25 Most Unique Gifts for Girlfriend

Show your girlfriend how special she is to you with extraordinary and sweet gifts! Especially if your girlfriend’s love language is receiving gifts, then she definitely will be happy to get unique gifts. Moreover, your girlfriend always wants particular and memorable things to delight and warm her heart. 

However, sometimes picking one of the most unique gifts for a girlfriend is quite challenging. Your girlfriend may be bored of a simple gift. Therefore, unique gifts for a girlfriend should be the one she would never imagine before. If you are unsure about surprising her with unpredictable and thoughtful gifts, let’s check out our most unique gifts for girlfriend below to get more insight and inspiration!

1. 52 Date Night Cards a Year

52 Date Night Cards a Year

As a couple, sometimes you and your girlfriend get stuck on the same boring date routine. Why don’t you let these amazing cards pick the date ideas for you? It has 52 date night ideas at home and going out which surely will never make your girlfriend bored for a year

2. Girlfriend Music Box

Girlfriend Music Box

If your girlfriend happens to be a music lover, then nothing can be as thoughtful as this adorable music box. Moreover, you can put a personal message engraved inside the box which will never fade forever. This gift will definitely show how great your love is and become a treasure to her.

3. Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Imagine you can look back to your sweet memories with your girlfriend as if using a time machine just in a blink of an eye! If your girlfriend’s birthday is coming up, you can keep those memories in this beautiful present. Moreover, each reel has 7 images, pretty enough to record the milestones of your journey together. 

4. Mini Photo Album Keychain

Mini Photo Album Keychain

For some people who don’t like a lot of fuss on a special day, yet still appreciate a thoughtful sentiment, this gift will be perfect. This gift can keep your favorite photos with your girlfriend in the leather case. Moreover, your girlfriend can put this adorable keychain on her travel bag to remind her of you wherever she goes. 

5. I Love You More Jar

I Love You More Jar

If you are a typical person who rarely says I Love You to your girlfriend, then you express it everyday with this gift. This jar is filled with a set of charming and meaningful love notes that surely will bring each other’s heart closer every time she reads it. What a lovely gift!

6. 3D Moon Crystal

3D Moon Crystal

Show how really precious your girlfriend is with this adorable 3D moon crystal. Made of high quality crystal, it is highly durable, and even after a lifetime of use. Moreover, you can represent your love in this gift as crystals never lose their original shine. It surely will make her heart smile.

7. My Girlfriend Throw Blanket

My Girlfriend Throw Blanket

Are you looking for an extraordinary blanket for your girlfriend? If so, this unique throw blanket is the best choice! This super soft blanket is specially designed for expressing love to your girlfriend. The purpose of this blanket is not only to give warmth, but also to warm your love.

8. You Hold The Key to My Heart

You Hold The Key to My Heart

This is indeed a small but meaningful gift for your girlfriend. Especially if your girlfriend has attention to details, this little bottle surely will touch her heart. This gift is beautifully decorated with a little key with a small message in it, which represents your love that is only for her. 

9. Rose Teddy Bear

Rose Teddy Bear

Look at how adorable the design of the roses is! This is a perfect gift for celebrating a special day with your girlfriend. Made from hundreds of artificial roses, this rose teddy bear is very suitable for your girlfriend to put it at home, so she can always keep her mood happy.

10. Galaxy Glass Rose

Galaxy Glass Rose

Inspired by the movie “Beauty and the Beast”, this galaxy rose represents the eternal love of Aurora and the Beast. Just like your love to your girlfriend, this eternal blooming glass flower rose blooms in the crystal clear glass cover and the beauty will never fade with time. Your girlfriend surely can’t help but receive this beautiful gift.

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11. Gold Plated Rose

Gold Plated Rose

Everyone knows that roses are a symbol of love. However, not many people know that the gold rose is a symbol of preserved love for lifetime! So, try to give this meaningful rose to your girlfriend. Moreover, this rose comes with a beautiful box, a perfect gift for your beautiful girlfriend.

12. Infinity Love Moonstone Necklace

Infinity Love Moonstone Necklace

Express your infinite love to your beloved girlfriend with this stunning necklace. This gift has an infinity symbol which represents infinity love. Made from 925 sterling silver, this beautiful necklace will protect your girlfriend’s sensitive skin. Your girlfriend will surely fall in love receiving this gift.

13. Personalized Jigsaw Keyring

unique gifts for girlfriend

As a couple who always completes each other, you can surprise your girlfriend with this gift. This is an adorable jigsaw keyring which can be customized with you and your girlfriend’s name. Therefore, you can keep one for each other as a lucky charm whenever you miss each other.

14. Birth Month Flower Glass

unique gifts for girlfriend

For a girlfriend who appreciates month flowers, nothing can be as thoughtful as this gift. Especially if you want to celebrate her birthday, this is one of rare items to find. Made from pressed blossoms, then turned into a digital print to grace the sides of these curved glass tumblers. Another unique gift for your girlfriend that brings your love close to her! 

