Aqua Glowing Heart Necklaces

These Aqua Glowing Heart Necklaces bring uniqueness to a whole new level. They not only look incredible even without the glow but with it – you’ll look like a Disney princess or an ethereal mythical creature.

When not charged, these necklaces have a light yellow color. The pendant is encompassed in an intricate silver pattern. It rests on a beautiful toggle chain which also contributes to the necklace’s extraordinary look.

The pendants are filled with a natural glow material and you can choose the color of the glow you prefer. Our favorite is, by far, the turquoise one. 

Aqua Glowing Heart Necklaces

The glowing quality of these necklaces works in a different way you’d expect.

Usually, the fluorescent glow emanated by “glow-in-the-dark” products lasts for several hours after being charged throughout the day.

It’s handy but the bright green color doesn’t look that aesthetically pleasing when worn as a necklace.

Aqua Glowing Heart Necklaces

With these necklaces the process is different. Each necklace comes with a handy UV light keychain which you can use to make the pendant glow.

The glow then will last for around 40 minutes. If you’d like it to last longer, you can just take the keychain out of your pocket and repeat the process. 

Aqua Glowing Heart Necklaces

This handmade piece of jewelry is definitely one of a kind and would make for an amazing anniversary gift.

These necklaces manage to make a statement and will make for a perfect summer accessory that will make you instantly stand out.

Aqua Glowing Heart Necklaces

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