25 Wall Christmas Tree Ideas to Save Space

Christmas is a magical season filled with joy and happiness. Celebrating Christmas will not be complete until we decorate the Christmas tree with some ornaments such as lights, Santa, reindeer, gift boxes, and many more. People usually buy a big pine tree as a Christmas tree and then decorate it with the whole family as part of the tradition. But for those with smaller space, they’ll need some wall Christmas tree ideas instead!

Yes, getting a big Christmas tree into the house could be a problem for people who live in smaller apartments. Living in a dorm, condo, or small studio apartment means you usually don’t have too much space left to put such a statement Christmas tree. A tiny house within a smaller area also found it difficult to arrange a Christmas tree inside their house.

To save space, some people choose a wall Christmas tree to replace the traditional pine tree. The idea is to save space by mounting the tree on the wall. This way, you can save space but still can bring the festive Christmas tree into the house and do the decorating as part of the Christmas celebration. For you who are looking for some wall Christmas trees, we have listed 25 wall Christmas tree ideas you can apply to the house. Check the list below!

Wall Christmas Tree with Lights

A Christmas tree made of lights will emit a merry aura! The fairy lights easily create a warm atmosphere even though it is cold and snowing outside. For you who want to bring warm lights into the house with a unique design of wall Christmas tree ideas, here are some recommendations you can follow.

1. Wooden Tree with Lights

Wall Christmas Tree Ideas

A Christmas tree doesn’t have to be all green. You can be creative and create a unique one, such as these wooden Christmas tree lights. It will be a perfect wooden tree mounted on the wall for a rustic-themed Christmas celebration party.  To create the tree, you will need some tree branches of different sizes and ornaments such as Santa, reindeer, stars, and many more. Don’t forget to put on fairy LED lights for a magical effect.

2. Golden Christmas Tree

Wall Christmas Tree Ideas

With just some command hooks and fairy lights, you can create the perfect wall glowing Christmas tree your house. Put the command hooks on the wall and create a pine tree shape as the guidance, then put the fairy string lights in a zigzag. Finally, add a gold-colored star to the top of the tree. And, voila! A wall Christmas tree made of lights is ready to welcome the festive season.

3. PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest (@urbannesting.wordpress.com)

Did you know that you can make a Christmas tree out of some PVC pipes? It would be a unique and easy DIY wall Christmas tree. You will need some cuts of PVC pipes, then attached to a board to form a tree. Add the Christmas tree ornaments inside the pipe, such as the baubles, gift boxes, Santa, reindeer, and other decorations.

For the magical effect, add lights surrounding the pipe tree. It is one of the easiest wall Chrismast tree ideas that you have to try!

4. Christmas Corner Tree

Source: Pinterest (@yourlifechoices.com.au)

This idea is highly applicable to those who live in a tiny studio apartments. Make the most of your wall corner and turn it into a perfect wall Christmas tree! You can create a beautiful and magical Christmas tree with some fairy lights and a little creativity.

This idea consists of just LED fairy lights arranged on the wall corner to create the pine tree shape. For people who are looking for some simple wall Christmas ideas, this one should be be considered!

5. Ornaments Tree

Source: Pinterest (@twinsdish.com)

A wall Christmas tree doesn’t have to be complicated to be elegant. With some Christmas ornaments and a little creativity, you can create a beautiful and elegant mounted Christmas tree yet still easy to make.

All you need is a craft rope, hooks, and a few matching color Christmas ornaments such as bubbles, Santa, reindeer, bells, stars, and other Christmas-y stuffs. You will need to put some command hooks sideways down the wall and then the rope with the ornaments. Complete the look with fairy lights for the perfect warm atmosphere.

6. Pink Lights Wall Tree

Source: Pinterest (@Tony Hernandez)

For pink lovers who want a pink-themed Christmas, you will go with all pink, from the décor filled with pink to the pink Christmas tree as well. Instead of buying a huge pink Christmas tree, people who live in a smaller house might consider a pink Christmas tree made out of pinkish LED lights.

This is also an alternative for those who want another color for their pink wall Christmas tree with lights rather than just the warm yellow color tone. 

7. Photo Light Tree

Source: Pinterest (@stylecurator.com.au)

A couple would love this alternative Christmas tree idea to celebrate Christmas together. It’s one of the cheap but highly personalized wall Christmas tree ideas you can try. All you need to do is put some printed photos on a wall, then add LED fairy lights surrounding the photos.

To make it more memorable, choose the photo from events that cherish you the most, such as your first date, first movie night, or any other memorable events.

Wall Christmas Tree with Garland

Many people prefer to decorate their house with greenery, like using garland from the pine tree, because it is usually associated with Christmas. Naturally, you can create a wall Christmas tree with garland too. Check the ideas below!

