51 Matching His And Hers Necklaces For Boyfriend And Girlfriends

These matching his and hers necklaces are a great way to showcase the special connection couples share. They are a great accessory choice, accentuating your style, and they let the world know where your heart belongs. They also allow you always to have that particular person close to your heart.

Matching boyfriend and girlfriend necklaces come in a variety of designs, allowing everyone the pleasure of rocking the unique look. There are amusing necklaces to keep your lover smiling and long-distance pieces to bridge the divide between you. You also have a choice between identical pieces highlighting your harmony and interlocking couples necklaces bearing complementary designs.

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Best His And Her Necklaces:

No matter the concept that you are looking for, our list has got you covered. We have created the ultimate collection of necklaces for him and her to capture everyone’s tastes.

Have a peek at some of the best matching necklaces for boyfriends and girlfriends that the world has to offer.

#1 His and Hers Pinky Promise Necklace 

his and hers necklaces

These minimalist matching necklaces feature charming pinky promise pendants for an extra special appeal. They are fun, yet just as binding as any other promise. Moreover, the pair is not too flashy, making it a great deal for couples who don’t like flashy accessories. And the personalization option adds to their sentimental and aesthetic appeal.

#2 His One Her Only Broken Heart Necklaces 

his and hers necklaces

The broken heart his and hers necklaces hold lots of symbolic value. They signify the fact that every time you have to be apart, it literally breaks your heart. This creative design makes them the perfect reconciliation gift, particularly because you can request to add each other’s initials as a mini pendant. Given the design, they could also be ideal for long-distance relationships.

#3 Custom Initial His and Hers Heart Necklace 

his and hers necklaces

A combination of leather and stainless makes this the perfect his and her necklace set. The pendants each hold one half of a love heart and an initial of the one you love. The result is a highly adorable and meaningful set for two in love. They are a great way to keep him or her thinking of you.

Unlike other necklaces with chains of silver, gold, or even stainless, it features a black rope which is perfect for those who prefer a simple style. Besides, it makes a fantastic deal for your partner who is allergic to metal.

#4 His and Hers Custom Roman Numerals Necklace 

his and hers necklaces

Every aspect of this set demonstrates great ingenuity. One of the pieces has a masculine finish to it, while the second is delicately feminine. Both have a unique design with Roman numerals engraved on a disc. The use of a ball chain adds to their unique appeal.

With such an unusual pendant, you can also mix and match the chain with the rope if you get bored with silver or gold colors.

#5 His & Hers Matching Interlocking Ring Necklaces 

his and hers necklaces

Beautiful interlocking rings make these matching couples necklaces a visual treat. They are a great choice for a steampunk couple, thanks to the large chain-link design. Besides the selection of black for the boys and silver-gold for the girls is clever as both characterize manly and feminine touches.

These stylish necklaces make a big fashion statement that will get heads turning. They are full of significance as well as aesthetic appeal. You can put it on while having a date or simply grab a drink with your boyfriend.

#6 Customized Couples Compass Necklaces 

his and hers necklaces

If you are looking for the ultimate necklaces for a boyfriend and girlfriend, well, here they are! They feature a symbolic compass design and a text message that harmonizes with it.

The words ‘find your way’ and ‘back to me’ are split between the two charms. No wonder these pieces will always lead you back to each other. You can also request to add an anniversary date and initials to make it more personal.

#7 Personalized Fingerprint Necklaces 

his and hers necklaces

Few pieces are quite as creative and meaningful as these ones. They make use of actual fingerprints to create a truly personalized feel. So there’s no way someone can claim this necklace to be hers. Moreover, they go a step ahead by adding a handwritten text if you so wish.

The creative and sentimental potential in these pieces is limitless. For couple necklaces, you better choose the second style where you can add your own and his fingerprints to accentuate your love.

#8 Alpha and Omega Couples Necklaces 

his and hers necklaces

Have fun with the Alpha and Omega matching necklaces for boyfriends and girlfriends. These pieces are ideal for wolf fans as each one bears a howling wolf pendant. They offer the options of chain, leather, and cord for a truly custom feel. You also get to choose your preference on length.

