26 Father’s Day Decoration Ideas to Enliven the Day

Father’s Day is of the most special days of the year, the day for you to specifically thank your father for always being there and doing the best he can for the family. Aside from being a day dedicated for you great dads out there, it is also the time to decorate the house with Father’s Day decoration ideas. As for you, perhaps it would be a great idea to decorate your home with decor items inspired by your father’s icons or favorite things. Necktie, tuxedo, mustaches, and briefcase are the icons of most fathers out there.

You can DIY the items using various materials, and you can also buy those items available online. Foil balloons, old neckties, lovely rugs, even old newspapers can be the material of making your father’s day decoration. There are lots of things that you can put in the house to enliven Father’s Day. Prepare yourself because we would blow your mind with awesome Father’s Day decoration ideas. Herewith we compiled 21 most recommended Father’s Day decor inspirations for you. Now let’s wait no more and just dive into the list!

Simple Father’s Day Decoration Ideas

Keeping the decoration for your special day can save you a lot of time and effort. Even when you make it simple, the day is still special and memorable to celebrate. You can use anything you have at home or buy those decorations available in market places. For you who look for last minute Father’s Day decoration ideas, here we compiled those simple decoration ideas for you as below.

1. Father’s Day Foil Balloon

Source: Pinterest (@notonthehighstreet.com)

The first Father’s Day decoration idea is by using foil balloons. You can choose to pick balloons based on the word “DAD” or your father’s name to make it more special. In our opinion, the simplest foil balloon decoration you can make is by choosing these three letters of D, A, and D.

The word “DAD” consists of three letters and you just need to blow and snatch the balloons on the wall. To make the decoration looks more colorful, we recommend you to combine it with other gold, silver, and blue balloons as well. As a result, you will see that the blue foil balloons look wonderful and delightful for the day.

2. Necktie Garland

Source: Pinterest (@ladyandtheblog.com)

As we know, neckties and fathers are separable. Therefore, we think that necktie accent can be used as garland to become a wonderful Father’s day decoration. The presence of garland can make the day even more merry. Plus, it will make you father happy, too!

Hang the necktie garland on your wall or near the window where it is visible. With such a unique design, in our opinion it will be one of the best Father’s Day decoration ideas you can consider. Moreover, it is the greatest last minute decoration available on the market as well.

3. Custom Printable Photo Booth Props 

Photos are also a great choice of decoration to celebrate Father’s Day. You can arrange a custom photo booth with the most fun pose and props that describe your father’s characters. A mustache or glasses are some of the best prop options to choose. Then, make sure the photo can be printed instantly and prepare a space or spot for everyone to pin their photos on it.

4. Balloon Man

Source: Pinterest (@sheila aquino)

It may seem like a silly Father’s Day decoration idea. But do you know that the presence of a balloon man on Father’s Day is the same as a snowman on Christmas? It brings joy and symbolizes a wonderful day to celebrate.

The balloon man can stand near the entrance to welcome and entertain the guests who are arriving. In our opinion, the hat, mustache, and necktie are so iconic. It also a great way to symbolize a great breadwinner father. Moreover, the blue, black and yellow balloon as the identity of masculinity.

5. White Cups with A Mustache Sticker

We have a Father’s Day decoration idea that you can put on your cup. It comes in the form of a black mustache sticker in black, which you can stick on your white cup. In our opinion, it is one of the simplest yet most perfect decor items on a white cup, especially since the mustache sticker itself comes in black color.

With black and white tone, we think it would create a classic negative color effect, which makes each of the objects look appealing. You can consider it as cute temporary Father’s Day decoration ideas, and you can also create a fun family photo with everyone holding this cup.

6. Rustic Candle Light Father’s Day Dining Table

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Celebrating Father’s Day can be done with a very simple decoration. A rustic table set, a simple necktie garland, some small plants and little candles on the table can create an awesome Father’s Day decoration idea.

Especially when you are having a simple and warm celebration with your family, this setup is more than enough. Just prepare the best dishes for the special day, and you are all set. In our opinion, the most important thing about Father’s Day is to always remember to respect your father, and love him unconditionally.

7. A Small Sparkling Tent

Having an intimate activity with your little daughter during Father’s Day would be a blessing. As the daughter grows older, spending time with her will not be as easy as when she was little anymore. Therefore we believe any father would love to spend Father’s Day by spending time with his daughters.

