50+ Cute Matching Couples Shirts & Funny T-Shirts For Couples

Matching couples shirts are an adorable way to keep things spicy in your relationship. Whether you choose funny couples t-shirts or fashion-forward matching couples outfits, you will always be ahead of the hype.

We have covered cute matching hoodies but now we want to reveal some of the most outstanding cute couple shirts online to help make your relationship official and have some fun while at it.

Matching Couples Shirts And T-Shirts

Check out these awesome his and hers t-shirts and try rocking the look with your significant other.

#1  Who’s Boss Couples T-Shirts

Who's Boss Couples T-Shirts

Deep down everyone knows that she is the real boss. But it’s one of those things you cannot say
out loud. And that’s precisely why these fun t-shirts are a must-have. They are bound to elicit
lots of chuckles and make great conversation starters. Find Them Here.


#2 Funny Spoon Couples T-Shirts

Funny Spoon Couples T-Shirts

The Fork and Spoon couples T-shirts are perfect for the couple with a great sense of humour, the fork T-shirt says it all! Find it Here.


#3 Running Partners Couples Shirts 

Running Partners Couples Shirts

Whether you run for exercise or pleasure, tugging your partner along makes it so much more fun. Make it all the more worthwhile with these stylish tees for couples. They offer a great way to enjoy your favorite hobby and show off your main squeeze.  Find Them Here


#4 Couples Pizza Slice Shirts 

Couples Pizza Slice Shirts

These funny couples shirts are the best way to melt tension in your relationship. They could act as your ticket out of the dog house.

You could also rock the look on a relaxing escapade this holiday season. They make great wedding gifts for new couples or a fun way to celebrate your anniversary. Bring a smile to your partner’s face with these amusing tees. Find it Here.


#5 Pregnancy Announcement Funny Couple Shirts 

Pregnancy Announcement Funny Couple Shirts

Let daddy in on the pregnancy reveal fun with these funny couple shirts. At least this way everyone will understand why you are both putting on pounds around your mid-section.

While mom is busy eating for two, dad has to keep up by drinking for three. But only the bun in mom’s oven will enjoy the compliments. Find it Here.


#6 Avocado His and Her’s Shirts

Avocado His and Her's Shirts

 Whimsical shirts for couples such as this pair are a great choice for showcasing your love and spreading good cheer. One cannot help but smile at the hilarious imagery.

More importantly, these his and her shirts hold remarkable symbolic value, defining your harmonious relationship better than words ever could. Get Them Here.


 #7 I love My Hot Wife – I’m The Hot Wife couples T-Shirts 

I love My Hot Wife - I'm The Hot Wife couples T-Shirts

Amusing t-shirts for him and her are a remarkable way to spread good cheer to those around you. No matter where you go, you will attract the right kind of attention and give everyone a reason to smile.

The play on words on her t-shirt is particularly engaging. This could be the humor break your relationship needs to keep your glued together. Find His Here & Hers Here.


#8 She’s Mine & He’s Mine Couples Tee’s 

She's Mine & He's Mine Couples Tee’s

Did you finally find the Minnie to your Mickey? There is no better way to let the world know that with these whimsical couples tees. Thanks to their subtle Disney theme, they are the perfect choice for fun loving couples who believe in fairy tales. Find Them Here.


#9 Funny Disney Grumpy and Snow White Matching Shirts 

Funny Disney Grumpy and Snow White Matching Shirts

If you are having a hell of a time trying to get him into matching t-shirts, this pair will certainly do the trick! However grumpy he might be feeling, the hilarious concept behind them will be sure to crack him up. It’s probably all you need to win him over to the mushy side. Find Them Here


#10 Soul Mate Couples T-Shirts 

Soul Mate Couples T-Shirts

When you know you have found the one, then nothing but the best will do – and this is it. This set of stylish soul mate tees says so much more than you ever could. Whether you have an event coming up or simply wish for a memorable photo shoot, they are your best bet. Get Them Here.


#11 Batman and Cat Women Shirts 

Batman and Cat Women Shirts

Have you finally found the Batman to your Catwoman? Then by all means, show them off with these stylish tees for superhero couples. It might well be all you need to keep that flame burning for the rest of time. Well, at least you can be sure it will keep the competition at bay. Find Them Here.


