25 Best Gifts from Hawaii for Your Girlfriend

Aloha from Hawaii! If you hear “Hawaii”, what comes to your mind? Of course you think about an exotic and enigmatic tropical paradise with a picturesque natural view and delighted people with gorgeous garland dancing “hula”. Well, it is just a bit of these beautiful and blissful islands in the Pacific Ocean! 

Let’s discover deeper by checking out our curated choices for the best gifts from Hawaii. Whether it comes from the amazing and adorable Hawaii natural resources or cool creations of the native culture, we have chosen carefully the perfect picks of best gifts from Hawaii. Most of the gifts are made from premium material which is perfectly produced and selected for customers satisfaction. Some of these best gifts from Hawaii are handmade and can be customized for your girlfriend. So you can choose the best gift from Hawaii to your girlfriend while sending the good vibe to make her happier.

What Is A Good Souvenir To Bring Back From Hawaii?

A good souvenir to bring back from Hawaii will be a peculiar or particular piece which represents the amazing Hawaii natural resources or cool creations of the native culture. Free yourself from confusion because you can choose from our curated choices above for the best gifts from Hawaii especially to your girlfriend. Although you are not the best giver, but at least you already try by reading our suggestions above.

What Products Is Hawaii Known For?

Hawaii is popular or well-known for its particular products either pure or processed, such as: macadamia nut chocolate by Hawaiian Host, Hawaiian coffee by Hawai’i Coffee Roasters, raw Hawaiian honeys by Big Island Bees, Hawaiian seasoning sea salt or red salt and spices and any kind of wellness products with Plumeria flower fragrance. You may buy these products to try at home or surprise your girlfriend or your parents with the items. Then, see how delicious it can be after being cooked or processed by your girlfriend or your mom.

Awesome Gifts from Hawaii That Add Hawaiian Vibe

1. Hawaii Breakfast Gift Box

Hawaii Breakfast Gift Box

If your girlfriend is a foodie and loves delicacies, then this Hawaii breakfast box can be the best gift from Hawaii for her. Its package includes gift wrap and the original fruity flavors or natural taste nuts from Hawaii. Taste the tropical treats with this bunch of breakfast meals. You will not only taste its delicacy, but also bring back the memory about Hawaii.

2. Hawaiian Candle with Plumeria Fragrance

Hawaiian Candle with Plumeria Fragrance in Reusable Bowl

Looking for a sweet surprise for your girlfriend? Here we have a candle with Plumeria fragrance which will fill the air with the sweet aroma of the Hawaiian islands. Plumeria trees which grow wild throughout the islands, feature hearty blossoms with an array of colors and clear aroma. Hence, it fits to put in the bathroom for me time or home spa. This candle is hand poured into handmade Acacia bowls which are reusable for jewelry, coins and snacks. So, no reason to not buy this one, right?

3. Personalized Hawaiian Hampers

Personalized Hawaiian Hampers

Delight your girlfriend with this best Hawaiian gift which is a hamper full of happifying items to satisfy her taste sense. This package is so full of exotic flavors such as tropical fruits, nuts, coffee, chocolate and seasoning which all are originally grown and harvested only in Hawaii. It features a postcard in vintage style with a personalized message to express your love literally to your girlfriend. We guarantee, she will love the hampers, for instance.

4. Digital Cartoon Couple Portrait

Digital Cartoon Hawaii Beach Background Traveler Couple Portrait

If you want to give a memorable memento for your girlfriend, then this digital cartoon Hawaii beach background traveler couple portrait is a perfect pick for her. Send your photograph with your girlfriend then the awesome artist will create an amazing artwork for both of you. This digital cartoon portrait is full of vibrant colors and available in A3 size. It will be sent to you as a digital file which you can print on canvas, phone cases, T-shirts or use as an avatar for instant messenger and social media profile picture and posting. So, it is time to prepare the best couple portrait, now.

5. Beer Cap Map of Hawaii

Beer Cap Map of Hawaii

Send this best gift from Hawaii for your girlfriend who is also your beer buddy! With a wood art display which holds your collection of bottle caps, so you can showcase your favorite breweries and craft beers. The maps are cut from the highest-quality wood and have been designed to hold the highest number of bottle caps. It is highly detailed and very precise in representing the beautiful boundaries.

6. Hawaiian Hibiscus Aloha T-Shirt

Hawaiian Hibiscus Aloha Ladies T-Shirt

We are pretty sure that your girlfriend will love this best gift from Hawaii, which is a pastel pink ladies T-shirt with Hawaiian hibiscus flower printed on it. This cute and comfy T-shirt is made from 100% high-quality cotton. A simple yet iconic gift.

7. Hawaiian Ginger Body Care Gift Set

Hawaiian Ginger Body Care Gift Set

Let your gorgeous girlfriend feel refreshed and recharged for instance, with the best gift from Hawaii which is Hawaiian Ginger body care gift set. Hawaiian ginger is an exotic and energetic fragrance that features crystallized ginger, juicy melon and orange blossom. This great gift set includes an eye mask gel, a shower puff, 10 oz nourishing body cream and 8 fl oz refreshing body mist.