If you want something not too striking, pick a rope to replace the chain. In addition, you can also request a smaller length to make it a choker.

#9 His and Hers Initials Disc Necklaces 

his and hers necklaces

Simplicity at its best is what comes to mind when you see these matching necklaces. They come in either gold or silver with an initial personalized charm. You better choose silver which has a lighter shade to match your casual outfits.

The hand-stamping of initials makes them seem authentic. Furthermore, their understated design is ideal for minimalists and adds remarkably to their elegance.

#10 Key to My Heart Split Pendant Necklaces 

his and hers necklaces

One look at this charming pair, and the deal is sealed. These matching boyfriends and girlfriend necklaces feature an innovative split heart design typical of a romantic relationship.

No single piece is complete without the other, just like the two of you. Celebrate the special bond you share with this creative design. Bearing a sentimental, heart-shaped pendant, this necklace will make one of the best his and hers necklaces for your anniversary.

#11 Custom Matching Couple Sound Necklaces 

his and hers necklaces

This has got to be one of the most unique his and hers necklaces ever! It makes use of the sound wave design. But it goes a step ahead of the trend by cutting out the engraving. One chain holds a pendant with the cut-out, while the other has the corresponding gap. How creative!

Suppose your partner doesn’t fancy accessories. In that case, grab this one, and we are sure he will insist on wearing it everywhere.

#12 Personalized Couple’s Rose Gold / Silver/ Gold Plated Bar Necklaces 

his and hers necklaces

The bar pendant makes these pieces truly remarkable. It offers lots of space for personalization. You can choose to have a special date, text message, or your initials on it to make it more memorable.

The pieces come in three finishes: rose gold, silver, and gold plating. Pick the ideal gift for those couples that have everything. We recommend a rose gold one if you want to have a lovely touch on the necklace. Besides, it is not as showy as gold, making it ideal for casual styles.

#13 Personalized His and Hers Heart and Key Necklace Set 

his and hers necklaces

The heart and key concept is a timeless design with a special appeal. These matching necklaces for couples exploit the full potential of the concept.

They are simple, adorable, and full of meaning. Also, they have a personalization option to add to their appeal, for example, requesting to write initials. Choose between gold and silver to make it a special gift. If you opt for sparkling jewelry, gold is yours.

#14 Cross My Heart Couples Necklaces 

his and hers necklaces

When it comes to symbolism and visual appeal, few pieces can match up to this pair. These interlocking couples necklaces make use of the classic interlocking ring design.

The cross on his piece signifies the moment when your paths intersect. And the rhinestone love heart on hers speaks for itself. Given it comes in two colors, you don’t need to bother deciding which one your partner will wear. The design is also not too flashy, so you can wear it everyday.

#15 His and Hers Matching Love Promise Pendant Necklaces 

his and hers necklaces

Showcase your love for that special someone with these relationship necklaces for him and her. They are high-quality stainless steel pieces with memorable pendants.

They bear the simplest yet most significant of messages for two persons in love. Their ingenious design makes them instant eye-catchers. For those who want to gift their significant others necklaces with no love-shaped pendants, consider this one on your top list.

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#16 Her One His Only Jigsaw Puzzle Necklace Set 

his and hers necklaces

Everyone who appreciates puzzles will adore these pieces. They comprise a puzzle piece pendant with lots of room for personalization. Request to add your anniversary date and initials if you want to make this necklace a gift for your partner.

The complementary pieces fit perfectly together, just like the two of you. They hold lots of fun and meaning for virtually any couple.

#17 His and Hers Personalized Dog Tag Necklaces 

his and hers necklaces

Identical dog tags are a great choice for his and hers necklaces. These identical pieces show that you belong together till the end of time.

They will bear both your names and a special date with a hint of fun. With a design like this, even your cool partner won’t hesitate to wear it. Stainless steel ensures durability, guaranteeing that you will wear them for a lifetime.

