple yet original costumes for Halloween you might want to go with Harley Quinn. The core of the costume is easy and can be purchased in this awesome bundle. It’s a combo of “Suicide Squad” inspired T-shirts, shorts, and gloves.

After that, all you need is some makeup and accessories. Also, wear your net stockings and you’re ready to go. This great handmade combo takes care of the majority of your costume.

#30 Customised Decoupage Over Knee Boots

If you like Harley Quinn you don’t have to stay exclusive to her portrayal in “Suicide Squad”. She is, after all, a big character in the DC comics’ universe. Also, let’s not forget about her partner in crime Joker, who seems to be overshadowed by Harley lately.

These boots remind us of this iconic comic book couple exactly. They are handmade with a decoupage of Harley & Joker comic books on the sides. Their relationship may be controversial but these boots are plain awesome. As for the style, pair it with the Harley Quinn shorts and jacket, then you are all set!

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#31 Harley Quinn Puddin T-Shirt

Harley Quinn Puddin T-Shirt

All of us love to wear T-shirts. They are comfy and fit almost any outfit. Many of us like to personalize the T-shirt, so they can show off a glimpse of our personalities. This one can do just that!

It’s a nice full cotton T-Shirt with Harley Quinn’s picture on it. This picture is handmade using heat transfer vinyl. If you want to attend a role-play event but don’t want to bother wearing a Harley Quinn costume, just go with this tee and put the makeup on.

#32 Harley Quinn Joker Choker

Harley Quinn Joker Choker

Harley Quinn costume accessories can sometimes bear the image of Harley herself. It might be something small, which shows your love for the character you represent. A great idea in this sense is this choker.

It is handmade, and stylish, and has a little silhouette of the comic book Harley as a pendant. You can wear this choker with your Harley Quinn tee. But choose the V-neck one if you want to show off this awesome piece.

#33 Harley Quinn Vinyl Spandex Shorts

Harley Quinn Vinyl Spandex Shorts

If you want to have your Harley Quinn costume the comic book way, you need black and red clothes. For a hotter look, you might want to get some shorts. Like these handmade ones made from spandex.

They are very stretchy, and shiny and have a classic Harley diamond sign on each leg. To spice up your appeal, you better match the outfit with a choker, bracelet, and necklace. You can also have boots on to complete the look.

#34 Harley Quinn Vinyl Spandex Leggings

Harley Quinn Vinyl Spandex Leggings

If you are the kind of person, who likes to show love for your favorite character to the whole world to see then go for it! Only this also means that you will need some very cool clothes. Like these Harley Quinn leggings.

They are handmade spandex in classic red and black colors. They are very stretchy, and a bit flashy but it means that everyone will notice your awesome outfit. Put it on with the push-up bra of Harley Quinn to complete your look.

#35 Harley Quinn Tattoo Tights

Harley Quinn Tattoo Tights

Good Harley Quinn costume accessories can take your costume outside of the canon, in an original direction. You just need some imagination and great clothes to show off your interpretation of Harley.

These tights are a good idea. They are hand painted to present all sorts of imagery connected to Harley. When worn, they will look like cool tattoos of associated with your character. 

#36 Harley Quinn Heat Changing Mug

Harley Quinn HeHarley Quinn Heat Changing Mugat Changing Mug

The heat changing mugs truly revolutionized tea or coffee time. This one is a really cool example of the such mug. It was handmade from special materials which will present a high-quality picture of Harley Quinn when the mug is hot.

It’s a great item if you need some cool company during your morning coffee or when you want to impress your pals. It also makes a great addition to your list if Harley Quinn item collections. Just put it in your glass cabinet and show it off!

#37 Harley Quinn Classic Choker

Harley Quinn Classic Choker

If you want to present a truly remarkable costume of Harley you will need some awesome Harley Quinn costume accessories. Even the small ones can mean a world of difference. Take this Harley choker, which looks like a collar.

It looks badass as it’s made of vinyl and gold. You can also choose a color combination that will best suit your costume. To have a stunning look, it will be best to pair it with a dress or sleeveless jumpsuit.