8. Hanging Christmas Tree with Boxes

It’s such a cute Christmas tree you can mount on the wall, perfect for a minimalist home. The idea is to separate the garland into some parts to avoid bulkiness and make the most of the available space. With the right arrangement, the whole design will look like a pine tree even though it is separated. As the cherry on top, put a star and some gift boxes on the floor for the perfect Christmas vibe.

9. Zigzag Garland

Source: Pinterest (@epbot.com)

A wall Christmas tree with garland is an alternative for a cheaper version of the statement Christmas tree. It has the perfect size for tiny apartments, condos, or dorms. You only need to put some command hooks sideways down the wall in two lines. Next, place the garland in a zigzag way. Finally, add some light strips through, and the tree is finished! It is very easy to make and only takes up some area on your wall.

10. Garland with Tulle Fabric

Source: Pinterest (@Edriana Válentin)

It is one of the prettiest garland wall Christmas trees you can create on your own. The tulle fabrics are layered between the arranged garlands. Add some ornaments on the garlands and a star as the tree topper. You can customize the arrangement, ornaments, and color of tulle fabric if you have a thematic Christmas party.

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11. Christmas Tree with Wall Decals

Source: Pinterest (@Abby Manalo)

Are you a fan of wall decals? This Christmas tree with wall decals might be a great idea for a simple wall decoration. It’s also good DIY for kids since making the tree is super easy. You will need green garlands that are long enough to create the shape of the pine tree.

Then you can add the Merry Christmas wall decal with snowflakes for the topper to create a joyful feeling. One of the simplest wall Christmas tree ideas yet also among the loviest ones!

12. Colorful Rainbow Garland

Source: Pinterest (@blesserhouse.com)

Add a rainbow theme to your Christmas celebration with this colorful garland wall Christmas tree. It’s very simple but still able to bring joy and a cheerful atmosphere into the home. You only need long rainbow twist garlands and some command hooks. Pin the hooks as a guide and define the shape of the tree, then put the garland sideways down to the wall and add a star as the topper. Very easy, isn’t it?

Wall Christmas Tree DIY

There’s always something special about recreating a Christmas tree on your own. Doing a DIY Christmas tree is an amazing experience you should try at least once. For you who are looking for some wall Christmas tree inspirations for your DIY project, check our recommendation below!

13. Upcycled Book Christmas Tree

Upcycled Book Christmas Tree
Source: Pinterest (@homecrux.com)

Environmentalists and eco-conscious people would love to have this type of Christmas tree. It is a Christmas tree that is made of upcycled old books and formed into a pine tree. Using the old book, you need to divide the book into some sections, then start to fold each paper from the middle section. It will naturally end up in a circular shape like a pine tree.

14. Baubles Wall Tree

Baubles Wall Tree
Source: Pinterest (@christmas.365greetings.com)

Ever think about making a DIY Christmas tree from just Christmas ornaments without the garland? It is possible to make a wall Christmas tree with some Christmas baubles.

Arrange some baubles with matching colors into a pine tree shape and attach them to a board. Add a snowflake ornament on the top as the finishing touch for your DIY Christmas tree. With this wall Christmas tree, you can create many color variations such as black Christmas tree, white, blue, and many more color combinations.

14. Christmas Tree Twigs

Christmas Tree Twigs
Source: Pinterest (@prima.co.uk)

We might see dried twigs as some useless thing from a tree. But with more creativity and the spirit of DIY-ing, you can turn the useless twigs and some Christmas ornaments into a beautiful Christmas tree mounted on the wall. Besides making a beautiful wall Christmas tree, the Christmas tree twigs are also a great way to make a bare wall look more festive.

16. Boho White Christmas Tree

Boho White Christmas Tree
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

White and boho lovers would definitely love this idea! It’s a white Christmas tree made of macrame, which suits the boho Christmas theme. Creating a white Christmas tree out of macrame is not a big deal since you can buy the ready-made version, and you only need to do the decoration with lights.

But if you want to take on more challenges, you can create a DIY white Christmas tree macrame from scratch using cords. You do not need some complex wall Christmas tree ideas to have a joyful season!

17. White Driftwoods Wall Tree

White Driftwoods Wall Tree
Source: Pinterest (@Missy Jo)

Another white Christmas tree that is easy to DIY is this tree made out of driftwood. For those who live in the countryside, collecting some of them might not be that difficult. But people who live in a big city, can buy natural driftwood and paint it white to make a white Christmas tree mounted on the wall.

Then add some ornaments, lights, and greens, and your wall Christmas tree is finished. You can also experiment with other colors, such as a black or a pink one.

18. Felt Tree DIY for Toddlers

Felt Tree DIY for Toddlers
Source: Pinterest (@Gabriela TinCat)

If you are looking for an easy DIY Christmas tree for toddlers, try this felt Christmas tree. You will need a green felt and some different colors of felt sheets. It’s a simple DIY for toddlers since you only need to cut the felt and create some ornaments with the felt sheets. It is fun DIY for toddlers to celebrate Christmas together with their small family. 