#18 His and Hers Dragon Lovers Necklace Set 

his and hers necklaces

If you love to go all the way in your gift-giving, these pieces define you! They get inspiration from a fantasy world with dragons as the highlight of their appeal.

This magical set of keys will unlock new doors to happiness in your relationship. They let the world know where your heart belongs. Aside from being a couple necklace to wear with your boyfriend, this whimsical piece looks awesome to complete your cosplay or Halloween costumes!

#19 Matching Couples Crescent Moon Necklace Set 

his and hers necklaces

The moon and stars have always been symbolic of great things. These his and her matching necklaces draw inspiration from them to make the ultimate token of love.

Their pendants are a depiction of a crescent moon and a star. One is a cutout from the other, creating the perfect complementary effect. Given the pendant design, no one will know that this pair is actually meant for you and your soulmate. Thus, show yourself confidently wearing this pendant daily!

#20 Matching Picture Locket Pendants 

his and hers necklaces

Take a trip down memory lane, your lover in hand with this timeless design. These matching necklaces for boyfriends and girlfriends feature identical locket pendants.

The golden charms contrast perfectly against the black rope necklace for a fashionable look. Its rope also allows you to freely explore your matching, casual outfits to wear with this necklace. Let the world know how you feel in style with these classic pieces.

#21 Customizable Couples Dog Tag with Heart Cutout Necklace Set 

his and hers necklaces

This unique set of his and hers necklaces comprises of a custom dog tag and heart cutout. Everything about the design shows that the two pieces belong together.

Have your initials, a special message, and a date engraved on them for a truly personal feel. This sentimental design will have everyone turning to stare.

#22 Boyfriend and Girlfriend “I Love You, I Know” Necklaces 

Star Wars 2 pcs 'I Love You I Know ' Rebel Alliance Emblem Pendant Lover's Couple Necklace

Looking for funny couples necklace sets to spice things up? This pair is all you need and so much more. They feature a complementary pendant design with a dose of humor. They are a great choice for couples who have been there and done that.

Also, they sum everything up in style and keep you smiling. While your cool boyfriend might not want to wear the ‘i love you’ pendant because it seems to be cheesy, you can offer the ‘i know’ one instead. Or, you may take turns whenever you have a date.

#23 Personalized Sound Waves Necklaces Boyfriend and Girlfriends 

his and hers necklaces

What makes the sound wave design especially captivating is its potential for customization. You can choose any message of choice to create a fascinating design.

Moreover, the beauty of it is that only the two of you can decipher it. These dog tags are the ultimate choice to harness this potential and define your love. And most importantly, it is a perfect piece for couples who cannot stand any cheesy designs like love-shaped pendants.

#24 Personalized Couples Lock and Key Necklace Set 

Personalized Couples Lock and Key Necklace Set

This rustic design says so much more than words could ever say. It comprises a lock and key concept with hand stamping for a personalized feel. The use of brass is particularly endearing as it gives the pieces a timeless look.

Not to mention the sparkling stones add a chic appeal to each pendant. It makes the promise of making your union last forever. Since the love pendant is perhaps too flashy for your man, allow him to get the keys one instead.

#25 Matching Forever Love Soulmate Necklaces 

Matching Forever Love Soulmate Necklaces

These stylish necklaces are a unique symbol of undying love. They feature differing pendants for him and her, defining their tastes perfectly. So, you don’t have to argue with your boyfriend to determine which one he will take.

Hers is slightly smaller and sports a rose gold and silver combo. His is an elegant blend of black and silver. Together, they make the perfect pair.

#26 Matching Couples Love Locket Necklaces 

Matching Couples Love Locket Necklaces

Looking for vintage matching necklaces to celebrate a special connection? Check out these unique pieces that sport a brass ball locket.

Inside they hold a simple word, but hold the essence of your relationship, love. They are a great choice for long distance relationship. So, when your other half opens the pendant, he will feel your love. They will act as a timely reminder of the undying bonds you share.