8. Hawaii Map Mug

Hawaii is My Happy Place Mug with a Map

Make your girlfriend happier by letting her have and hold this Hawaii mug with a map! This best gift from Hawaii is both personal and functional, and that is why this original mug is a fantastic choice for any occasion. You can be creative by dressing the mug up even more for gifting by placing additional gifts inside like stickers, magnets, candies, and chocolates, or coffee grounds and tea bags. She will surely remember you each time she takes a sip from this favorite mug! So, better to add this to your cart asap.

9. Hawaiian 100% Alaea Red Salt

Hawaiian 100_ Alaea Red Salt Gift Set

Send the good vibe to your girlfriend with this Hawaiian 100% Alaea red salt and spices gift set which contains 3 tubes. Alaea salt is a special salt with miraculous minerals found on the Islands. You can use it to enriching the taste of dishes, and also cleansing and purifying your space. Although there are chemical products out there to clean the space easily, this one is still worth to try. Because nothing’s better than use and environmental friendly products in our daily life.

10. Hawaiian Honey Gift

Hawaiian Honey Gift Set by Big Island Bees

Delight your dearest girlfriend with this best gift from Hawaii, the honey gift set by Big Island Bees. Big Island Bees is Hawaii’s biggest honey producer. This great gift set includes each of unique raw Hawaiian honeys – Lehua, Wilelaiki and Macadamia Nut Blossom. Each Hawaiian honey has a distinct flavor as a result of unique blossoms blooming in diverse and remote ecosystems on the Big Island of Hawaii. This raw honey is not only tasty, but also good for your health, because it can boost your immune system.

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11. Hawaii Ocean Necklace

Ocean Necklace

The ocean necklace which was originally handmade in Hawaii will adorn your adorable girlfriend. Keep seaside memories extra close to her heart with Morgan Lane Tanner’s ocean-themed necklace. A wonderful photo of waves lapping onto the shore is cut to fit the teardrop-shaped, sterling-silver pendant, then preserved in resin. This necklace will surely float up to the top of her most-worn jewelry pile.

12. Coconut and Pineapple Scented Candle

Hawaiian Coconut and Pineapple Scented Candle

Your girlfriend will feel grateful for getting this best gift from Hawaii which is a candle with  fresh fragrance of Hawaiian favorite fruits like coconut and pineapple combined with sandy shore breezes, ocean tides, cyclamen flowers, vanilla, musk and just a hint of sugar cane. This candle is made from an all natural soy wax blend and will kindle her keen senses. One jar will not enough because we always have a room for a new scented candle!

13. Hawaiian Sea Salt and Spice Set

Hawaiian Seasoning Sea Salt and Spice Set

Do you have a great girlfriend who loves to cook? Then, why don’t you give This pure Hawaiian seasoning sea salt and spice set that will surprise her with a smile. Pa’akai is the name given by Hawaiians for salt which literally means “solidified sea water.” The gift of salt symbolizes the intention to nourish and solidify a relationship, today and tomorrow. This gift set includes: hot Hawaiian chili pepper which is great for red meats and aromatic dishes; Molaka’i Kiawe smoked adds a bold and smoky flavor to meats; Maui onion compliments pastas, seafood, Greek salad, eggs, French fries and popcorn. So, are you ready to taste a different and fresh foods made by those spices?

14. Hawaiian Chocolate with Macadamia

Hawaiian Host Aloha Gems Creamy Milk Chocolate with Whole Macadamia Nuts

Grant this best gift from Hawaii to your girlfriend. She will consider this Aloha Gems collection as an edible piece from paradise! Featuring Hawaiian finest whole macadamias coated in silky, hand-crafted milk chocolate, this Hawaii island original treat makes a sweet souvenir for her.

15. Starbucks Hawaii Collection Set

gifts from hawaii

If your girlfriend is a collector of Starbucks tumblers from various cities and countries, then this set of 3 tumblers from Starbucks will complete her favorite collections. This all new Starbucks Hawaii set includes a 16oz pineapple insulated metal tumbler, a sea turtle ceramic tumbler and a pineapple ceramic tumbler. So, are you going to buy one or two as a couple tumbler?

16. Starbucks Maui Mug

Starbucks Maui Mug

Either your girlfriend is a coffee or tea lover, this best gift from Hawaii which is an original Starbucks Maui Hawaii “Been There” series mug with a gift card, will delight her as she has a new drink companion for any occasions. It has an interesting illustration about Hawaiian happy living which is printed with premium quality on a long-lasting mug material. It is not only cute for sipping a tea, but also very nice to store on the rack.

17. Swatch Hawaii Limited Edition Watch

Swatch Limited Edition Destination Watch

Surprise your girlfriend with a smile and sparkling eyes by granting her this brand new original watch Hawaii in an exclusive gift box. Swatch, the well-known Switzerland watch company, released one of the limited edition destination watches which has Hawaiian style with delightful design printed on premium material. This great gift set also features a box, thank you envelope, gift bag and manufacturing guarantee certificate. So, what are you waiting for?