This year, you can decorate your house by building a tiny sparkling tent where father and daughter can read books and spend time together inside the tent. Install small lights on the tent that shines like little stars upon the sky.

Fancy Father’s Day Decoration Ideas

If you don’t mind spending an extra sum of money for this year’s Father’s Day decoration, you can easily find various fancy Father’s Day decoration ideas on the web. Red roses, premium balloons, and new curtains are ready to be purchased. Here we have a list of fancy Father’s Day decoration that can take your decor to the next level. We have shortlisted the options to help you choose the best one as below. Let’s check them out!

8. Red Roses and Hats Off for the Greatest Father

Source: Pinterest (@celebrateanddecorate.com)

Res roses show great affection to the best father in your life. And for this Father’s Day we think it is necessary to include red roses as home decor elements. Moreover, we also recommend you to combine it with black hats to represent how great your father is.

You can focus the decoration to your dining room and table, and we can ensure you that the combination of red, black, and white will make the table looks stunning. It is known as the simplest but strongest color combination. In our opinion, the bowler hats look so fancy and luxurious. Also, the characteristic matches your greatest father’s character in the house.

9. Newspaper Boxes with a Tie-full Dinner Table

Source: Pinterest (@kimberlyschlegelwhitman.blogspot….)

Who says old newspapers cannot be included in Father’s Day decoration ideas? This next idea will prove them wrong. We can use old newspapers as a box wrapper and place the boxes on the dining table to create an adorable yet masculine look. Just look at how classic the dining table turns out!

Moreover, the various neckties put on the table also give colors to the whole Father’s Day decoration. The combination of gray tablecloths and colorful neckties seems like an awesome Father’s Day decoration idea.

10. Tuxedo on Curtain

Source: Pinterest (@Penny Bounphithack)

When it comes to decorating, don’t let any space empty in your house. Not even the hanging white curtain. One thing you can do is to decorate the curtain space with this beautiful tuxedo. The black and white tuxedo looks so lovely and classy and you can use it as the background for your snack table.

So, let the gentleman in your family enjoy his special day with sweet cupcakes. In addition, we also recommend you to add some flower arrangements and candles to make the whole appearance look even more classic.

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11. Black, Silver, And Gold Father’s Day

Source: Pinterest (@partypieces.co.uk)

The combination of black, silver, and gold brings luxurious and fancy vibes into the room. Therefore, we think adding black, silver and gold balloons to your Father’s Day decoration is definitely one of the simplest ideas to put colors to the room.

Black, silver and gold balloons can be arranged in the most elegant way, which we believe will be a brilliant decor idea for Father’s Day. Plus, you can easily find them on the market. We can assure you that the glam and sparkle it brings in the room will enliven your Father’s Day party. 

Outdoors Father’s Day Decoration Ideas

Don’t feel like having an indoor Father’s Day celebration? Perhaps you want to feel new sensations of celebrating a special day like Father’s day outdoors? There are various DIY ideas that you can do for the decorations using any materials you have at home. Papers, rugs, and neckties are things that are mostly available at home and can be decorated in such a way for your special Father’s Day celebration. Let’s find those outdoors Father’s Day decoration ideas below!

12. Happy Father’s Day Photo Booth

Source: Pinterest (@Catherine Tan)

Photo booths play an important role when it comes to capturing moments besides being Father’s Day decoration. Even though pictures can be taken anywhere during the celebration, we believe that having a nice photo booth allows you to have a wonderful photo background for the day. Take this one for example. It looks so colorful with the necktie hanging with various colors. Not to mention the butterflies also look cute and lovely to accompany you in the pictures.

13. Outdoor Movie and Rugs

Source: Pinterest (@onekindesign.com)

Tired of celebrating the special day indoors? Then jump out of bed and set up some rugs outside. Those cozy rugs and little lights would bring another atmosphere into your Father’s Day celebration. Choose his favorite movie and let him enjoy it together with you and the whole family.

In our opinion, it would be one of the most special Father’s Day celebrations for your dad. The open air, sunset, and natural view will be a memorable feeling celebrating Father’s Day this year.

14. BBQ with Flowers in a Bucket

BBQ with Flowers in A Bucket

BBQ is a fun activity to do on Father’s Day. Outside the house, in the backyard or porch, you can grill those meats with your father and loved ones. To decorate the area, you can add some flowers in a bucket to create a fun and colorful touch to the place. You can also place flower bouquets on the table where you are BBQing. Let the smoke float in the air while the bugs and butterflies enjoy the bucket flowers. We can assure you that this idea will make a Father’s Day celebration for your dad becomes a lovely celebration.