15. Rose Flower Bear

unique gifts for girlfriend

The rose and the bear are perfect gifts that complete each other. If so, why don’t you try to give both in one bouquet? The rose petals are made from beautiful soap roses which make them everlasting with lovely scents! Moreover, the cute bear on top brings a little message to cheer up your girlfriend. 

16. Lock & Key Necklace-Bracelet

unique gifts for girlfriend

Your love is like the lock & key who need and support each other. Well, you can symbolize it with this unique gift for your beloved girlfriend. This gift has a pair of lock bracelet and key necklace which can be a couple of pieces of jewelry. This is indeed a meaningful gift to celebrate an anniversary.

17. Spotify Song Pillowcase

unique gifts for girlfriend

Surprise your girlfriend with her favorite Spotify playlist on her favorite pillow! Who will expect a Spotify in a pillow? This gift will make her feel amazing as if hearing the song while sleeping. Made from soft and high quality material, this pillowcase will make your girlfriend feel relaxed and comfortable.

18. Calming Shower Steamer

unique gifts for girlfriend

In case your girlfriend needs ‘me-time’, you can give her this calming shower steamer with lemongrass and lavender scents. Boxed like a selection of sweets, these cute and adorable shower steamers will turn her bath time into a deliciously calming ritual. Your girlfriend will definitely be happy with this gift.

19. Sparkle & Shine Gift Set

unique gifts for girlfriend

For a girlfriend who loves sparkling things, this gift set surely will light up her mood. It features a set of sparkling Maple Syrup, the gitsen stardust, and an amazing Geode Wine Glass. Not to mention, that this sparkle-infused trio of triumph brings the bling, perfect for a sweet celebration. 

20. Long Distance Bracelet Set

unique gifts for girlfriend

Sometimes a distance can be an obstacle to your love. Don’t let you miss her alone by giving your girlfriend this gift. This long distance bracelet will vibrate and light up once the other one is touched. Therefore, you can give a signal to your beloved girlfriend everytime you miss her.

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21. 100 Dates Scratches Off Poster

unique gifts for girlfriend

Does your girlfriend love surprises and unpredictable dates? If you do, this gift is destined for her. This poster will make you and your girlfriend discover fun new possibilities or remember old favorites with a glance. Moreover, this poster has 100 possibilities with cute illustrations you can reveal with the edge of a coin. 

22. Her Coffee Mug

unique gifts for girlfriend

Just like your girlfriend, this gift is indeed beautiful, elegant, and timeless. If you are about to get a special gift for her, then this coffee mug is a good idea. Not just like a basic mug, the enamel cup is handcrafted, which makes each piece an unique art. This is definitely a gift to treasure.

23. Ocean Sand Art

unique gifts for girlfriend

People say that seeing the ocean and waves can calm your heart. In case you want to cheer up your girlfriend who is having a lot of problems, this gift is perfect. The grains of blue and white sand drift beautifully into the beach scene. Moreover, this is one of the most thoughtful gifts for girlfriend as it has a sentimental touch.

24. Bicycle Drop Earrings

unique gifts for girlfriend

If your girlfriend is such a humble person who isn’t interested in luxury jewelry, don’t panic to find another piece of jewelry as back up. You still can give her this cute and unique earring as a gift. This earring is lightweight and comfortable to wear, simple but stylish, and suitable for any occasion, perfect accessory for daily and formal occasions.

25. Wooden Heart-Shaped Photo Frame

unique gifts for girlfriend

Do you want to give your girlfriend an elegant keepsake to treasure? Well, this wooden heart-shaped photo frame will surely preserve the memory of you with your girlfriend in a beautiful way. Moreover, it features a little drawer to keep things, perfect for home decoration as well.

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What are some unique gifts for girlfriend?

Well, there are many unique gifts you can give to your girlfriend. If your girlfriend loves flowers but you want to give long lasting flowers, then you can give her the galaxy glass rose. Or, you can plan 100 dates with her through this unique scratch off poster. To get more inspiration, you can check on our list above. 

How can I impress a girl on her birthday?

If your girlfriend’s birthday is coming up, you should surprise her with a unique gift to deeply touch her heart. Don’t panic because we will help you to get meaningful and unique gifts for girlfriend in our list above. You can get her a spotify song pillowcase with her favorite song that feels as deserving as her love. Moreover, nothing can be as sweet as a couple gifts like personalized jigsaw keyrings or long distance bracelets.

What type of gifts do girlfriends like?

A girlfriend must be someone who has a special place in your heart. Therefore, she also will fall in love once surprised with something as special as her. To show how special she is to you, unique gifts for girlfriend that have a personal touch like a wooden heart shaped frame will be a perfect idea. As a personal gift is also the one and only thing in the world, it shows that your girlfriend is also one of a kind to you.

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