#12 King and Queen Sweatshirts 

King and Queen Sweatshirts

As winter sets in and the days grow colder and grimmer, these sweatshirts will keep you warm in more ways than one.

They will cozy you up to the person you love as you cannot stay mad at someone dressed in one. They bear a simple yet powerful message to help you mark your territory. The color makes it easy to blend them with any casual outfit of choice. Find it Here.


#13 Incomplete Without You His and Hers Couple Shirts

Incomplete Without You His and Hers Couple Shirts

Images say so much more than words could ever say. These matching couples shirts provide a fun yet memorable way to celebrate your love.

The fitting puzzle pieces are a suitable symbol for your complimentary roles. The two pieces together would complete the heart sign to signify true love. They are an ingenious concept for a unique couples’ gift. Find it Here.


#14 One – Love Couples T-Shirts 

One - Love Couples T-Shirts

If your significant other loves reggae, these one-love t-shirts will drive them wild. There is no better way to say it than in Bob Marley’s words. Simple yet captivating, they are a unique choice for the not-so-cheesy couple. And it does not hurt either that they can match with almost anything. Get Them Here.


#15 His and Hers Sugar Skull Couples Shirts 

His and Hers Sugar Skull Couples Shirts

For the art loving and funky couple, celebrate your special connection in style with these colorful tees! The super cute sugar skull design with a romantic twist will look great on any day of the year. And when the Day of the Dead comes around, you will be dressed to kill! Get Them Here


#16 King & Queen Couples T-Shirts

King & Queen Couples T-Shirts

You do not have to wait till Valentine’s to let the world know he’s your king and you’re his
queen. With these trendy shirts on, you can make every day Valentine’s Day. And the best part
about this pair is that it looks just as great even when you wear them separately. Get Them Here


#17 She’s A Catch He’s A Keeper his and hers Matching Couples Shirt Set 

She's A Catch He's A Keeper his and hers Matching Couples Shirt Set

We all have an avid Harry Porter fan in our lives. If that happens to be your partner, then here is a way to make him happy twice over.

This quidditch couple t-shirt design is the perfect romantic gift for him or her. It shows thoughtfulness on your part to combine their favorite passions. The color combination is also top-notch keeping you both ahead of the hype. Find it Here.


#18 Brings Out the Best in Me Matching Couple Tees 

Brings Out the Best in Me Matching Couple Tees

Once in a lifetime, we come across that one person who makes us see the bright side of life and radiate the sunshine. Eternalize that special connection by wearing these complementary his and her’s shirts. They will serve as stylish icons of the precious bond you share and remind you both not to take it for granted. Get Them Here.


#19 The King & Queen Couples T-Shirts


The King & Queen Couples T-Shirts

Geeky couples rocking this look will kill two birds with one stone. These cute couples shirts will provide a unique way to show off the love of your life.

They will also bring your love of the game to the fore letting everyone know you connect on a deeper level. You could treat yourself and your partner with these or get them for a chess-loving couple in your life. Find Them Here.


#20 Best Friends Guac And Taco Shirts 

Best Friends Guac And Taco Shirts 

If you have that special friend whose love for food almost equals yours, it’s time to immortalize that fact. These cut BFF t-shirts use vivid symbolism to celebrate your friendship.

The guacamole and taco images serve to make them both humorous and memorable. Take your friendship to the next level today with this creative design. Find it Here.


#21 Keep Calm and Love Me His & Hers Couples Shirts 

Keep Calm and Love Me His & Hers Couples Shirts

For couples who share a thing for superheroes, these t-shirts are perfect. They make use of the timeless “keep calm” concept to introduce a humorous aspect.

The imagery is remarkable and full of meaning. This makes them the ideal gift for a wedding or anniversary. They will give the recipients lots of reason to laugh together and stay united. Find it Here.


#22 Love Couples T-Shirts

Love Couples T-Shirts

This trendy design has simplicity at its core yet it underlines the basic concept uniting the two of you. There is no better way to say it than in these four magical letters.

Black and white is the all-time fashion staple and this design brings their appeal to the fore. It is a great choice for the minimalist couple to let the world know. Find it Here.



#23 Funny Bacon & Eggs Couple Shirts 

Funny Bacon & Eggs Couple Shirts

Keep things cheerful with these humorous pun-inspired t-shirts for couples. Beyond the amusing words, the pair also alludes to the perfect relationship you share, just like bacon and eggs.