#27 Love You Forever Girlfriend and Boyfriend Necklaces 

Love You Forever Girlfriend and Boyfriend Necklaces

Show off both your trendy side and your love for each other with these elegant pieces. ‘Love forever’ is the message they bear, and they hold the potential to make it a reality. Meanwhile, the color matches the couple’s personality, where black means bold and gold depicts gentle features.

Each one has two rings holding a stylish charm, a meaningful depiction of the importance of harmony. Whether you wear it on a date or for your anniversary celebration, it will suit your style. Wear the necklace close to your heart and keep in mind its significance.

#28 His and Hers Personalized Puzzle Piece Necklaces 

His and Hers Personalized Puzzle Piece Necklaces

Do you both love puzzles? Slip-on a pair of necklaces for boyfriend and girlfriend that gets inspiration from puzzle pieces.

The two pendants are a perfect match, save for the distinct masculine and feminine finishes. They will have your names and an arrow piercing through them to signify your love. Furthermore, the pair is available in gold and silver colors. Choose one that matches your partner’s taste, otherwise he may refuse to wear it.

#29 Couples Protection Necklaces 

No products found.

Secure your love connection with these creative his and hers necklaces. They use stainless steel engraved into wolf tooth shapes to ensure outstanding visual appeal. Instead of gold or silver chains, it features adjustable cords that make it easy to fit your neck.

Having such a material, the necklace will be the best deal for those who love non-metal jewelry. To add sentimental value, you can add your anniversary date, name, or initials on the pendant.

#30 Matching Love Heart Bar Pendants 

LiFashion LF 2Pcs Stainless Steel Love is believe Vertical Bar Heart Matching Couple Pendant Necklace for Him Her Promise Valentine Gift

This is a unique his and her matching necklaces set for two in love. Each of the pieces holds a stylish pendant with one-half of a heart. However, if the two are not lined up together, no one will realize they are couple necklaces—a perfect pair for casual wear.

Hers is in gold, and his in black, capturing the two personalities perfectly. The design is simple yet remarkable, as it gives you the opportunity to have your partner with you everywhere you go.

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#31 King & Queen Crown Necklace Set 

King & Queen Crown Necklace Set 

A king and queen’s crown is the ultimate symbol to showcase a special connection. These matching couples’ necklaces each bear a beautiful crown signifying true love.

The pieces are available in black, gold, rose gold, and silver. If you prefer something elegant but not too overwhelming to pair with any attire, choose silver or rose gold. Let your other half know how much they mean to you with this set.

#32 Personalized Couples Long Distance Necklaces 

Personalized Couples Long Distance Necklaces

Long-distance relationships have their own challenges, and these pendants offer the antidote. They feature a touching biblical quotation that seeks divine protection over your relationship.

No matter how far apart you are, this prayer will keep you together in soul and mind. It is an added bonus that the pieces look great, a matching one for a couple holding their faith strong in their hearts.

#33 Personalized His and Hers Hook and Anchor Necklace Set 

Fish Hook Necklace

A nautical inspiration makes this one of the most captivating pairs of matching necklaces. One piece holds an anchor, while the other bears a fish hook. Given such a specific character, this pair will match your partner’s soul, whose hobby is fishing.

Both are full of meaning and will keep your flame of love ever burning. Add a birthstone and initial to make it even more significant.

#34 Personalized His and Hers Infinity Necklaces 

Personalized His and Hers Infinity Necklaces

The infinity symbol adds great value to these necklaces. They are a striking golden pair that is sure to turn heads. Although not many love love-shaped pendants, such necklaces are the ones that characterize couple necklaces.

Thanks to the symbolism, they boast an elegant finish and a touch of sentiment. Add a custom effect to complete the concept with both your initials on a delicate charm.

#35 King & Queen Puzzle Necklaces 

King & Queen Puzzle Necklaces

Get the best of both worlds by combining the ultimate love symbols. Puzzle pieces and a king and queen theme define this design. The necklaces come in silver and gold, with the text and imagery in black.

