Halloween Shirts For Pregnant Moms

30 Creative Halloween Shirts For Pregnant Moms

It’s that time of year again. Time to celebrate one of the oldest and most popular holidays around the world, Halloween!

If you or someone you know is celebrating the impending arrival of a new human being then this list is for you. It’s all about fun and creative Halloween shirts for pregnant Moms.

Are you looking to create something truly inspired or just straight-up scary? Maybe you are on the hunt for cool Halloween maternity tees?

Adorable Halloween Shirts For Pregnant Moms:

We have got you covered with this comprehensive collection. So without further ado, here they are…

#1 Demon Baby Prop

Demon Baby Prop preganancy shirt - Halloween Shirts For Pregnant Moms

Let me out! Turn your baby bump scary with a few custom shapes under the shirt. This simple sight gag is sure to get a reaction.

#2 My Mom is My Costume T-Shirt

My Mom is My Costume T-Shirt - Halloween Shirts For Pregnant Moms

Your baby already has the ultimate costume… You! It’s a thought-provoking Halloween maternity shirt that plays on the idea of a walking, talking costume made of Mom. Freaky. 

#3 Kick or Treat Maternity Shirt


More huggable than horrifying, this shirt will put you in the festive spirit without traumatizing the kids. A cute shirt you could wear year round.

#4 DIY Pregnant Halloween Shirt with Baby Arms

Maternity Costume Halloween shirt tank top baby arms hands trick

There are lots of places to buy Halloween costumes for pregnant ladies but why not get creative and make your own? This design is bound to polarize opinions and get people talking.

#5 Skull Boy Baby Tattoo Maternity Shirt

Skull Boy Baby Tattoo Maternity Shirt - Halloween Shirts For Pregnant Moms

Create the illusion of a belly tattoo with this unique top for pregnant ladies.. Great for scaring the Grandparents!

#6 My Little Pumpkin Tank Top

My Little Pumpkin Pregnancy Announcement Halloween Tank Top

You can keep it light with one of these ultra-comfy hand printed tank tops. Another every day option. 

#7 Skeleton Baby Maternity Tank Top

Skeleton Baby Maternity Tank Top

Skeletons are cool and a bit scary. Baby Skeletons chilling under Mom’s ribcage are cool, scary AND cute at the same time!

#8 Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Costume

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Costume - Halloween Shirts For Pregnant Moms

For maximum laughs at minimum expense try this great DIY concept pregnancy Halloween costume. The designer even had her husband dress up as a disapproving Billy Ray Cyrus.

#9 Halloween Cat Maternity T-Shirt

Halloween Black Cat Pumpkin Maternity T Shirt Gift for New Mommy Mother

Cats, bats, witches and a harvest moon. Rock some classic Halloween imagery in striking black and yellow.

#10 Mummy To Be Maternity Shirt

Crazy Dog T-Shirts Maternity Peeking Mummy Tshirt Cute Funny Graphic Movie Pregnancy Tee

Humor meets Horror. When it comes to Halloween costumes for pregnant women this shirt can be worn for fun or as a shocking way to reveal your condition to unsuspecting family members.

#11 No I Didn’t Steal The Pumpkin Shirt

No I Didn’t Steal The Pumpkin Shirt

The name says it all. The perfect maternity Halloween costume to wear if you actually DID steal the pumpkin! But seriously, who steals a pumpkin?

#12 Skeleton Baby Bow Tie Pregnancy Shirt

Skeleton Baby Bow Tie Pregnancy Shirt

A nice way to reveal the gender of your precious cargo. Skeleton Baby wears a blue bow tie or a pink bow.

#13 DIY Kangaroo Pregnancy Costume

Kangaroo Adult Costume

Hop up to the party in this home made kangaroo costume complete.

#14 Skeleton Face Maternity Shirt

Maternity Skeleton Baby T Shirt Funny Cute Pregnancy Halloween Tee Announcement (Black)

Another creative Halloween shirt for pregnant Moms. The striking black and white design turns your belly into a bold Skeleton Face.

#15 Little Monster On Its Way Maternity Shirt

Little Monster On Its Way Maternity Shirt

Dress up as a purple monster delivery system with this hilarious and charming shirt.