18. Hawaii Cedarwood Candle

gifts from hawaii

Love is in the air! Express your love to your girlfriend with the best gift from Hawaii which is a cedarwood candle. It is the best time to fill her space with the fresh forest fragrance which features Cedarwood, Fraser Fir and Pine Needle. The packaging is a reusable glass container with chrome lid which displays the map of Hawaii islands. A 100% all-natural soy candle as a main material will complete the whole package of this candle.

19. Waikiki Beach Hand Towel

Waikiki Beach Hand Towel

Looking for a fantastic gift with a function for your sporty girlfriend? This Hawaii hand towel is great to use in the gym or bathroom. It has a beautiful Waikiki beach picture printed on a premium microfiber and comfy cotton material. Its image will not fade after being washed by machine many times. Although this time your girlfriend haven’t visited the Hawaii yet, she can see how pretty Hawaii through this towel. So, go grab this one!

20. Hawaii Canvas Artwork

gifts from hawaii

Still confused what to give from Hawaii that can lasts in a long time? Then, it is time to express your love to your girlfriend with this best gift from Hawaii in the form of an awesome artwork with a Hawaii map printed on premium canvas with archival ink which lasts a lifetime. The canvas is stretched over a wooden frame ready to hang which results in a classic gallery look. It will not only good to hang on, but also bring the memorable holiday every time you see it.

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21. Hawaii Chocolate Coconut Ground Coffee

gifts from hawaii

Looking for a best gift from Hawaii for your coffeeholic girlfriend? Hawaii Coffee Roasters proudly presents this one to provide one of the best coffees in the world. The roast master carefully selects the coffee blends and roasts them to their peak flavor and aroma to be enjoyed. Hence, you can relax and enjoy the exotic taste of this great coffee with chocolate and coconut flavor.

22. Hawaii Travel Guide Book

Best of Travel Guide Book

If your girlfriend is an adventure aficionado, then give this Lonely Planet’s Best of Hawaii book as a passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await. Explore downtown Honolulu, hang out in hip-again Waikiki, or hike the verdant Kalalau Trail – all with your trusted travel companion. Get ready for a joyful journey with your girlfriend now, then get to the heart of Hawaii!

23. Sea Salt Scented Wax Candles

Sea Salt Scented Wax Candles

Make your gift for your girlfriend becomes memorable with The Island Candle collection which offers 2 fragrances that capture the feeling of relaxing on a beach or deserted island. This delightful duo of tropical candles are 65% paraffin and 35% soy, each in a decorative glass jar with a silver lid. Hawaiian Kiss is a pleasing shade of peach which offers a subtle scent of creamy coconut and spark of sunshine. Fresh Water and Sea Salt is a lovely summer sky blue with the fragrance of fresh sea salt air and exotic tropical air. The packaging is very nice for room decoration, while the scents will be the best aromatherapy for you. We guarantee she will love it instantly.

24. Hawaii Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet

Looking for a best gift from Hawaii for your gorgeous girlfriend who loves awesome accessories? Then, this Hawaii beachy charms bracelet dangle from a gold tone chain that looks like a souvenir from your last island getaway. Yves Saint Laurent, the famous French designer, who became the first living fashion designer to be honored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, designed this beautifully. It is made of shiny and solid brass with a lobster clasp closure. Hence, it becomes the most worthy gift to buy. So, is there any reason to miss it?

25. Best of Hawaii Gift Set

gifts from hawaii

Send the amazing Aloha vibe to your girlfriend with this best of Hawaii gift set. The magic of Hawaii abounds in these hand-picked products 100% made in Hawaii. These indulging items represent the pride of the islands as Hawaii is the only state to grow macadamia nuts, coffee, pineapple and chocolate from the entire United States of America. Hence, you can feel its signature by buying them. These items are not only good as snacks, but also healthy for your body.

Final Thought

Being a beautiful tropical destination, you can easily find various Hawaiian souvenirs and gifts at the many gift stores around the island. However, if you’re looking for Hawaiian gifts for your girlfriend, the best way to do is by searching for something that is a bit more special than the common gifts. You can choose Hawaiian jewelries for a girlfriend who loves to dress up. You can have a Hawaiian coffee mug for a coffee lover girlfriend, or some tasty Hawaiian snacks for her to enjoy while chillin’ at home.

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The traditional Hawaiian gift for Christmas which will be a memorable memento is tropical climate clothing. Imagine you and your girlfriend celebrate Christmas in tropical Hawaii islands with bright sunlight and gentle breeze at the beach. Your girlfriend will look gorgeous in a colorful hula costume or look casual and feel comfy in a Hawaiian themed T-shirt. While you will look crisp and different with Hawaiian shirt, for instance.

What are some cool things to buy in Hawaii?

Some cool things to buy in Hawaii will be something special or particular products which reflect the picturesqueness of this tropical paradise. You may choose the cool gifts for your girlfriend from Hawaii such as the Love Hawaii Canvas Artwork, Hawaiian Waikiki Beach Hand Towel, Go to Your Happy Place – Ocean Necklace and Hawaiian Ginger Body Care Gift Set. All of them are practical and iconic. So, pick them based on your girlfriend’s favorite or just surprise her with something different. No one will regret, for sure.

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