15. Paper Flowers Hanging on the Table with s Suitcase

Paper Flowers Hanging on the Table with A Suitcase
Source: Pinterest (@revelandglitter.com)

Paper is one of the materials that you can use to set up Father’s Day decorations outdoors. Sticking the paper together and cutting it in such a way will produce a beautiful flower. You can hang it over the table where you put all snacks and dessert for the day.

Besides the paper flowers, we also recommend you to decorate the table with some neckties, a brown briefcase, and stands to serve the cake and fruits. Complete the day with his favorite beverages as well. We can guarantee that he will love it so much.

Themed Father’s Day Decoration Ideas

You can make the special day celebration become even more memorable by decorating your house with a theme. The themed Father’s Day decoration will help you make and find some decoration details related to the theme. His favorite color, hobbies, and things can be the theme for Father’s Day celebration this year. Here we have compiled some of the most recommended themes for you below. Let’s check them out!

16. Alcohol and Tie Country Father’s Day Decoration

Alcohol and Tie Country Father’s Day Decoration
Source: Pinterest (@cleanandscentsible.com)

Country style is always identical with blue jeans, iron bucket, and alcohol. The iron bucket is full of his favorite beer and alcohol. There are four shots of alcohol glasses ready for you and your father to enjoy whiskey together.

The collar and necktie makes it even look more father-ish. It represents the characteristic of a hardworking and pressure manager, who is the breadwinner of the family. In our opinion, this kind of decoration looks awesome with a black grid and black and white father’s day garland.

17. Baitful Father’s Day

Baitful Father’s Day
Source: Pinterest (@catchmyparty.com)

Does your father love to fish? Does he really has the patience to wait for the fish to eat the bait? If he does, then we think fishing can actually be used as a Father’s Day decoration idea. You can put fish imitations on a standing wood board with a paddle and lantern lean on it. The net is a perfect tablecloth for this baitful Father’s Day decoration.

There is not a space not being decorated, not even the space under the table. It is filled with a rattan bucket, red boots, and an iron bucket. All small details complete this decoration idea as well.

18. Father’s Day in a Church with Dad’s Root Beer

Father’s Day in A Church With Dad’s Root Beer
Source: Pinterest (@Eddie Thompson)

Father’s day is not only celebrated at home. You can also celebrate it in a church and decorate the table with a red tablecloth and necktie garland, shirt and necktie gift bags, and some green indoor plants. The sweet dessert, cookies, and Dad’s root beers are perfect for the day. The church’s podium is made of wood with a brown wood color which suits any decoration in the room.

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19. Sailor Dad Living Room Decoration

Sailor Dad Living Room Decoration
Source: Pinterest (@Shell Ane)

The blue, black, and gray color combination makes it look like a journey to the Dad Sea. The simple square hanging on the wall is used as a lamp holder. The anchor printed on the pillow looks great combined with a soft color couch.

Moreover, don’t forget the rope and compass as the details of the Dad ship. And lastly, the year written on the wood board is necessary to mark the year of Father’s Day you are celebrating.

20. Blue Father’s Day

Blue Father’s Day
Source: Pinterest (@Vickie Hornbuckle)

Blue usually represents male in general. The color can be used on Father’s Day decoration starting from the shirt, necktie, tablecloth, flower arrangements, ribbon, and paper bags. We have to say that it looks simple since it is dominated by blue, but it looks very elegant at the same time.

We also recommend you to add other neutral colors as well such as white and black to enliven the decoration. Moreover, if you have another color that you prefer, feel free to decorate your Father’s Day party using that colors, too.

21. Automotive Father’s Day Decoration

Automotive Father’s Day Decoration
Source: Pinterest (@Shell Ane)

Having a father who loves automotive will make it easier for you to decide the theme for the upcoming Father’s Day celebration. You can have an automotive-themed Father’s Day decoration at home, which we’re pretty sure your dad would love it.

Some of the elements that you need to prepare include tires, tools, and other decorations to complete the automotive theme. We believe your dad would be excited that he would want to take pictures in every part of the decoration.