The only thing that’s left is to wear them to karaoke night and perform the song behind the concept. More Info Here.


#24 Nutella and Bread Couples Shirts 

Nutella and Bread Couples Shirts

Food-related matching couples shirts show creativity and give you a reason to smile. These ones use a breakfast metaphor to show how deep your love goes.

Imagine how great your partner would feel if you got them such a thoughtful gift. They make it easy to put into words deep feelings that you might not express every day. This makes them a sure recipe for relationship success. Find it Here.


#25 Hubby & Wife Matching Couples Shirts 

 Hubby & Wife Matching Couples Shirts

“Less is more” is a basic principle that guides fashion-forward individuals. Share the concept with your partner by getting these simple tees to celebrate your love.

Both designs bring the casual aspect to the fore and make the tees ideal for hanging out. They are a great gift for newly-weds to help them digest their newfound status as hubby and wife. Find Them Here.


#26 Fire and Ice Couples Matching Shirts 

Fire and Ice Couples Matching Shirts

Bring your fantasy of a Jon Snow/Daenerys relationship to life by wearing the ultimate pair of romantic Game of Thrones tees. They say opposites attract and nothing illustrates this better than the fire and ice concept inspiring the design. More Info Here.


#27 Funny Party Drinking Couples T-Shirts 

Funny Party Drinking Couples T-Shirts

If you both happen to be party animals, these hilarious tees were made just for you! Fun is woven into every aspect of their design, making them perfect for night outs and weekend getaways. Wear them to the next party and you will be the hit of the event, hands down! Find Them Here.


#28 Couples Love Is On the Way Long Distance Relationship Shirts 

Couples Love Is On the Way Long Distance Relationship Shirts 

If you have to endure a long-distance relationship you need every resource to help you cope. These matching couples shirts will do that and much more.

They use fun and creative imagery to show that this too will end. They thus make it easier to stand the separation knowing it’s only temporal. The font rhymes with the whimsical message and makes them outstanding. Find it Here.


#29 Beauty & The Beast Couples Disney T-Shirts

Beauty & The Beast Couples Disney T-Shirts

Disney designs are an awesome way to celebrate love. Beauty and the Beast are among the greatest love stories of all time.

They are full of lessons for real-life relationships showing that true love overcomes all obstacles. These whimsical tees are great for couples who love a bit of anime and have gone fought hard for their love. They come on a vivid color that cheers up and inspires hope. Find it Here.


#30 Captured By Your Love His & Hers Couples Shirts 

Captured By Your Love His & Hers Couples Shirts

Looking for a special look to rock as a couple on an upcoming event? Look no further than these Spiderman t-shirts that spell creativity and humor.

The fact that they come in all white makes them a captivating choice to make a statement. The meaningful imagery takes them a notch higher and will make you the highlight of the event. Find it Here.


#31 Couples Moon of My Life My Sun and Stars Shirts 

Couples Moon of My Life My Sun and Stars Shirts

Oftentimes we end up with partners who treasure the same things we do. If you both happen to love celestial bodies, then you will adore these Game of Thrones inspired t-shirts.

It makes extensive use celestial symbolism to speak of true love. This adds weight to the message and makes it a great matching gift for couples in love. The identical design is perfect to create a harmonious look. Find Them Here


#32 Cupcake & Studmuffin Shirts 

Cupcake & Studmuffin Shirts

Are you fortunate enough to enjoy a fairy tale romance? This adorable pair of tees is the best way to let the whole world know.

Inspired by Disney’s Mickey and Minnie, they take it a notch higher with the cupcake/studmuffin reference. More Info Here.


#33 Custom If Lost Return to Funny Couples Shirts 

Custom If Lost Return to Funny Couples Shirts

These funny couples shirts offer a customizable option to take the concept to the next level. The whimsical idea behind them makes them a great choice for melting tension.

They will be certain to spread good cheer to everyone around you wherever you go. You could wait until Valentine ’s Day to wear them or you might use them to spice up this holiday season. Find it Here.


#34 Bonnie & Clyde Couples Sweaters 

Bonnie & Clyde Couples Sweaters

It could be that you share a tragic love story or that you simply love the Bonnie and Clyde chronicles. Whatever the case, these matching couples shirts are here to celebrate your special story.