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19. DIY Terrarium Wall Christmas Tree

DIY Terrarium Wall Christmas Tree
Source: Pinterest (@homelisty.com)

A hanging glass terrarium is not just useful for your succulent collections. You can turn the terrarium glasses into a wall Christmas tree with a creative hand. It is also perfect for colorful Christmas trees. Fill each terrarium with sand and light, then hang them on the wall and create a pyramid shape. Add some gift boxes with the matching color to make the tree lively and festive. It is one of the most intricate wall Christmas tree ideas that will create an absolutely beautiful end result!

20. Cardboard Wall Christmas Tree

Cardboard Wall Christmas Tree
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

This one would be a great alternative to a Christmas tree from cardboard. Good news for the eco-conscious, it’s also great for the environment since it’s highly reusable and you can make it from recycled cardboard. You can DIY-ing this Christmas tree with used cardboard, brads, ribbon, paint, and some ornaments. It will be perfectly hung on the wall, which is great for small apartments, condos, and dorms.

21. Contemporary Christmas Tree on the Wall

Contemporary Christmas Tree on the Wall
Source: Pinterest (@Amazing Craft Ideas)

Have a special white Christmas celebration with your loved ones at home, and add these Christmas trees as a sweet decoration. This year, instead of having the usual Christmas tree, why not try to have something different in the form of these contemporary-design Christmas trees on the wall? It comes in a set of three with different sizes. To create a warm ambience, add some lights on the back of the trees and see how the trees will look stunning on your family room’s wall.

22. White Paper Christmas Tree with Lights

White Paper Christmas Tree with Lights
Source: Pinterest (@diys.com)

This one also comes as a white Christmas tree to be placed on your wall. On the previous item the lights are installed on the back side of the trees. But for this one, you can place the lights on the front side of the tree to make it look more like a real green Christmas tree. Your families and loved ones would love to gather around the tree and take pictures with the tree as background Adorable, isn’t it?

23. Minimalist and Simple Wall Christmas Trees

Minimalist and Simple Wall Christmas Trees
Source: Pinterest (@stylecurator.com.au)

If you want to create a modern Christmas decoration this year, then you can definitely go for this set of minimalist and simple wooden Christmas trees. It comes in a set of 6 triangle-shaped wooden trees in different colors. The colors include black, orange, white, natural wood, and of course green. Arrange them all together on your wall and add the stars on top of each tree. Christmas celebrations will be different this year, and it will be more memorable for sure, thanks to these modern-style Christmas trees.

24. Green and Red Christmas Tree on the Wall

Green and Red Christmas Tree on the Wall
Source: Pinterest (@stylecurator.com.au)

No, this is not a real Christmas tree. But we can understand if you think that it is, because it looks just like a real Christmas tree. However, we have to tell you that it’s actually a wall Christmas tree that comes in the iconic Christmas tree colors, which are green, red, and a little touch of gold on top. To recreate this wall tree you can prepare a green triangular cloth as the leaf and also a red cloth as the base. Add a golden star as the tree top, and complete the look by installing some lights all over the wall tree. Simply stunning!

25. Crafty Christmas Tree

Crafty Christmas Tree
Source: Pinterest (@goodhousekeeping.com)

Be crafty with your little ones by creating this crafty Christmas tree as the tree for this year’s Christmas celebration. Your kids will be super excited to work on this project, and they will be super proud once they see the tree becomes the main focal point of the room. This crafty tree is made of rope, paper crafts or origami, and also a golden star that must be included in the tree.

Latest Post:

How do you make a Christmas tree on the wall?

To make a Christmas tree on the wall, you need some pine garlands and hooks or glue to attach the garland to the wall. For an easier process, you can draw a tree as a guideline with painter’s tape. You can adjust the height and width depending on the space you have in the house.

How do you make a flat Christmas tree?

You can create a flat Christmas tree by arranging a triangle-shaped silhouette on the wall, then put some ornaments such as bubbles, Santa, reindeer, lights, and many other décor items. Creating a Christmas tree from cardboard is also a good option for a flat wall Christmas tree.

How do you make a wall tree out of lights?

For making a wall Christmas tree made of lights, you will need LED fairy lights and some adhesive command hooks as the anchor. With an adhesive hook as the anchor, it will leave no marks on your wall and is easier to remove. Choose a starting point, then create the pattern of a pine tree as a guide to place the lights. After the hooks are all attached, put the lights in a zig-zag. Lastly, decorate the surroundings with some Christmas ornaments.

How do you decorate a large wall for Christmas?

There are some creative ways to décor a large wall for Christmas. You can create a wall Christmas tree mounted on the wall. Alternatively, you can also make an ornament galore or put up Christmas signage to make the space lively and festive. Try to incorporate a wreath, candlesticks, and Instagram-worthy items in your house to enrich the decoration.

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