40 Best Statement Necklaces That Create A Big Bold Impact!

One of the best ways to showcase a unique sense of style and make a big bold impression is by wearing a unique statement necklace.  Statement necklaces are big jewelry pieces that feature intricate detailing mostly in the form of extra dangle. They draw favorable attention to the wearer’s neckline and can define and spice up an entire outfit.

They come in a variety of designs and materials. But each one of them has the ability to make you pop no matter the occasion.

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Best Statement Necklaces For A Unique, Big Bold Look:

Take a look at this list of some of the most unique statement necklaces that you can buy today.

#1 Black Lace Statement Necklace

Black Lace Statement Necklace

You can never go wrong with this black lace piece. Its beauty lies in the elaborate tatted bead design. It is as simple as statement necklaces come. Yet it cannot fail to mesmerize. Dress it up or down and you can be sure all eyes will be on you.

#2 Peacock Silver Statement Necklace

Peacock Silver Statement Necklace

This is an artistic creation from Mother Nature’s own backyard. The design is reminiscent of a peacock’s plumes. The use of leather makes it comfortable and ensures the perfect fit for every neckline. The link chain is a convenient addition allowing for height adjustment.

#3 African Tribal Choker

African Tribal Choker

Bring your African outfit to life with one of these chunky statement necklaces. It combines brass and leather in neutral colors that could match any fashion choice. Pair it up with chunky bracelets and strut into any event with confidence.

#4 Solar System Bubble Bib Necklace

Solar System Bubble Bib Necklace

Anyone who loves celestial jewelry would treasure this tribute to the solar system. Each individual bezel represents one of our planetary neighbors. And in its depths is a photo of the actual planet in its position relative to the sun.

#5 Silver Dylanlex Boho Statement Necklace

Silver Dylanlex Boho Statement Necklace

This could make the ideal gift for a Boho BFF. It has a vintage appeal to it and features intricate detailing. The masterpiece sports a number of layers of metallic chains in different patterns. The rhinestone and almond crystals complete the mesmerizing effect.

#6 Victorian Romance Statement Necklace

Victorian Romance Statement Necklace

If you never quite got over the Victorian design then here is a way to celebrate the timeless trend. The vibrant colors and variety of gemstones combine to make this a work of art. Its V-shape makes it at once graceful and able to draw attention to all the right areas.

#7 Red Rhinestone Statement Necklace

Beautiful Sparkling Ruby Red Austrian

The fringed waterfall design is a timeless choice for this captivating piece. It comes in bold red on a golden metal frame. This is the perfect color choice for an adventurous soul. It could be the missing piece to your dream bridal collection or a complement to a simple cocktail gown.

#8 Thalia Sodi Gold-Tone & Jet Enamel Wide Collar Necklace

Thalia Sodi Gold-Tone & Jet Enamel Wide Collar Necklace

Looking to be the center of attention at the next glamorous party? By all means, go for one of these dynamic statement necklaces and enjoy the response. It comes in jet black and gold-tone and sports an adjustable link chain to set the perfect length.

#9 The Waterfall Statement Necklace

The Waterfall Statement Necklace

Take your style to the next level with this layered waterfall design. It comprises 15 chains of gold or silver joined together to a metal plate. They work together to form a beautiful cascade that will define any outfit of choice.

#10 Gold & Iridescent Rhinestone Statement Necklace

White & Gold Iridescent Rhinestone Necklace

Rhinestone and iridescent gemstones blend amazingly on this unique piece making it one of the best statement necklaces. It could grace virtually any dress and ensure you turn all heads. This could make a great gift for someone that you hold dear.

#11 Graphite Embellished Statement Necklace

Graphite Embellished Statement Necklace

This stunning statement necklace could make the ideal focal point for a demure outfit. The colored graphite jewels and intricate patterns make it a beauty to behold. It is a great conversation starter that could help ease tension on a first date. It might also be the reason you get a second date.

#12 Tagua Bib Necklace

Tagua Bib Necklace

The Tagua piece would thrill any nature lover. The beautiful material goes by the name vegetable ivory thanks to its semblance to the real deal. But unlike the prototype, it is eco-friendly. The bold color palette makes the piece striking and memorable.

#13 Hammered Circle Statement Necklace

Hammered Circle Statement Necklace

For those who prefer longer statement necklaces, this is the one for them. It features a long silver chain and bronze pendants dangling at its center. The hammered design on the pendants is a welcome break from the ordinary circular shape.

#14 Crystal Multi-Stone Unique Statement Necklace

SPARK Of July Red/Blue Crystal Statement Necklace

Indulge your senses with this colorful crystal statement necklace It features four separate layers of massive gemstones in turquoise, red and pink. Its extravagance suits a red carpet event or even a dramatic dress-up gig. It could even be the ultimate choice for an adventurous bride.

#15 Chainmail Statement Necklace

Chainmail Statement Necklace

The exquisite beauty of the Persian weave design can never go out of style. This piece captures the statement necklace meaning and essence in every possible way. The choice of material, aluminum and brass, makes for an artistic effect. And they are both lightweight and durable.