You can also notice a cute pinky promise that holds these two puzzle-like pendants together, representing one of the values of your relationship: trust. This work of contrasts and the high level of symbolism in the design make them special. Wrap this necklace as a valentine’s gift along with a romantic dinner you set for your girl.

#36 Personalized His and Hers Whale Tail Necklaces 

Personalized His and Hers Whale Tail Necklaces

Whale tail necklaces are a great choice for a couple that loves the ocean, nautical themes, and adore coastal life. These pieces are fun and spell adventure for outdoorsy enthusiasts.

Each one has a single turquoise bead to create a contrasting visual effect. Add your initials and surprise your better half with this gift to showcase your affection.

#37 Personalized Player1 and Player 2 Necklaces 

Personalized Player1 and Player 2 Necklaces

The fun concept in these his and hers necklaces showcases creativity at its best. They comprise a stainless steel ball chain with an aluminum pendant.

To add to its visual appeal is a leather charm in a natural shade of brown just behind the pendant. You can even add your name to the stainless pendant for personalization. It will keep your lover smiling and thinking of you.

#38 Personalized Interlocking Heart Necklaces 

Personalized Interlocking Heart Necklaces

This is one of the most outstanding interlocking couples necklaces designs. It features two interlocking hearts, each one with the name of one partner.

Interestingly, you can request to install one to four hearts to merge into one pendant. But for couple necklaces, one or two is better. The idea is perfect for letting the world know your heart belongs to someone else. The elegant finish makes these timelessly trendy pieces.

#39 2-Piece Dragon Pendants 

2-Piece Dragon Pendants

Create your own little fantasy world with this set of dragon pendant necklaces. They feature an elaborate design that shows great attention to detail. The level of craftsmanship in these pieces is second to none, making them the ultimate gift for a special occasion.

Knowing it doesn’t have love-shaped pendants nor any symbol of a lovey-dovey relationship, it makes a perfect deal for your bold boyfriend who doesn’t fancy such a design.

#40 His and Hers Khal/Khaleesi Game of Thrones Necklaces 

His and Hers Khal/Khaleesi Game of Thrones Necklaces

These pieces derive inspiration from Game of Thrones and are a great choice for the show’s fans. The ‘moon of my life’ and ‘my sun and stars’ pendants perfectly signify true love. And yet, the designs are not clingy, a superb pair for any couple whose love language is not words of affirmation.

Their link to the show adds to their sentimental value and significance. The hammering design adds to the appeal.

#41 Personalized Initials Gold Tiny Alphabet Necklaces 

Personalized Initials Gold Tiny Alphabet Necklaces

3-D initials make these a truly memorable pair of his and hers necklaces. They are adorable and show that you will go to any lengths to celebrate your love.

This is the ideal gift for someone special who means the world to you, especially those who love the minimalist design but speak out loud about their feelings. Gold is the perfect choice for these pieces, adding to their luxurious feel.

#42 Personalized His and Her Name Necklaces 

Personalized His and her Name Necklaces

The special person in your life deserves nothing but the best, and this is it! This necklace design goes beyond the initial concept, allowing for the placement of two full names.

Moreover, the gold color highlights their chic designs, making them a matching pair for those who love fancy items. This makes it a truly memorable gift that your lover will always wear close to their heart.

#43 His and Hers Wolves Make A Heart Necklaces 

His and Hers Wolves Make A Heart Necklaces

These pendants are the ultimate choice for lovebirds. The wolves look great when they’re apart and make a heart when they come together. Despite having a kind of love-shaped, the wolves hit differently. Thus, you can make it a birthday gift for your fierce boyfriend without worrying about him complaining about wearing this necklace.

Each one bears the name of the one to whom your heart belongs, making it feel special. They show great attention to detail and make instant attention grabbers.

#44 Two Half Heart Love Puzzle Necklace

Plaza Couples Gifts Matching Two Half Heart Love Puzzle Necklace

For you who want to give a special gift that is not only practical but also thoughtful and matching, then this might be the solution. Wearing a couple necklace with a shape like this is not only pretty but also gives benefit to your body.