They suit the season and will keep out the cold in style. They come in a variety of colors to suit your personal taste or match different items in your closet. Find Them Here.


#35 Soul Mate Matching Disney Couples T-Shirts 

Soul Mate Matching Disney Couples T-Shirts

A subtle touch of Disney is all your relationship needs to become the stuff of fantasy and these couple t-shirts are perfect for the job.

Mickey’s ears and Minnie’s bow add a delicate touch of whimsy to the design making so much more memorable. Whether you are taking a Disney honeymoon or a fun weekend trip, these tees hit the spot. Get Them Here.


#36 Big Dipper Little Dipper Couples Shirts 

Big Dipper Little Dipper Couples Shirts

The honeymoon period is a great time to rock cute matching t-shirts for couples. The constellation design conveys a harmonious look and could highlight a common love for astronomy.

They are adorable and meaningful making them a remarkable gift choice. Celebrate your honeymoon in style and let the world know you belong to each other. Find it Here.


#37 Couples That Cruise Together Stay Together T-Shirts 

Couples That Cruise Together Stay Together T-Shirts

Are you planning a special expedition this holiday? Well, make sure you enjoy the vacation in style by getting these cute tees.

They make for a cheerful look ideal for spreading the joy among fellow cruisers. They will also keep you yearning for the trip and make it all the more worthwhile. The color choice is perfect as it blends with almost everything and will help you pack light. Find Them Here.


#38 Funny His and Her Sloth Shirts 

Funny His and Her Sloth Shirts

Cheer up the world around you with these adorable sloth shirts for couples. Given the reputation they have for procrastinating, nothing beats the idea of having a couple of them just hanging out and relishing the moment. If this defines you and your significant other, then here are the tees to match the personality. Find Them Here.


39 Burger & Fries T-shirts 

Burger & Fries T-shirts

Let’s face it, no bag o’ chips is complete without a burger! When you finally find the burger to your chips or vice versa, you need to celebrate every moment of it. And there is no better way to do so than by wearing these “made for each other” shirts. More Info Here.


#40 Happy Camper Mountain Hiking Couples Shirts 

Happy Camper Mountain Hiking Couples Shirts

For those whose love for the outdoors sparked off a romance, here is a way to celebrate. These simple blue t-shirts are great for camping or any other outdoor adventure.

They feature a remarkable design and color choice that stirs up a longing for nature. Take them on your next trip and enjoy the compliments. Find it Here.


#41 GOT I’m His Mother of Dragon I’m Her King Of The North Shirts 

GOT I'm His Mother of Dragon I'm Her King Of The North Shirts

Games of Thrones couples need these tees to combine their favorite things in life. They provide the opportunity to rekindle your love before the next season airs.

And when it finally does, they will become the default outfits to snuggle up and watch the drama unfold. Take your love for Jon Snow and his crew to the next level and enjoy the small things you share with your partner. Find it Here.


#42 I Love You Forever Couple Shirts 

I Love You Forever Couple shirts

At times, the best way to let someone know how you feel is to just say it. A complementary pair of t-shirts like this one will go a long way in getting the job done. Showcase the level of your affection for each other in style and enjoy the compliments. More Info Here.


#43 Game of Thrones Khal & Khaleesi Couples Matching T-Shirts 

Game of Thrones Khal & Khaleesi Couples Matching T-Shirts

Do not toil too hard thinking of a perfect gift for Game of Thrones newlyweds. These matching couples shirts are all you need and then some.

They look great and provide a great way to celebrate the union of the ages. They boast a simple and captivating design. The color scheme makes them compatible with almost everything in your wardrobe. Find it Here.


#44 Boss Man and Boss Lady Tees 

Boss Man and Boss Lady Tees

Bring your whole family in on the matching t-shirts fun with these family shirts. They feature different designs for every family member and celebrate this special unit.

The holiday season is a time for family and nothing brings this to the fore like these tees do. Rock them on your next expedition and enjoy a memorable photo shoot to immortalize the good times. Find it Here.


#45 Couples His and Her Shirts 

Couples His and Her Shirts

What a great way to show the world that you belong together! These boyfriend and girlfriend matching shirts are great for announcing your engagement.

They could also work well for couples especially over the honeymoon period. They are simple yet bold and the message on them is well highlighted. Find it Here.