#16 Kendra Scott Harlow Turquoise Statement Necklace

Kendra Scott Harlow Turquoise Statement Necklace

This is one of the most outstanding turquoise statement necklaces ever. It features a gold-plated chain and a centerpiece of massive gemstones. There are a number of color options to suit different outfit choices. The glossy finish of the stones makes for a classy look on any occasion.

#17 Shades of Blues Wood Necklace

Erin Necklace

This is a more whimsical design for an abstract design enthusiast. The wooden beads sport a bold blue hue that draws you in. It is sophisticated and unique. If you love to stand out and make a mark then this is definitely the best choice for you.

#18 Big Bold Chunky Red Coral Necklace

Impressive Huge Red Coral, Blue Magnesite and Azurite Necklace

Beaded necklaces are back in vogue and might be here to stay. With one of these remarkable statement necklaces you can be sure to get it right every time. The bold red and delicate touches of blue make it hard to beat.

#19 Bold Colorful Fabric Bib Statement Necklace

Bold Colorful Fabric Bib Statement Necklace

Try out this fabric statement necklace and you will never look back. It is a cheerful piece that can inject life into any outfit and every occasion. Its lightweight makes it comfortable for day-long events. Anyone who loves wearable works of art would love this as a gift.

#20 Princess Lace Unique Fine Silver Pearl Statement Necklace

Princess Lace Unique Fine Silver Pearl Statement Necklace

Pearl statement necklaces easily transform an ordinary look into a glamorous one. This handcrafted piece shows extraordinary attention to detail. Its neutral color makes it easy to match with most outfits. And thanks to its luxurious appeal, you can wear it for both formal and informal occasions.

#21 African Tassel Tribal Statement Necklace

African Tassel Tribal Statement Necklace

Wondering how to spice up your plunging neckline dress for a classy look? The African tribal choker with a tassel is the way to go. This simple addition to the outstanding pendant has a transforming effect. It takes both the necklace and your look to the next level with ease.

#22 Green Swarovski Crystal Regency Necklace

Crystal Necklace

Historical fashion enthusiasts need to add this piece to their collection. The emerald green of the gemstones is what makes it captivating. The design is reminiscent of Georgian era jewelry but has a timeless appeal. Layer it with another bold piece for an exceptional effect.

#23 Ethnic Silver Tribal Statement Necklace

Rare Tribal Banjara Tharu Gypsy Heavy Necklace

Statement necklaces have long defined royalty. This antique piece is all you need to complete your royal apparel. The inspiration comes from Nepali tribal designs and the outstanding craftsmanship makes it fit for any look. Enjoy the compliments as they won’t stop coming.

#24 Baublebar Kew Crystal Collar Necklace

Baublebar Kew Crystal Collar Necklace

This artistic masterpiece defies all odds in the crystal statement necklaces line. It uses small beads instead of massive ones. But the clustered patterns make for remarkable eye appeal. And the blend of rose gold and pearl takes the piece to the next level.

#25 Egypt Styled Statement Necklace

Egyptian Style Statement Necklace

The historical Egyptian jewel design gets a modern twist on this piece. It features an elaborate pattern that gives evidence of great attention to detail. The glossy bronze makes it a great match for every skin color and choice of attire. And the hints of blue add visual interest to complete the work.

#26 Ocean Blue Chunky Chain Statement Necklace

Ocean Blue Chunky Chain Statement Necklace

Go beyond the obvious with this unique statement necklace. The massive curb chain design and bold blue make it a marvel. It is a great conversation piece that would add great value to your wardrobe choice. It will also get you all the right kind of attention.

#27 Onyx Spider Statement Necklace

Spider Charm with Gemstone Abdomen

There are so many ways to ensure that all eyes will be on you at the next event. This has got to be the most fun option though. The spider focal point on this statement necklace will certainly create visual interest. Be careful not to scare the wits out of your friends.

#28 Handcrafted Mexican Silver Statement Necklace

Handcrafted Mexican Silver Statement Necklace

The sterling silver waterfall design makes this one of the best statement necklaces. It is classy and easily matches with a variety of outfits. The two separate layers add some mystery to the design to keep heads turning. The piece is also lightweight and comfortable.

#29 Lapis Lazuli Classic Statement Collier

Lapis Lazuli Classic Statement Collier

This classic collier is all the more outstanding for its unique beads. They have natural stain patterns that make each piece unique. And the high-quality polish ensures that the details will dazzle onlookers for an eternity. The arrangement in ascending size makes the necklace an eye-catcher.

#30 Daniela Palatnik Red Statement Necklace

Daniela Palatnik Red Statement Necklace

The two contrasting concepts on this necklace make it a fashion marvel. The woven leather chain seems like a piece out of a history book. But the centrepiece has every trace of modernity. Together, they allow you to grace both casual and formal styles seamlessly.