22. American Root Beer Decoration

American Root Beer Decoration

Next we have the perfect Father’s Day decoration idea for a special dad who has a love for American root beer. You can combine the decoration by mixing the elements of root beer and national US decorations. We can assure you that your dad would be thrilled to see the decoration and would want to document the decor with countless photos and poses. In addition, don’t forget to add the American flag as part of the decor, too!

23. Super Dad Decoration

Super Dad Decoration
Source: Pinterest (@sweetenyourdayevents.blogspot.com)

We all know that our dad is the true Superman in our life. Therefore, why not set up a special Superman decoration for this year’s Father’s Day? You can customize the Superman logo by changing it into Superdad logo, which will be a funny element to create a fun ambience during Father’s Day celebration. Moreover, you might also want to create a special Superdad cake and snacks such as cupcakes, cookies or candies. 

24. Indiana Jones Themed Party Decoration

Indiana Jones Themed Party Decoration
Source: Pinterest (@michellespartyplanit.com)

If your dad happens to be a huge fan of the famous Indiana Jones, then look no further and pick Indiana Jones as the main theme for this year’s Father’s Day decoration at home. You can include elements that will remind him of his favorite character, including a map, treasure box, skulls, the Bible, and candle holders. In our opinion, this decoration will put a smile on your dad’s face. Even better, you can also schedule a movie night together with the whole family, by watching Indiana Jones movie marathon with your dad.

25. Father’s Day Golf Par-Tee Idea

Father’s Day Golf Par-Tee Idea
Source: Pinterest (@karaspartyideas.com)

A golfer dad would appreciate your effort in decorating the house with golf-related elements to celebrate the upcoming Father’s Day. Therefore, we really think that the golf theme will make a perfect theme for Father’s Day decoration ideas. You can include cookies in the form of golf trophies, golf balls and sticks. Moreover, you can also put a grass-like table cloth on your dining table plus a golf-themed cake for everyone to enjoy together during Father’s Day.

26. Dad’s Favorite Things Decoration

Dad’s Favorite Things Decoration

This next Father’s Day decoration idea is one of the best decoration ideas that represents all the things your dad loves the most. You can create a special background and put things he loves the most in front of it, to create a nice backdrop decoration during Father’s Day. Some of the things that your dad loves might include a fridge because he loves snacks and drinks, a tool box, a pair of running shoes, or any other items that you can think of. 

Final Thoughts

Have you decided on the decorations for Father’s Day already? Sometimes in celebrating a special day, you do not always need to purchase something pricey. It is better for you to do your best in decorating your home with anything you already have. Some DIYs and low budget decorations will be wonderful in your artist touch, such as garland, blue set decoration, rugs at home, flower papers, used tires, and many other things available at home.

But if you do have a budget for decorations, you can purchase something that you also can use as a gift for your father. If you ask us, we would say that things like a pair of new leather shoes or new neckties will do the job.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

How can you decorate your home for Father’s Day?

Decorating your home for Father’s Day can be done by buying things through marketplaces or using anything at home and making DIY. Neckties, old shoes, shirts, mustaches, hats, tools, and other father related things can be spread all over the house to be decorations. Deciding the party theme can help you to decide what kind of decoration that you need. Nature, planes, sports, photography, fishing, and other themes would be perfect for Father’s Day. Make sure you put anything the Father loves into the decorations to make it more personal and lovely.

How can you make Father’s Day special?

Father’s Day is an annual celebration to show your gratitude and also to thank your father for everything he has done for you and the family. Though it happens every year, it should be special every time you celebrate it. To make it special, you should choose the best and iconic decoration to be in the party. Besides as decoration, it also can be presents for the Father. Make sure you plan and choose the most beautiful and useful thing for him.

What can you do for Father’s Day at the last minute?

The human brain works even more creatively under pressure. At the last minute of celebrating Father’s Day, you will think of the most effective and efficient thing to be used as decorations and anything you need. You can make DIYs using neckties and wreaths, old shoes and flower plants, and chalkboard art. Or you can buy some garland, and other decorative gifts to enliven the day.

What’s a good Father’s Day gift?

The most important thing to give on Father’s Day is something meaningful for him. We are happy to help you find those memorable but cheap Father’s Day gifts. Slippers, warm socks, even a mug can be your choices. There are also memorable veteran gifts for your meritorious father, such as an army mug, hat, veteran shirt, and many others. And for fathers who smoke, there are various ashtrays you can give as a gift for him on our list. Be happy to find those wonderful Father’s Day gifts on our lists!

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