Black obsidian stone will help enhance new energy and reduce stress and fatigue. In contrast, the white stone one will give you tons of luck and full of love in your life. So, what are you waiting for?

#45 Wolf Necklaces for Couples

Wolf Necklaces for Couples

This couple wolf necklace is beautiful yet cool at the same time. It is also not too much for the couple to wear it for their daily fashion statements. The wolf is still in good shape if they are separated for you and your boyfriend to wear.

The material is from high-quality alloy. Hence, the wolf pendant will not tarnish or corrode easily over the years. So, may your love will be last like this necklace!

#46 Lock Key Heart Pendant 

Couples Necklace Lock Key Heart pendant

This is probably the ‘cheesy’ couple necklace once you see the design, but when you are in love, everything is beautiful and sweet, right? A lock key heart as a pendant with ‘forever and always’ stamped on it describes the most for a lovebird like you and your boyfriend.

The material is made from stainless steel, so it is safe for daily wear. Moreover, the size is not that big for the pendant. Hence, it will not look too flashy for your boyfriend to wear.

47. Matching Lego Necklaces

Matching Lego Necklaces
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

This pair of necklaces are probably one of the cutest pair of necklaces among all items on our list. This is a pair of necklaces with Lego pendants that will form a cute heart shape when you combine the two together. In our opinion, this pair is perfect for a couple who loves playing with Lego once in a while. 

In case you are wondering, nope this is not a pair of necklaces for kids! Adults can definitely have it as well. After all, we do know that now matter how old we are, we will always enjoy playing with Lego, right?  

48. Yin and Yang Necklaces

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

This is the necklace that can perfectly describe the true meaning of “I am your Yin and you and my Yang” for sure. As you can see, this pair of necklaces features the iconic Yin and Yang pendants that will form into the perfect symbol when you combine them together. 

We highly recommend you to pick this pair of necklaces as a gift for your significant other, as we believe the pendants will be the perfect way to show how much that person means for you, and that you think you both are truly meant for each other.

49. Double Skeleton Pinky Swear Necklaces

Double Skeleton Pinky Swear Necklaces
Source: Pinterest (@veeaiendesigns.com)

Next up we have the most recommended pair of matching necklaces for couples who love to look unique and different. Here we have necklaces with skeleton hands making a cute pinky swear. Well, how cute is that?

You both will look super cool with these necklaces, and in our opinion, this is a pair that will boost your Halloween night look, too!

50. Couple Necklaces with Gamestick Pendants

Couple Necklaces with Gamestick Pendants
Source: Pinterest (@m.shein.com)

Calling true gamer couples out there! We believe without a doubt you will fall in love with this pair of couple necklaces with gamestick pendants. These necklaces will be a true focal point and statement to show people how much you love games. 

These necklaces come in two colors which are black and white, which will look super unique when you combine the two parts together, turning into a fully-shaped game stick. He can choose to wear the black one, while she can wear the white one. Perfect!

51. Figure and Heart Couple Necklaces

Figure and Heart Couple Necklaces
Source: Pinterest (@m.shein.com)

We have to admit that this pair of matching necklaces is super adorable and truly hard to resist! Each of the necklace features a cute figure holding a half heart shape in red. They also feature a slightly bigger heart shape that can be connected into the full heart shape when you stick each of them together.

Looking at how cute these necklaces are, we believe your loved one will be super thrilled to receive one of these as a special anniversary gift from you.

Final Thought

Buying couple necklaces for you and your partner might be tricky because sometimes you think about whether she/he will like it or not. But, as you know your partner’s taste very well, it will be easy for you to choose. Or, if you are still confused, choose the practical and benefits to each other when wearing it. 

Whether you have just met the one or wish to celebrate an enduring connection, we are sure you have found more than a few choices to capture your special bond. So go on, surprise the one you hold dear with the ultimate matching couples necklaces and seal the deal for all time!

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