#31 Silver Leaf Statement Necklace

Silver Leaf Statement Necklace

Do you happen to have a nature-lover in your life? Amaze them with one of these classy statement necklaces. Its artistry is evident from the careful detailing of the leafy focal point. It almost looks like the designer plucked it from a branch.

#32 Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Statement Necklace

Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Statement Necklace

Any jewelry lover will tell you that you can never go wrong with moonstone. It is so simple yet impossibly beautiful. The ornate placement of moonstone beads on this chunky piece does the gemstone justice. It seems fit for a queen and would thrill the lady in your life.

#33 Malachite Statement Necklace

Malachite Statement Necklace

Flat stones set this piece apart from the convention of big statement necklaces. This makes it comfortable and also draws in extra attention. The fact that it comes in an elegant green adds further to its visual appeal. Its close semblance to the Cleopatra design seals the deal.

#34 Chunky Pearl Statement Necklace

Chunky Pearl Statement Necklace

The world may have to rethink dressing brides up in dainty chains on their special day. This chunky bridal piece could be all they need to rewrite the rules. It combines amazing crystal pieces in grey and white, silver and glass, for the perfect effect.

#35 Rhinestone Bling Statement Necklace

Rhinestone Bling Statement Necklace

For those who love the allure of statement necklaces but are a bit laidback, have no fear. This rhinestone piece is just for you. It sports the daintiest chain ever and five huge pendants. Let it usher you into the chunky side in style.

#36 Floral Fantasy Pearl Choker Statement Necklace

Floral Fantasy Pearl Choker Statement Necklace

Create your own little rose garden right on your neckline. This piece is the stuff of fantasy. It is ornate and memorable, the kind that will get everyone turning your way. The combo of black and silver shaped into a delicate flower places it among the best statement necklaces.

#37 Blush Rose Gold Morganite Swarovski Statement Necklace

Blush Rose Gold Morganite Swarovski Statement Necklace

Stop scratching your head over the ideal gift for your bridesmaids. This delicate necklace will say so much more than words ever could. The colors make it a striking choice to dress up any look. They will thank you for a long time to come for the thoughtful gesture.

#38 Bold Colorful Stone Tribal Necklace

Stylish Big Bold Statement Necklace with Various Colored Stones

This tribal piece goes beyond all expectations thanks to its colorful array. You can wear it as a choker or bib necklace thanks to the adjustable link. And the back of it has a felt covering to guarantee comfort. What more could you wish for?

#39 Rays of the Sun Brazilian Goldstone Statement Necklace

Rays of the Sun Brazilian Goldstone Statement Necklace

Pay a tribute to the sun with one of these amazing statement necklaces. It comes in all silver with a single circular goldstone representing the sun’s glow. The craftsmanship is so detailed that it goes as far as carving out every single ray to perfection.

#40 Solar System Statement Necklace

Solar System Statement Necklace

Would you like to introduce your nerdy BFF to the world of jewelry? Get it right with the solar system necklace and she will never look back. It portrays intricate details of our home planet and others around us. Watch out because it may get them a lot more excited than you anticipate.

#41 Ethnic Peacock Statement Necklace

Ethnic Peacock Statement Necklace

Explore the world of necklaces will be incomplete if you don’t look at the vintage-themed design. This ethnic statement necklace features a giant peacock with vibrant colors that captivate anyone’s attention. The beauty of this bird’s feathers is breathtaking around your neck, suitable for use when you want to make your appearance stand out.

#42 Crystal Rhinestone Bib Statement Necklace

Crystal Rhinestone Bib Statement Necklace

Support your elegant look with this stunning crystal statement necklace. Its pearl accents combined with sparkling and eye-catching rhinestones will surely make you receive lots of compliments. If you are planning a wedding party, this necklace is the best choice to showcase your charming appearance.

#43 Rosemarie Ombre Resin Statement Necklace

Rosemarie Ombre Resin Statement Necklace

Summer may be over, but it doesn’t hurt to add this beautiful colorful statement necklace collection, right? This statement necklace is made of resin with a combination of alluring color gradations and varying resin sizes, making the chain a focal point of your look. For this reason, the necklace will surely cheer you up while wearing it.

Latest Post:

What statement necklace is the best for a wedding?

The best statement necklaces for your wedding are sparkling crystals that add a luxurious touch to your wedding dress. In some of the collections that we have summarized above, you can make alternative choices for statement necklaces, including crystal rhinestone bib and red rhinestone statement necklaces. We guarantee that all eyes will be on you when you wear one of these statement necklaces.

What statement necklace is the best for a vibrant look?

The perfect statement necklaces to make your look more vibrant are those with bright colors. The materials used can be resin, gemstones, beads, to crystals. There are several statement necklace collections that you can try from our collections. For example, rosemarie ombre resin, crystal multi-stone, and chunky red coral statement necklaces. Your appearance will absolutely look standout when wearing the statement necklace.

With the above list of unique statement necklaces to choose from, you will surely get a piece that will create a big impact. Whether you buy it as a gift for someone special or for yourself, you will make a memorable mark. So enjoy the moment and make it count.

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