#46 Couples Bitcoin His and Her Crypto Shirts 

Couples Bitcoin His and Her Crypto Shirts

Nothing defines your shared attraction for all things crypto as these bitcoin shirts do! Simplicity is the foremost highlight of the design, making them perfect for the minimalists in the house and of course for the bitcoin lovers too. What an amazing way to proclaim your love for each other and spread the bitcoin gospel. More Info Here.


#47 Custom Mr & Mrs Wedding Anniversary Shirts 

Custom Mr & Mrs Wedding Anniversary Shirts

A memorable anniversary celebration goes beyond cake cutting and exchanging presents. It could also be one of the best times to rock matching couples shirts.

This customizable design allows you to wow your partner with a personalized look. Get your family name and the length of your relationship on them to add value to the stylish look. This will make for a most memorable anniversary celebration. Find it Here.


#48 Funny Nut & Bolt Couple Shirts 

Funny Nut & Bolt Couple Shirts

Take your relationship to the next level with the humorous nut and bolt his and her’s t-shirts. They hold so much potential in as far as symbolism is concerned, you just have to let your mind run free. If you have been scratching your head over a way to get that person to make a move, this is it! Get Them Here.


#49 His and Hers X & 0 Couples Shirts 

His and Hers X & 0 Couples Shirts

The hugs and kisses symbol on these couples shirts makes them a stylish choice for a fashion-forward couple. They are particularly great gifts for trendy friends who are always ahead of the hype.

They have a timeless appeal that will never fade into insignificance. What a  way to celebrate an enduring love relationship! Find it Here.


#50 Her Buck His Doe T-Shirts 

Her Buck His Doe T-Shirts

The best part about these matching couples tees is the symbolism aspect. They make us of the most enduring couple from Mother Nature’s backyard.

They are perfectly executed with the right color scheme and captivating imagery. The split LOVE concept demonstrates that you complete each other. Get them for your partner and watch their face light up at the sentiment. Find it Here.


#51 Player1 and Player2 Couples Shirts 

Player1 and Player2 Couples Shirts

Nerdy best friends or couples will certainly love the creativity-inspiring this design. It is simple yet appealing and does not need to say much to impress.

The tees convey an unmistakable message and offer you the opportunity to spread the love. They could make a great way to celebrate the things that brought you together. Enjoy the remarkable appeal in the stylish design. Find it Here.


#52 Yin Yang Couples Shirts 

Yin Yang Couples Shirts

The concept behind yin and yang is as appealing as it is meaningful. It signifies the perfect balance in your relationship and does so in style.

This symbol will always remind you of the fact that you need each other to thrive. With that in mind, your relationship could withstand any storm. These shirts for him and her are the best way to keep that though close at heart. Find it Here.


#53 Wall-e and Eve Couples T-Shirts

Wall-e and Eve Couples T-Shirts

Take your relationship to that next level with a set of Wall-e and Eve shirts! it doesn’t get any more adorable than that now does it? Get Them Here

#54 Custom Text Matching Couples Shirts 

Custom Text Matching Couples Shirts

Custom couple t-shirts are a great choice when you wish to show off your love for that special someone. Whether you like it cheesy or whimsical, the only limit to what you can do with these, is your imagination! So go on, pick out a text that will underscore your connection and make both of you smile. More Info Here.


#55 Batman and Robin Matching Couples Shirts 

Batman and Robin Matching Couples Shirts

Batman and Robin matching couples shirts allow you to express your individuality. They are the perfect contrast in every aspect yet they belong together.

The color scheme is remarkable, combining fashi0n favorites red and grey. The symbols used take their appeal a notch higher as they do not say a word to express their unity. They are great choices for couples who don’t fancy identical looks yet love the matching concept. Find it Here.


#56 Boss Man & Lady His and Hers T-Shirts 

Boss Man & Lady His and Hers T-Shirts

Show the world who’s boss with these cute matching couples shirts. If both of you happen to be bosses in your own rights, at least some of the time, then this is a great way to celebrate your tenure at the top. We all know it’s only a matter of time before this house of cards comes tumbling down. Find Them Here.

These adorable couple shirts provide a unique way to celebrate true love. They are stylish and memorable, sure to bring a smile to your partner’s face. They make great gifts as they are full of meaning. Enjoy their full potential by getting them for yourself and for the couples you hold dear.


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