#38 Harley Quinn Vinyl Spandex Mini Dress

Harley Quinn Vinyl Spandex Mini Dress

Do you need to go to a costume party, but still want to look fabulous and sexy? If the answer is yes, let us present to you this mini dress. It resembles a classic Harley Quinn outfit thanks to the red and black colors with the Harley diamond pattern.

It is made of nylon spandex which means it’s glossy and just straight away sexy. You can spice it up with a black belt and transparent stockings. Also, have your boots or heels on and you are ready to rock!

#39 Simple Harley Quinn Choker

Simple Harley Quinn Choker

This cool accessory will just scream “HARLEY” at anyone who looks at it. That’s because this handmade choker has our favorite characters’ names written in bold and gold on it.

It will definitely spice up any of your outfits and people will know not to mess with you when you’re not in the mood. Instead of having it while you are in your dress, it will look better to pair up with your tee, especially the V-neck one.

#40 Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy BFF Friendship Necklaces Set

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy BFF Friendship Necklaces Set

If you are looking for Harley Quinn gift ideas then look no further than these awesome necklaces. You can give your BFF one half of this pair and keep the other to strengthen the bond between you guys.

Together they make a whole. Each half of this item represents a different heroine from the DC universe: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. The pendant is split in half as well with the words “Partners in crime” written in the heart. No matter you wear it on with your Harley costume or casual tee, it will be the centerpiece.

#41 Harley Quinn Baseball Bat Earrings

Harley Quinn Baseball Bat Earrings

Some Harley Quinn costume accessories are just plain awesome. Take these cool handmade silver earrings, which look like tiny baseball bats – Harley’s weapon of choice in “Suicide Squad”.

They will be great for any Harley Quinn costume adding a bit of originality to it. They will also brighten up any day-to-day outfit. Have them on when you attend a party or simply hang around with your pals.

#42 Harley Quinn False Press On Nails

Harley Quinn False Press On Nails

Although cosplay costumes are awesome they are not something you can wear on an everyday basis. To go around this problem and still pay tribute to Suicide Squad with your outfit turn to these nails.

These nails have been designed with staggering attention to detail that just screams “Harley Quinn”. Having these stunning designs, you better wear them when you go to role-play festivals.

#43 Harley Quinn Vinyl Spandex Cat Suit

Harley Quinn Vinyl Spandex Cat Suit

A quick, yet awesome Halloween costume doesn’t have to be too complicated. Just look at this cool, handmade, full body costume of Harley Quinn. It was inspired by the comic book Harley with its red and black colors and diamonds.

The costume is made of spandex, meaning it’s stretchy and very sexy. To finish it off you get matching gloves and wrist ruffles. You can also consider chokers and boots if you want to go up and beyond.

#44 Harley Quinn Fishnet Leggings

Harley Quinn Fishnet Leggings

These awesome leggings will suit anyone, not just Harley Quinn fans. They are inspired by Harley’s classic colors – red and black and will fit many Harley costumes.

They are also very original with fishnet parts on both sides. That makes them extremely stylish, unique, and flashy while remaining comfy and stretchy. Consider pairing it with the pushup bra or Harley Quinn body fit crop top.

#45 Cel-Shaded Harley Quinn Jeggings

Cel-Shaded Harley Quinn Jeggings

These amazing jeggings are as stylish and original as apparel can get. They were inspired by Harley Quinn of course but with a unique interpretation. Imagery connected to Harley, from her diamonds and hearts to her “catchphrases”, covers these cool jeggings from top to bottom.

They were magnificently painted and all together make a big impression. While this outfit is pretty striking, we also recommend having a Harley Quinn to elevate the look. Wear on the black boots to complete your appeal.

#46 Harley Quinn Hand-Painted Mirror Compact

Harley Quinn Hand Painted Mirror Compact

Your character-inspired accessories don’t always have to be something you wear. Sometimes they are just stuff that you take wherever you go, like a purse, makeup kit or a mirror. They also deserve to be awesome, just like this original item.

It is a compact mirror with DC animated universe Harley Quinn hand painted on top. This mirror will surely be cooler than any of your friends. You can hang it on your room’s wall, next to your cabinet to decorate the space.