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#16 Momma’s Little Turkey Maternity Shirt

Thanksgiving maternity shirt mommy's little turkey custom womens non-maternity or maternity Tshirt

Ok so this one is actually a Thanksgiving design. It makes the list on sheer weirdness alone.  

#17 DIY Death Star Shirt

Death star maternity shirt, Thats no moon maternity shirt, Pregnancy announcement shirt, Star wars cosplay, Halloween maternity shirt

Star Wars fans rejoice! We have the ideal Halloween maternity costume for expecting Jedis.

#18 Halloween Pumpkin Footprints

The Man Behind The Pumpkin Footprint Halloween

Adorable tiny footprint alert! With the added cuteness of bite-size baby pumpkins on a stylish black shirt.

#19 Black Cat Maternity Shirt

Cat Maternity Shirt

People say if a grey cat crosses your path it’s bad luck. Wear this Halloween maternity tee and you can threaten to cross the path of your neighbors if they are stingy with their candy.

#20 Peek-a-Boo Baby Maternity Shirt

Womens Peek A Boo Peeking Baby Maternity T-Shirt

Some of these creative Halloween shirts for pregnant Moms are scary but this one scores for creative design and incredible comfort.

#21 Mother of Dragons Pregnancy Shirt

Mother of Dragons Pregnant T-Shirt

Why bother with cumbersome Halloween maternity costumes when you can get this witty Game of Thrones shirt to wear all year round.

#22 Baby Zombie Maternity Halloween Shirt

Maternity Shirt

No Halloween inspired list would be complete without some kind of Zombie popping up somewhere and this one does so in style.

#23 Namaste Skeleton Maternity Shirt

Tstars Womens Halloween Party Shirt

Babies have a lot of time to meditate in the womb. If they could talk they would probably say things like Namaste.

#24 DIY Avocado

diy pregnant avocado costume

And the winner is… Seriously this one is pure genius. One of the best maternity fancy dress costumes out there.

#25 Peeking Pumpkin Halloween Maternity Shirt

Maternity Lil Pumpkin Pregnancy Fall Baby Halloween Cute T-Shirt

Portray your precious pumpkin peeking out of a fairly creepy stomach zipper! We are nearing the end of our list of creative Halloween shirts for pregnant Moms.

#26 Baby Vampire Peeking Shirt

Halloween Vampire Baby Black Maternity Soft T-Shirt

Zombies, Skeletons and now… Vampires! There is something here for every kind of Halloween baby. Don’t get hypnotized by his adorable gaze.

#27 Eating Candy For Two Shirt

Women's Premium T-Shirt

Finally, we come to the most practical of creative Halloween shirts for pregnant Moms. Wearing this sure-fire way get extra candy.

#28 X-Ray Pregnancy Top Expecting Twins Babies Sweatshirt

Funny Halloween X-Ray Pregnancy Top Expecting Twins Babies Sweatshirt

Shout out for the mom-to-be who is expecting twins! As for Halloween, you can get the exact sweatshirt to wear. This x-ray pregnancy with twin babies design will complete the look of the pregnant moms. Or if you have a colleague who is expecting twins, this would be a great gift idea to her. We are pretty sure she will love it.

#29 Pumpkin Face Pregnancy Tee

Maternity Cartoon Eyes Pumpkin Face T Shirt Halloween Fall October Pregnancy Tee

This tee is definitely cute and fits for Halloween time. Simply wear the shirt on Halloween night and don’t forget to bring the basket for some treats. As for the preggo mom, there is no trick, only a treat! This cute idea cannot be missed.

#30 Peeking Mummy Pregnancy T-Shirt

Crazy Dog T-Shirts Maternity Peeking Mummy Tshirt Cute Funny Graphic Movie Pregnancy Tee

The cute design of this shirt will be an awesome idea to wear on Halloween night. Pretend the kid is seeking through the shirt, asking for the sweet treat at the party. No need for any other complicated or difficult outfit for the preggo mom. Wear this and prepare for many sweet treats for a night long.

Although you are expecting the baby in the spooky season, it doesn’t mean you cannot have some fun or get some treats. This Halloween should give you the exciting moments as the preggo mom.

That’s our list of cool, fun & unique Halloween Shirts For Pregnant Moms!

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