#47 Harley Quinn Vinyl Spandex Gloves, Arm Guards & Wrist Ruffles

Harley Quinn Vinyl Spandex Gloves, Arm Guards & Wrist Ruffles

If you think that costumes have to be perfect down to the smallest detail then you will definitely like these items. It’s a set of Harley Quinn costume accessories for your arms.

The set includes arm guards, gloves, and wrist ruffles. All of them are matching, handmade of spandex in classic Harley colors, and will surely enrich your Harley Quinn cosplay. You just need to spice it up a bit by wearing the wig and makeup on!

#48 Harley Quinn Lip Balm

Harley Quinn Lip Balm

Every girl needs her lip balm, to keep them beautiful, soft, and healthy. These balms don’t have to be boring though. Take a look at this one inspired by Harley Quinn. This red balm will taste like red velvet cake with vanilla frosting.

It is handmade in a safe and natural way. It also comes in a cool, black dispenser with Harley’s picture. All that’s left to say is: get the Harley to look! Use the balm whenever you are about to put on your lipstick to keep the lips hydrated.

#49 Harley Quinn Bow Tie

Harley Quinn Bow Tie

This bow tie will be great, if you want to brighten up your everyday outfit, to show your geeky, funny side. It’s handmade of 100% cotton with a little comic book Harley on each side.

This bow tie comes in two different sizes with an adjustable strap and an alligator clip, so you can easily pop it on. Well, we recommend having it on with your suit to go to your prom or even attend a wedding.

#50 Harley Quinn Arkham City Complete Costume

Harley Quinn Arkham City Complete Costume

There are a lot of cool Harley Quinn costume accessories to choose from on our list. But what if you don’t have the desire to complete a costume all by yourself?

Well, you can get this full, handmade Harley Quinn costume. It consists of a covered bra, a crop top, a corset, pants, a belt, boot covers, arm warmers, and gloves that will make your cosplay time memorable. All made to fit you, all in classic Harley red and black, all matching, and all awesome.

#51 High Knee Boot Socks

High Knee Boot Socks

Suppose you want your appearance to be more attractive when doing Harley Quinn cosplay. In that case, this accessory is a must to be included. These socks have a distinctive design; thus, anyone who wears them looks like wearing boots.

Moreover, the shoelaces detail on these socks is unique and charming, making your appeal even more stand-out. The Harley Quinn accent is bold, as can be seen from the pattern and design of these socks.

#52 Harley Quinn Headband

Harley Quinn Headband

Complete your Harley Quinn costume with this headband. Although it doesn’t look scary, the colors and designs truly depict the Harley Quinn character.

Whether you want to wear it to a cosplay event or simply celebrate Halloween, this little piece is perfect for improving your look. Moreover, since the headband has a pretty tall bulge, it will steal the attention of those who see it.

#53 Sheet Tattoos Temporary Harley Suicides

Sheet Tattoos Temporary Harley Suicides

Be unique to your Harley Quinn lovers by attaching temporary tattoos that make your cosplay appearance bolder and extraordinary. Thanks to the diverse design choices, it offers you a wide range of options.

Thus, you can freely pick the one you think is the best to match your costume. Furthermore, unlike other accessories, temporary tattoos are more flexible because they can be used on any part of the body that stands out and attracts attention.

Final Thoughts

Wearing Harley Quinn costume accessories can be a way to enhance your look whenever you are playing this interesting character. Such items also make great collections for fans of the characters in the Suicide Squads film.

If you are someone who doesn’t like cosplay, you can choose some Harley Quinn accessories that don’t look too flashy, like stud earrings, belts, or necklaces. You can wear them occasionally at formal events or try to look stand out by pairing them with your day-to-day outfits.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What kinds of jewelry do Harley Quinn fans wear?

Harley Quinn fans often wear jewelry that incorporates her diamond pattern or her signature red and black colors. This can include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. Some fans may also choose to wear items like piercings or temporary tattoos to further show their love for the character.

What are the best Harley Quinn costume accessories to buy for cosplay?

The best accessories that Harley Quinn fans can wear are those that can highlight the appearance of their costumes and really depict the characters they are cosplaying. For example, wearing socks with Suicide Squad accents and colors, adding a headband and belt, and bringing a baseball bat. Any Harley Quinn-related stuff can make great accessories as long as you mix and match them well.

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